• Conviction - tafatiw2006 - Walnut Creek, California

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 3/9/2007 10:45 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 3/9/2007 10:45 PM PST

    tafatiw2006 (08/18/06 7:03:21 PM): i need to see ur pict
    tafatiw2006 (08/18/06 7:03:30 PM): other than those u had there
    13 year old decoy (08/18/06 7:03:37 PM): thats all i got tho
    13 year old decoy (08/18/06 7:03:43 PM): brb phone
    tafatiw2006 (08/18/06 7:03:47 PM): ok
    13 year old decoy (08/18/06 7:04:47 PM): k
    tafatiw2006 (08/18/06 7:05:15 PM): so
    tafatiw2006 (08/18/06 7:05:21 PM): how are u doing gf
    13 year old decoy (08/18/06 7:05:29 PM): lol im fine how r u bf?
    tafatiw2006 (08/18/06 7:05:34 PM): good
    tafatiw2006 (08/18/06 7:05:35 PM): ty
    tafatiw2006 (08/18/06 7:05:40 PM): by the way
    tafatiw2006 (08/18/06 7:05:56 PM): i wanna see a pict of ur boobs
    tafatiw2006 (08/18/06 7:06:03 PM): i like boobs

    Mohammed likes boobs.

    Petaluma sting last fall netted quite a haul of predators, among them Mohammed Aksoum. He's pretty much a prick. As you read the log, you can really get an understanding of just how little he thinks about females. Of course, his faith says that he should not have \"sex with the girl\" until she's eighteen... but double-oral should be fine!

    Of course, it wasn't fine and he was arrested without fail by the Petaluma police department during our seventh Dateline sting operation. He now has received...

    -3 Years formal probation; does not have to report until May 2007
    -9 months county jail
    -must submit DNA sample
    -must undergo sexual oriented offender counseling
    -no internet/chat by any electronic means with minors
    -other internet/electronic use by discretion of probation officer

    Not a bad sentence, thanks!

    Notes from the Contributor, Aunti Anne
    I met Mohammed in a chat room about a week before the Petaluma GLEMB began. He didn't waste much time asking personal questions and by the end of the first conversation he was ready to meet my 13-year-old decoy and have oral sex. I really hated, Mohammed. He was arrogant, pushy and demanding. His intention was simply oral sex. He said my decoy needed to stay a virgin until she was 18 and that if she wanted more than oral sex he would not show. Of course she agreed :D Luckily, when he showed, there was no real child waiting for him and as soon as he figured that out, by almost colliding with Chris Hansen, he tried to run, but was caught.

    A big \"THANK YOU\" to the Petaluma PD, Santa Rosa PD, the Sonoma County Sheriff's Department, California Department of Justice Sex Crimes Unit and the District Attorney. You guys are awesome!

    This is our 165th conviction since June of 2004 and our 44th conviction for 2007 so far.