• Conviction - banditcapt71 - Mastic Beach, New York

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    File originally posted on 7/3/2005 7:31 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 11/4/2005 1:24 PM PST

    There are some cases that will simply chill you to the bone. This is one of them. Ron Rivera is one of the most disturbing people we have ever run across. Period. Ron Rivera ran a "fresh-water fishing boat" where he would hire underage boys to do "work" on his boat in order to build their "social esteem." At the same time, he was honing his skills as a dangerous predator online.

    An example of how disturbing this man is can be found in, of all things, a kite. His boat was named "Bandit" and the caption speaks for itself...

    The man literally referred to himself as "The Ultimate Predator" while advertising for teens to work on his boat with him. Sadly, the nickname turned out to be true. During Jay's conversations with "banditcap", he introduced a young boy from North Dakota who he had already groomed and had sex with into the conversation to try to seduce Jay's character into having sex with Rivera. However, the boy actually gave off warnings about Rivera. We tracked down the existence of this child and turned over all relevant information to the Suffolk County police and authorities in North Dakota.

    Media regarding his arrest: Capt. Perv reeled in - New York Daily News

    Notes from the Contributor, Jay Alternative
    A very happy day! I cannot begin to express my gratitude to Detective Jennifer Roberts of the Suffolk County, NY Sheriff's Department and Detective James LeDoux of Fargo, ND. It was their swift action, after receiving a well organized information document from the Perverted Justice team outlining Captain Ron's trail, which lead to his final demise.

    His jail time in New York will be minimal compared to what awaits him in Fargo, ND. Upon his release in NY he will be immediately transferred to Fargo, where he faces numerous Federal felony counts. These are the charges which will put him away for a very long and deserved time.

    Captain Ron thought he was a very clever man until the day he came into contact with Perverted-Justice. At one point Suffolk County doubted that an actual minor existed in Fargo, for the screen name the minor was IMing with traced back to Captain Ron's AOL account. Apparently, Ron had created a screen name for his prey which the father could not access. Thankfully, we continued to search for information to identify what police thought was a character of Ron's imagination. Our determination paid off and we found Captain Ron's actual victim.

    During my last conversation with Detective LeDoux, he stated the young man is getting the help he needs to cope with the travesties he has experienced.

    I cannot adequately express the satisfaction being a part of the PJ team brings me when we have an outcome as positive as in this particular case.

    Jay Alternative

    Rivera will be receiving a year in prison for his solicitation of Jay's character and then will be traveling back to North Dakota to stand trial for his acts with the minor we discovered while talking to Rivera. Thankfully Capt. Ron and his ironically christened "ultimate predator" boat will no longer be bringing young male charges aboard.

    We are very glad that authorities in New York and North Dakota took our information seriously and acted quickly regarding it. Both jurisdictions should be commended on their expediency regarding this very, very sick and dangerous predator. This marks our third conviction in New York State this year. This is our 31st conviction for the year of 2005 thus far, 38th conviction since June of 2004 and yet another conviction for Jay Alternative. Jay was also recently profiled in local Michigan media for his work with Perverted-Justice.com: link. We're very proud and glad to have a volunteer like him on staff and even more ecstatic that this serial dangerous predator is where he belongs for a long upcoming time.

    And with this conviction comes a new update to our infamous conviction map!