• Conviction - elchiva8395020 - San Jose, California

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    File originally posted on 5/12/2007 9:48 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 5/12/2007 9:48 AM PST

    kieragirlrulz (08/10/06 8:21:10 PM): cool 13f
    elchiva8395020 (08/10/06 8:21:31 PM): ur 13
    kieragirlrulz (08/10/06 8:21:37 PM): yea so
    elchiva8395020 (08/10/06 8:21:52 PM): its all good
    elchiva8395020 (08/10/06 8:21:56 PM): and pictures
    kieragirlrulz (08/10/06 8:22:01 PM): what about em
    elchiva8395020 (08/10/06 8:22:40 PM): is the only picture u have
    kieragirlrulz (08/10/06 8:22:55 PM): no i got more on myspace
    kieragirlrulz (08/10/06 8:22:59 PM): link is in my pro
    elchiva8395020 (08/10/06 8:24:14 PM): wheres 707
    kieragirlrulz (08/10/06 8:24:19 PM): north san fran
    elchiva8395020 (08/10/06 8:24:32 PM): i see
    elchiva8395020 (08/10/06 8:24:38 PM): so what u like to do
    elchiva8395020 (08/10/06 8:24:39 PM): ?
    elchiva8395020 (08/10/06 8:24:55 PM): u like haveing fun
    kieragirlrulz (08/10/06 8:24:56 PM): hang out shop swim dance
    kieragirlrulz (08/10/06 8:25:19 PM): yea everyone likes fun
    elchiva8395020 (08/10/06 8:25:35 PM): are u a vergin?
    My, how fast things move online.

    Another Petaluma conviction in the books, Juan here showed up and got the always-pleasant interview with Chris Hansen and then a nice arrest from Petaluma's finest. Gutierrez didn't much appreciate all the fuss, but we think he's worth it.

    He now gets the following sentence to relax with.

    - 3 years probation, counseling as directed by PO, must register as a Sex Offender
    - 9 months jail, credit for 3 months served
    - No contact with minors unless accompanied by responsible adult and written approval from PO.
    - Fines & fees.

    Gutierrez also faces a possible deportation as icing on the cake. All in all, a fun time for ol' Juan.

    Notes from the Contributor, Van De Camp
    This guy was something else. He had previously hit up Wendy for a different bust, but flaked out on her. He hit me up and was vulgar from the start. This guy was really proud of his genitals. I saw one picture of his face and 12 of his bits and pieces. I'll never really get why they think kids or anyone else want to see that. This bust was the one where Yahoo decided to go out on us so on those last few days, the verifiers really did all the work.

    Thanks to the police for their great work. Thanks to my verifier, Gloria Jean, who did a great job wrangling this guy when I had no other way of contacting him.

    Enjoy that RSO status!

    This is our 182nd conviction since June of 2004 and our 61st conviction for 2007 so far.