Matthew Sibal wanted a 14 yr old to run away and come to live with him.
Bust by Silver Jordan @ 12/16/2010 8:00 AM PST


Perverted Justice mark: Matthew Sibal, 26
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Location: Lansing, MI, Michigan
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This wannabe pedo tried to solicit Holly, a 14 year old girl
... or so they thought!

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September 16, 2009

fseminoles2008 (09/16/08 9:32:18 PM): hi there holly how r u tonight
fseminoles2008 (09/16/08 9:33:06 PM): so how do u like living in MI or hate it
Decoy (09/16/08 9:33:19 PM): um hi y u adding me wen i dont even kno u?
fseminoles2008 (09/16/08 9:33:50PM): bec i wanted to im u and thats the way i always do it sorry if i scared u
Decoy (09/16/08 9:34:10 PM): oh
Decoy (09/16/08 9:34:13 PM): whats ur asl?
fseminoles2008 (09/16/08 9:34:20 PM): 18 male MI
Decoy (09/16/08 9:34:26 PM): 13 f mi
Decoy (09/16/08 9:34:29 PM): im almost 14 tho
fseminoles2008 (09/16/08 9:34:36 PM): cool when is your bday
Decoy (09/16/08 9:34:55 PM): sept 28
fseminoles2008 (09/16/08 9:35:18 PM): cool well happy bday and how come u miss your dad so much
Decoy (09/16/08 9:35:32 PM): hes in the navy so hes gone away a long time
fseminoles2008 (09/16/08 9:35:56 PM): o thats got to suck how long has he been in the navy for
Decoy (09/16/08 9:36:18 PM): forever
fseminoles2008 (09/16/08 9:36:37 PM): how often does he come home to visit or never
Decoy (09/16/08 9:36:54 PM): wen he can he does depends
Decoy (09/16/08 9:36:57 PM): hes in japan rite now
fseminoles2008 (09/16/08 9:37:11 PM): cool it must be hard on your mom as well
Decoy (09/16/08 9:37:38 PM): my stepmom and i hate her
fseminoles2008 (09/16/08 9:37:50 PM): what happen to real mom
Decoy (09/16/08 9:37:58 PM): shes in heaven
fseminoles2008 (09/16/08 9:38:21 PM): o thats so sad i feel for u holly
Decoy (09/16/08 9:38:41 PM): thx
fseminoles2008 (09/16/08 9:38:49 PM): yw where in MI u live
Decoy (09/16/08 9:39:00 PM): i dont tell peeps i dont kno that
fseminoles2008 (09/16/08 9:39:37 PM): ok i understand have u ever thought about modleing or never came across your mind
Decoy (09/16/08 9:40:42 PM): no not rely
fseminoles2008 (09/16/08 9:40:45 PM): do u play any sports in school or your free time or just play with friends
Decoy (09/16/08 9:42:31 PM): no
Decoy (09/16/08 9:42:43 PM): mostly have 2 babysit my stepbros and boring things
fseminoles2008 (09/16/08 9:43:02 PM): ok well i have an offer that will make u so happy
Decoy (09/16/08 9:43:25 PM): huh?
fseminoles2008 (09/16/08 9:43:42 PM): i would like to offer u a chance to be a model with my friends studio
Decoy (09/16/08 9:43:57 PM): ur kiddin
fseminoles2008 (09/16/08 9:44:17 PM): nope he is looking for a girl just like u to be in his next photo shoot
Decoy (09/16/08 9:44:40 PM): how old is ur friend? 18 yr olds dont have studios im not stupid ya know
fseminoles2008 (09/16/08 9:44:51 PM): no hes 24
Decoy (09/16/08 9:45:10 PM): how old r u 4 realz? cuz i think ur lyin 2 me
fseminoles2008 (09/16/08 9:45:21 PM): im really 18
Decoy (09/16/08 9:45:25 PM): ya rite
Decoy (09/16/08 9:45:27 PM): bye loser
Decoy (09/16/08 9:46:47 PM): i dont talk 2 peeps i think r lying 2 me
fseminoles2008 (09/16/08 9:46:58 PM): im not lying to u
Decoy (09/16/08 9:47:41 PM): so y u offering me a model job 4 ur friend who never even saw my pics?
Decoy (09/16/08 9:47:56 PM): if ur 4 realz u gotta tell me the whole truth bout everything
fseminoles2008 (09/16/08 9:48:03 PM): like what
Decoy (09/16/08 9:48:13 PM): all of it cuz i think ur lying
fseminoles2008 (09/16/08 9:48:36 PM): what do u want to no
Decoy (09/16/08 9:49:54 PM): i dunno
Decoy (09/16/08 9:50:37 PM): wats the name of ur friends studio?
Decoy (09/16/08 9:51:50 PM): i knew u were a lyer
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:17:08 PM): hi there holly how r u tonight
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:18:18 PM): hey do u rememebr me holly
Decoy (10/07/08 9:20:18 PM): no
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:20:40 PM): ok so how r things going for u right now
Decoy (10/07/08 9:20:45 PM): do i kno u?
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:20:58 PM): not really
Decoy (10/07/08 9:21:02 PM): oh
Decoy (10/07/08 9:21:05 PM): wats ur asl?
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:21:14 PM): 26 male MI u
Decoy (10/07/08 9:21:26 PM): i just turned 14 f mi
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:21:37 PM): cool were u excited
Decoy (10/07/08 9:22:04 PM): not rely my bday sucked
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:22:10 PM): y is that
Decoy (10/07/08 9:22:52 PM): cuz my stepmom wouldnt let my friends come over
Decoy (10/07/08 9:23:01 PM): she didnt even get me a cake or presetns or anything
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:23:27 PM): what a bitch and let me say a belated happy birthday holly
Decoy (10/07/08 9:23:40 PM): thx
Decoy (10/07/08 9:24:01 PM): i made my own cake tho an i ate it w my little bros an tyler even made me a homemade card
Decoy (10/07/08 9:24:06 PM): hes so cute 4 a little bro
Decoy (10/07/08 9:24:08 PM): hes only 7
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:24:26 PM): yes u r lucky to have a little brothe rlike him
Decoy (10/07/08 9:24:35 PM): my other bro is 5
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:24:44 PM): so ur only sis
Decoy (10/07/08 9:24:50 PM): ya
Decoy (10/07/08 9:24:53 PM): there rely my stepbros tho
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:25:08 PM): ic so u pick on them or other way around
Decoy (10/07/08 9:25:31 PM): no there pretty kewl 4 little bros
Decoy (10/07/08 9:25:43 PM): i mostly just get stuck babysittin an takin care of em all the time
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:26:16 PM): u get paid for watching or no
Decoy (10/07/08 9:26:26 PM): hell no she never gives me money
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:27:49 PM): if i was your parent i would pay u all the time for that
Decoy (10/07/08 9:28:06 PM): thats kewl shes a bitch tho
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:29:13 PM): have u ever thought about moving out to a new place or cant right now
Decoy (10/07/08 9:29:53 PM): i dont have anywere 2 go
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:30:16 PM): well if u liked i have a open room if u would like to stay with me for awhile
Decoy (10/07/08 9:30:31 PM): she wud never let me
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:30:50 PM): did u ever think of running away
Decoy (10/07/08 9:31:04 PM): ya sometimes i rely hate her but id prolly miss my bros
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:31:43 PM): u could c them every now and then or too much pain on u
Decoy (10/07/08 9:32:17 PM): id prolly wanna c em there pretty kewl
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:32:30 PM): ok
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:33:09 PM): so u interested or too much hastle right now
Decoy (10/07/08 9:33:33 PM): r u serios?
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:33:46 PM): yes
Decoy (10/07/08 9:34:09 PM): i dunno wow i rely dont even kno u much
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:34:26 PM): if u knew u more would u do it
Decoy (10/07/08 9:34:43 PM): mayb
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:35:00 PM): ok cool so u r in 6th grade or 7th
Decoy (10/07/08 9:35:14 PM): 8
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:35:32 PM): cool u excited about high school next year
Decoy (10/07/08 9:35:47 PM): ya
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:36:10 PM): u got any pics of yourself besides the one on your profle
Decoy (10/07/08 9:36:17 PM): ya do u have any?
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:36:53 PM): nope im sorry but im 6'2'' blue eyes brown hair 190 lbs and athletic
Decoy (10/07/08 9:37:05 PM): well thats not very fair then :(
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:37:34 PM): ok sorry
Decoy (10/07/08 9:37:53 PM): i have like tons of pics
Decoy (10/07/08 9:37:56 PM): u rely dont have any?
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:38:23 PM): nope
Decoy (10/07/08 9:39:03 PM): where do u live anyway?
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:39:11 PM): lansing and u
Decoy (10/07/08 9:39:25 PM): im not rely sposed 2 say that on here
Decoy (10/07/08 9:39:28 PM): im in west mi
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:39:50 PM): ok i understand
Decoy (10/07/08 9:40:44 PM): ur not mad?
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:40:58 PM): nope its your right to not say on here
Decoy (10/07/08 9:41:34 PM): kewl
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:41:41 PM): yep
Decoy (10/07/08 9:41:45 PM): most peeps get mad if i dont tell them like whatever they ask
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:42:05 PM): hey its not there right to know
Decoy (10/07/08 9:42:47 PM): i thawt u didnt have any pics?
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:42:56 PM): i found one
Decoy (10/07/08 9:43:02 PM): kewl
Decoy (10/07/08 9:44:02 PM): :-w
Decoy (10/07/08 9:44:06 PM): lolz
Decoy (10/07/08 9:44:51 PM): ?
Decoy (10/07/08 9:44:52 PM): u here?
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:45:05 PM): yes im here
Decoy (10/07/08 9:45:10 PM): weres ur pic?
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:45:31 PM): give me a sec ok
Decoy (10/07/08 9:45:40 PM): ok
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:47:59 PM): ok heres me now
Decoy (10/07/08 9:48:15 PM): rely?
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:48:28 PM): yes holly
Decoy (10/07/08 9:48:28 PM): kewl pic
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:48:32 PM): thanks
Decoy (10/07/08 9:48:43 PM): yw
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:49:05 PM): hey i got to go now did u want to continu this talk over the phone or not yet
Decoy (10/07/08 9:49:25 PM): u dont wanna c my pics?
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:49:29 PM): yes please
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:49:55 PM): in that one u just sent me which one r u
Decoy (10/07/08 9:49:55 PM): im the goof in the front lolz
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:50:06 PM): ok cool u r gorgeous holly
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:50:51 PM): u must have alot pics saved on your comp ic
Decoy (10/07/08 9:50:59 PM): ya i have more hold on
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:51:07 PM): ok
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:51:47 PM): u have alot free time u take all these pics
Decoy (10/07/08 9:52:05 PM): no my friends took em and emailed them 2 me so the bitch doesnt kno i have pics on here lolz
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:52:33 PM): cool good for u u r a growing female who needs her space and freedom
Decoy (10/07/08 9:53:59 PM): that last 1 was in pa at my real grammas hosue
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:54:19 PM): how many granmas do u have
Decoy (10/07/08 9:54:28 PM): just my real 1
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:54:41 PM): ok
Decoy (10/07/08 9:54:47 PM): my dads mom is dead and the bitchs mother says im not rely her grandkid so i never go c her
Decoy (10/07/08 9:54:58 PM): shes in chicago
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:55:10 PM): ic can u i ask u something
Decoy (10/07/08 9:55:19 PM): ya
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:55:25 PM): r u a virgin or no
Decoy (10/07/08 9:55:35 PM): ya :\">
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:55:45 PM): u waiting for the right guy or just too shy
Decoy (10/07/08 9:55:52 PM): im not shy
Decoy (10/07/08 9:56:03 PM): i only had 2 bf b4 and she made us break up
Decoy (10/07/08 9:56:16 PM): 1 bf
Decoy (10/07/08 9:56:17 PM): only 1 bf
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:56:33 PM): damn that sucks i think ur gorgeous and can have sex with anyone u choose to have it with
Decoy (10/07/08 9:56:53 PM): i heard its fun mayb if i ever get a bf i rely like again
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:57:16 PM): yes its great and the rush is awesome
Decoy (10/07/08 9:57:27 PM): rely?
Decoy (10/07/08 9:57:37 PM): my friend marissa told me its kewl
Decoy (10/07/08 9:57:44 PM): shes in the pic next 2 that 1
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:57:56 PM): y has she done it before
Decoy (10/07/08 9:58:03 PM): ya she has a bf
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:58:13 PM): all these kids doing it so young
Decoy (10/07/08 9:58:26 PM): not all of em but marissa did
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:58:42 PM): is she preg or he wore protection
Decoy (10/07/08 9:58:52 PM): omg no shes not preg lolz
Decoy (10/07/08 9:58:56 PM): ya he did
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:59:33 PM): ok im going to go now and thanks for all the gorgeous pics of u did u want to continue this talk on the phone or too soon for that
Decoy (10/07/08 9:59:50 PM): lemme go c if shes asleep
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:59:56 PM): ok
Decoy (10/07/08 9:59:56 PM): if shes sleepin i can call
Decoy (10/07/08 10:00:00 PM): brb
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 10:00:03 PM): k
Decoy (10/07/08 10:04:59 PM): sorry shes still kinda awake what time can i call u til?
Decoy (10/07/08 10:05:04 PM): i can call when seh falls asleep?
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 10:05:26 PM): anytime after 10:30 tonight
Decoy (10/07/08 10:05:40 PM): k wats ur digits?
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 10:05:53 PM): *edit phone number*
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 10:06:16 PM): so looking at these pics u have blue eyes ic
Decoy (10/07/08 10:06:20 PM): ya
Decoy (10/07/08 10:06:30 PM): 1 min writin ur numb down
Decoy (10/07/08 10:06:48 PM): ur name matt?
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 10:06:54 PM): cool thats the most popular kind of girl blonde with blue eyes
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 10:06:59 PM): and yes its matt
Decoy (10/07/08 10:07:04 PM): k kewl
Decoy (10/07/08 10:07:18 PM): ya it gets darker in the winter tho an gets rely blond in the summer
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 10:07:28 PM): ok ill be waiting for your call holly
Decoy (10/07/08 10:07:48 PM): kewl ill call after she falls asleep an after 1030
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 10:07:59 PM): bye holly
Decoy (10/07/08 10:08:01 PM): im gonna hafta use my callin card tho so she dont c it on the bill k?
Decoy (10/07/08 10:08:07 PM): nite matt
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 10:08:12 PM): o hold on
Decoy (10/07/08 10:08:18 PM): what?
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 10:08:25 PM): will u be on tomm night around 8
Decoy (10/07/08 10:08:40 PM): mayb or prolly a little bit after that
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 10:08:51 PM): ill be on from 8 till 10 tomm night
Decoy (10/07/08 10:08:54 PM): i hafta help her get my bros 2 bed first
Decoy (10/07/08 10:09:07 PM): k ill b on b4 10 4 sure
fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 10:09:18 PM): ok bye holly got nite
Decoy (10/07/08 10:09:22 PM): nite matt
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 8:21:21 PM): hey holly it matt just im me when u get on here
Decoy (10/08/08 8:55:22 PM): hi im here but ur not :(
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 8:58:22 PM): hey holly im here nwo
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 8:58:25 PM): now*
Decoy (10/08/08 8:58:31 PM): hi
Decoy (10/08/08 8:58:52 PM): watcha doin?
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 8:58:55 PM): im really tired right now but talking to u wakes me up real good
Decoy (10/08/08 8:59:01 PM): oh
Decoy (10/08/08 8:59:05 PM): am i buggin u?
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 8:59:18 PM): nope u r fine sweetie
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 9:00:03 PM): im on the computer looking at football stuff about colleges
Decoy (10/08/08 9:00:31 PM): oh
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 9:00:44 PM): yep how was your day at school
Decoy (10/08/08 9:00:48 PM): was ok i guess
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 9:01:14 PM): cool i enjoyed talking to u lastnight till your step-mom got involved
Decoy (10/08/08 9:01:35 PM): ya but its kewl she didnt catch me
Decoy (10/08/08 9:01:42 PM): it wuz kewl 2 hear ur voice tho
Decoy (10/08/08 9:01:44 PM): u sound nice
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 9:02:00 PM): yes im very nice especially to girls as hot as you
Decoy (10/08/08 9:02:31 PM): lolz thx
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 9:02:57 PM): yw can u send those pics again i lost them all
Decoy (10/08/08 9:03:09 PM): do u got myspace? there all on my myspace?
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 9:03:22 PM): nope dont got myspace
Decoy (10/08/08 9:03:34 PM): k hold on i wanna go get a snack 1st brb
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 9:03:55 PM): ok ill be waiting here
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 9:16:34 PM): u back yet or still getting that snack
Decoy (10/08/08 9:28:28 PM): sorry stepmom wuz talkin 2 me
Decoy (10/08/08 9:28:30 PM): u still here?
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 9:28:39 PM): yes im here sweetie
Decoy (10/08/08 9:28:50 PM): kewl
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 9:29:03 PM): yep what did u bring for a snack
Decoy (10/08/08 9:29:28 PM): doritos an coke
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 9:29:49 PM): cool im a sprite and dew fan
Decoy (10/08/08 9:29:59 PM): deww on the dew
Decoy (10/08/08 9:30:01 PM): lol
Decoy (10/08/08 9:30:04 PM): ewww i ment
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 9:30:27 PM): u dont like it
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 9:30:54 PM): do u call on your cell phone or the house phone
Decoy (10/08/08 9:30:55 PM): no
Decoy (10/08/08 9:31:03 PM): house w my calling card
Decoy (10/08/08 9:31:08 PM): i dont have a cell
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 9:31:26 PM): it wont let me access myspace to view your pics
Decoy (10/08/08 9:31:58 PM): ya cuz u dont gotta myspace
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 9:32:50 PM): no my comp at the lab wont even let me access the page
Decoy (10/08/08 9:33:07 PM): oh
Decoy (10/08/08 9:33:10 PM): the lab?
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 9:33:25 PM): comp lab where all the comp r located at
Decoy (10/08/08 9:33:45 PM): huh?
Decoy (10/08/08 9:33:48 PM): r u at work?
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 9:33:58 PM): im at school darling
Decoy (10/08/08 9:34:08 PM): oh like college?
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 9:34:17 PM): yep
Decoy (10/08/08 9:34:29 PM): what r u studyin?
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 9:34:33 PM): accounting
Decoy (10/08/08 9:34:43 PM): ugh i hate math lol
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 9:34:51 PM): its my fav subject
Decoy (10/08/08 9:34:59 PM): i wanna b a teacher someday
Decoy (10/08/08 9:35:12 PM): not a math teach tho
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 9:35:18 PM): cool for u would u like me to help u in math for school
Decoy (10/08/08 9:35:33 PM): will u do my homework 4 me?
Decoy (10/08/08 9:35:33 PM): lol
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 9:36:01 PM): if i could would love too but i cant if u give me some problems i could help u out
Decoy (10/08/08 9:36:30 PM): k i dont have math homework 2nite tho
Decoy (10/08/08 9:36:36 PM): but if im ever stuck i will ask u 4 sure
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 9:36:47 PM): please do thats what im here for
Decoy (10/08/08 9:36:59 PM): thx kewl
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 9:37:25 PM): yw holly do u party at all with friends or mom wont let u
Decoy (10/08/08 9:38:15 PM): she normaly wont let me but sometimes i can
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 9:38:28 PM): have u ever drank beofe
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 9:38:31 PM): before*
Decoy (10/08/08 9:38:44 PM): ya
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 9:38:57 PM): beer or liguor or just pop
Decoy (10/08/08 9:39:06 PM): wine coolers
Decoy (10/08/08 9:39:11 PM): berry 1s they were yummy
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 9:39:31 PM): cool has any guys ever forced themself on u or have u been lucky so far
Decoy (10/08/08 9:39:41 PM): watcha mean?
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 9:40:03 PM): has a guy ever kissed u touched u hit u or had sex with u without asking u
Decoy (10/08/08 9:40:39 PM): omg no
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 9:41:06 PM): good i would feel bad if it did happen to a cutie girl like u
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 9:42:41 PM): how much homework do u usally have each day
Decoy (10/08/08 9:42:46 PM): depends
Decoy (10/08/08 9:42:51 PM): i get alot on mondays i think
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 9:43:30 PM): ic u feleing more comfortable with me to move down here or still need more time
Decoy (10/08/08 9:43:45 PM): u rely want me 2 move down there?
Decoy (10/08/08 9:43:59 PM): how wud i do that anyway?
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 9:44:31 PM): i was doing it for your benefit holly
Decoy (10/08/08 9:45:35 PM): i kno
Decoy (10/08/08 9:45:46 PM): i just dont kno how that wud work i cant get there or anythin
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 9:45:59 PM): can u take the bus somehow
Decoy (10/08/08 9:46:07 PM): no
Decoy (10/08/08 9:46:36 PM): ugh brb shes yellin again
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 9:47:06 PM): k
Decoy (10/08/08 9:48:53 PM): k
Decoy (10/08/08 9:48:55 PM): im back
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 9:49:27 PM): cool did u want to try that again tonight talking on the phone or maybe another night
Decoy (10/08/08 9:49:32 PM): shes bitchin bout me keepin up w the laundry so her stuff is clean 2 pack next week
Decoy (10/08/08 9:49:41 PM): depends if she goes 2 sleep or not
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 9:49:53 PM): ok when will u no if she goes to sleep
Decoy (10/08/08 9:50:02 PM): wen she goes 2 sleep lol
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 9:50:22 PM): ok u can call me after 1030 tonight or whenever she goes to sleep
Decoy (10/08/08 9:50:35 PM): ok if im still awake i will
Decoy (10/08/08 9:50:53 PM): shes like goin nuts thru the boys stuff 2nite
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 9:51:05 PM): y is that
Decoy (10/08/08 9:51:17 PM): 2 get them ready 2 c there gramma next weekend
Decoy (10/08/08 9:51:34 PM): thats y i gotta make sure the laundrys done
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 9:51:48 PM): r u going too or staying home
Decoy (10/08/08 9:52:03 PM): no i dont go she says sehs not my real gramma an she dosent want me 2 go
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 9:52:18 PM): ok so ull be home alone next weekend
Decoy (10/08/08 9:52:52 PM): ya
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 9:53:04 PM): that will be alot fun for u holly
Decoy (10/08/08 9:53:12 PM): mayb or mayb not
Decoy (10/08/08 9:53:27 PM): depends if any of my friends can get rides here or give me rides 2 there house or anythin
Decoy (10/08/08 9:53:40 PM): sometimes its rely kewl an sometimes its borin
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 9:53:59 PM): that would be awesome for u to party all weekend
Decoy (10/08/08 9:54:07 PM): ya
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 9:54:18 PM): hey can u send those pics now please or maybe tomm
Decoy (10/08/08 9:54:25 PM): ya ok sorry i 4got
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 9:54:29 PM): ok
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 9:54:46 PM): which pic out of all these is your fav one
Decoy (10/08/08 9:58:02 PM): i dunno i dont think i take good pics
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 9:58:13 PM): no u take great pics
Decoy (10/08/08 9:58:51 PM): thx
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 9:59:11 PM): yw can i ask what your bra size is or rude to ask
Decoy (10/08/08 10:00:30 PM): kinda small :(
Decoy (10/08/08 10:00:34 PM): 30a
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 10:00:44 PM): i think they look wonderful
Decoy (10/08/08 10:01:48 PM): thx
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 10:02:07 PM): do u get alot guys hitting on u or flirting with u or none
Decoy (10/08/08 10:02:27 PM): at school?
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 10:02:30 PM): yea
Decoy (10/08/08 10:02:45 PM): no there kinda act all dorky or just talk bout how great they think they r
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 10:03:13 PM): ok if i went there i would hit on u real badly and ask u out
Decoy (10/08/08 10:03:20 PM): rely?
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 10:03:39 PM): yes holly u r a great girl and a hot one at that
Decoy (10/08/08 10:03:50 PM): aww thx
Decoy (10/08/08 10:03:55 PM): i think ur kewl 2
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 10:04:30 PM): cool have i said anything or asked u anything that might be consider rude or uncommon
Decoy (10/08/08 10:04:50 PM): no its ok i think ur nice
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 10:05:05 PM): so the age doesnt have any matter on u
Decoy (10/08/08 10:05:31 PM): no does it 2 u?
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 10:05:47 PM): so do u perfer blonde or have brown hair and no it doesnt matter
Decoy (10/08/08 10:06:13 PM): my hair gets blond in the summer all by itself an then it gets darker in the winter
Decoy (10/08/08 10:06:15 PM): its weird
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 10:06:25 PM): u cant explain it
Decoy (10/08/08 10:06:49 PM): i wish it wuz blond all the time but she wont let me color it
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 10:07:24 PM): if u moved here u could do whatever u want to and be your own person and color your hair whatever u want too
Decoy (10/08/08 10:07:54 PM): thats kewl
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 10:08:01 PM): yes i no it is
Decoy (10/08/08 10:08:05 PM): u got any vid games?
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 10:08:18 PM): yes xbox system
Decoy (10/08/08 10:08:24 PM): kewl
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 10:08:29 PM): yep what about u
Decoy (10/08/08 10:08:46 PM): i hae a ds thats all she thinks vid games r bad
Decoy (10/08/08 10:08:50 PM): i rely wanna wii tho
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 10:09:12 PM): if u move here ill buy u a wii myself
Decoy (10/08/08 10:09:20 PM): omg r u 4 realz?
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 10:09:23 PM): yep
Decoy (10/08/08 10:09:35 PM): wow
Decoy (10/08/08 10:09:37 PM): thats kewl
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 10:10:01 PM): i no it is, hey has any guys ever tried pressuring u into sex or never
Decoy (10/08/08 10:10:23 PM): my xbf an me talked bout it
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 10:10:38 PM): but he never pressured u
Decoy (10/08/08 10:10:41 PM): no
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 10:11:11 PM): do u ever go for walks anywhere or running outside or no
Decoy (10/08/08 10:11:23 PM): if i do i usuly have my bros w me
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 10:11:59 PM): good move if u go by yourself u will be an easy target for an assualt and worse
Decoy (10/08/08 10:12:27 PM): never rely thawt bout it like that
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 10:12:37 PM): hey i got to go now ill talk to u tomm night around 9 or so
Decoy (10/08/08 10:12:43 PM): k
Decoy (10/08/08 10:12:49 PM): nite matt ill call u if i can
fseminoles2008 (10/08/08 10:12:57 PM): ok bye sweetie
Decoy (10/08/08 10:13:00 PM): bye
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 8:55:01 PM): jow r u tonight holly
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 8:55:04 PM): how*
Decoy (10/09/08 8:55:11 PM): hi matt
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 8:55:40 PM): u must have been real tired last night or she must have not gone to sleep at all last night
Decoy (10/09/08 8:55:56 PM): ya sorry i fell asleep b4 she did :(
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 8:56:04 PM): ok its cool
Decoy (10/09/08 8:56:44 PM): sorry
Decoy (10/09/08 8:56:57 PM): i think im gettin sick
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 8:57:04 PM): o thats not good
Decoy (10/09/08 8:57:14 PM): ya i kno
Decoy (10/09/08 8:57:26 PM): i gotta rely bad headake
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 8:57:31 PM): when did u first started becoming sick
Decoy (10/09/08 8:57:37 PM): 2day
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 8:57:42 PM): ouch
Decoy (10/09/08 8:58:00 PM): i hate bein sick
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 8:58:07 PM): we all do
Decoy (10/09/08 8:59:19 PM): what did u do 2day?
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:00:17 PM): had a meeting with my boss about my performance the past month, played video games and got drunk
Decoy (10/09/08 9:00:38 PM): lolz kewl
Decoy (10/09/08 9:00:47 PM): what do u do 4 work?
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:01:37 PM): i unload truck for a warehouse
Decoy (10/09/08 9:01:58 PM): did ur boss say ur doin a good job?
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:02:12 PM): yes he did he even gave me a raise
Decoy (10/09/08 9:02:18 PM): kewl
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:02:59 PM): yep, my borther erased all your photos from my comp can u please send them again or r u tired of sending them
Decoy (10/09/08 9:03:13 PM): ya ok
Decoy (10/09/08 9:03:19 PM): ur bro older or younger?
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:03:24 PM): younger
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:04:01 PM): what do u have planned for this weekend
Decoy (10/09/08 9:04:27 PM): she prolly wont let me do nothin this weekend but help her get ready 4 her trip :(
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:04:55 PM): i would say fuck u im leaving or is that a bad idea
Decoy (10/09/08 9:05:10 PM): ya shed prolly get mad if i did that
Decoy (10/09/08 9:05:22 PM): but i can do wahtever i want when she goes lol
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:05:41 PM): i no that i wish i had some free time to come visit u
Decoy (10/09/08 9:05:54 PM): ya that wud b kewl
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:06:09 PM): yes it would
Decoy (10/09/08 9:07:50 PM): the last 2 r new 1s that jenny sent me
Decoy (10/09/08 9:08:06 PM): she has more she said but she didnt send them yet
Decoy (10/09/08 9:08:12 PM): from a sleepover party lol
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:08:22 PM): well tell jenny shes a great shot
Decoy (10/09/08 9:08:34 PM): thats me not jenny
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:08:46 PM): well who took the pics
Decoy (10/09/08 9:08:51 PM): oh duh
Decoy (10/09/08 9:08:55 PM): ya jenny took em lol
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:09:09 PM): thats what i was talking about
Decoy (10/09/08 9:09:29 PM): ya i read it wrong b4 lol
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:09:55 PM): its cool how often do u drink wine coolers
Decoy (10/09/08 9:10:09 PM): not alot i only tried them like 2x
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:10:23 PM): how did u like them
Decoy (10/09/08 9:10:42 PM): i liked them alot
Decoy (10/09/08 9:10:44 PM): they were good
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:11:04 PM): cool how many do u think it will take did get u wasted
Decoy (10/09/08 9:11:13 PM): lol i dunno
Decoy (10/09/08 9:11:17 PM): i dont think i drank that many
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:11:35 PM): did u get a buzz from drinking them
Decoy (10/09/08 9:11:46 PM): ya
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:11:59 PM): that means u were alittle drunk
Decoy (10/09/08 9:12:38 PM): lol
Decoy (10/09/08 9:12:44 PM): i wuznt wasted tho
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:13:03 PM): ok but trust me when u r wasred ull no about it
Decoy (10/09/08 9:13:27 PM): i guess
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:13:58 PM): yep and when u get like that make sure u r around friends that u no
Decoy (10/09/08 9:14:16 PM): ys that matter?
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:14:38 PM): bec ur around a stranger they will defently take adv of u
Decoy (10/09/08 9:14:57 PM): y u think every1s like that? lol im not scared of peeps
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:15:33 PM): but u r young and wasted and guys look for that in a girl
Decoy (10/09/08 9:15:46 PM): i dunno wat the big deal is
Decoy (10/09/08 9:15:52 PM): i can take care of myself jeez
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:16:04 PM): did i upset u alittle
Decoy (10/09/08 9:16:21 PM): no but ur always actin like every1s out 2 get me an there not
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:16:44 PM): its not u its young girls in general
Decoy (10/09/08 9:17:00 PM): so im not a baby i can handel myself
Decoy (10/09/08 9:17:10 PM): i take care of my little bros all the time
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:17:17 PM): ok
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:18:27 PM): thats different though
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:19:44 PM): u got any math homework tonight to work on
Decoy (10/09/08 9:19:47 PM): i dont think so
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:20:10 PM): whats that the answer to
Decoy (10/09/08 9:20:32 PM): b4 the math lol
Decoy (10/09/08 9:20:36 PM): ya i alredy did it tho
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:21:05 PM): ok
Decoy (10/09/08 9:21:43 PM): i had 2 do english 2
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:22:24 PM): cool how did that go
Decoy (10/09/08 9:23:03 PM): alrite i dont like homework alot
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:23:28 PM): can i ask u something
Decoy (10/09/08 9:23:32 PM): ya
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:23:43 PM): it might be a bite rude though
Decoy (10/09/08 9:24:07 PM): u can ask i dont think ur rude
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:24:17 PM): has any guy ever sexually malested u or assulated before or never
Decoy (10/09/08 9:24:26 PM): omg no
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:24:57 PM): u didnt think that was rude at all
Decoy (10/09/08 9:25:13 PM): no y wud i?
Decoy (10/09/08 9:25:19 PM): its like ur just worryd about me
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:25:32 PM): alittle bite i am
Decoy (10/09/08 9:25:47 PM): oh
Decoy (10/09/08 9:25:59 PM): well im ok :)
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:26:09 PM): ok cool
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:27:19 PM): what is one quality that u like about me
Decoy (10/09/08 9:27:44 PM): that u treat me like im not a little kid
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:28:06 PM): most people hate it when they r treated like kids
Decoy (10/09/08 9:28:35 PM): ya
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:29:01 PM): would u like to model someday as well
Decoy (10/09/08 9:29:10 PM): im not pretty enuf 2 model
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:29:24 PM): i think u r and so does my friend
Decoy (10/09/08 9:29:46 PM): whose ur friend?
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:29:57 PM): his name is mike
Decoy (10/09/08 9:30:18 PM): u showed him my pics?
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:30:34 PM): yep and he loves them
Decoy (10/09/08 9:30:44 PM): i thawt ur bro erased em all?
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:31:26 PM): before he did i sent them to my friend
Decoy (10/09/08 9:31:42 PM): oh
Decoy (10/09/08 9:31:52 PM): how old is he?
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:31:58 PM): same age as me
Decoy (10/09/08 9:32:16 PM): 26?
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:32:20 PM): yep
Decoy (10/09/08 9:32:29 PM): what he say bout my pics?
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:32:56 PM): u have a great smile wonderful body great curves and the eyes to be a model
Decoy (10/09/08 9:33:21 PM): rely?
Decoy (10/09/08 9:33:25 PM): i dont think im all that
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:33:31 PM): he does
Decoy (10/09/08 9:34:38 PM): rely?
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:35:07 PM): yep and what like to set-up an appointment for u to come to his studio and get some pics taken
Decoy (10/09/08 9:35:47 PM): y?
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:36:15 PM): bec he think u would be perfect for his next shoot
Decoy (10/09/08 9:36:31 PM): ur jk w me
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:36:45 PM): nope being serious
Decoy (10/09/08 9:37:10 PM): wats he takin pics 4?
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:37:28 PM): a swimsuit issue
Decoy (10/09/08 9:37:52 PM): 4 like a magazine?
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:38:07 PM): yea
Decoy (10/09/08 9:38:15 PM): what 1?
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:38:25 PM): abercrombie and fitch
Decoy (10/09/08 9:38:41 PM): oh kewl i like that store
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:38:47 PM): cool
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:40:02 PM): so u want to do it or little unsure
Decoy (10/09/08 9:40:18 PM): my stepmom wud NEVER let me
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:40:49 PM): have u ever thought about running away before
Decoy (10/09/08 9:41:04 PM): ya we talked bout that remember
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:41:10 PM): we did
Decoy (10/09/08 9:41:15 PM): ya
Decoy (10/09/08 9:41:19 PM): the other nite
Decoy (10/09/08 9:41:22 PM): u 4got?
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:41:36 PM): yea its been a couple night
Decoy (10/09/08 9:41:40 PM): ya
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:41:55 PM): ok im sorry that i forgot
Decoy (10/09/08 9:42:09 PM): its ok
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:42:48 PM): what if i could have my boss let me take the weekend off and come get u and bring u back here for the shoot
Decoy (10/09/08 9:43:04 PM): omg that wud b kewl
Decoy (10/09/08 9:43:42 PM): u will rely do that 4 me?
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:44:03 PM): if i could get time off i would do it for u in a heartbeat
Decoy (10/09/08 9:44:34 PM): omg kewl do u think u can?
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:44:47 PM): ill ask him next week sometime
Decoy (10/09/08 9:44:53 PM): sooo kewl
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:45:38 PM): ok have u ever done anything sexually with a guy before
Decoy (10/09/08 9:45:45 PM): ya a lil
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:45:53 PM): like what
Decoy (10/09/08 9:46:22 PM): not like all the way
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:46:36 PM): like a hnd job or blow job or just kissing
Decoy (10/09/08 9:46:42 PM): ya i did a bf
Decoy (10/09/08 9:46:44 PM): bj
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:46:54 PM): did u enjoy it or it was wierd
Decoy (10/09/08 9:47:10 PM): it wuz ok
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:47:21 PM): how about hj or just a bj
Decoy (10/09/08 9:47:39 PM): um it wuz kinda like both
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:47:49 PM): what u mean
Decoy (10/09/08 9:48:17 PM): well like it started like a hj then wuz a bj
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:48:36 PM): which did u like best
Decoy (10/09/08 9:48:48 PM): i dunno both were kewl
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:48:58 PM): ok he didnt force u at all
Decoy (10/09/08 9:49:07 PM): no it wuz my xbf
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:49:26 PM): how come girls do things with there xbf
Decoy (10/09/08 9:49:36 PM): no he wuz my bf when we did it
Decoy (10/09/08 9:49:38 PM): hes my xbf now
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:49:47 PM): u still talk to him or no
Decoy (10/09/08 9:49:54 PM): no my stepmom wont let me
Decoy (10/09/08 9:50:01 PM): she doesnt like him
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:50:16 PM): sneak behind her back and c him
Decoy (10/09/08 9:50:34 PM): she called his mom an totaly freaked out on her so hes not allowed 2 c me now either
Decoy (10/09/08 9:50:44 PM): how effin embaresin is that?
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:51:09 PM): hey moms r like that sometimes
Decoy (10/09/08 9:51:15 PM): STEPmom
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:51:21 PM): ok
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:51:41 PM): ok where in MI do u live now or cant tell me
Decoy (10/09/08 9:53:37 PM): ill tell u if u can get that day of work
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:53:57 PM): it will be like next friday early morning
Decoy (10/09/08 9:54:35 PM): that u will kno?
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:54:47 PM): yea
Decoy (10/09/08 9:55:28 PM): k
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:55:48 PM): u going to talk me tonight or too sick too
Decoy (10/09/08 9:56:01 PM): if i can i hope so
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:56:12 PM): ok ill be waiting
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:57:11 PM): is there anything in particular that u dont like about me
Decoy (10/09/08 9:57:17 PM): no i think ur kewl
Decoy (10/09/08 9:57:20 PM): an cute
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:57:48 PM): how do u no im cute
Decoy (10/09/08 9:57:54 PM): u showed me ur pic
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:58:18 PM): ok cool would u have sex with me or too early for that
Decoy (10/09/08 9:58:36 PM): omg u rely like me enuf 2 do that?
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 9:59:00 PM): the question is do u like me enough to do that
Decoy (10/09/08 9:59:22 PM): i like u i just dont kno if u liked me that much already?
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 10:00:12 PM): yea i do and u r gorgeous holly
Decoy (10/09/08 10:00:39 PM): aww thx
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 10:01:14 PM): well sorry but i got to go now holly and i will talk to u later tonight or next week sometime
Decoy (10/09/08 10:01:41 PM): ok ill try 2 call u later
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 10:01:46 PM): ok bye holly
Decoy (10/09/08 10:01:49 PM): nite matt
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 10:02:22 PM): u can call me around 10:15 or after 10:30 its your choice or whenever available
Decoy (10/09/08 10:02:39 PM): k ill try my head hurts alot rite now so i mite jus go lay donw
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 10:03:05 PM): ok when do u get out of class tomm
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 10:04:10 PM): and if u want too im free tomm after 5pm so u can call me then when u feel better ok
Decoy (10/09/08 10:04:35 PM): ya shes home wen i get home tho :(
Decoy (10/09/08 10:04:40 PM): ill try tho if she goes anywere
Decoy (10/09/08 10:04:42 PM): i like talkin 2 u
fseminoles2008 (10/09/08 10:04:46 PM): bye
Decoy (10/09/08 10:04:49 PM): bye
Decoy (10/10/08 9:23:00 PM): hi
Decoy (10/10/08 11:10:57 PM): matt?
Decoy (10/10/08 11:10:58 PM): u here now?
Decoy (10/10/08 11:12:07 PM): :(
Decoy (10/10/08 11:21:45 PM): matt?
Decoy (10/12/08 9:45:10 PM): hi
Decoy (10/13/08 9:41:55 PM): hi
Decoy (10/14/08 8:52:40 PM): hi
Decoy (10/15/08 11:15:08 PM): hi
Decoy (10/16/08 9:01:31 PM): hi

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