• Conviction - greeneyed121 - MONTPELIER, Indiana

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    File originally posted on 2/3/2007 12:11 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 2/3/2007 12:19 AM PST

    greeneyed121 (5:49:29 PM): Before you left I was going to ask you what types of cats and horses you like
    katiedidsings (5:49:54 PM): i like them all
    katiedidsings (5:50:26 PM): u
    greeneyed121 (5:50:47 PM): Cat wise I like the liger
    greeneyed121 (5:50:57 PM): Its a cross of a lion and tiger
    greeneyed121 (5:51:04 PM): Pretty impressive
    katiedidsings (5:51:05 PM): lol
    katiedidsings (5:51:10 PM): i know napolian
    greeneyed121 (5:51:17 PM): ?
    katiedidsings (5:51:46 PM): dat is napoloian dynomites fav animal
    katiedidsings (5:51:49 PM): the ligar
    greeneyed121 (5:52:42 PM): I think I should watch that movie

    So a real-life predator Napoleon Dynamite. Slick.

    Nathan Downhour has been convicted. While some might look at him as a "young person", he was well on his way to being in a position of oversight over minors. Now? He never will be. That's a good thing.

    Downhour was sentenced to thirty five days in jail (time served already), will have to register as a sexually oriented offender, probation for two years, needs to pay the costs of prosecution $1477.34 + $500 sexual evaluation fee. If he contacts another minor offline or online, he will spend nine months in jail and is to have no access to nudity or porn, internet-based or not. Lastly, he had to surrender his vehicle, which was used in the commission of this crime.

    Notes from the Contributor, Samuel Adams
    Meet Nathan. He was another bust from the fabulous Darke County GMB. It never ceases to amaze me the where exactly these guys are in their lives.

    Nathan here was attending an Eve Angelical school. So where would that put him later in life? In a very trusting position. I rank him right up there with the Rabbi, the fireman and the teacher. I hope he finds the help he needs. I also hope he stays the hell away from kids!

    Thanks again to Darke County, you guys did a rockin job. Also, thanks to Vande for the verify, she is AWESOME!

    This is our 144th conviction since June of 2004 and our 23rd conviction for 2007 so far. This is yet another conviction due to our colloborations with Dateline NBC.