• Conviction - Xcursion24 - Palm Springs, California

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 2/15/2010 9:07 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 2/15/2010 9:07 PM PST

    Decoy [4:22 P.M.]: i got straight a's so can get money for college
    Xcursion24 [4:22 P.M.]: kewl
    Xcursion24 [4:22 P.M.]: ur smart
    Decoy [4:22 P.M.]: i study lots
    Decoy [4:22 P.M.]: thats all i got to do
    Xcursion24 [4:22 P.M.]: well now u have another dik to play with
    Decoy [4:22 P.M.]: i wish
    Decoy [4:23 P.M.]: where did you go?
    Xcursion24 [4:23 P.M.]: at school in mass
    Decoy [4:23 P.M.]: you mean the state?
    Xcursion24 [4:23 P.M.]: yes
    Decoy [4:23 P.M.]: thats far
    Xcursion24 [4:24 P.M.]: u wish u could play with my dik?
    Decoy [4:24 P.M.]: you got to promise you like me
    Decoy [4:24 P.M.]: i get lots of guys who just want sex and I dont want that
    Xcursion24 [4:25 P.M.]: i already like u
    Xcursion24 [4:25 P.M.]: but i am a guy and i do like plaing with dik
    Xcursion24 [4:25 P.M.]: playing
    Decoy [4:25 P.M.]: you never said your job its all sex
    Xcursion24 [4:25 P.M.]: i work as a personal assisitant
    Decoy [4:26 P.M.]: in a gym?
    Xcursion24 [4:26 P.M.]: no for a family
    I sure as hell hope it wasn't a family with children.

    As you can see in the posted chat log, this arrest was from the spring of 2005. That is nearly five years ago, more proof that justice can be especially slow, particularly in southern California. David Wayne Brickett was arrested several months prior to our large sting in Riverside, California, and it was a very disturbing case due to the fact that he was already a sex offender. He was finally convicted earlier this year of harmful matter sent with intent of seduction of a minor after pleading guilty. He received three years probation with a long list of restrictions primarily intended to keep him away from children, and he is a RSO under California's Megan's Law.

    Verifier notes from General Tso

    Jay and I worked very well as a team, since timezone-wise he was two hours ahead of me and went to bed earlier than I did, he could be the "child" who logged on right after school on the west coast and I followed with a phone call in the evening when I got home from work. This worked very well for us as predators can be very demanding of a child's time, pretty much dominating it. For two adults with lives to lead and jobs to go to that don't necessarily conform to school hours, meeting those demands could be a challenge. Teamwork was imperative and we had it down to a science.

    In this case, our teamwork was even more important. It is well known at PeeJ that only gay contributors work as gay kids. They have a set of experiences in life that nobody else can adequately explain or articulate as well as someone who has lived it. Verifiers, have no such limitation, because they are brought in after the fact and really all we care about for our verifiers is voice. Can the verifier approximate a boy of the correct age, play the part and be the child? Great. Let's go! As a female with a low voice, I can flexibly play both a boy and a girl on the phone.

    Teamwork played into this case because Jay was about to enter his most busy season of the year at work and was not going to be able to dedicate as much time to the case as needed. I, however, could. While I was brought in as a verifier, I was also a contributor at this time with my own cases and my own training. As a contributor and a verifier, my skills and training allowed me to function in both roles if the case was extreme enough and warranted such things. When Jay got busy, I stepped up because I knew the case and all that needed to happen was the meet. The remainder of the conversation leading up to the meet happened by email, and not by live chat. Those emails have unfortunately been lost, but were a part of the police record that ultimately convicted him.

    "But what about straight females playing gay males??? That's not allowed! She just said that!" I can hear you saying it now. First off, all I did was figure out the meet location and time. Our interactions after Jay handed it off to me were very functional toward meeting, not relationship-building. Secondly, I spent the vast majority of my college career fighting for gay tolerance and acceptance at a very conservative university... and won handily. I have vast experience in the world of homosexuality and fighting harmful stereotypes. I'm the absolute last person who can be accused of perpetuating the harmful gay=pedophile stereotype.

    Gay or not, David Brickett was a predator and we knew it from the get-go. With flawless teamwork, we were able to save countless children from his grasp. He'll now get to enjoy his state-issued hospitality and RSO status for life. Go him. And go team.

    This is our 504th conviction since June of 2004, our 4th conviction for 2010, and our 127th conviction in California thus far.