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    File originally posted on 2/14/2007 3:26 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 2/14/2007 3:37 PM PST

    hiexcitement (07/13/06 1:09:10 AM): i'll have to get in touch with ya when i get down there
    hiexcitement (07/13/06 1:09:15 AM): you seem REALLY cool
    15-yr-old-girl (07/13/06 1:09:23 AM): ty :) u 2
    hiexcitement (07/13/06 1:09:26 AM): thanx
    hiexcitement (07/13/06 1:09:48 AM): i kinda feel akward sitting here talking to you in just my boxer briefs though :P
    hiexcitement (07/13/06 1:09:49 AM): lol
    15-yr-old-girl (07/13/06 1:09:55 AM): lol
    hiexcitement (07/13/06 1:10:03 AM): i guess i could be naked though :P
    15-yr-old-girl (07/13/06 1:10:09 AM): its k i cant c u lol
    hiexcitement (07/13/06 1:10:19 AM): oh so you wouldn't want to huh?
    hiexcitement (07/13/06 1:10:20 AM): lol
    15-yr-old-girl (07/13/06 1:10:35 AM): lol
    hiexcitement (07/13/06 1:10:51 AM): i could just take them off and turn my cam on for ya LOL

    And that conversation was worth five years for ol' Marshall.

    Long-time readers of the site are familar with the \"Long Beach\" special. Now, get ready for the \"Harris County Special.\" Except... it's a very good thing. This is our first Georgia arrest from the Harris County TCAP sting to be put on the main page, but there's many more.

    Marshall received a ten year sentence with a mandatory five years to serve. That means he will serve at least five years. If he's not a good guy in prison, he'll serve more. Up to him! Yes, five years. Plus after they get out, they get a ten year spell of probation and registration as a sex offender.

    Yes, this was the plea deal almost every predator has agreed to in general. Yes, we like Georgia!

    Notes from the Contributor, Irish Rose
    Marshall destroyed his military career when he tried to meet a 15 yr old girl

    It is always disturbing when a member of the military performs actions contrary to the high moral standing to which most military personnel hold themselves. Marshall Ray Girtman destroyed his promising career with the Illinois National Guard when he decided to meet who he thought was a 15 year old girl to engage in sexual activities.

    He sent porn links to someone he believed was a minor and encouraged her to watch the videos on those sites. He very aggressively and persistently tried to meet her, asking over and over to meet and for directions to her home. What is particularly disturbing is that the girl asked him over and over why he wanted to come and he evaded showing his true intentions, although he had shown porn and mentioned getting naked. He tried to get directions to her home where he knew she was alone and would not say what he wanted, so as to not scare her from giving those directions. A real child might have been duped by this and allowed a stranger to come to her home, not knowing that he intended harm. He intended to bring beer, go skinny dipping and engage in sexual activities, as he finally stated.

    For his criminal attempt to commit child molestation, Girtman was sentenced to ten years: five years in prison and five years of probation. For attempting to commit statutory rape he has another 10 years of probation. He also had to resign his commission with the National Guard.
    We can thank Judge Bobby Peters in Harris County Georgia for that strong message to on-line predators.

    Thanks also to verifier Gloria Jean for a great job.

    This is our 146th conviction since June of 2004 and our 25th conviction for 2007 so far. This is our first Georgia conviction, marking yet another state we have a conviction in.