• Conviction - bluebentleydog - Lapeer, Michigan

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 11/9/2009 11:22 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 11/9/2009 11:22 PM PST

    bluebentleydog (02/28/08 11:29:09 PM): ur b/f's an igit for cheating on u
    Decoy (02/28/08 11:29:22 PM): ya he was a jerk
    bluebentleydog (02/28/08 11:29:38 PM): u need a man anyways not some boy
    Decoy (02/28/08 11:29:52 PM): oh
    bluebentleydog (02/28/08 11:30:06 PM): well ya dont u think?
    Decoy (02/28/08 11:30:18 PM): i dunno
    bluebentleydog (02/28/08 11:30:21 PM): look at you ur no lil girl anymore
    Decoy (02/28/08 11:30:38 PM): ya i know i get mad when every1 treats me like 1 tho
    bluebentleydog (02/28/08 11:31:05 PM): you are all woman kelsey
    Decoy (02/28/08 11:31:16 PM): u really think so?
    bluebentleydog (02/28/08 11:31:18 PM): u need to be treated as such too
    Yeah, being \"all woman\" means you're eligible to be molested by men such as Scott Lane here.

    This guy is a real piece of work. At the same time he was chatting with our decoy and was arrested by Lapeer County police, he was also chatting with a decoy from a different county's internet crime unit. He was arrested in both counties for soliciting minors and has since been convicted for both crimes. For the case involving PeeJ, Scott Anthony Lane received 180 days in jail, fines and he must register as a sex offender with an extremely long list of conditions he must follow to avoid further trouble with the law.

    Contributor notes from Silver Jordan
    Scott Lane contacted me during our first Michigan sting. His chat was easily one of the most disturbing I've had in my time with Perverted Justice. He wasted no time telling me he preferred young girls and moving into sex talk with who he thought was a 14 year old virgin. That's pretty normal for many of our predators. However, Scott took it a few steps further. He wanted me to call him \"daddy\" - which is just rather eww. Worse yet, he wanted to impregnate me right away and start a family, with his intentions being he would molest any female children we would have and I would molest any male children. Scott didn't show at our bust house in MI, but that didn't save him. Fortunately for the citizens of Michigan, these crimes are taken very seriously. He was arrested for his online activities and charged with three felonies.

    I travelled to Michigan to testify at the preliminary hearing for Scott Allen Lane. During the hearing, Scott refused to face me. He turned his face to the wall while I was on the stand and portions of his disgusting log were read into the record. I felt sympathy for his family, having to sit there and hear the vile filth he spewed to a supposed child. His sister gasped aloud and cried when she heard the revolting things her brother said. I felt sorry for them that they had to realize, in such a public way, what a disgusting piece of shit he is.

    Scott's troubles weren't over when he accepted a plea agreement in our case. For my chat he was sentenced to six months in jail and registration as a sex offender. However, it turns out Scott was also chatting with another \"child\" - a law enforcement officer. That case ended up being federally prosecuted for possession of child pornography. I'd like to thank those with the Michigan Attorney General's Office for taking a proactive stance and removing this very real danger from society, at least for a while.

    This is our 404th conviction since June of 2004, our 100th conviction for 2009, and our 43rd conviction in Michigan thus far.