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    File originally posted on 12/19/2007 10:47 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 12/19/2007 10:47 AM PST

    bendix632 (08/25/06 3:40:35 PM): i love ur body sweety
    bendix632 (08/25/06 3:40:44 PM): very sexy
    Willow (08/25/06 3:40:48 PM): thank u vm
    bendix632 (08/25/06 3:41:03 PM): ur taking care of ur body?
    Willow (08/25/06 3:41:39 PM): yes
    bendix632 (08/25/06 3:41:53 PM): i wanna get naked now
    Willow (08/25/06 3:42:03 PM): dont u gotta work today?
    bendix632 (08/25/06 3:42:13 PM): later on still early
    bendix632 (08/25/06 3:42:35 PM): can i take off my clothes for u
    Willow (08/25/06 3:42:46 PM): when u here yeah but that sunday not today
    bendix632 (08/25/06 3:42:57 PM): ok
    bendix632 (08/25/06 3:43:24 PM): i will eat ur pussy till u cum
    Willow (08/25/06 3:43:29 PM): nice
    bendix632 (08/25/06 3:43:40 PM): u like that till u get wet
    Willow (08/25/06 3:45:09 PM): cool
    bendix632 (08/25/06 3:45:58 PM): how big is ur tits?
    Willow (08/25/06 3:46:11 PM): 30 b but growin
    bendix632 (08/25/06 3:46:27 PM): thats the nipples
    bendix632 (08/25/06 3:47:11 PM): did u ask mom when is she goin back again
    bendix632 (08/25/06 3:47:22 PM): to so. cal.
    Willow (08/25/06 3:47:32 PM): no caus that would look weird well just do sun and then plan form there
    bendix632 (08/25/06 3:47:39 PM): ok
    bendix632 (08/25/06 3:48:06 PM): going back to school huh
    bendix632 (08/25/06 3:48:16 PM): what grade r u now
    Willow (08/25/06 3:48:48 PM): 8 gonna be
    bendix632 (08/25/06 3:49:10 PM): next year u'll be in high school
    Willow (08/25/06 3:49:20 PM): yeah
    bendix632 (08/25/06 3:49:26 PM): nice
    bendix632 (08/25/06 3:50:17 PM): i wanna masturbate

    That is about a creepy a conversation transition as you'll find.

    Manuel Uson showed up at the Petaluma sting operation. He was one of 28 individuals that arrived during the three day operation. Uson was grilled extensively by Chris Hansen and would later tell the police that the entire thing was his wife's fault before offering to work with us. No thanks, Manuel.

    Uson received ninety days in jail, probation for three years and lifetime registration as a sex offender. He was also fined a bunch of money and will have a much harder time importing his wife and kid from the Philippines now that he has a felony criminal record. That's a good thing for his wife and kids.

    Contributor notes from Xavier Von Erck
    Manuel Uson is a repetitive guy. If you read the chat log, he goes on and on about breasts, dick sucking, bra sizes, honey, etc, etc. Over and over again, during a week period he kept up this barrage of boredom at me. I felt a lot like Michael Caine in \"The Weatherman\" at the end of it. You know, the scene where he goes on about the state of society and all the sucking, fucking, chucking that exists. It's a scene that I can definitely relate to.

    Well, from that little note, you can tell how many times I've seen that particular movie.

    Uson was arrested during the Petaluma, California sting. I put in overtime during that sting, I think I ended up with seven or eight arrests due to my chats total. Because of that, I've spent a lot of time down in Sonoma County, California where the predators are being prosecuted. I'm very pleased with the ability and friendliness of the Sonomy County prosecutors office. They do a great job.

    See? So much can be accomplished and civilians, law enforcement and prosecutors work together.

    Anyways, this is personally my fifteenth conviction. Uson will always stand out because of the blame he put on his wife when interviewed by police. To quote him about his wife, he said: \"She's so demanding too. That's why I have so many problems. My wife and meyou knowhave some argument. That's why I did this stupid thing or else I wouldn't do it.\" You might be shocked by that, but we see that \"excuse\" far too many times. It's always the wife's fault. Sometimes, the wife even believes it. What a society.

    Thanks to the great people down in Petaluma, specifically Sgt. Matthew Stapleton (one of the hardest working and nicest officers we've ever worked with), prosecutor Carla Rodriguez (Who has good taste in Will Ferrell comedies, always a plus) and coordinator Kris Allen who is absolutely wonderful to deal with in every way. Good, honest people that California and Sonoma County in general can be very proud of. Usually with this organization, I'm typically the one that has to deal with all the morons, jerks, trolls and liars out there, so it's been very nice to deal with some good people for a change!

    This is our 252nd conviction since June of 2004 and our 131st conviction for 2007 so far.