• Conviction - jon_raven2000 - Bowling Green, Kentucky

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    File originally posted on 11/7/2009 4:30 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 11/7/2009 4:30 PM PST

    jon_raven2000 (10/20/07 9:09:29 PM): u r 5 hours away
    tttia_pet13 (10/20/07 9:09:41 PM): so
    jon_raven2000 (10/20/07 9:09:47 PM): damn
    tttia_pet13 (10/20/07 9:09:50 PM): wut esle u gonna do
    jon_raven2000 (10/20/07 9:09:58 PM): nuthin
    tttia_pet13 (10/20/07 9:10:03 PM): ok then
    jon_raven2000 (10/20/07 9:10:39 PM): how u going to meet me
    tttia_pet13 (10/20/07 9:10:57 PM): u can jst come heer
    jon_raven2000 (10/20/07 9:11:06 PM): not to your house
    tttia_pet13 (10/20/07 9:11:38 PM): y not
    jon_raven2000 (10/20/07 9:11:46 PM): your parents
    tttia_pet13 (10/20/07 9:11:54 PM): mymom wnet to nashville till sunday
    jon_raven2000 (10/20/07 9:12:04 PM): you r alone
    tttia_pet13 (10/20/07 9:12:07 PM): yah
    jon_raven2000 (10/20/07 9:12:14 PM): no u are not
    tttia_pet13 (10/20/07 9:12:15 PM): y u thnk i bored 2 death
    tttia_pet13 (10/20/07 9:12:20 PM): umm yah
    tttia_pet13 (10/20/07 9:12:22 PM): i am
    tttia_pet13 (10/20/07 9:12:26 PM): who u thnk is heer
    tttia_pet13 (10/20/07 9:12:46 PM): ne n umm nobody
    jon_raven2000 (10/20/07 9:12:47 PM): that would be a long drive if you are playing with me
    Well really Mike, it's a long drive in general, and yet you drove it, determined to rape a kid.

    Michael Patterson used to be a reserve police officer in Lebron, Indiana. He was fired for using a police car light to impersonate an on-duty police officer. The only reasons for using one of those lights to pull people over when you're off-duty are extremely creepy and disturbing reasons. His case was picked up federally because he crossed state lines to travel to Kentucky. He received 46 months in federal prison and 10 years supervised release.

    The contributor for this chat was Cookie Crisp.

    This is our 394th conviction since June of 2004, our 90th conviction for 2009, and our 19th conviction in Kentucky thus far.