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    Report made 12/15/2009 12:06 PM PST

    theoldmonk_4_all (01/11/09 9:52:37 PM): next weekend... I am coming to Atlanta to see a friend... he had some last minute plan for Sat evening... I am looking for a companion for that evening...
    theoldmonk_4_all (01/11/09 9:52:55 PM): This is the reason I sais that you are young
    ggalemily (01/11/09 9:53:12 PM): well im not like a tiny baby lol
    theoldmonk_4_all (01/11/09 9:53:21 PM): I know...
    theoldmonk_4_all (01/11/09 9:53:35 PM): But you would not be ready for a date (not sure).. would you?
    ggalemily (01/11/09 9:53:59 PM): u want 2 go on a date with me?
    theoldmonk_4_all (01/11/09 9:54:13 PM): Well let me pu it this way....
    theoldmonk_4_all (01/11/09 9:54:16 PM): would you?
    ggalemily (01/11/09 9:54:34 PM): well ive gone on dates before :)
    theoldmonk_4_all (01/11/09 9:54:47 PM): And what all have you done?
    ggalemily (01/11/09 9:55:03 PM): what do u mean?
    theoldmonk_4_all (01/11/09 9:55:15 PM): Activities... movies... etc
    ggalemily (01/11/09 9:55:30 PM): anything thats fun realy.
    theoldmonk_4_all (01/11/09 9:55:49 PM): But you sure would not have dated a 27 yr old guy
    ggalemily (01/11/09 9:56:08 PM): well i didnt before
    theoldmonk_4_all (01/11/09 9:56:27 PM): So .. does it mean you want to now?
    theoldmonk_4_all (01/11/09 9:56:28 PM): ;)
    ggalemily (01/11/09 9:56:48 PM): lol depends
    theoldmonk_4_all (01/11/09 9:56:58 PM): I dont have time...
    theoldmonk_4_all (01/11/09 9:57:10 PM): I will be in Atl nexdt weekend
    theoldmonk_4_all (01/11/09 9:57:22 PM): Sat evening is all I am looking for...
    Try a bar, not a child.

    Girish Doss was arrested in February 2009 after he flew from Philadelphia to Atlanta and then drove three or four hours to Albany, GA. That is a whole lot of intent to commit a crime. Doss was in the United States on a temporary work visa, and so upon conviction, he was deported (again, unfortunate for India). The sentence that was made irrelevant by the deportation was five years in prison. If he ever tries to return, he will serve that sentence.

    Contributor notes from Guerrero Tortilla
    Girish Doss showed up in Albany Georgia to have sex with a 14 year old girl. He decided it would be acceptable to drive 45 minutes from Frasier PA to Philadelphia International airport, take 778 mile flight (2.5 hours), and then drive over 3 more hours to meet a young girl. Thankfully law enforcement in Dougherty County Georgia were there waiting.

    The decoy profile I used in this case netted two arrests, and two convictions. It goes to show how impactful their contributions are to the conviction machine that Perverted Justice has become. Girish Doss fell in love with this decoy and now is banned from ever entering the United States again. Thank you to Content Creators for developing such a realistic persona.

    To all the parents out there...please watch what your kids do on the internet. Men like Girish Doss are not rare. As a matter of fact, Girish hit up my new decoy profile within hours of first logging on. They are out there on multiple different social chats and messageboards, and they want to find a child to exploit. Please do what you can to make sure your child isn't their next target.

    This is our 494th conviction since June of 2004, our 189th conviction for 2009, and our 23rd conviction in Georgia thus far.