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    Report made 1/3/2011 9:01 PM PST

    geo_allino (07/19/09 5:43:05 PM): well, i do things. but i do them for myself and i dont have anyone telling me what to do, so its kinda cool being older, and being your own boss.
    kelliemariem@ymail.com (07/19/09 5:43:47 PM): hmmm
    kelliemariem@ymail.com (07/19/09 5:43:57 PM): didnt think of it like that
    kelliemariem@ymail.com (07/19/09 5:44:16 PM): how old were u when u got that deal?
    kelliemariem@ymail.com (07/19/09 5:44:18 PM): :)
    geo_allino (07/19/09 5:44:36 PM): LOL it was only a few years ago. I'm retired now.
    kelliemariem@ymail.com (07/19/09 5:44:46 PM): retired?
    kelliemariem@ymail.com (07/19/09 5:44:52 PM): like 70?
    geo_allino (07/19/09 5:44:58 PM): no!! LOL
    geo_allino (07/19/09 5:45:27 PM): i am young. but i used to be an undercover cop and i got hurt a few times in the line of duty so i retired early.
    kelliemariem@ymail.com (07/19/09 5:45:35 PM): o wow
    kelliemariem@ymail.com (07/19/09 5:45:39 PM): hope ur ok now
    geo_allino (07/19/09 5:45:58 PM): yes, I feel OK now. things are much better. but its nice not to have to work
    Yeah, gives you plenty of time to sit on the internet all day looking for kids.

    You'd think a retired undercover cop would know better, yeah? Well, not really. See, we train our people to talk like kids. So people like George Allen have no idea that they're not talking to an actual minor. One of the more uninformed and stupid criticisms we've heard over the years is that \"we don't catch real predators, just dumb guys!\" Well, stupid criticism, meet George Allen.

    Allen received 434 days in county jail, five years probation and ordered to stay away from minors.

    Contributor notes from Irish Rose
    George William Allen put a great deal of effort into seducing who he thought was an innocent 13 year old girl. His chat demonstrates many tactics used by groomers. He tried to romance the child, declared his love, discussed marriage, played many love songs for her via YouTube, flattered her, told her he would protect her always, offered to buy her things, and tried to convince her that he was a great, trustworthy guy. He even used the old come-play-with-my-puppy ploy. Of course, considering his puppy was a police-trained Doberman guard dog, this might not have been such a generous offer. He also tried to impress the child with his experience, describing himself as: \"alot of people I know who get to know me think i am like a person in a movie\". He bragged about his brave exploits as a Detroit undercover law enforcement officer, about his gold medal for shooting, his martial arts expertise, even showing his gun and his badge to the child via webcam. He bragged about his tattoo, describing it in detail as a kind of trophy of his life achievements. He once described the child's friend as \"Hes a legand in his OWN MIND.\", which I found ironic, as it was starting to seem that George Allen considered himself a legend. Unfortunately, whatever hero or legend status Allen may have had, or thought he had, was destroyed when he tried to rape a child. It is disturbing enough that a law enforcement officer, sworn to protect the innocent, would work so hard to attempt to harm a child, but the fact that he USED his position and background to facilitate his attempt is especially alarming.

    Allen carefully worked sex into the discussions, feeling out the child for her reaction, and eventually getting grossly graphic in his descriptions of his intentions. Her innocence was an attraction to him, as he stated \"I have never had a virgin...I would love to be with a girl one day where i'm the first\". His caution was typical groomer-style, but it was also a result of a deep fear he demonstrated with the knowledge he had about the consequences of his actions. He knew very well that what he was doing was wrong, and illegal, and he could get into serious trouble. He worked hard to try to reduce the risks. Allen talked the child in detail through how to delete her chat logs. He repeatedly made sure her logs were disabled, even saying that the logs would get the child in trouble. He told her repeatedly that she could never tell anyone about their relationship, using manipulation and veiled threats such as \"Keep your mouth shut\" and \"but if the curcumstances went bad i am a very dangerous person for a bad guy to go up against\". Over and over he told the child it would be her fault if he went to jail if she told, and that he would kill himself. That is a heavy mind game to put that kind of burden on a child. He also tried to set up alibis, such as introducing her online to a friend of his and trying to get the child to lie about their relationship, explaining \"this way, we also have a witness\". Regardless of Allen's attempts to set up alibis, his sexual intentions are clear, and were confirmed when showed up to meet the child at a restaurant at a mall.

    George Allen was arrested by the Livingston County Sheriff's Department and officers from the Michigan Attorney General's Office. Michigan is very dedicated to protecting their children from predators and their officers were a pleasure to work with. They have my gratitude. Allen entered a guilty plea and was sentenced to 434 days in county jail, five years of probation, sex offender registration and related restrictions. Carmen Gija was the phone verifier on this case. She did a great and professional job, as always.

    This is our 533rd conviction since June of 2004 and our 1st conviction for 2011.