• Conviction - n_karov - Shoreham, Vermont

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    File originally posted on 12/15/2009 9:43 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 12/15/2009 9:43 AM PST

    n_karov (01/09/09 7:39:04 PM): what do u live with your aunt
    silverstarrycece (01/09/09 7:39:10 PM): ya
    n_karov (01/09/09 7:39:21 PM): where is your parents
    silverstarrycece (01/09/09 7:39:40 PM): my dad he drives a truck so hes gone lots
    n_karov (01/09/09 7:39:50 PM): yeah that sucks
    silverstarrycece (01/09/09 7:40:00 PM): ya but its ok
    n_karov (01/09/09 7:40:24 PM): well it would be nice to spend more time with him right
    silverstarrycece (01/09/09 7:40:32 PM): well ya definitly
    silverstarrycece (01/09/09 7:40:57 PM): he used to drive just on theday in florida but he got this new job and he has to go for weeks
    silverstarrycece (01/09/09 7:41:13 PM): so i live w my aunt now
    n_karov (01/09/09 7:41:23 PM): yeah well he has to make money
    silverstarrycece (01/09/09 7:41:38 PM): ya i kno
    n_karov (01/09/09 7:41:48 PM): he pry just want to make a good life for u
    silverstarrycece (01/09/09 7:42:08 PM): ya thats what he says exactlie
    n_karov (01/09/09 7:42:18 PM): well it is pry true
    silverstarrycece (01/09/09 7:42:25 PM): lol ikno it is
    silverstarrycece (01/09/09 7:42:31 PM): what kinda work u do?
    n_karov (01/09/09 7:42:52 PM): im an electrion
    An electrion? So very far off the mark.

    Nicholas Karov was a serial predator, and thankfully he ended up where he belongs: prison. Karov was talking to both our decoy and LE in another jurisdiction at the same time. When he was arrested for chatting with the latter, he was also charged for our chats and evidence. For the overall case, he was sentenced to 3-10 years and had to register as a sex offender.

    Contributor notes from Marina Tartar
    Nick Karov was your typical groomer/predator. He starts off by chatting casually, discussing school, hobbies, and other innocent topics. When my child persona talked about her dad and aunt, Nick reminded her that they were just doing what was best for her. After about one hour, Nick started asking if she'd ever had a boyfriend, and the chat just accelerated from there.

    Nick wanted this 12 year old girl to take pictures of her breasts and send them to him. You'll see in the chat that he keeps asking if she can get a camera from her aunt. Later on, he fired up his webcam and sent pictures of his genitals to her. This was in addition to asking her if he could \"take her virginity\", and chatting graphically about what he wanted to do to her.

    Nick was a savvy predator--he tried to manipulate my kid into saying that SHE wanted HIM to show her his genitals, that SHE thought kissing and sex was cool. Nick was also a busy predator--in working with Vermont LE on this case, we soon discovered that Nick had hit up an undercover police officer in another county as well as my persona. Although Nick didn't attempt to meet with my child persona, the PJ chats and screenshots were added to his overall charges.

    Nick plead guilty to multiple sex charges and was sentenced to 3-10 years in prison, and he must register as a sex offender. Special thanks go to Richard King of the Ludlow, Vermont police department.

    This is our 491st conviction since June of 2004, our 186th conviction for 2009, and our 2nd conviction in Vermont thus far.