Maurice Ruiz shows up with his boyfriend in Riverside, CA
Bust by Retired Contributor @ 11/21/2009 12:18 AM PST

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Perverted Justice mark: Maurice Ruiz, 45
Yahoo IM: RknRllAnml [ ]
Location: San Dimas, California
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This wannabe pedo tried to solicit K992boy, a 13 year old boy
... or so they thought!

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12/24/2005 8:30:28 PM: {COACHMO}hey
12/24/2005 8:30:34 PM: {K992boy}hi
12/24/2005 8:30:41 PM: {K992boy}13 m corona
12/24/2005 8:30:46 PM: {COACHMO}really?
12/24/2005 8:30:57 PM: {COACHMO}i dont know what to think
12/24/2005 8:30:59 PM: {K992boy}oh
12/24/2005 8:31:01 PM: {K992boy}ok
12/24/2005 8:31:06 PM: {COACHMO}on one hand thats really hot
12/24/2005 8:31:25 PM: {K992boy}heh
12/24/2005 8:31:31 PM: {COACHMO}on the other....its really hot
12/24/2005 8:31:57 PM: {COACHMO}can i ask you something personel?
12/24/2005 8:32:00 PM: {K992boy}ok
12/24/2005 8:32:16 PM: {COACHMO}do you have body hair at that age?
12/24/2005 8:32:22 PM: {K992boy}no
12/24/2005 8:32:23 PM: {COACHMO}and if you do where
12/24/2005 8:32:42 PM: {COACHMO}man thats hot too
12/24/2005 8:32:47 PM: {COACHMO}im sorry
12/24/2005 8:33:05 PM: {COACHMO}are you a briefs or boxers type of boy?
12/24/2005 8:33:48 PM: {K992boy}Boxxers
12/24/2005 8:33:50 PM: {K992boy}u?
12/24/2005 8:34:02 PM: {COACHMO}briefs
12/24/2005 8:34:24 PM: {COACHMO}so are you activly seeking "friends" in here
12/24/2005 8:34:29 PM: {K992boy}yeah u
12/24/2005 8:34:57 PM: {COACHMO}sure
12/24/2005 8:35:05 PM: {K992boy}kewl
12/24/2005 8:35:12 PM: {COACHMO}what kind of guys do you seek out
12/24/2005 8:35:30 PM: {COACHMO}i mean big,hairy,wht,tall, ?
12/24/2005 8:35:39 PM: {K992boy}I dunno
12/24/2005 8:35:51 PM: {K992boy}if i like sumthin i like it u know?
12/24/2005 8:36:00 PM: {COACHMO}well for example you saw my profile right?
12/24/2005 8:36:28 PM: {K992boy}yea
12/24/2005 8:37:28 PM: {COACHMO}its obvious to you that im older...way,,,,,that you
12/24/2005 8:38:04 PM: {K992boy}yea
12/24/2005 8:38:08 PM: {K992boy}i dont care
12/24/2005 8:38:12 PM: {K992boy}whatevah
12/24/2005 8:38:24 PM: {COACHMO}thats cool
12/24/2005 8:38:36 PM: {COACHMO}another personel question,ok?
12/24/2005 8:38:40 PM: {K992boy}ok
12/24/2005 8:40:25 PM: {K992boy}so yess?
12/24/2005 8:41:23 PM: {COACHMO}have you been with a man before?
12/24/2005 8:41:36 PM: {K992boy}Hey if we get disconnect from this thing my AOL name is the same
12/24/2005 8:41:45 PM: {COACHMO}ok
12/24/2005 8:41:51 PM: {K992boy}i play truth or dare with a friend before
12/24/2005 8:41:55 PM: {K992boy}and we got naked
12/24/2005 8:41:58 PM: {COACHMO}mine is RKNRLLANML
12/24/2005 8:42:04 PM: {K992boy}and we jack off with eachother
12/24/2005 8:42:08 PM: {COACHMO}but nothing else huh?
12/24/2005 8:42:21 PM: {K992boy}did you want to go and chat on AOL? it dont matter 2 me
12/24/2005 8:43:06 PM: {COACHMO}sure but how'm i gonna find you
12/24/2005 8:43:16 PM: {K992boy}My name is K992boy
12/24/2005 8:43:21 PM: {K992boy}its ok
12/24/2005 8:43:32 PM: {K992boy}just this chat thingy crash on me a lot
12/24/2005 8:43:35 PM: {COACHMO}no ill send you an im
12/24/2005 8:43:42 PM: {K992boy}ok
12/24/2005 8:43:44 PM: {K992boy}kewl
12/24/2005 8:43:50 PM: {COACHMO}im already logged in
12/24/2005 8:43:56 PM: {K992boy}me 2

Begin IM - 12/24/2005 08:44 PM
RknRllAnml [8:44 P.M.]: ;-)
K992boy [08:44 PM]: hewwo
K992boy [08:44 PM]: :-d
RknRllAnml [08:45 PM]: so have you hought about doing stuff with an older man...or letting him do stuff to you?
RknRllAnml [08:46 PM]: sorry bud
K992boy [08:46 PM]: well i thought about stuff be4dont really care w who lol
RknRllAnml [08:47 PM]: didnt mean to bum you out.
K992boy [08:47 PM]: no im sorry
K992boy [08:47 PM]: my ma came in n tak to me
K992boy [08:47 PM]: she's snoopy
RknRllAnml [08:47 PM]: so describe yourself to me
RknRllAnml [08:47 PM]: do you have any pix for trade?
K992boy [08:48 PM]: yeah
K992boy [08:48 PM]: i got some
K992boy [08:48 PM]: do u?
K992boy [08:49 PM]: ill send u my newest 1
RknRllAnml [08:49 PM]: yeah
RknRllAnml [08:49 PM]: is it of an adult nature?
K992boy [08:50 PM]: no
K992boy [08:50 PM]: i aint got no nekkid pix sorrry
RknRllAnml [08:50 PM]: dont be sorry
RknRllAnml [08:50 PM]: i got g r or x which do you want
K992boy [08:51 PM]: surprise me
K992boy [08:52 PM]: :-D
RknRllAnml [08:52 PM]: none of them huh?
K992boy [08:52 PM]: no!
K992boy [08:52 PM]: i want i want!
K992boy [08:52 PM]: sorry
RknRllAnml [08:52 PM]: so have you had your cock sucked on before
RknRllAnml [08:53 PM]: or sucked one
K992boy [08:53 PM]: that never works
K992boy [08:53 PM]: i dunno y
RknRllAnml [08:53 PM]: i can send them directly to you if you accept
K992boy [08:53 PM]: that stuff
K992boy [08:53 PM]: can u email it?
RknRllAnml [08:53 PM]: it works great
RknRllAnml [08:54 PM]: try it
K992boy [08:54 PM]: i do it always says it wont work
RknRllAnml [08:54 PM]: Instant Images invitation canceled.
K992boy [08:54 PM]: trust me i try it many times
K992boy [08:54 PM]: :(
K992boy [08:54 PM]: im sorry
RknRllAnml [08:54 PM]: ok well send me your pics and ill reply
RknRllAnml [08:54 PM]: Instant Images invitation canceled.
K992boy [08:54 PM]: i sent already
RknRllAnml [08:55 PM]: brb
K992boy [08:55 PM]: ok
RknRllAnml [09:02 PM]: u got mail
RknRllAnml [09:02 PM]: you're a cute kid man
RknRllAnml [09:02 PM]: id like to see you naked
RknRllAnml [09:03 PM]: how big is your penis
K992boy [09:03 PM]: its uhml like 5"
K992boy [09:03 PM]: thanx btw
RknRllAnml [09:03 PM]: and no hair at all?
RknRllAnml [09:04 PM]: i hope my pics didnt disturb you
K992boy [09:04 PM]: no
K992boy [09:04 PM]: its kewl :)
K992boy [09:04 PM]: no not much
RknRllAnml [09:05 PM]: that pretty hot ,,,i hope you dont think im a gross old man
K992boy [09:05 PM]: naw
RknRllAnml [09:05 PM]: ive never even chatted with a kid younger than 16
K992boy [09:05 PM]: no?
RknRllAnml [09:06 PM]: so do you think you'll be crossing over soon and getting naked with a man
K992boy [09:06 PM]: man that would be sooo hot
K992boy [09:06 PM]: i hope so
RknRllAnml [09:06 PM]: or is that scary for you
K992boy [09:06 PM]: scarey? naw
K992boy [09:06 PM]: i dunno what it is
K992boy [09:06 PM]: eciting?
RknRllAnml [09:06 PM]: what would you like to do to a naked man
K992boy [09:07 PM]: hmm
K992boy [09:07 PM]: what to do? i dunno
K992boy [09:07 PM]: whatever he would like to i guess
K992boy [09:07 PM]: what is there to do?
RknRllAnml [09:08 PM]: have you thought about sucking a man cock
K992boy [09:08 PM]: yeah i have thought about what that would be like
RknRllAnml [09:08 PM]: or getting naked for him and letting him suck your cock or lick your balls and asshole
RknRllAnml [09:09 PM]: does it turn you on when you think about it
K992boy [09:09 PM]: omg
K992boy [09:09 PM]: yeah a lil
K992boy [09:09 PM]: is that bad?
RknRllAnml [09:09 PM]: not at all.....
K992boy [09:09 PM]: sometimes like i know that its bad n wrong to like guys
K992boy [09:09 PM]: but i cant help it
K992boy [09:09 PM]: like if my mom or gramma knew theyd kill me
RknRllAnml [09:09 PM]: its more like having butterflies in your stomach than being scared
RknRllAnml [09:10 PM]: its not wrong man
RknRllAnml [09:10 PM]: thats just what you've been taught
K992boy [09:10 PM]: i kno but like
K992boy [09:10 PM]: yah
K992boy [09:10 PM]: exactly
K992boy [09:12 PM]: my gramma wants me 2 go 2 church w her tonite
K992boy [09:12 PM]: midnite mass
RknRllAnml [09:12 PM]: i hope you dont get scared and ditch me when i tell you this but i sure would like to be the man that teaches you how to suck cock and the first man that sucks your load out
RknRllAnml [09:12 PM]: i cant belive i just told you that...
RknRllAnml [09:12 PM]: i9ll be going now
RknRllAnml [09:13 PM]: ill*
K992boy [09:13 PM]: no
K992boy [09:13 PM]: y u going???
K992boy [09:13 PM]: i was thinking I would like 2 have sex with someone
RknRllAnml [09:13 PM]: i embarassed myself
RknRllAnml [09:13 PM]: really?
K992boy [09:13 PM]: or try out stuff u know?
K992boy [09:14 PM]: so i kno what im doin?
RknRllAnml [09:14 PM]: you're kidding
K992boy [09:14 PM]: y?
K992boy [09:14 PM]: i dont mine that u said that
RknRllAnml [09:15 PM]: wow man
RknRllAnml [09:15 PM]: i would like to meet you and have you get naked for me....
RknRllAnml [09:16 PM]: then have you come over and put your cock in my mouth
K992boy [09:16 PM]: lol
K992boy [09:16 PM]: i cant' drive :)
RknRllAnml [09:16 PM]: is your cock cut or uncut
RknRllAnml [09:16 PM]: i realize that
RknRllAnml [09:16 PM]: you wouldn't be scared about coming to my home
K992boy [09:17 PM]: its cut
K992boy [09:17 PM]: well no, maybe
K992boy [09:17 PM]: my ma sometimes goes to vegas w my gramma n leave me alone here for the weekends
RknRllAnml [09:17 PM]: and when will she be going again
RknRllAnml [09:18 PM]: cause you could come over here and watch some porn and then if you're into it we could go from would be up to you
K992boy [09:18 PM]: ok
K992boy [09:18 PM]: uhm
K992boy [09:19 PM]: i think they're goin the weekend after new years
K992boy [09:19 PM]: the 6th
RknRllAnml [09:19 PM]: cool
K992boy [09:19 PM]: yeah
RknRllAnml [09:20 PM]: so you're serious
K992boy [09:20 PM]: if u are yeah
K992boy [09:20 PM]: i cant believe u actually think im cute enuf to wnat 2 to stuff with
RknRllAnml [09:20 PM]: im totally into this man ,,,but we would have to be EXTREMELY CAREFUL
K992boy [09:20 PM]: ok
K992boy [09:20 PM]: ya i cant let my ma or anyoe find out
K992boy [09:20 PM]: my ma would kill me!!!!!!
RknRllAnml [09:20 PM]: you dont want problems and neither do i
K992boy [09:21 PM]: my gramma would probably take me to church n never let me leave
RknRllAnml [09:21 PM]: nice man...
K992boy [09:21 PM]: brb gotta pee
K992boy [09:24 PM]: ok back
K992boy [09:24 PM]: u have fmaily over?
RknRllAnml [09:24 PM]: no why?
K992boy [09:25 PM]: just wonderin
RknRllAnml [09:25 PM]: so tell me many chats you got going right now
RknRllAnml [09:25 PM]: ;-)
K992boy [09:25 PM]: just u
K992boy [09:25 PM]: im watchin a movie
K992boy [09:25 PM]: how about u?
RknRllAnml [09:26 PM]: yeah ....what is it
K992boy [09:26 PM]: Blade Trinity
RknRllAnml [09:26 PM]: shit im glad you're chatting with me...
K992boy [09:26 PM]: im glad u r chatting w me!
RknRllAnml [09:26 PM]: there'r times when ill say hello to people and they totally ignore me
K992boy [09:26 PM]: otherwise itd be borring!
RknRllAnml [09:26 PM]: it sucks
K992boy [09:26 PM]: yeah
K992boy [09:26 PM]: people r mena
K992boy [09:26 PM]: mean
K992boy [09:27 PM]: :(
RknRllAnml [09:27 PM]: well im a big boy ....its just that i wish they would at least say "fuck off"
RknRllAnml [09:27 PM]: lol
RknRllAnml [09:27 PM]: or respond in some way
K992boy [09:27 PM]: ya
RknRllAnml [09:28 PM]: i swear to god man about 3 weeks ago i was in here like 5 days in a row....i shit you not no one said a damn word to me
RknRllAnml [09:28 PM]: :-\
RknRllAnml [09:28 PM]: whatever
K992boy [09:28 PM]: omg
RknRllAnml [09:29 PM]: what?
K992boy [09:29 PM]: thats along time
K992boy [09:29 PM]: well i'll talk 2 u :)
RknRllAnml [09:29 PM]: yeah man it made me feel like a total loser
RknRllAnml [09:29 PM]: lol
RknRllAnml [09:29 PM]: ;-)
RknRllAnml [09:29 PM]: thanks kiddo
K992boy [09:29 PM]: whats ur name BTW? I'm Ryan
RknRllAnml [09:30 PM]: my name Maurice,,,,but all my friends call me "Mo"
RknRllAnml [09:31 PM]: so if we do meet soon ,,,,and i really hope we do ...what would you like to do to/with me?
K992boy [09:31 PM]: uh
K992boy [09:31 PM]: hmm
K992boy [09:31 PM]: hello Mo' good to meet u :)
K992boy [09:31 PM]: well u want 2 play truth or dare? :)
K992boy [09:31 PM]: lol
RknRllAnml [09:32 PM]: ok
RknRllAnml [09:32 PM]: shoot
K992boy [09:32 PM]: oh i meant in person lol
K992boy [09:32 PM]: u wanna play now? :)
RknRllAnml [09:33 PM]: yeah ill play in person...what are the consequences ?
RknRllAnml [09:33 PM]: and ill play now too
K992boy [09:33 PM]: hmm
RknRllAnml [09:33 PM]: but you didnt answer my question
K992boy [09:33 PM]: u tell me :)
K992boy [09:34 PM]: oh what was ur question again?
RknRllAnml [09:34 PM]: huh?
K992boy [09:34 PM]: im sorry
RknRllAnml [09:34 PM]: so if we do meet soon ,,,,and i really hope we do ...what would you like to do to/with me?
K992boy [09:35 PM]: i did answer lol! i say play truth or dare
K992boy [09:35 PM]: :)
K992boy [09:35 PM]: or u mean what else?
RknRllAnml [09:35 PM]: yeah ...if you're not embarassed to tell me that is if you dont want to then thats cool too
K992boy [09:36 PM]: well i would like to try stuff out
K992boy [09:36 PM]: i wanna learn how to do stuff
RknRllAnml [09:36 PM]: lke what
K992boy [09:36 PM]: would u be nice to me if i am not good at something?
K992boy [09:36 PM]: like getting myself sucked n sucking someones
RknRllAnml [09:36 PM]: of course i would be
K992boy [09:37 PM]: and maybe the other stuff involving butts i dunno i hear it hurts lots!!
RknRllAnml [09:37 PM]: want to know the only real trick to sucking cock kid?
K992boy [09:37 PM]: whats that
RknRllAnml [09:37 PM]: it only hurts if the person is rough and trys to slam it in
K992boy [09:38 PM]: slam it? like suck 2 hard?
RknRllAnml [09:38 PM]: ill tell you 2 secrets
K992boy [09:38 PM]: o k :)
RknRllAnml [09:38 PM]: no like put it against your asshole and try to shove it in with out mercy
K992boy [09:39 PM]: ohhh gotchah
RknRllAnml [09:39 PM]: the first man i was with was with alot older than me but he took his time with me and after fingering my asshole and licking it too for a nice long time he put his 12 inches all the way into pain
RknRllAnml [09:40 PM]: the other secret is....
RknRllAnml [09:40 PM]: its about sucking cock
K992boy [09:40 PM]: 12"
K992boy [09:40 PM]: OMG
K992boy [09:40 PM]: ok i'm listening
RknRllAnml [09:41 PM]: yeah kid it was fat and uncut too....but he went so slow and had me so relaxed back there that it was painless
RknRllAnml [09:41 PM]: the only real secret is ,,,suck that cock like you are totally into it
RknRllAnml [09:42 PM]: you shouldnt feel wierd or ashamed because the person recieveing head will be totally into it,,,,just let yourself go relax and suck that cock like you loved it
K992boy [09:43 PM]: i see
RknRllAnml [09:43 PM]: shit thats what i do ...thats what i want to do to you to show you how awesome it feels,,,,,,then if you want to sometim,or right then you can return thefavor
K992boy [09:44 PM]: interesting. thanx :)
RknRllAnml [09:44 PM]: like anything you do if you enjoy it'll do it well
RknRllAnml [09:44 PM]: so i guess ill let you go kid....
K992boy [09:44 PM]: ure leaving?
RknRllAnml [09:45 PM]: you probably have 1000 ims going and you could use the break from me
K992boy [09:45 PM]: nope, just u
K992boy [09:45 PM]: u me n blade
RknRllAnml [09:45 PM]: lol
RknRllAnml [09:45 PM]: really?
K992boy [09:45 PM]: :)
K992boy [09:45 PM]: yeah
K992boy [09:45 PM]: i close the
K992boy [09:45 PM]: it was full of spam
RknRllAnml [09:45 PM]: that seems so hard to belive,,,,but cool
K992boy [09:46 PM]: sorry!
RknRllAnml [09:46 PM]: so is there anything you've been wanting to say or ask someone about but haven't had the right person available to you to ask?
K992boy [09:47 PM]: hmm...
RknRllAnml [09:47 PM]: i know how hard it can be when you feel one way and have to act the total opposite
K992boy [09:47 PM]: like when 2 guys do it with eachother
K992boy [09:47 PM]: does it ever get...poop on it?
K992boy [09:47 PM]: OMG i ant believe i ask that
K992boy [09:47 PM]: im sorry
RknRllAnml [09:48 PM]: its a toyally fair and honest question man
K992boy [09:48 PM]: ive always wonderd that
RknRllAnml [09:48 PM]: dont be ashamed to ask me anything like that...i mean who else can you ask?
K992boy [09:48 PM]: yea ure right
K992boy [09:48 PM]: not my mom
K992boy [09:48 PM]: haha
RknRllAnml [09:49 PM]: to be totally honest with you...there are times when that may occur but there are ways to prevent that too,,,
RknRllAnml [09:49 PM]: i happen to have a hose in my shower that allows water to slowly go into your ass....
K992boy [09:50 PM]: o ya?
RknRllAnml [09:50 PM]: its a good way to clean out so you dont have the mess or worse embarrasment if that happens
K992boy [09:50 PM]: IC
RknRllAnml [09:50 PM]: but its never really bothered me man...if you're going to go back there then you must act very mature if it does occur
RknRllAnml [09:51 PM]: you take your cock out and go wash it with soap and warm water,,,or you get up and go wash your ass with the same
K992boy [09:51 PM]: i see
RknRllAnml [09:51 PM]: and you let it go...else your entire evening will be fucked up
K992boy [09:52 PM]: ok so i guess it happens then
RknRllAnml [09:52 PM]: no need to let something like that ruin everything
K992boy [09:52 PM]: kinda like a shit happens sorta thing lol
K992boy [09:52 PM]: hahaha
K992boy [09:52 PM]: i crack me up
RknRllAnml [09:52 PM]: not if you wash out before
RknRllAnml [09:52 PM]: exactly
K992boy [09:53 PM]: :)
K992boy [09:53 PM]: hey would it be ok for us to talk on the phone sometime?
K992boy [09:53 PM]: i cant now
K992boy [09:53 PM]: but maybe some nite?
RknRllAnml [09:53 PM]: sure man
K992boy [09:53 PM]: sweet :)
K992boy [09:53 PM]: do u live far from Corona?
RknRllAnml [09:54 PM]: i live in san dimas
K992boy [09:54 PM]: o thats rite
RknRllAnml [09:54 PM]: i told you that already
RknRllAnml [09:54 PM]: :-\
K992boy [09:54 PM]: i know
RknRllAnml [09:54 PM]: oh
K992boy [09:54 PM]: wehn u said that i remembered
K992boy [09:54 PM]: :)
K992boy [09:54 PM]: sorry
K992boy [09:54 PM]: Actually my address is Mira Loma
K992boy [09:54 PM]: u know that?
RknRllAnml [09:55 PM]: stop with the sorry stuff kid
K992boy [09:55 PM]: ok
K992boy [09:55 PM]: lol i almost say sorry again
K992boy [09:55 PM]: hahah
RknRllAnml [09:55 PM]: yeah i know mira loma
K992boy [09:55 PM]: ok , kewl
RknRllAnml [09:55 PM]: so let me know when you want to get naked....
K992boy [09:56 PM]: lol now?
RknRllAnml [09:56 PM]: hey we could always just sit naked and watch porn,,,,if you like sex movies that is
K992boy [09:56 PM]: haha
K992boy [09:56 PM]: sure
RknRllAnml [09:57 PM]: you would be comfortable sitting around naked....maybe we could sit close or you could put your head in my lap and could give you a back rub ....
RknRllAnml [09:57 PM]: if thats not too goofy sounding
K992boy [09:57 PM]: ohh i luv backrubs
K992boy [09:57 PM]: no
RknRllAnml [09:58 PM]: or sit nake3d on totally opposite sides of the room and just watch the dvd
K992boy [09:58 PM]: y would we do that?
RknRllAnml [09:58 PM]: i do to....but do you get the same reaction i do?
RknRllAnml [09:58 PM]: lol
K992boy [09:59 PM]: whats that
RknRllAnml [09:59 PM]: i just want you to know that you'll be the one controling the situation
K992boy [09:59 PM]: ok
RknRllAnml [09:59 PM]: when i get back rubs i always get a hardon
RknRllAnml [09:59 PM]: lol
RknRllAnml [09:59 PM]: sorry
RknRllAnml [09:59 PM]: do you
K992boy [09:59 PM]: ohh
K992boy [09:59 PM]: haha
K992boy [09:59 PM]: well i only have gotten backrubs from my mom be4
K992boy [09:59 PM]: so no
RknRllAnml [10:00 PM]: hey have you ever had your nipples sucked and licked or thought about it
K992boy [10:01 PM]: i thought about it
K992boy [10:01 PM]: y do u like that?
K992boy [10:01 PM]: dammit..i'll brb
RknRllAnml [10:02 PM]: itr feels really hot man....
K992boy [10:02 PM]: dammit im sorry
K992boy [10:02 PM]: my moms makin me go eat dinner
K992boy [10:02 PM]: shes makin me eat down there cuz its a holiday n shit
K992boy [10:02 PM]: :(
K992boy [10:03 PM]: I'll be back tho when im done ok? though?
K992boy [10:03 PM]: u think u;ll be on when I get back?
RknRllAnml [10:03 PM]: i cant say
K992boy [10:03 PM]: ok..well i hope so
K992boy [10:03 PM]: but if not u have a merry xmas
K992boy [10:03 PM]: and i hope to talk to u soon
K992boy [10:04 PM]: and meet u soon too
RknRllAnml [10:04 PM]: but i do want to hang out naked with you so email me and we can keep in touch till the 6th
K992boy [10:04 PM]: will do *hugz*
RknRllAnml [10:04 PM]: i might be on though.just showering
K992boy [10:04 PM]: ok
K992boy [10:04 PM]: I'll be back after i'm done eating
RknRllAnml [10:04 PM]: later you handsome stud
RknRllAnml [10:04 PM]: k
K992boy [10:04 PM]: later!

Begin IM - 1/4/2006 08:08 PM
K992boy [8:08 P.M.]: Hello my friend :-D
K992boy [08:09 PM]: r u busy?
RknRllAnml [08:09 PM]: :-)
RknRllAnml [08:09 PM]: hey bud/////just doing some work
K992boy [08:09 PM]: kewl1
K992boy [08:09 PM]: U Remember me?
RknRllAnml [08:09 PM]: i hate having to finish stuff at home
K992boy [08:09 PM]: lol its called HOMEWORK!!! LOL
K992boy [08:09 PM]: it suxxx!
RknRllAnml [08:10 PM]: yeah but i thought id done my tour of duty
K992boy [08:10 PM]: lol im sawwy
K992boy [08:10 PM]: u want me 2 leav u alone till ure doen?
RknRllAnml [08:12 PM]: no i can always answer questions
K992boy [08:12 PM]: ohh ok kewl
K992boy [08:12 PM]: so how was ure Xmas?
RknRllAnml [08:12 PM]: whats been going on
K992boy [08:12 PM]: did u get everything u wanted?
K992boy [08:12 PM]: oh not alot
K992boy [08:12 PM]: im xcited fer the weekend tho
RknRllAnml [08:13 PM]: no....
RknRllAnml [08:13 PM]: i was hoping for a brand new car
K992boy [08:13 PM]: oh u were?
RknRllAnml [08:13 PM]: why
K992boy [08:13 PM]: what kind?
RknRllAnml [08:13 PM]: no j/k
K992boy [08:13 PM]: oh lol
K992boy [08:13 PM]: id buy u a car if i had a million dollers
K992boy [08:13 PM]: :)
RknRllAnml [08:13 PM]: well thank you
K992boy [08:13 PM]: then u could drive me places in it lol
K992boy [08:14 PM]: :-D
RknRllAnml [08:14 PM]: yeah we could drive around naked:-P
K992boy [08:14 PM]: lol woudnt people look at us wierd tho?
RknRllAnml [08:14 PM]: yeah probably
RknRllAnml [08:15 PM]: but ive done that from time to time
K992boy [08:15 PM]: have u ever done that be4?
K992boy [08:15 PM]: oh hahhaha
K992boy [08:15 PM]: u read my mind!!
RknRllAnml [08:15 PM]: its kinda hot,nasty and exciting
K992boy [08:15 PM]: rlly??
K992boy [08:15 PM]: hmmmmmmmmmm
K992boy [08:15 PM]: :-D
RknRllAnml [08:16 PM]: well i wouldn't suggest doing it when my mothers driving
K992boy [08:16 PM]: oh hellz no
K992boy [08:16 PM]: lol
RknRllAnml [08:16 PM]: haven't you ever just hung out naked when you know no ones going to be home
K992boy [08:16 PM]: hehehe yeah
K992boy [08:16 PM]: im gunna do tthat this weekend i think :)
K992boy [08:17 PM]: for awhile newayz
RknRllAnml [08:17 PM]: you are ....
K992boy [08:17 PM]: yup!
K992boy [08:17 PM]: my ma n gramma r goin to Vegas
RknRllAnml [08:17 PM]: alone????????:-P
K992boy [08:17 PM]: yeuupper
K992boy [08:17 PM]: kewl deal for me huh?
RknRllAnml [08:17 PM]: yeah it is
K992boy [08:17 PM]: thats y im xcited
RknRllAnml [08:17 PM]: do you have like nasty movies to watch
K992boy [08:17 PM]: no :(
K992boy [08:17 PM]: do u have ne?
RknRllAnml [08:18 PM]: O:-)who me?
K992boy [08:18 PM]: YES you silly
RknRllAnml [08:18 PM]: :-X
K992boy [08:18 PM]: awwww i bet u do :)
RknRllAnml [08:18 PM]: like my bears
K992boy [08:18 PM]: yes
K992boy [08:18 PM]: ure bears are cute :)
K992boy [08:18 PM]: I like bears
RknRllAnml [08:18 PM]: not me.....i would never watch that stuff.....
K992boy [08:18 PM]: no u just star in them!!! lol jk
RknRllAnml [08:19 PM]: it might give me nasty ideas and a hardon.....
K992boy [08:19 PM]: im kidding!!
RknRllAnml [08:19 PM]: that isnt good
RknRllAnml [08:19 PM]: ;-)
K992boy [08:19 PM]: hehehe ure idea of driving around nekkid kinda did that 2 me
RknRllAnml [08:19 PM]: lol
K992boy [08:19 PM]: O:-)
RknRllAnml [08:19 PM]: i do have quite a few movies....
K992boy [08:19 PM]: rlly
RknRllAnml [08:19 PM]:
K992boy [08:20 PM]: that's waaay cool
RknRllAnml [8:20 P.M.]: have you ever seen any?
K992boy [08:20 PM]: uhm...yeah
K992boy [08:20 PM]: like no gay ones ever tho just str8 ones
RknRllAnml [08:21 PM]: with friends huh?
RknRllAnml [08:21 PM]: are you on your personal 'puter?
K992boy [08:21 PM]: yeah
K992boy [08:22 PM]: that damn image thingy never works fo rme :(
K992boy [08:22 PM]: i dunno why
K992boy [08:22 PM]: it always sez failure
RknRllAnml [08:22 PM]: Instant Images invitation canceled.
K992boy [08:22 PM]: :(
K992boy [08:22 PM]: i'm sorry
RknRllAnml [08:23 PM]: so when you were watching the movie did you have to pretend that the women were hot ...and all the while you couldnt stop looking at those hard cocks?
RknRllAnml [08:23 PM]: :-)
K992boy [08:24 PM]: yea!
RknRllAnml [08:24 PM]: that always happened to me too
K992boy [08:24 PM]: how did u know?
K992boy [08:24 PM]: ohhh hahahah
K992boy [08:24 PM]: ok
K992boy [08:24 PM]: damn u keep readin my mind
RknRllAnml [08:25 PM]: only when i was your age all i could rely on was nasty magazines from Europe that had all kinds of sex in it
K992boy [08:25 PM]: o yeah?
K992boy [08:25 PM]: where did u get htose?
RknRllAnml [08:25 PM]: every once in a while a friend would get one from a friend of a steal one from dad....that kind of shit
K992boy [08:26 PM]: oh but i bet ur dad didn't have ne gay porn lol
RknRllAnml [08:26 PM]: they went from mild to wild and had stories and ....
RknRllAnml [08:26 PM]: hell no.....
RknRllAnml [08:26 PM]: but he went snooping in my room and found mine
RknRllAnml [08:27 PM]: i was about 13
K992boy [08:27 PM]: uh ohh
K992boy [08:27 PM]: ur gay stuff?
RknRllAnml [08:27 PM]: it was a total blow it and the worst thing was.....are you ready for this/
K992boy [08:27 PM]: yeah!
RknRllAnml [08:28 PM]: yeah my gay shit
K992boy [08:28 PM]: ohhh no!!!1
K992boy [08:28 PM]: id die
K992boy [08:28 PM]: or been killed
RknRllAnml [08:28 PM]: i had been trying my hand at writing a gay was really nasty....
K992boy [08:28 PM]: omg
K992boy [08:28 PM]: he read it????
RknRllAnml [08:29 PM]: and that....not my books and mags. was what he was holding when he asked me into my room and shut the door
RknRllAnml [08:29 PM]: :-(
RknRllAnml [08:29 PM]: you know he did
RknRllAnml [08:29 PM]: i mean i didnt ask but well,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
K992boy [08:29 PM]: oh my god
K992boy [08:29 PM]: was he mad?
RknRllAnml [08:30 PM]: no was wierd
K992boy [08:31 PM]: what he do?
RknRllAnml [08:31 PM]: he kind of "put" me on the path to "Straightsville" for about 4 years ,,,,so i kind of submerged my gay thoughts...
K992boy [08:31 PM]: he make u look at boobiez for hours? lol
K992boy [08:32 PM]: sorry, i bet it sucked
RknRllAnml [08:32 PM]: they never went away....but i had a girlfriend and dates and fucked in my room even though they(parents) were home...
K992boy [08:32 PM]: o i bet he actully liked u fucking in the bedroom witth girlz :)
RknRllAnml [08:32 PM]: they let me have sex while they were home so that poor Maurice would be straight
RknRllAnml [08:33 PM]: he wouldnt allow my brother the same luxury....
K992boy [08:33 PM]: sux 4 him
K992boy [08:33 PM]: did u do stuff w guyz too ?
K992boy [08:34 PM]: when u were that age?
RknRllAnml [08:34 PM]: the first time i did anything with a guy was with my colombian cousin
RknRllAnml [08:34 PM]: in Colombia...i was 10
K992boy [08:35 PM]: o wow
K992boy [08:35 PM]: rlly?
K992boy [08:35 PM]: what u do?
RknRllAnml [08:36 PM]: we got naked very late at night when our parents were asleep and showed our "pee-pees" to each touched each others...and put our mouths on each of our cocks then finally fucked
RknRllAnml [08:37 PM]: dont ask me what gave me the idea to tell my cousin to bend over ....
RknRllAnml [08:37 PM]: but i did and he did too
K992boy [08:38 PM]: wow
K992boy [08:38 PM]: did u like it?
RknRllAnml [08:39 PM]: well....yeeee-aaahhh
K992boy [08:39 PM]: :) hey! i dunnow hat that's like yet
RknRllAnml [08:39 PM]: we didnt even have hair on our cocks
RknRllAnml [08:39 PM]: lol
K992boy [08:39 PM]: im pretty sure id like it
K992boy [08:39 PM]: is ur cuz gay?
RknRllAnml [08:40 PM]: :-X well i think i might know someone..........................
RknRllAnml [08:40 PM]: no
K992boy [08:40 PM]: oh rlly? :)
K992boy [08:40 PM]: is that some1 like 2 use cute bears for smileies?
RknRllAnml [08:40 PM]: and to this day,he's been living in chino hills for 15 years, we have never spoken about it
K992boy [08:40 PM]: really
K992boy [08:40 PM]: wow
RknRllAnml [08:40 PM]: :-)
K992boy [08:40 PM]: an he kno ure gay thougH?
RknRllAnml [08:41 PM]: what cute bears
RknRllAnml [08:41 PM]: oh those??????????????
RknRllAnml [08:41 PM]: well heres the story....oh yeah he does
K992boy [08:42 PM]: oh goodie a story! :)
RknRllAnml [08:42 PM]: i had to hide my feeling for all of my teen and young adult life...
RknRllAnml [08:42 PM]: like from 14,when my dad busted me, till i was 42
RknRllAnml [08:43 PM]: yeah a bed time story ...hope you dont fall asleep from boredom
K992boy [08:43 PM]: no no
RknRllAnml [08:43 PM]: just yawn and ill sign off
K992boy [08:43 PM]: i'm listening
K992boy [08:43 PM]: :( no!
K992boy [08:43 PM]: please tell!
K992boy [08:43 PM]: plz im the borring one
RknRllAnml [08:44 PM]: oh stop ...i wouldnt just eject on you like
RknRllAnml [08:44 PM]: and stop putting yourself down....
RknRllAnml [08:45 PM]: self respect and confidence for yourself always
K992boy [08:45 PM]: okay
RknRllAnml [08:45 PM]: good boy
K992boy [08:45 PM]: :)
RknRllAnml [08:45 PM]: dont put yourself down....
RknRllAnml [08:45 PM]: that'll make it easier for others to pile on...
K992boy [08:46 PM]: ok
RknRllAnml [08:46 PM]: i just want you to be happy kid
K992boy [08:46 PM]: wel im mostly
K992boy [08:46 PM]: most of the time :)
RknRllAnml [08:46 PM]: do not allow yourself to get bummed out .....always try and find something to simle about....
RknRllAnml [08:47 PM]: you never know what hot young man might be watching you from afar
RknRllAnml [08:47 PM]: ;-)
K992boy [08:47 PM]: ure smart ! :)
K992boy [08:47 PM]: i like u
RknRllAnml [08:47 PM]: now ....ahem.......
RknRllAnml [08:48 PM]: where was i...
K992boy [08:48 PM]: hmm
K992boy [08:48 PM]: story
K992boy [08:48 PM]: :)
RknRllAnml [08:48 PM]: smart is such an objective term....
K992boy [08:48 PM]: ok...nice
K992boy [08:48 PM]: :)
K992boy [08:48 PM]: n sweet
RknRllAnml [08:49 PM]: i can speak and spell and tell stories or anecdotes infront of people with out missing a beat and right off the top of my head ....
RknRllAnml [08:50 PM]: using words and analogies that make people smile and scrath their heads at the same time...
RknRllAnml [08:50 PM]: but
K992boy [08:50 PM]: but
RknRllAnml [08:50 PM]: put me if ront of a 'puter or ask me to solve an algebraic equation and......
RknRllAnml [08:51 PM]: the smart balloon goes POP
K992boy [08:51 PM]: POP!
K992boy [08:51 PM]: yeah mine does that to when im about to take a test
K992boy [08:51 PM]: just WHOOOOOOOSH
K992boy [08:51 PM]: all right out of my had
K992boy [08:51 PM]: head
K992boy [08:51 PM]: it suxx
K992boy [08:52 PM]: but i still do ok
RknRllAnml [08:52 PM]: ;-)
RknRllAnml [08:52 PM]: good for you.....
K992boy [08:52 PM]: thanx
RknRllAnml [08:53 PM]: remember man...the only thing you have when you're compleatly naked is your cofidence and your balls....
RknRllAnml [08:53 PM]: do not ....
K992boy [08:53 PM]: lol
K992boy [08:53 PM]: thats a good one
RknRllAnml [08:53 PM]: i repeat DO NOT allow ANYONE to take that from you
K992boy [08:53 PM]: ok
K992boy [08:53 PM]: i will not
RknRllAnml [08:53 PM]: good boy.....
K992boy [08:53 PM]: :)
K992boy [08:54 PM]: so what r u doin this weekend/
K992boy [08:54 PM]: ?
RknRllAnml [08:54 PM]: hey buddy can i ask you something personal
K992boy [08:54 PM]: ok
K992boy [08:54 PM]: go ahead
RknRllAnml [08:54 PM]: is your Dad around ?
K992boy [08:54 PM]: no
RknRllAnml [08:54 PM]: can i ask you why?
K992boy [08:54 PM]: i guess hes a dick
K992boy [08:55 PM]: i dont kno him rlly
RknRllAnml [08:55 PM]: you know i always told myself that when i had kids i would never be an asshole to them...
K992boy [08:55 PM]: good
RknRllAnml [08:56 PM]: and even though thats totally impossible....
K992boy [08:56 PM]: well i dont really care nemore i did kinda when i was littler but not anymore
RknRllAnml [08:57 PM]: i do make sure to tell my kids i love them alot...all the time...and i act goofy and wierd around them ,their friends and in the general public...
RknRllAnml [08:57 PM]: just to show them that you can still be an adult and have fun too
K992boy [08:57 PM]: u sound like an awesome dad :)
RknRllAnml [08:57 PM]: AWWWWWWWWWWWW
K992boy [08:57 PM]: dangit, brb my mom needz sumthin
RknRllAnml [08:57 PM]: shit kiddo
K992boy [08:57 PM]: u gunna be around?
RknRllAnml [08:57 PM]: that totally makes my day
K992boy [08:57 PM]: :) good
RknRllAnml [08:58 PM]: im not sure...
K992boy [08:58 PM]: can i have ur phone #? I would like to give u a call if its ok
RknRllAnml [08:58 PM]: got to finish my homework...get dinner on the table....and then watch some boob tube with my younger one
K992boy [08:59 PM]: well itll be like 5 min she sez
K992boy [08:59 PM]: just needs my help bringin in grocerie
RknRllAnml [08:59 PM]: you're not going to invite me over for a slumber party this weekend are you?
K992boy [08:59 PM]: welllllllll :)
RknRllAnml [08:59 PM]: ok
K992boy [08:59 PM]: ok brb
RknRllAnml [08:59 PM]: go its your Mom
K992boy [08:59 PM]: itll be quick
RknRllAnml [08:59 PM]: go now
RknRllAnml [09:07 PM]: hey if your dads not around then make sure you take care of and respect your mother
RknRllAnml [09:07 PM]: she knows more than she'll let on if only to allow you to come and talk to her....
RknRllAnml [09:08 PM]: ill finish my story later ...but let me tll you i thought my mom was oblivious to me being gay....
RknRllAnml [09:08 PM]: not even close
RknRllAnml [09:08 PM]: she probably knew for about 5 years if not more
RknRllAnml [09:09 PM]: i gotta go...this was not a lecture from Proffessor Mo Ruiz....
RknRllAnml [09:09 PM]: just some suggestions and a course of direction for those who wisgh to follow
RknRllAnml [09:10 PM]: be good kid....i hope to see you soon....
K992boy [09:10 PM]: ur leaving?
RknRllAnml [09:10 PM]: oh and do i bring my bunny feet pjs for the sleepover or will we be sleeping naked
K992boy [09:10 PM]: will u be on later?
RknRllAnml [09:11 PM]: i think so...but who knows
RknRllAnml [09:11 PM]: did you read what i was writing to you
K992boy [09:11 PM]: okay
K992boy [09:11 PM]: yes, I did
K992boy [09:11 PM]: i appreciate it
K992boy [09:11 PM]: alot :)
K992boy [09:11 PM]: and u can pick
K992boy [09:11 PM]: ur bunnies or nekkid :)
K992boy [09:11 PM]: I don thave no bunnie pjs tho
RknRllAnml [09:11 PM]: i hope i didnt come off as too fatherly...or arrogant or pompus or stupid
K992boy [09:12 PM]: no not at all
K992boy [09:12 PM]: my ma may kno im not sure
RknRllAnml [09:12 PM]: do you have movies of adults doing thing when they got no clothes on?
K992boy [09:12 PM]: i mean i dont act gay or nuttin
K992boy [09:12 PM]: no
RknRllAnml [09:12 PM]: hey i got 2 kids
RknRllAnml [09:12 PM]: whats acting gay anyway?
K992boy [09:13 PM]: like act all girlie
RknRllAnml [09:13 PM]: isnt acting straight just acting?
RknRllAnml [09:13 PM]: thats the act...;-)
RknRllAnml [09:13 PM]: you better not
RknRllAnml [09:13 PM]: be a gay young man or adult man but be a man
RknRllAnml [09:14 PM]: just cause you like other men doesnt mean you gotta list or squeel
K992boy [09:14 PM]: i spose
K992boy [09:14 PM]: u hav e apoint :)
K992boy [09:14 PM]: but i dont list or squeel
K992boy [09:14 PM]: or do none of that
K992boy [09:15 PM]: if u can make it backonline what time u think ull be back?
RknRllAnml [09:15 PM]: i mean be nice to everyone ....but when all is said and done be yourself and let others see your openess and kindness
RknRllAnml [09:15 PM]: then you'll get everyone respecting you
K992boy [09:15 PM]: i appreciate ur advice u are really smart
K992boy [09:15 PM]: that makes scense
RknRllAnml [09:15 PM]: ummmmmm8 or 9
K992boy [09:15 PM]: k ill wait till around then
RknRllAnml [09:15 PM]: but you'll be counting sheep by then
K992boy [09:16 PM]: naw ill wait for u
RknRllAnml [09:16 PM]: or sawing logs
K992boy [09:16 PM]: heheh i dont snore!!
K992boy [09:16 PM]: i dont think so newayz
RknRllAnml [09:16 PM]: :-P i do
K992boy [09:16 PM]: u'll have to tell me
K992boy [09:16 PM]: ohh kewl
K992boy [09:16 PM]: :)
RknRllAnml [09:16 PM]: at least thats what im told....
K992boy [09:16 PM]: well ill let u kno
RknRllAnml [09:16 PM]: maybe you'll be the final judge on that one....
RknRllAnml [09:16 PM]: bye kiddo
K992boy [09:16 PM]: :)
K992boy [09:16 PM]: bye
RknRllAnml [09:16 PM]: ;-)
K992boy [09:17 PM]: :-D
K992boy [09:17 PM]: :-*
RknRllAnml [09:17 PM]: BE GOOD
K992boy [09:17 PM]: OK!

Begin IM - 1/6/2006 08:18 PM
K992boy [8:18 P.M.]: Hey! :)
K992boy [08:18 PM]: u busy?
RknRllAnml [08:19 PM]: kinda...
RknRllAnml [08:19 PM]: whats up
K992boy [08:20 PM]: not much just bord
K992boy [08:20 PM]: was waitin 2 see if ud come online actualy
K992boy [08:20 PM]: :)
RknRllAnml [08:20 PM]: im looking for your pics actually a nd i cant find 'em...
RknRllAnml [08:21 PM]: would you mind sending them again
K992boy [08:21 PM]: oh
K992boy [08:21 PM]: ok
K992boy [08:21 PM]: lemme get an email 2 u
RknRllAnml [08:21 PM]: .oh and in about 5min my kids friends are gonna be here for a party/sleepover
K992boy [08:21 PM]: theyre no good tho so no making fun of me
K992boy [08:21 PM]: ohhhhhh fun!
K992boy [08:21 PM]: a sleepover! horrayy!
RknRllAnml [08:21 PM]: oh please...i look like Quasimodo
RknRllAnml [08:22 PM]: :-X
RknRllAnml [08:22 PM]: :'(
RknRllAnml [08:22 PM]: :-(
K992boy [08:22 PM]: who?
RknRllAnml [08:22 PM]: who?....huh?
RknRllAnml [08:22 PM]: brb
K992boy [08:22 PM]: whos quasimodo?
RknRllAnml [08:23 PM]: me
RknRllAnml [08:23 PM]: you know the hunch back of nortre dame
K992boy [08:23 PM]: ohhhh thats rite
RknRllAnml [08:23 PM]: thanks
K992boy [08:23 PM]: oh plz u look much better then him
RknRllAnml [08:23 PM]: i guess
K992boy [08:24 PM]: i took those pics myself
RknRllAnml [08:24 PM]: ;-)
RknRllAnml [08:24 PM]: cool brb
K992boy [08:24 PM]: k
RknRllAnml [08:26 PM]: you're well if the word was in my vocabulary and you were a girl ,CUTE....but for a young man or men i say really handsome
K992boy [08:26 PM]: thanx
RknRllAnml [08:26 PM]: you're really handsome
K992boy [08:26 PM]: thank u :)
RknRllAnml [08:26 PM]: how tall are you
K992boy [08:26 PM]: i dont think so but ure intitled to ur opinion :-D
K992boy [08:26 PM]: im 5/6
RknRllAnml [08:26 PM]: cool
RknRllAnml [08:26 PM]: im not much taller
RknRllAnml [08:26 PM]: im 5'7/160
K992boy [08:26 PM]: kewl :)
K992boy [08:27 PM]: im 130lbs
RknRllAnml [08:27 PM]: damnit're really rhin
RknRllAnml [08:27 PM]: thin*
K992boy [08:27 PM]: lol i spose so :)
RknRllAnml [08:27 PM]: i hate to say this....nevermind
K992boy [08:27 PM]: i need to work out
K992boy [08:27 PM]: what/
RknRllAnml [08:27 PM]: :-\
RknRllAnml [08:28 PM]: hmmmmm
K992boy [08:28 PM]: what is it mr. cute bear smilies :)
RknRllAnml [08:28 PM]: it might make you feel uncomfortable...
K992boy [08:28 PM]: naw
RknRllAnml [08:28 PM]: goes.....
RknRllAnml [08:29 PM]: i'd sure like to see you stripped down to a paib of white briefs.....
RknRllAnml [08:29 PM]: sorry
RknRllAnml [08:29 PM]: now i feel wierd
K992boy [08:29 PM]: lol thats not bad!
RknRllAnml [08:29 PM]: im really sorry
RknRllAnml [08:29 PM]: what
K992boy [08:29 PM]: y u think id be mad abut that?
RknRllAnml [08:29 PM]: not mad just wierded out
K992boy [08:30 PM]: oh
K992boy [08:30 PM]: naw
K992boy [08:30 PM]: its all good :)
RknRllAnml [08:30 PM]: well if it'll make you feel better i could send you my pick in briwefs
RknRllAnml [08:30 PM]: but try not to throw-up
K992boy [08:30 PM]: i like u ure my friend u shouldnt be wierded out by stuff
K992boy [08:30 PM]: ok :)
RknRllAnml [08:30 PM]: lol
RknRllAnml [08:31 PM]: ok?
RknRllAnml [08:31 PM]: ok what...?
K992boy [08:31 PM]: send ure picture
RknRllAnml [08:31 PM]: what ?
RknRllAnml [08:31 PM]: are you sure?lol
K992boy [08:31 PM]: ya
K992boy [08:31 PM]: y not
RknRllAnml [08:31 PM]: ok....get the barf bag ready
RknRllAnml [08:32 PM]: btw did your mom leave for vegas
K992boy [08:32 PM]: blal bla bla if u didnt barf at mine i aint gunna barf at urs
RknRllAnml [08:32 PM]: brb
K992boy [08:32 PM]: yepper
K992boy [08:32 PM]: a few hrs ago
RknRllAnml [08:35 PM]: you got em
RknRllAnml [08:35 PM]: so are you having a slepover
RknRllAnml [08:35 PM]: lol
K992boy [08:35 PM]: that pic aint bad!! u have a nice tan
K992boy [08:35 PM]: no no 1 can stay with me :(
RknRllAnml [08:36 PM]: gtg kiddo
K992boy [08:36 PM]: none of my friends can drive
RknRllAnml [08:36 PM]:
K992boy [08:36 PM]: hey can i call u later meaybe?
RknRllAnml [08:36 PM]: not a good idea
K992boy [08:36 PM]: or no
K992boy [08:36 PM]: oh ok
K992boy [08:36 PM]: will u be onlater?
RknRllAnml [08:36 PM]: im not sure...good chance though
K992boy [08:36 PM]: ok :)
K992boy [08:36 PM]: I'll be hear then
K992boy [08:36 PM]: talk to u laterz

Begin IM - 1/7/2006 12:59 AM
K992boy [12:59 A.M.]: hello there my friend
K992boy [01:03 AM]: u ther?
K992boy [01:04 AM]: :( guess not
K992boy [01:27 AM]: well ill be up for awhile still IM me if u r on
RknRllAnml [01:44 AM]: ;-)
K992boy [01:45 AM]: hey hey!
K992boy [01:45 AM]: hows teh sleep over going?
RknRllAnml [01:46 AM]: ok man ...i just told them all..."i dont wanna hear fights or any of my stuff being damaged"
K992boy [01:46 AM]: haha
K992boy [01:46 AM]: darn kids! lol
RknRllAnml [01:46 AM]: :-)
K992boy [01:49 AM]: so whats up
RknRllAnml [01:49 AM]: hey how many you chatting with
K992boy [01:49 AM]: no1
K992boy [01:49 AM]: just u
K992boy [01:50 AM]: there was one other he ask for my pics i snt them n he jus t stop talking to me
K992boy [01:50 AM]: :(
K992boy [01:50 AM]: the fucker
K992boy [01:50 AM]: scuse my french
RknRllAnml [01:51 AM]: ;-)
RknRllAnml [01:52 AM]: hey did i tell you i live here with my bf and kids
K992boy [01:56 AM]: no!
K992boy [01:56 AM]: you didn't
K992boy [01:56 AM]: sorry, i had to raid the fridge
K992boy [01:56 AM]: so u have a bf?
K992boy [01:57 AM]: thats kewl
K992boy [01:57 AM]: im jealous! lol
K992boy [02:03 AM]: did u have to go and laie down the law?
K992boy [02:03 AM]: :)
RknRllAnml [02:04 AM]: ill send you his aol profile
K992boy [02:04 AM]: ok
RknRllAnml [02:04 AM]:
K992boy [02:04 AM]: oh ok kewl
K992boy [02:05 AM]: i thinki talk to him a few x's before
RknRllAnml [02:06 AM]: really
K992boy [02:06 AM]: maybe I think
K992boy [02:06 AM]: he seemd kewl
RknRllAnml [02:06 AM]: he told me a young kid had chatted with him...i guess it was you
K992boy [02:06 AM]: :) mebbie
K992boy [02:07 AM]: im not in trouble now am I?
RknRllAnml [02:07 AM]: no.....
RknRllAnml [02:08 AM]: thats kinda funny.....he thought you were very nice ...i told him i had chatted with a young kid too....but i never thought....
RknRllAnml [02:08 AM]: lol
K992boy [02:08 AM]: hahah
K992boy [02:08 AM]: man now i look like a slut
RknRllAnml [02:08 AM]: maybe we could all meet....;-)
K992boy [02:08 AM]: but like u n him r the only ones i ever even talk 2
K992boy [02:08 AM]: that would be waay kewl!
RknRllAnml [02:09 AM]: sometime soon i hope
K992boy [02:09 AM]: heck yeah.
K992boy [02:09 AM]: what u guys doin tomorro?
RknRllAnml [02:09 AM]: let me ask him
K992boy [02:09 AM]: ok
RknRllAnml [02:10 AM]: he said maybe we'll be hanging out naked with a young man
K992boy [02:10 AM]: sweet :)
RknRllAnml [02:11 AM]: really
K992boy [02:11 AM]: yeah
RknRllAnml [02:11 AM]: well we'd have to geta formal invitation from the young man....
K992boy [02:12 AM]: well, if you guys want 2 come over and hang out naked I'd love 4 u to come
RknRllAnml [02:12 AM]: where exactly do you live kiddo
K992boy [02:12 AM]: well its in Mira Loma
K992boy [02:12 AM]: u know where that is?
RknRllAnml [02:13 AM]: sure ...i use to work in the area.
K992boy [02:13 AM]: ok
K992boy [02:14 AM]: well
K992boy [02:14 AM]: did u just want my address?
RknRllAnml [02:14 AM]: so we're gonna hang naked and what,watch porn?
RknRllAnml [02:14 AM]: sure send me your address
K992boy [02:14 AM]: yeah but ull have 2 bring the porn cuz i dont got ne
K992boy [02:14 AM]: what time u think will work?
RknRllAnml [02:14 AM]: i know
RknRllAnml [02:14 AM]: when is best for you
K992boy [02:14 AM]: 1:00 tomorrrow?
RknRllAnml [02:15 AM]: send your address ill talk to the bf real quick
K992boy [02:15 AM]: ok
K992boy [02:16 AM]: edit
RknRllAnml [02:17 AM]: hang on he decide to use th bathroom....
K992boy [02:17 AM]: heheeheh ok :)
K992boy [02:17 AM]: can i ask u a question?
RknRllAnml [02:17 AM]: so you'll be ok with two older men comming and hanging out
K992boy [02:17 AM]: yeah u guyz are hella cool
RknRllAnml [02:17 AM]: ask away i got no secrets
K992boy [02:17 AM]: do u guys ever do 3somes? where u both have sex w someone?
RknRllAnml [02:18 AM]: yes
RknRllAnml [02:18 AM]: why?
K992boy [02:18 AM]: r they fun?
RknRllAnml [02:18 AM]: its about a 50-50 proposition
K992boy [02:18 AM]: cuz its like sumthin i think ive always fanatacized about but thought that id never be able to do
RknRllAnml [02:18 AM]: hang on here he is...
K992boy [02:18 AM]: its like only happens n movies n to hot poeple :)
RknRllAnml [02:19 AM]: gimme a min
K992boy [02:19 AM]: ok
RknRllAnml [02:21 AM]: it is exciting and fun
K992boy [02:21 AM]: :)
K992boy [02:21 AM]: whad he say?
RknRllAnml [02:24 AM]: he's not too sure...
K992boy [02:24 AM]: oh
K992boy [02:24 AM]: :/
K992boy [02:24 AM]: did u want me 2 call u guys?
K992boy [02:24 AM]: i can do that..
RknRllAnml [02:24 AM]: ill try and talk to him...
K992boy [02:24 AM]: ok
K992boy [02:24 AM]: so u kno im 4 real
RknRllAnml [02:24 AM]: hes afraid that we'll freak you out ...
K992boy [02:25 AM]: aww I dunno about that
K992boy [02:25 AM]: i kno what u guyz look like already
RknRllAnml [02:25 AM]: let me ask you something ok....
K992boy [02:25 AM]: an i kno i like u boht u have been rlly nice 2 me
RknRllAnml [02:25 AM]: be honest
K992boy [02:25 AM]: ok
RknRllAnml [02:26 AM]: how "experienced" are you ....with the porn.....being with a boy or man...that type of would too nasty a porn scare you
K992boy [02:27 AM]: well i seen some pretty crazy porn off the internet
K992boy [02:27 AM]: i havnt done to much with guy sbut i like to try stuff u know?
K992boy [02:27 AM]: like there was this 1 porn the dood has his WHOLE FIST in the other doods butt
K992boy [02:27 AM]: that was crazy
K992boy [02:27 AM]: u ever seen that be4?
K992boy [02:28 AM]: it was like up to his elbowe!
RknRllAnml [02:28 AM]: yeah i have and to tell you the truth that freaked me and the bf out
K992boy [02:28 AM]: well I didn't like it but Ive seen it im sayin
RknRllAnml [02:28 AM]: so you know what we look like huh
K992boy [02:28 AM]: yeap
RknRllAnml [02:29 AM]: the bf says hed never do that to you,,,,,but hed like to put his tongue there
K992boy [02:29 AM]: kewl, i have been told that it feels awesome n i seen that done on porn be4 to
RknRllAnml [02:31 AM]: well we could start with getting naked....jerking and then you could watch me and the bf get involved ,,,if you wanted to jump in that'dbe cool
RknRllAnml [02:31 AM]: maybe not
K992boy [02:32 AM]: ok
K992boy [02:32 AM]: no no that sounds good
K992boy [02:33 AM]: i dunno when id ever have the opourtunity to be home alone like this again u kno?
RknRllAnml [02:34 AM]: are you sure
K992boy [02:34 AM]: yep
K992boy [02:35 AM]: heheh im kinda xcited :)
RknRllAnml [02:36 AM]: we are too
K992boy [02:37 AM]: :-D
K992boy [02:37 AM]: would 1:00 pm around then be ok then 4 u?
RknRllAnml [02:38 AM]: i have to be honest with you kid....we're nervous too
K992boy [02:38 AM]: im nervous but xcited
K992boy [02:38 AM]: did u get my address ok?
RknRllAnml [02:38 AM]: can you understand why we might be nervous
K992boy [02:39 AM]: yea i think so
RknRllAnml [02:39 AM]: why
K992boy [02:39 AM]: u guys wont tell no1 im gay rite?
K992boy [02:39 AM]: well cuz i guess u mite get in trouble rite?
RknRllAnml [02:39 AM]: right....
RknRllAnml [02:39 AM]: serious trouble
K992boy [02:39 AM]: well i promise the both o fu that i wont tell a soul
K992boy [02:39 AM]: cuz i sure dont wanna be outed as bein gay
K992boy [02:40 AM]: my ma would proally disown me
K992boy [02:40 AM]: id have 2 come n live with u :) jk
RknRllAnml [02:40 AM]: so you have the house to yourself
K992boy [02:40 AM]: yeah
RknRllAnml [02:40 AM]: no brothers or sisters
K992boy [02:40 AM]: nope
K992boy [02:40 AM]: my only relative is wth my mom
RknRllAnml [02:41 AM]: and you want the company of two older men
K992boy [02:41 AM]: dont put urselvs down :( u guys are way kewl
RknRllAnml [02:41 AM]: lat me ask you a very forward question here
K992boy [02:41 AM]: ive rlly enjoyd talking to u both
K992boy [02:41 AM]: whts up
RknRllAnml [02:41 AM]: be truthful...and straightforward.....
K992boy [02:41 AM]: k
RknRllAnml [02:42 AM]: what would you like to see happen ...or what would you like to do with one or both of us....
RknRllAnml [02:42 AM]: and dontbe shy ...its totally cool
K992boy [02:42 AM]: hmm
K992boy [02:42 AM]: well i defninately wanted to try to suck n be sucked lik we talked about
K992boy [02:43 AM]: maybe i'd like2 try doing the top/bottom thing
K992boy [02:43 AM]: and kissing if u guyz like doin that
K992boy [02:43 AM]: maybe we could jo eachother like i did with my friend like i told u about
K992boy [02:43 AM]: and...
K992boy [02:43 AM]: maybe that thing that ur bf siad he'd like 2 do to me
K992boy [02:43 AM]: the rimming
K992boy [02:44 AM]: and if theres nething else that is fun that u think id like
K992boy [02:44 AM]: doez that answer ur question?
RknRllAnml [02:44 AM]: yes....
RknRllAnml [02:44 AM]: lol
RknRllAnml [02:44 AM]: good answer
K992boy [02:44 AM]: k kewl P)
RknRllAnml [02:45 AM]: then look for me or the bf online tomorrow and we'll make the final arrangements
K992boy [02:45 AM]: ok about what time u think?
RknRllAnml [02:45 AM]: noon....
K992boy [02:45 AM]: k
K992boy [02:45 AM]: perfect
K992boy [02:45 AM]: ill be here
RknRllAnml [02:46 AM]: is there a McDonalds or something nearby to you that we could meet you at?
K992boy [02:46 AM]: uhm theres a circle K
RknRllAnml [02:46 AM]: okay....
K992boy [02:47 AM]: but we can figure it out tomorrow rite?
RknRllAnml [02:47 AM]: we want to meet there....
RknRllAnml [02:47 AM]: yes
K992boy [02:47 AM]: k
K992boy [02:47 AM]: im gunan go n try n sleep then
K992boy [02:47 AM]: u guyz have a good nite ok?
RknRllAnml [02:47 AM]: goodnight
K992boy [02:47 AM]: :)

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