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    File originally posted on 11/1/2009 9:05 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 11/1/2009 9:05 PM PST

    javiermacias84 (10/03/08 10:55:40 PM): well think about it ur gonna have a nice size dick put in ur butt
    jordyzbored (10/03/08 10:55:51 PM): maybe
    jordyzbored (10/03/08 10:55:56 PM): but not if it hurts
    javiermacias84 (10/03/08 10:56:18 PM): well atleast try it if u like it well keep doing it
    jordyzbored (10/03/08 10:56:24 PM): idk
    jordyzbored (10/03/08 10:56:25 PM): maybe
    jordyzbored (10/03/08 10:56:32 PM): i have to think about it
    javiermacias84 (10/03/08 10:56:53 PM): trust me u will like it
    jordyzbored (10/03/08 10:57:01 PM): idk
    jordyzbored (10/03/08 10:57:07 PM): i have to think about it
    jordyzbored (10/03/08 10:57:13 PM): u ever had something up ur butt?
    jordyzbored (10/03/08 10:57:18 PM): besides poop?
    javiermacias84 (10/03/08 10:57:45 PM): no but the girls who i did that to love it when we where done
    jordyzbored (10/03/08 10:57:50 PM): yeah
    jordyzbored (10/03/08 10:57:54 PM): maybe ill do it
    jordyzbored (10/03/08 10:57:57 PM): if u go first
    javiermacias84 (10/03/08 10:58:03 PM): yeah right
    jordyzbored (10/03/08 10:58:04 PM): =))
    jordyzbored (10/03/08 10:58:06 PM): ok
    jordyzbored (10/03/08 10:58:08 PM): deal
    javiermacias84 (10/03/08 10:58:22 PM): would u atleast try it once
    jordyzbored (10/03/08 10:58:32 PM): if u go first
    javiermacias84 (10/03/08 10:58:42 PM): no thats not what u said before
    jordyzbored (10/03/08 10:58:51 PM): no i said id think about it
    javiermacias84 (10/03/08 10:58:58 PM): ok then think about it
    jordyzbored (10/03/08 10:59:04 PM): i will
    jordyzbored (10/03/08 10:59:12 PM): think abou t it
    javiermacias84 (10/03/08 10:59:21 PM): do u know how to ride
    jordyzbored (10/03/08 10:59:25 PM): no
    javiermacias84 (10/03/08 10:59:40 PM): uve never been on top
    jordyzbored (10/03/08 10:59:46 PM): no
    javiermacias84 (10/03/08 10:59:55 PM): what positions have u done
    jordyzbored (10/03/08 11:00:01 PM): just me under
    javiermacias84 (10/03/08 11:00:15 PM): not even from the back
    jordyzbored (10/03/08 11:00:18 PM): no
    jordyzbored (10/03/08 11:00:26 PM): y
    javiermacias84 (10/03/08 11:00:34 PM): wow i have a lot to teach u
    jordyzbored (10/03/08 11:00:40 PM): lol
    javiermacias84 (10/03/08 11:00:56 PM): but well see it might not even happen
    jordyzbored (10/03/08 11:01:07 PM): yeah cuz ur not serious
    javiermacias84 (10/03/08 11:01:17 PM): i am serious but u never know
    jordyzbored (10/03/08 11:01:23 PM): whateva
    javiermacias84 (10/03/08 11:01:34 PM): i wouldnt pass up a virgin asshole
    You don't see that level of class every day. This is why the word scumbag was invented.

    Javier Macias was arrested as part of our second sting with the Michigan AG's office, this time in Grand Rapids/Kent County, Michigan. Macias received one year in the Kent County jail, five years probation, various fees and fines, and he must register as a sex offender. As a general warning, while he is a registered sex offender in Michigan, he has possibly been granted permission to relocate back to his home in Illinois, upon release from prison.

    This is our 369th conviction since June of 2004, our 65th conviction for 2009, and our 32nd conviction in Michigan thus far.