• Conviction - jake905_1999 - Kent/Auburn, Washington

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 8/17/2005 6:41 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 8/17/2005 8:04 PM PST

    At the start of the year, we set what we thought was a pretty lofty goal: 20 convictions for the sum of 2005. Well, it's August 17th and our goal has been met with the recent conviction of Charles Dow in the state of Washington. We were able to meet our goal with four and a half months remaining on the calendar. It has been one great year.

    Dow pled guilty to possession of child pornography found on his computer after the commission of the search warrant which was based upon the chat our volunteer had with Dow. His sentencing has not yet come up.

    Contributor Notes from EL Fudge
    I had been sitting and trolling Teen Chat rooms on Yahoo! Chat when \"Jake\" hit me up. He claimed he was 22 at first. Near the beginning of the chat, he mentioned he had younger girlfriends, one of which was 11 years old. I contacted the police in Kent, Washington, where I believed he lived.

    The police were very receptive to working with me and immediately took the case. I worked this guy for near 2 months when the Detective I had been working with told me that we finally had enough information that they could get a warrant for his arrest and prosecution. In February they confiscated his computer and the court process was set in motion.

    This guy bothered me because of several items within the chat. He is actually 56. Each time he kept admitting to crimes, I thought it couldn't get worse, but, it did. I'd like to thank the Kent Police Department in Washington for helping see this individual to justice. I'd also like to thank Perverted-Justice for giving me the guidance needed to bring this individual to his rightful spot in society. I also want to put a general thank you to all those in the public who see these guys and take action. It makes a world of difference to THAT child that you help along the way.

    E.L. Fudge
    Perverted-Justice Contributor

    This marks our 27th conviction since June 2004. Additionally Washington State has now become the first state to have worked with us on three different convictions. This marks our 3rd conviction in the month of August, 2005. We're very glad that the City of Kent PD was proactive on this individual and we're quite pleased at the result, yet again. Thanks to all involved!