• Conviction - manofdarkneedsl951 - Cincinnati, Ohio

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 11/15/2004 7:40 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 4/15/2006 4:52 PM PST

    rachel_west90 (10:53:46 PM): do u like people from the south?
    manofdarkneedsl951 (10:53:54 PM): yes
    manofdarkneedsl951 (10:54:02 PM): which are you?
    rachel_west90 (10:54:16 PM): Im on the right. I used to live in Texas
    manofdarkneedsl951 (10:54:38 PM): i like
    rachel_west90 (10:54:51 PM): ty
    manofdarkneedsl951 (10:55:05 PM): are you a virgin?
    rachel_west90 (10:55:07 PM): yea
    manofdarkneedsl951 (10:55:26 PM): you want to change that?

    J. Robert Andrews

    Today the long wait has ended.

    J. Robert Andrews, a Cincinnati defense attorney, has pled no contest to the long-standing charges against him. The judge in the case then convicted him of those charges. Andrews was charged with solicitation stemming from his 2004 chat with our contributor, Cop288. The case was filled with twists and turns as Andrews tried everything under the sun to make these charges go away. He even conspired with a print media reporter to try to smear our organization, attack the police working the case and to get himself off. The personal relationship between Blade and Andrews illustrated that when it comes to media ethics, there are none at the Cincinnati Citybeat, which is the definition of a \"garbage\" publication. Flouting the idea that a \"mysterious trojan\" caused Andrews to solicit a child, get on webcam and download child pornography, it was the most egregious use of the press we've ever observed.

    The attempts by Andrews did nothing more than bring highlight to his case. Rather than plead no contest immediately and save himself the public glare of the media and ourselves, he decided to try to fight it. Andrews now will be waiting to hear what his sentence will be. We hope the judge in his case takes into account the vast waste of time, money and energy Andrews used in order to try to worm his way out from under the charges which he and his cohorts knew he was guilty of. Andrews tried to throw everything at us, his conspirators at the Citybeat worked with a pro-pedophile organization in order to try to smear and attack us, his attorney's made claims to the media regarding his innocence... yet, in the end, the breadth and power of the evidence caused him to meekly proclaim... \"no contest.\"

    While lofty promises were made by the moron reporter that \"she'd get us shut down within the week\" regarding this case, we have once again overcome vicious attacks and lies in our usual way. Vindication is sweet. While we won't be shut down this week, nor next week, nor next year, nor this decade... Andrews will get to face the tasty prospect of up to eighteen months in jail and forfeiture of his ability to practice law. Again, we hope they throw the entire book at Andrews, who not only wasted our time but more importantly... wasted the resources of the state with frivilous motion after motion, continuance after continuance. It is people like this that grind the legal system to a halt, making it harder to bring additional prosecutions.

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    Notes from the Contributor, Cop288
    I am very gratified to see that Mr. Andrews did the right thing and entered a NOLO plea on this case. The verifier Justice_for_all did an exceptional job on this bust. I believe that this was her first verification. Thank you. I would also like to thank Detective Rick Sweeny and the Hamilton County Prosecutors Office for their tireless work on this case. \"For he is the minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain: for he is the minister of God, a revenger to [execute] wrath upon him that doeth evil.\" Romans 13:4

    This is our 51st conviction since June of 2004 and 11th conviction thus far for 2006. This is contributor Cop288's first conviction with our organization, though he has had hundreds prior :) This also marks our sixth conviction in Ohio.

    We're glad Hamilton County stuck with this prosecution and took it all the way to conclusion. This was a very important case and I'm glad they continually bested Andrew's and his counsel when it came to every annoying motion and delay his team tried to place in front of the prosecutors.