• Conviction - dick_hungwell64 - Fayetteville, Georgia

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    File originally posted on 2/20/2007 6:18 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 2/20/2007 6:29 AM PST

    dick_hungwell64 (07/25/06 2:16:19 PM): and honestly if u were able to i'd take u with me on trips now,but hey if were still togather when u can i will..and well i'd like to take care of you and make u feel secure and provided for at some point..but we'll cross that bridge when and if we get to it..i just dont want to run u off and only want to have somthing specail..and well ....i dont want to just fuck and go,i'd like to be more...this tho will be what ever u want..i will be ur friend regardless and knowing u some and getting to know u more i will be as good to u as i know how to be

    Didn't quite work out, captain romance.

    Joseph Myrick is best known as the fast-talking cocaine trucker from TCAP Georgia. Now he's better known as a convicted felon, registered sex offender and yet another prisoner in the Georgia prison system. He earned a ten year sentence for his sexual solicitation of our decoy, he will serve a minimum of five years.

    Afterwards, Myrick will be a sex offender for the rest of his live and face another ten years of probation. Considering his history of eleven arrests in the last 24 years, we're very pleased that he won't be out amongst society for quite some time now.

    Notes from the Contributor, Xavier Von Erck
    Myrick was the first predator to hit on me for the Georgia sting. I thought he had wised up, moved on and thought twice about meeting a minor for sex. However, a week later, he popped back up in my IM window, wanting to talk about sex and meeting.

    Myrick's appearance on Dateline was quite odd, he didn't strike me as a hopped-up cokehead in his typing as he wrote long paragraphs. It was interesting to me because that's just how guys like Myrick work... they exude one personality online and then show up as a completely different type of person. I was literally shocked by his demeanor and manner of speech. Just goes to show that you can never trust people online by virtue of an IM conversation alone.

    I'm very pleased that he'll be spending the next five years in jail, his dangerous rap sheet showed that this one had been left in society a little TOO long.

    Great work to my verifier, Vande Camp for her awesome verifying during this.

    Great work to everyone in Harris County and all the good police backing them up, whether they be from the state bureau of investigation or those that joined us from the federal government. Nice work and we hope they're as happy with the result as we are.

    This is our 157th conviction since June of 2004 and our 36th conviction for 2007 so far.