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    File originally posted on 8/13/2007 9:50 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 8/13/2007 9:50 PM PST

    Pavlov1234 [3:31 PM]: u down 4 getin hed? im me if u is---$$$---:-P
    David 91752 [3:32 PM]: i wanna boyf
    Pavlov1234 [3:32 PM]: coo-me2--:-P
    David 91752 [3:32 PM]: how old ru?
    Pavlov1234 [3:33 PM]: 28
    David 91752 [3:33 PM]: <----13 riverside
    David 91752 [3:33 PM]: where u?
    Pavlov1234 [3:33 PM]: ontario
    David 91752 [3:33 PM]: that far?
    Pavlov1234 [3:33 PM]: mmmm nah
    David 91752 [3:33 PM]: what does $$$ mean?
    Pavlov1234 [3:34 PM]: o it means i give $$ to blo
    David 91752 [3:34 PM]: pay?
    Pavlov1234 [3:34 PM]: ya
    David 91752 [3:34 PM]: why?
    Pavlov1234 [3:34 PM]: cuz i got da $$- n i dont mind
    David 91752 [3:35 PM]: im not hot tho
    Pavlov1234 [3:35 PM]: wut y a mean man?
    Pavlov1234 [3:35 PM]: everybody got some cool qualities
    28? Try 69 years old... and already a registered sex offender.

    Robert Lyons is one of those guys that should never be allowed to walk the streets. 69 years old and taking pictures of himself as if he were younger, pretending to be younger, all to try to get underage kids to have sex with him. Already a registered sex offender for having sex with a fourteen year old boy, Lyons was back out on the street immediately. He only got a year in 2005 for molesting a 14 year old boy... and even worse? The year was to be served on weekends only.

    Thankfully, when he found his next target, it turned out to be Perverted-Justice.com contributor Jay Alternative posing as a thirteen year old. Lyons would eventually show up at our Riverside Dateline sting operation. Even though 51 showed up over three days, Lyons stood out... literally one of the most disturbing individuals we've ever supplied evidence on.

    Lyons has been held in jail ever since that arrest in Riverside, which occurred in January 2006. He had a one million dollar bond that he simply could not make. His conviction was assured, but he strung it out anyways, wasting the time of the state by attempting to have his scumbag attorney challenge the recording of the evidence against him. Rejected at every level, Lyons eventually ran out of legal challenges when the California Supreme Court ruled in favor of our evidence against the challenges of Lyons attorney.

    He will receive a state prison term of five years. Of course, he's been in jail for the last year and a half, so that time counts against his sentence. As of this writing (August 2007), Lyons sentence will finish sometime in late 2010. He will be around 73 years in age and is extremely likely to re-offend.

    Contributor notes from Jay Alternative
    Robert Lyons is a very dangerous individual. Arrested 11 months prior for molesting a young boy, he continues to prey on the net and fortunately ran into Perverted-Justice and the Riverside, California Sheriff's Department. As you read the chat, you will see Lyons repeatedly offers my 13 year old character, Luke, money in exchange for sex.

    Lyons was in the position financially to hire Barry Sands ESQ. to represent him. Sands attempted to challenge California's two party law to get Lyons off. He took his case all the way to California's Supreme Court which as like the other Courts rulings, he lost.

    Special thanks to Deputy District Attorney Jessica Brown, The Riverside Sheriff's Department, and my verifier General Tso.

    Enjoy your retirement Lyons......

    This is our 216th conviction since June of 2004 and our 95th conviction for 2007 so far.