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    Report made 12/7/2009 10:33 PM PST

    greg_green98 (12/05/06 9:06:40 PM): Brandee was my last gf
    13 year old girl (12/05/06 9:06:52 PM): k
    13 year old girl (12/05/06 9:07:03 PM): ur horses or hers?
    greg_green98 (12/05/06 9:07:08 PM): Hers
    13 year old girl (12/05/06 9:07:18 PM): they r prtty
    greg_green98 (12/05/06 9:07:50 PM): She changes horses like folks change shoes
    greg_green98 (12/05/06 9:08:00 PM): She always has five or so
    13 year old girl (12/05/06 9:08:41 PM): very prtty
    13 year old girl (12/05/06 9:08:56 PM): lol im jealous
    greg_green98 (12/05/06 9:09:34 PM): LOL
    greg_green98 (12/05/06 9:09:57 PM): She makes money traing and selling them
    13 year old girl (12/05/06 9:10:05 PM): does she do other work to?
    greg_green98 (12/05/06 9:10:25 PM): She's a vet tech at UF vet school
    greg_green98 (12/05/06 9:10:31 PM): in
    13 year old girl (12/05/06 9:10:32 PM): wow
    13 year old girl (12/05/06 9:10:38 PM): thats great
    13 year old girl (12/05/06 9:10:51 PM): but i dont like her :))
    13 year old girl (12/05/06 9:10:55 PM): im j/k
    greg_green98 (12/05/06 9:10:55 PM): LOL
    greg_green98 (12/05/06 9:11:07 PM): Ihaven't seen her in months
    13 year old girl (12/05/06 9:11:46 PM): kool
    13 year old girl (12/05/06 9:11:49 PM): :D
    greg_green98 (12/05/06 9:12:00 PM): yep
    greg_green98 (12/05/06 9:12:14 PM): Ithink so too
    13 year old girl (12/05/06 9:12:22 PM): lol
    13 year old girl (12/05/06 9:12:26 PM): u glad u aint datin her?
    13 year old girl (12/05/06 9:12:30 PM): or did u miss her?
    greg_green98 (12/05/06 9:12:53 PM): I missed he for awhile
    greg_green98 (12/05/06 9:13:01 PM): Better off now
    greg_green98 (12/05/06 9:13:24 PM): Met a new girl
    13 year old girl (12/05/06 9:13:30 PM): yah!!!
    greg_green98 (12/05/06 9:13:34 PM): Yep
    greg_green98 (12/05/06 9:13:40 PM): Lil blonde
    13 year old girl (12/05/06 9:13:50 PM): lol
    greg_green98 (12/05/06 9:13:59 PM): In Flagler beach
    So damn creepy when predators act \"sweet\" and \"romantic.\"

    Charles Gregory Green was arrested during our Flagler Beach, Florida sting in December, 2006. He was charged with attempted lewd and lascivious battery and computer pornography/child exploitation. It took a long time to get through the system, with Green considering going to trial up to the last minute. He realized the futility of that though and pled guilty at the last minute. He received 5 years probation and registration as a sex offender.

    Contributor notes from Ripley
    I met Greg Green during our Dateline sting in Flagler Beach, Florida. It has taken 3 years to get through the justice system, and for him to receive a sentence.

    Greg arrived in a car that he built from a kit and that would have been very appealing to a young child. He used it as a means to get to meet her. In fact he offers her a ride on the very first day he met her. He comes across as non pushy and non threatening. What he really intended was to molest her and take her virginity. In the conversation with her, he takes his time after securing the meet and gradually works his way up to masturbation, bondage, and eventually to sex. He encouraged her to \"stretch\" herself in order to accomodate him when he took her virginity. That became a tiresome topic as he asked her if she did it most every night. He nagged her for pictures, and even went to the doctor to get viagra so that he could \" perform like a young man\". I was very happy when the day of the sting came and I would no longer have to listen to his tiresome words.

    Greg received 5 years probation and has to register as a sex offender.

    This is our 467th conviction since June of 2004, our 162nd conviction for 2009, and our 34th conviction in Florida thus far.