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    File originally posted on 10/6/2005 8:17 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 10/6/2005 8:32 PM PST

    Well, it only took a year, but add Utah as the 23rd state to have law enforcement work with us towards a conviction. Quincy Jacobs, a member of the U.S. Air Force decided to hit upon contributor \"the Director\" in the fall of 2004. He quickly found that doing so was one sortie he would not come away from unscathed.

    The Director was dogged in finding interested law enforcement to take this case and worked with them to ensure that they had what they needed to make the arrest and ensure a conviction of Jacobs. Of course, Quincy helped make it easy, ensuring that anyone reading his perverted logs would know exactly who he was and what he wanted.

    Jacobs was sentenced this week to 36 months confinement; 36 months monitored release and is required to register as a sex offender. Yep, those were federal charges and they stung. It's one of the first cases in Utah for the AFOSI to work and they worked it well. At the end of the day, everyone was happy but Quincy.

    Notes from the Contributor, The Director
    This bust happened in the autumn of 2004. I turned it over to Law Enforcement, because we all know how they view this type of behaivor. They took the ball and ran with it. I worked with several agents, including one wonderful agent, Special Agent Baker, who just latched onto this guy, and didn't let go. They used the feds, and stung this guy. He went to court after a looooooong wait, and now, a year later, we hear the good news. Convicted. Talking to him today, he said that he is thrilled that we were able to do this, and that he just knew from day one that this case was going to go through, and he never had any doubts. We played the waiting game, and it payed off. Quin, I hope the jail time teaches you a valuable lesson. Children are not our playthings. Let this case, and all of the others serve as a warning to you potential predators out there. There is a concerned citizenry watching out for our children. Law Enforcenment DOES take this seriously in many jurisdictions. And we love to work with them.

    Big props to my Verifier, Subliminal on this one. Your credit is long overdue. You nailed this one out of the park.

    Till next time
    The Director

    This conviction is the first for The Director and the first Perverted-Justice.com conviction in Utah. We're glad to add Utah as yet another state where law enforcement works with Perverted-Justice.com. This is the 23rd state in which we have worked with LE in order to get an arrest and conviction. The countdown to 25 different states begins!

    This is our third conviction in the last six days (ha!), third conviction thus far in October 2005, 29th conviction for the sum total of 2005 thus far and 36th conviction overall since June of 2004. It is yet another conviction of a military man, which is one of the most frequent professions to solicit our profiles, oddly enough. Special thanks to Special Agent Baker of AFOSI whose work was excellent on this case.