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    File originally posted on 1/12/2011 4:43 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 1/12/2011 4:43 PM PST

    charlie_e44 (05/03/08 10:42:53 PM): i want to taste it
    charlie_e44 (05/03/08 10:43:26 PM): put my dick in it and then let you suck it and taste it too
    charlie_e44 (05/03/08 10:43:37 PM): damn i am bad sorry
    charlie_e44 (05/03/08 10:44:02 PM): nothing to say to that
    charlie_e44 (05/03/08 10:44:08 PM): haahah
    bethaneyizbored (05/03/08 10:44:09 PM): lol
    bethaneyizbored (05/03/08 10:44:23 PM): i wuznt sure waht 2 say :D
    charlie_e44 (05/03/08 10:44:29 PM): you will like it
    charlie_e44 (05/03/08 10:44:41 PM): you want to try that for reale
    charlie_e44 (05/03/08 10:44:49 PM): dont just say yes
    bethaneyizbored (05/03/08 10:45:04 PM): ok lol
    charlie_e44 (05/03/08 10:45:16 PM): what dose that mean lol
    bethaneyizbored (05/03/08 10:45:36 PM): well i culdnt say yes lol
    charlie_e44 (05/03/08 10:46:19 PM): no i ment dont say yes just becase i want to do it i want to do tings you have thought of doing
    bethaneyizbored (05/03/08 10:46:27 PM): o ok lol
    bethaneyizbored (05/03/08 10:46:47 PM): i do want 2 try difrent stuf
    charlie_e44 (05/03/08 10:46:50 PM): well you know what i am going to do it any way
    charlie_e44 (05/03/08 10:46:53 PM): hahahaah
    bethaneyizbored (05/03/08 10:46:56 PM): lol
    charlie_e44 (05/03/08 10:47:01 PM): hahahahha
    charlie_e44 (05/03/08 10:47:10 PM): i will fix that
    charlie_e44 (05/03/08 10:47:12 PM): hahahah
    bethaneyizbored (05/03/08 10:47:21 PM): :)
    charlie_e44 (05/03/08 10:47:38 PM): we are going to talk a lot so stop getting enberast
    bethaneyizbored (05/03/08 10:47:47 PM): lol
    bethaneyizbored (05/03/08 10:47:48 PM): ok
    bethaneyizbored (05/03/08 10:47:55 PM): i wil try
    charlie_e44 (05/03/08 10:47:56 PM): i want to hear what you want to do
    charlie_e44 (05/03/08 10:48:21 PM): i love it when you tell me things you think of
    bethaneyizbored (05/03/08 10:49:00 PM): it wuld take 2 long 2 type rite now n my hand gettin tire
    charlie_e44 (05/03/08 10:49:49 PM): i hope your mouth dont get tierd that easy
    bethaneyizbored (05/03/08 10:50:04 PM): lol
    charlie_e44 (05/03/08 10:50:13 PM): you have a lot of sucking to do when we meet
    The skin, it crawls.

    Charles William Elliott is one of the most dangerous rapists and predators that one of our contributors has ever helped put away. In this case, it was the amazing Summer Sangria who managed to talk to this incredibly disgusting subhuman for many months. It's a very disturbing log, and he deserves to die in prison. If you're a praying person, pray for the children of Canada because he is likely to be deported there after his ten year prison sentence is completed. He is currently serving that sentence at the McRae Correctional Facility in Georgia.

    Contributor notes from Summer Sangria
    Charlie_e44 aka Charles William Elliott was one of the most difficult chats that Ive had, in many ways. He was worried about being caught and used various ways in our chat to try to discover if I was truly a child.

    Charlie was enamored with my profile and promised me many things if I would be sexually active with him. He sent pictures of sexual tools and toys that he wanted to use with my persona such as anal hooks. He also sent pictures of children, some nude that he found attractive. One of the adult images he sent was of a mentally challenged woman posing nude and upset (law enforcement was not able to determine her identity). Charlie had a rape fetish and fantasized about violent sex with both adults and children. The videos he sent focused on suffering and pain. It was discovered after his arrest, that he had acted on these violent thoughts and that there were victims who had suffered through years of abuse.

    Charlie was arrested when he showed up to meet what he thought would be a child. Waiting instead was law enforcement who promptly arrested him when he tried to flee.

    Charles Elliott pled guilty to his charges and will serve 10 years (federal) for his crime and will then be deported. It was an honor to work with Tim Byrd of the Dale County Sheriffs Dept who was the arresting agent. Due to various reasons, numerous agencies contributed to this investigation. Along with Dale County Sheriff Dept, the other agencies were Jefferson County Sheriffs Dept, Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Secret Service (ultimately the agency that took over). The case was prosecuted by Asst US Attorney Daniel Fortune who did an incredible job. I enjoyed watching how meticulously this case was brought together and the cooperation of various agencies.

    I have always believed that people, not myself, deserve a lot of credit for the arrests that are made by this organization. It is truly a machine of different parts, all important, that work together for one ultimate goal \" arresting those who would prey on children. Because of this belief, I like to publicly mention those who were an inspiration or helped especially with my chat. The horror stories that came from this chat leads me to those who were an inspiration \" the victims of Charles Elliott. There were those who came forward during this investigation to talk to law enforcement about the sexual abuse they suffered and offered to testify against him. Though Charles Elliott will suffer through imprisonment for ten years, his victims (known and unknown) have suffered far longer. Those brave enough to come forward are a true inspiration and I admire their strength and character. I hope that they can find peace knowing that his crimes have been exposed and he is locked away for many years.

    This is our 537th conviction since June of 2004 and our 5th conviction for 2011.