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    ghostsrrelz (10/02/07 7:55:16 PM): whats ur fav tv shows?
    wrestlingdudeeasttn (10/02/07 7:55:59 PM): family guy simpsons unwrapped fastlanr you?
    ghostsrrelz (10/02/07 7:57:18 PM): whats unwrapped fastlanr?
    wrestlingdudeeasttn (10/02/07 7:57:54 PM): unwrapped is where they show how food products are made
    ghostsrrelz (10/02/07 7:58:13 PM): ooo kewl
    ghostsrrelz (10/02/07 7:58:21 PM): nvr heard of it
    wrestlingdudeeasttn (10/02/07 7:58:26 PM): and fastlane was an awesome cop/racing tv series a couple years ago
    ghostsrrelz (10/02/07 7:58:39 PM): ooo
    wrestlingdudeeasttn (10/02/07 7:58:40 PM): its on food network
    ghostsrrelz (10/02/07 7:58:43 PM): kewl
    wrestlingdudeeasttn (10/02/07 7:59:26 PM): whats urs
    ghostsrrelz (10/02/07 8:00:02 PM): i like ghost wisperer n gohst hunters n haunting n charmed
    ghostsrrelz (10/02/07 8:00:11 PM): ooo n supernatural
    wrestlingdudeeasttn (10/02/07 8:01:22 PM): im not big on ghost hunters i like the rest tho
    Good, tell all your new prison pals how much you love charmed.

    Dustin McPhetridge showed up to our Kentucky \"To Catch a Predator\" operation. He got to talk to Chris Hansen, a bunch of cops and admitted on national TV that it wasn't the first time he ever talked to a fourteen year old girl inappropriately. For that, he gets five years in jail and a lifetime status as a sex offender.

    Contributor notes from Mare Rosso
    In his interview with Chris Hanson, Dustin McPhetridge admitted talking to another girl who was 14 and how he apologized to the girl and her parents once they found out about him. Did he learn his lesson? Nope. Like so many pedophiles, Dustin McPhetridge contacted my 13 year old persona on September 30, 2007. We talked for a month before he drove from Tennessee 5 1/2 hours to Bowling Green, Kentucky.

    He'll have the next five years in prison with lifetime supervised sex offender registration to think about his decision.

    I want to thank Kentucky State Police and the AG's office for their effort to keep kids safe. And thank you to my verifier, Southern Aphrodite! You were wonderful!

    This is our 312th conviction since June of 2004 and our 9th conviction for 2009 thus far.