• Conviction - bronx42162 - Warren, Michigan

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    File originally posted on 11/17/2009 10:53 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 11/17/2009 10:53 PM PST

    bronx42162 (02/20/08 11:18:26 PM): are u wearing a thong now?
    KC (02/20/08 11:18:55 PM): yea
    bronx42162 (02/20/08 11:20:10 PM): what color?
    KC (02/20/08 11:20:43 PM): red
    bronx42162 (02/20/08 11:20:59 PM): so ur a girl that likes passion
    KC (02/20/08 11:21:32 PM): yea
    KC (02/20/08 11:21:35 PM): i am
    bronx42162 (02/20/08 11:22:36 PM): i know.. ur wearing red thongs
    KC (02/20/08 11:22:45 PM): lol
    bronx42162 (02/20/08 11:22:59 PM): i bet u have a black pair too
    KC (02/20/08 11:23:07 PM): lol
    KC (02/20/08 11:23:09 PM): yea
    KC (02/20/08 11:23:10 PM): i do
    KC (02/20/08 11:23:15 PM): and purple
    bronx42162 (02/20/08 11:23:32 PM): black is because u want someone to see them...
    KC (02/20/08 11:24:06 PM): black means ur hiding
    bronx42162 (02/20/08 11:24:22 PM): hiding but wanting to show
    bronx42162 (02/20/08 11:24:50 PM): but only that special guy that is
    bronx42162 (02/20/08 11:25:10 PM): from ur pics on myspace u look like u have a very nice body
    KC (02/20/08 11:25:16 PM): ty
    bronx42162 (02/20/08 11:25:29 PM): nice tits too... or so it looks
    KC (02/20/08 11:25:40 PM): lol
    KC (02/20/08 11:25:46 PM): lol
    bronx42162 (02/20/08 11:26:04 PM): how big are they right now?
    KC (02/20/08 11:26:14 PM): not very
    KC (02/20/08 11:26:50 PM): 34b
    bronx42162 (02/20/08 11:27:09 PM): that's nice at ur age hun
    bronx42162 (02/20/08 11:27:53 PM): now are u a girl that will keep her pussy clean shaven?? or trimmed??
    That was a real long line of inappropriate questions to ask a 14 year old.

    That is to be expected from a serial predator like Eraitt Austin. Austin didn't show to our Michigan bust house, but he had already committed a crime without showing. Before there was a chance to arrest him for this case, he was arrested by a different jurisdiction for the same crime. He was convicted and sentenced for that crime and received 1 year and 9 months to 20 years in prison, with RSO status. He was then re-arrested for his chat with the PeeJ decoy, and upon conviction, received a similar sentence. It's not an easy life for a serial predator in Michigan!

    Contributor notes from KC Masterpiece
    Eraitt Austin using the screenname Bronz42162 began chatting with my decoy on 2/20/08. Within 9 minutes he was offering to show self-porn (I received a total of 20 self-porn shots) and 12 minutes into the chat he was asking my \"decoy\" about her sexual experiences. He was not concerned about my kids age even though he made many references about our age difference.

    He is a true predator. Very confident, showering many compliments towards my \"decoy\" and very graphic in what he wanted to do sexually and how to do it. \"want me to be ur \"sex ed\" teacher??, he asked. He at first stated he was 34 but later admitted to be 45 saying usually girls run away at anyone over 40. He totally knew what he was doing and that it was illegal. I would hate to think of how many real teens he's chatted with and lured in by his conceit.. Eraitt Austin did not get the chance to show at our bust house, instead he was arrested on 3/6/08 in Michigan on a similar case. For that case, he was sentenced to 1 year and 9 months to 20 years in prison. Then he was arrested again for our case and pled guilty, which earned a sentence of 1-10 years in prison.

    I would like to thank the Michigan Attorney Generals Office for their pro-active stance on internet predators and to the JC trainers for this opportunity.

    This is our 430th conviction since June of 2004, our 126th conviction for 2009, and our 47th conviction in Maine thus far.