• Conviction - soulkeepndaddy - Montgomery, AL, Alabama

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 4/5/2016 7:52 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 4/5/2016 7:52 PM PST

    soulkeepndaddy (04/29/08 12:41:32 PM): tell me if you understand what your life will be like if I come get you
    dont_hay_me (04/29/08 12:41:50 PM): huh?
    soulkeepndaddy (04/29/08 12:42:08 PM): you understand that noone can see you during daylight hours
    soulkeepndaddy (04/29/08 12:42:20 PM): I can sneak you out once in a while to go to mal or something
    dont_hay_me (04/29/08 12:42:27 PM): k
    soulkeepndaddy (04/29/08 12:42:36 PM): but you can't go to walmart or anything since they will be looking for you
    dont_hay_me (04/29/08 12:42:47 PM): so like i just get 2 sit at ur house all day an play vid games?
    soulkeepndaddy (04/29/08 12:43:07 PM): you have to do whatever I say you can't argue because what I say may be the difference between you getting caught or not
    dont_hay_me (04/29/08 12:43:23 PM): k
    soulkeepndaddy (04/29/08 12:43:45 PM): you will belong to me and do what I say I will never ever hurt you

    Larry Jay Frank had no intentions of simply meeting a young teen for sex, he intended to take this child home and keep her hidden. Fortunately there was not a real child waiting to meet him, because he'd been communicating with site Contributor Silver Jordan. This was a difficult chat to conduct, and a difficult chat to read. His vile intentions are very clear. There would have been no good ending for an actual child.

    Silver Jordan was not the first Contributor to chat with Frank. He had chatted with two other Contributors in the two years prior to Silver's chat. In February of 1999 he was charged with indecent exposure and indecent liberties in Virginia Beach, VA. Larry Frank was not going to stop until he was stopped by separating him from society.

    Frank showed up once to meet the decoy child, or so he said, and claimed to have been spooked by seeing too many marked and unmarked police cars in the area, so he turned around and went home. He then arranged a second meet, and this time was taken into custody in Dale County, AL.

    Larry Frank's family refused to bail him out after his arrest, so he spent two years in jail until a plea agreement was reached. He was sentenced to seven years in prison, with credit for two years already served.

    Larry Jay Frank is one that bears watching. He'll reoffend.

    This is our 600th conviction since June of 2004.