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    File originally posted on 8/12/2007 10:52 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 8/12/2007 10:52 PM PST

    devilzombie13 (05:34:50 PM): We r bf and gf
    torn_angel_2005 (05:34:59 PM): :)
    devilzombie13 (05:35:13 PM): My size dick 6 inch
    torn_angel_2005 (05:35:31 PM): that big?
    devilzombie13 (05:36:06 PM): Yea
    devilzombie13 (05:36:10 PM): Not thick
    torn_angel_2005 (05:36:13 PM): wow
    devilzombie13 (05:36:30 PM): It perfect for u
    torn_angel_2005 (05:36:59 PM): good
    devilzombie13 (05:37:11 PM): First sex without condom cuz i want feel it
    torn_angel_2005 (05:37:33 PM): wont if get me pregger
    devilzombie13 (05:37:49 PM): I won't get u pregnant
    torn_angel_2005 (05:37:55 PM): u sure
    devilzombie13 (05:37:55 PM): I will pull out for u
    devilzombie13 (05:37:58 PM): On ur cheat
    devilzombie13 (05:38:04 PM): Chest*
    torn_angel_2005 (05:38:10 PM): oh
    torn_angel_2005 (05:38:12 PM): ok
    devilzombie13 (05:38:50 PM): I not take a shower yet
    torn_angel_2005 (05:39:01 PM): u can take one here
    devilzombie13 (05:39:20 PM): I'm stink
    Perverted-Justice.com is many things, but one thing it isn't is a repository of suave pick-up lines. Good lord.

    Mitchell Heylek was one of 51 men to show up over a three day period in Riverside, California. His chat also shows that he's not the brightest bulb when it comes to typing. Wow. Mitchell's poor typing didn't even get him to meet TV's Chris Hansen. Just bad luck for him all the way around.

    Heylek received eight months incarceration and five years formal probation. He also will be registering as a sex offender for life... and in Riverside, that comes with a whole long host of restrictions. Perhaps next time when Mitchell feels that he's \"stink\", he'll go take a shower rather than turn on a computer.

    Contributor notes from Icarus
    And finally the door is closed on another of the Riverside 51. Mitchell didn't get a chance to make it in the door due to the plethora of pervs nailed that weekend. They were running into each other like a group of chickens with their heads cut-off. Mitch pulled up as another was walking out so he was taken down in the street.

    He tried to play the poor, misunderstood guy. He played a virgin when he had 2 kids. After being busted, he played the \"mentally incompetent\" card even. Well Mitch, not going to work. You are now a registered sex offender. I would have liked to see a tougher sentence because for me, everything points to you as not getting it. Although explaining to people why you can't do anything each weekend for the next few years because you have a standing reservation at the Riverside Bar Hotel because you tried to molest a kid does give us some solace.

    The Law Enforcement and Prosecutors in Riverside are some of the most dedicated people we have run across. The Riverside sting surpassed all expectations and was also a huge slap in the face of how bad it is out there for everyone involved. This is why we do what we do and won't be going away anytime soon.

    This is our 215th conviction since June of 2004 and our 94th conviction for 2007 so far.