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    File originally posted on 5/2/2007 10:44 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 5/2/2007 10:44 PM PST

    nismo05007 (09/07/06 8:58:45 PM): do u like oral
    samantha_gurl01 (09/07/06 8:58:52 PM): i never did it
    nismo05007 (09/07/06 8:58:59 PM): ohh ok
    samantha_gurl01 (09/07/06 8:59:06 PM): i will try
    samantha_gurl01 (09/07/06 8:59:10 PM): u wont laff will u
    nismo05007 (09/07/06 8:59:19 PM): nope i wont
    samantha_gurl01 (09/07/06 8:59:29 PM): kk lol
    nismo05007 (09/07/06 8:59:45 PM): no one ever gone down on u
    samantha_gurl01 (09/07/06 8:59:59 PM): no
    samantha_gurl01 (09/07/06 9:00:03 PM): im sorry
    nismo05007 (09/07/06 9:00:08 PM): its ok
    nismo05007 (09/07/06 9:00:21 PM): would u wanna try it to see what it feels like
    samantha_gurl01 (09/07/06 9:00:37 PM): yea do gurls like it
    nismo05007 (09/07/06 9:00:53 PM): hell yeah they moan a lot
    nismo05007 (09/07/06 9:00:53 PM): lol
    \"its ok\" - the parade of scum continues.

    Selvan Galeano hit up our contributor during the Long Beach sting operation which netted 38 other predators over a three day period. Galeano had absolutely no fear, being as brazen as any we see.

    Selvan got what we call the \"Long Beach Special\" which consists of 3 years prison term suspended, so if he does anything wrong, he'll go to jail for that term. Credit for time served, 13 days. 5 years probation, mandated Sex Offender Counseling and Sex Offender Registration.

    Notes from the Contributor, Peppermint Patty
    When nismo05007 hit me up it was 7:50pm. At 8::14pm he asks me if I'm a virgin and off we go. When 8:30pm rolls around he tells me I'm sexy in my pic and bingo by 8:35pm he wants to lick my entire body.

    nismo05007 (8:34:47 PM): one thing im a respectfull guy
    Yes what a respectful guy he is. Nismo05007 showed up at the house right on time like he promised.

    samantha_gurl01 (8:48:54 PM): ur like 40 min away
    nismo05007 (8:49:32 PM): ill make it in 30
    Somebody was excited but not as excited as the Long Beach Police who arrested him when he showed up at the house.

    Thanks to the wonderful work of the Long Beach Police and Gloriajean for another beautiful verify.

    This is our 180th conviction since June of 2004 and our 59th conviction for 2007 so far.