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    readyto_fck (10/16/06 7:36:03 PM): u wanna hve some fun or not
    laci92501 (10/16/06 7:36:43 PM): which pic?
    readyto_fck (10/16/06 7:36:55 PM): what do u mean?
    laci92501 (10/16/06 7:36:56 PM): lol sry
    readyto_fck (10/16/06 7:37:01 PM): u talking to someone else too ?
    laci92501 (10/16/06 7:37:10 PM): i was talkin to krista
    laci92501 (10/16/06 7:37:41 PM): well i cant get out now
    laci92501 (10/16/06 7:37:43 PM): wish i culd tho
    readyto_fck (10/16/06 7:38:06 PM): when can u get out baby
    readyto_fck (10/16/06 7:38:14 PM): i wanna make u sit n my cock
    laci92501 (10/16/06 7:38:18 PM): i already got it set up with suzie to stay with her on the 28
    laci92501 (10/16/06 7:38:31 PM): or so my mom thinks ;-)
    readyto_fck (10/16/06 7:38:39 PM): nice
    readyto_fck (10/16/06 7:38:41 PM): good plan
    readyto_fck (10/16/06 7:38:44 PM): what abt his weekend
    laci92501 (10/16/06 7:38:49 PM): suzies cool and wont say nuthin
    readyto_fck (10/16/06 7:38:49 PM): i can cum over and fuck yr brains out
    readyto_fck (10/16/06 7:38:54 PM): dont u wanna suck some cock?

    Always amazes us when they think they're doing someone a favor with those suggestions.

    Vishal Agarwal decided NOT to show up during our Riverside sting in January 2006 which saw 51 arrests. Instead, he decided to stand us up that weekend because he had to work. You'd think a person in that area would hear of the arrests and become a bit paranoid, but not ol' Agarwal.

    Vishal received six months jail time to be served on weekends (Don't ask us, we have no idea how that is supposed to work) and three years probation, internet access curbs and registration as a registered sex offender. The bigger problem for Mr. Agarwal... well, as big of a problem, we suppose... is that he is a college educated individual with what was a very successful career. And this conviction means he will be deported back to his native country.


    Contributor notes from Mickey Finn
    Question: What happens when you send porn to kids in Riverside California, arrange to meet them for sex not once, not twice, but three times, and then don't show up for the meetings?

    Answer: You get arrested and convicted.

    Yes, sending porn to children and soliciting them for sex is illegal whether you show up to meet them or not. That's a lesson Vishal learned the hard way. Vishal is an Indian immigrant with a wife, a masters degree from a prestigious American university, and a good job in the IT sector. It sounds like the classic American Dream, but Vishal managed to blow it all through his own depravity. Since he's here on a visa, he'll most likely be deported once he's served his sentence.

    Now, mind you, it took Vishal a full 10 months and a lot of effort to ruin his American Dream. He ruined it by soliciting three contributors, sending porn to all of them, arranging to meet them, and then standing them up three times over a period of 10 months. Three kids in 10 months? If that's not serial then I don't know what is.

    Needless to say, we at Perverted Justice and the fine folks at the Riverside County Sheriff's Office have little patience for individuals such as Vishal. Sending porn to children is a felony in California, and attempting to arrange a meeting with children for sex is a crime too. Vishal knew perfectly well what he was doing was illegal. He said so in our chats a number of times. And now he knows what the consequences of those crimes are.

    The Riverside Sheriff's Office is an amazing organization with absolutely the best attitude we've run into anywhere. I can't say enough good things about them. In particular I'd like to thank detective Richard Sheldon who made it clear that he would always make time to deal with any child predator operating in his jurisdiction.

    This is our 266th conviction since June of 2004 and our 4th conviction for 2008 thus far.