• Conviction - fightingfalconsguy - Nellis AFB, Nevada

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 9/6/2006 6:26 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 9/6/2006 6:45 PM PST

    sarah_linkley1992 (6:18:08 PM): *giggle*
    fightingfalconsguy (6:18:13 PM): You're cute. :p
    sarah_linkley1992 (6:18:17 PM): why thank you
    fightingfalconsguy (6:18:25 PM): So dinner, cuddling, and kisses. Is that all you want?
    sarah_linkley1992 (6:18:36 PM): what would YOU choose to give me for my birthday? :D
    fightingfalconsguy (6:18:46 PM): Me.

    Dave Mirabal is a slimy, slimy man. Mirabal was in the air force, was, that is, until he ran into Del Harvey during our Las Vegas group media bust. Mirabal then thought he was quite smart. Hitting on Del's character and taking advantage of her imminent birthday to bring up sexual acts, Mirabal went the step further and tried to get on another name to solicit Del.

    It was very impressive watching Del on the phone spin out of that situation expertly, and Mirabal ended up being not even close to smart enough as he then would later arrive at the Vegas bust house to be confronted by bulldog reporter Glen Meek. This was prior to our LE-media sting exclusivity, so David Mirabal got to go back to base that day, but soon he would be confined in a different area... one far more befitting of a reprobate like he.

    Notes from the Contributor, Del Harvey
    David Mirabal was a long, involved bust -- not because of the initial chat, which took only a day, but because of the four separate trips I had to make to an Air Force base to testify. He was found guilty of the chatting and was sentenced to a reduction in rank to E-4, 3 months confinement, and a bad conduct discharge.

    Given that he tried to trip me up with two different names, it seems clear that this was something he was disturbingly practiced at doing. While I certainly wouldn't have been saddened to see him serve more time, I'm pleased that he received a bad conduct discharge and I'm pleased with the outcome of this case.

    This is our 74th conviction since June of 2004 and our 34th conviction for the year 2006 thus far. This conviction marks our organization having more convictions thus far for 2006 than for 2005 as a whole. With almost four full months left in the year, we have 34 convictions whereas we ended last year with 33 convictions. We continue to grow and get more predators arrested week by week.