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    File originally posted on 10/23/2009 8:50 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 10/23/2009 8:50 PM PST

    sjklanke (03/06/08 2:02:59 PM): hehe, dad around? if not pull it out, jerk it off
    sjklanke (03/06/08 2:03:41 PM): I would but u have to wait. Good things cum to those who wai u know:P
    jetpacksidekick (03/06/08 2:04:02 PM): u ever see ur son doin it?
    sjklanke (03/06/08 2:06:20 PM): no, I have seen tthe oldest two naked b4, but at different times of course
    sjklanke (03/06/08 2:06:30 PM): my middle boy is o HOT
    jetpacksidekick (03/06/08 2:06:54 PM): really
    sjklanke (03/06/08 2:06:57 PM): my other boys r goodloking alo
    jetpacksidekick (03/06/08 2:07:01 PM): how old is he
    sjklanke (03/06/08 2:07:28 PM): yeah, we used to goto the YMCA and go swiiming, the begining of last year
    sjklanke (03/06/08 2:07:34 PM): he is 18
    sjklanke (03/06/08 2:07:53 PM): I want to get spy camera to why him shower, that would be HOT
    jetpacksidekick (03/06/08 2:08:21 PM): totally
    sjklanke (03/06/08 2:08:30 PM): would love to watch he and his GF fuck too
    jetpacksidekick (03/06/08 2:09:10 PM): no girls
    sjklanke (03/06/08 2:09:26 PM): I have all my clothes of but myshirt, playin with my dick, right now
    jetpacksidekick (03/06/08 2:09:40 PM): i wish i could
    sjklanke (03/06/08 2:10:01 PM): yeah, but at least I could she him fucking, with his Hot ass in the air and is balls slapping
    jetpacksidekick (03/06/08 2:10:11 PM): ha ha
    sjklanke (03/06/08 2:10:14 PM): u will tomorrow
    jetpacksidekick (03/06/08 2:10:25 PM): im so boned
    sjklanke (03/06/08 2:10:54 PM): he had sex with her last week and i put on his used condom with his cum in it and JOED
    Sometimes there are just no adequate words to describe how sick and disturbing these predators can be.

    Steven John Klanke's family thankfully now knows the truth about his horrific predatory ways. A Wayne County judge gave him a sentence that could vary between 18 months and 20 years, and one can only hope that it's closer to 20 years. Either way, he is a registered sex offender and hopefully he will not be able to attach himself to any other families with children.

    Contributor notes from Jay Alternative

    Luke's buddy Steve was so anxious to get in Luke's bed he was the first to arrive at the Van Buren Township sting home last March. Oh yes Steve had plans for his day with Luke as you will read in the chat log.

    To my further disgust Steve had custody of his three stepchildren, all boys, who aged between 13 and 18. We can only hope his stepchildren did not fall prey to this mans sick sexual desires and are in a stable, safe environment now. What will sicken you more is the fact that Steve wanted to buy a spy camera for the shower so he could watch one of his sons. I would think a cell phone would be of a higher priority.

    Misha verified the telephone number for me. Many thanks for the long conversation she engaged in with Steve and the great job she did!

    Many thanks to the Wayne County Sheriff's Department and Michigan's State Attorney Generals office. There are not many good things about my state of Michigan as of late, however we have a powerhouse of an AG's office and dedicated law enforcement. Thanks to all who had a hand in this!

    This is our 330th conviction since June of 2004, our 27th conviction for 2009, and our 17th conviction in Michigan thus far.