• Conviction - six_pack_so_calif - Rancho Cucamonga, California

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    File originally posted on 11/1/2009 8:30 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 11/1/2009 8:30 PM PST

    six_pack_so_calif (2:54:49 PM): are u a cop?
    kellie13cali (2:54:51 PM): lol
    kellie13cali (2:54:53 PM): no im 13
    six_pack_so_calif (2:54:55 PM): have to ask
    kellie13cali (2:54:58 PM): i can b a cop
    six_pack_so_calif (2:55:18 PM): what u mean?
    kellie13cali (2:55:28 PM): i cant b a cop im 13
    six_pack_so_calif (2:55:44 PM): dontr lmow a cop?
    six_pack_so_calif (2:55:52 PM): dont know one?
    kellie13cali (2:55:54 PM): lol
    kellie13cali (2:55:55 PM): no
    six_pack_so_calif (2:55:58 PM): ok
    kellie13cali (2:56:02 PM): do u
    six_pack_so_calif (2:56:07 PM): promise u wont tell right?
    six_pack_so_calif (2:56:09 PM): no
    kellie13cali (2:56:11 PM): hel no
    kellie13cali (2:56:12 PM): lol
    six_pack_so_calif (2:56:14 PM): dont care 4 cops
    kellie13cali (2:56:16 PM): u gona tel?
    six_pack_so_calif (2:56:21 PM): hell no
    six_pack_so_calif (2:56:24 PM): not a sole
    kellie13cali (2:56:28 PM): kewl
    six_pack_so_calif (2:56:45 PM): i can go to hail 4 long time
    He was going to type jail, but in his heart he knows he meant hell.

    Christopher Urban decided not to plead like so many predators do, but his decision to fight his own guilt didn't change the expected end result. He was found guilty of a felony, attempted lewd act with child under the age of 14, in a jury trial. He was sentenced to a year in jail (with some credit for time served) and three years probation. He also must pay a bevy of fees and fines, had to register as a sex offender, and the terms of his parole and probation are very strict. Importantly, he cannot communicate with minors and his computer and internet usage are heavily monitored and regulated.

    The contributor for this chat was Doctor Pepper.

    This is our 367th conviction since June of 2004, our 63rd conviction for 2009, and our 101st conviction in California thus far.