Kent says he'll pay Brandy if she cleans his house. But it turns out that's not what he wants.
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Perverted Justice mark: Kent Douglas Grant, 55
E-mail: Kent Grant
Location: Lompoc, California

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This wannabe pedo tried to solicit Brandy Kennedy, a 14 year old girl
... or so they thought!

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Email Exchange 7-19-12

Kent Grant: Try living in Lompoc. After living in Seoul South Korea for a year and a half and then coming here talk about boredom

Brandy Kennedy: lol ok i think u win boredom... im brandy 14 u?

Kent Grant: I am Kent, You are only 14??????

Brandy Kennedy: yea

Kent Grant: As much as I would love to chat, I cannot do that with you. I am super older than you. I am sorry. You are a pretty one.

Brandy Kennedy: awe thank you sorry u think ur old :(

Kent Grant: Honey, you could be my granddaughter I am 50. Now I have had the company of a girl your age many years ago and risked a lot doing it. But these days people would not look good at us chatting.

Brandy Kennedy: who would be watching us chat? lol

Kent Grant: I know that no one would be watching us chat. So let's do this if you have a question or need advice about something you can ask me and I will try to answer your question and give you sound ideas and advice. You're a pretty girl and you could have a great future in front of you. To bad you do not drink then we could chat over a cold beer.

Brandy Kennedy: lol who says i dont drink?

Kent Grant: LOL not me LOL, well if you are ever at my place you can drink

Brandy Kennedy: but i dont really like beer love malibu though lol :-)

Kent Grant: Malibu rum the coconut one??? I used to drink that in Korea, if you are ever down in Lompoc I will have some for you

Brandy Kennedy: lol well ill try to remember that when i feel like taking a walk LOL

Kent Grant: i could always pretend to be a taxi lol

Brandy Kennedy: haha nice...wait but would i have to pay for a ride???

Kent Grant: We could always barter for it, lol, my apartment needs a cleaning ;-)

Brandy Kennedy: well im practically cinderella haha dont worry i dont come with mice though haha

Kent Grant: No mice but maybe a glass slipper. What part of Santa Maria do you live? Did you go to the fair last weekend?

Brandy Kennedy: im near there in orcutt no i live with my sister and no money did u?

Kent Grant: Yes I went and saw Kelly Pickler on Saturday. You live with your sister? Tell me about her and if you do not mind why not with your parents?

Brandy Kennedy: my sis is cool shes nice idk where my dad is and my mom has issues so i dont live with her all the time like now

Kent Grant: IC what grade are you going into when school starts again

Brandy Kennedy: 10th

Kent Grant: Cool How long have you lived there?

Brandy Kennedy: ive only been here with my sister for like 2 weeks

Kent Grant: IC, Well now that we are chatting I hope you stay there for a long time. Is your sister married or ???

Brandy Kennedy: shes preg and has a bf but he doesnt live here at her house

Kent Grant: IC what would she say if you went out during the day on na weekend or something like that

Kent Grant: Does she keep a tight eye on you???

Brandy Kennedy: not really im just kinda here because my mom cant have me there u know? i can take off usually when shes gone and just like leave her a note or whatever

Kent Grant: IC I am heading to San Diego this weekend will be back Sunday afternoon about 4:00pm just to let you know. Man my apartment is really messy. LOL

Brandy Kennedy: hahaha but u wont be home so u wont notice its messy lol SD is a nice place

Kent Grant: But when I get home I may need someone to come help clean it up

Brandy Kennedy: lol and u get home sun?

Kent Grant: Yes Sunday about 4:00ish. Do you have another photo besides the one on your post?

Brandy Kennedy: yea do u have one?

Kent Grant: Yes I do. You are a very pretty sexy girl. I bet the boys are always chasing you.

Kent Grant: Do you like to play xbox????

Brandy Kennedy: Thank you!!! u have a really nice smile :-) i dont play it a lot just sometimes when i was at my cousins

Kent Grant: I am a big first person shooter gamer. So there is you and your sister any other siblings?

Brandy Kennedy: nope just us. i like the halo games

Kent Grant: Cool I have them all, one of my hobbies is taking still life photos i have been thinking about moving to taking candid shots of people. I would love to do a photo shoot with you

Brandy Kennedy: really? i am like scrawny chicken leggs lol

Kent Grant: I think you would make a good sexy subject

Brandy Kennedy: awwww thank you that is sweet way nicer than my last bf who told me i had the legs of a malnourished chicken... ass hole

Kent Grant: He was a fool. I would treat you like a queen

Brandy Kennedy: awww thank u

Kent Grant: But I am thinking stupid I am a old man and there would be no way that a young pretty girl like you would want to be that close to me

Brandy Kennedy: dont be so mean to urself who cares how old u are?

Kent Grant: I hope you do not care. I like you. You are a sweet smart pretty girl. I would like to know you more and maybe spend time with you I bet you have a sweet laugh and smile

Brandy Kennedy: wow thanks ur too sweet i dont even know what to say :-) but u made me smile

Kent Grant: That is a start to a good friendship. It is up to you on how much you want to go. But I would really like to hang with you.

Brandy Kennedy: how much i want to go? and if u are this nice in person that would be cool

Kent Grant: All I can say is that I respect ladies, they are speIcial people in my book. But I would have to show you in person when you're ready to meet. Oh BTW I am a reeally good cook ;-)

Brandy Kennedy: it sounds like u are way more respectful then the guys i know and i love mexican food :-)

Kent Grant: The resepect comes with age, I do not make much Mexican but it would be fun trying.

Brandy Kennedy: its ok im sure you would be good at whatever. im not really picky i just eat when i can whatever it is

Kent Grant: Think about Sunday. If it was not so late I would ask about tonight but it be too late to take you back home

Brandy Kennedy: im a night owl lol. ill think about it but u really want me to clean ur house?

Kent Grant: That was an excuse but if you did I will pay for your time. You say you're a night owl have you stayed out all night before??

Brandy Kennedy: yea its fun u know

Kent Grant: I have to catch 0900 train in Santa Barbara tomorrow but I could get you back home early enough. I have wine and beer we can get to know each other more.

Kent Grant: I am sorry if I was to forward

Brandy Kennedy: omg nooooo i was really hungry and havent eaten today so i was grabbing a tuna sandwich forward doesnt bother me lol id rather know what ur thinking then having someone lie to me u know

Brandy Kennedy: it wasnt enchiladas but its what i had lol

Kent Grant: WOW I had a tuna sandwich for dinner too :-0 Well the offer is there if you would like to see each other tonight i am here all alone just watching cooking show

Brandy Kennedy: that is really sweet and im really bored... what would we do?

Kent Grant: Talk, maybe play Halo, have a drink or three, get closer, just let things flow

Brandy Kennedy: cool do u have original halo? or a different one? my cousin actually had the original

Kent Grant: I have the original computer Halo plus all the XBOX ones. So what is it going to be? I can be up there to get you in about a half hour or so.

Brandy Kennedy: i can even bring some stuff for pics if u still want to do that too

Kent Grant: Ok all you have to do is say yes come pick me up and then tell me where

Brandy Kennedy: ur not an axe murderer? and u really think im sexy?

Kent Grant: LOL no I am not an axe murderer and yes I think you are very very sexy

Brandy Kennedy: its just been like a really long time since anyone called me sexy and i dont think he even meant it he was just saying it cuz he was my bf and i guess thought he should or whatever to make me feel good but not mean it

Kent Grant: That would be so disrespectful. I would not say it if I did not mean it You are very pretty and sexy young lady, and I would be honored to enjoy your company

Brandy Kennedy: thank u :-) im sorry i didnt mean it like ei dont believ u i really do i just dont know what to say when people say it and im just trying to make sure i know whats happening cuz i like to know whwat im getting into u know

Kent Grant: All I can tell you is that I will treat you with the up most respect and kindness and would not do anything to hurt you or force you to do something you did not want to do

Brandy Kennedy: i didnt think u would hurt me but im up for anything that doesnt kill me as long as its fun

Kent Grant: That is cool so what will it be my little girl. Do you want to come hang out for the night? Would you be okay spending a fun sexy night with me?

Brandy Kennedy: yea that could be cool what should i wear?

Kent Grant: A sexy little skirt would be nice but plain old jean would look hot on you. Where would I pick you up at? It will take me about 20 to 30 minutes to get there. Here is my cell number *edited*

Kent Grant: May I ask do you like to kiss????

Brandy Kennedy: my last bf said i was a great kisser

Kent Grant: Ok so girl when and where do I pick you up at????

Brandy Kennedy: are u a good kisser?

Kent Grant: Yes I think so. Do you want to come find out?

Brandy Kennedy: my last bf sucked at it lol so yea it would be nice since u probably know what u are doing :-)

Kent Grant: Well girl can you come here tonight?

Kent Grant: Ok all I am waiting for is for you to tell me how to contact you and where to pick you up at

Brandy Kennedy: i just i dont want to play halo or anything cuzz u know the bf that cant kiss he was always playing with the xbox more than me

Kent Grant: That is cool we can entertain each other

Brandy Kennedy: doing?

Kent Grant: Not sure. I am sure it will be fun. Trust me.

Kent Grant: Well

Brandy Kennedy: when can u be here? i want to take a shower ive been sweating all day lol

Kent Grant: I can be up to Santa Maria in about 20 to 30 minutes. You could always shower here LOL. I just need to know where I can pick you up from.

Brandy Kennedy: lol i bet ud like it if i showered there huh?

Kent Grant: Yes I would. So do you want me to come get you or not? It is getting later and later.

Brandy Kennedy: whos going to take care of my cat?

Kent Grant: Can't your sister take care of it for one night???? I would really like your company tonight. If it is too much of a short notice we can plan it for Sunday afternoon

Brandy Kennedy: i dont think its too short notice i just want to make sure i wont be bored its a long trip to make u know?

Kent Grant: I will try my best to keep you from getting bored.

Brandy Kennedy: lol how are you gonna keep me from being bored? i get bored easy

Kent Grant: Girl this is really dragging out. I can show you in person better than telling you by email. But it is getting late. 10:00pm is my limited if I am not on my way to really pick you up then it will have to wait until another day. Please let me know

Brandy Kennedy: im sorry but unless i know what im going to be doing i dont know what to say. im down for whatever but i just want to make sure im having fun

Kent Grant: would you be up to being intimate and share my bed. If not I understand completely

Kent Grant: Well

Brandy Kennedy: i think so it definitely sounds fun im just not sure what you mean intimate

Kent Grant: Kissing, feeling each other, and sleep together

Brandy Kennedy: im not on the pill is that ok?

Kent Grant: I have had a vasectomy I cannot make babies.

Kent Grant: But this needs to happen soon baby girl.

Kent Grant: Do you like to be licked

Brandy Kennedy: ive never done that but totally want to

Kent Grant: It can happen tonight but we need you here like now

Brandy Kennedy: do u want me to shower first? i stilol havent yet

Kent Grant: You can do it here. Maybe together but I need to leave now to come get you

Brandy Kennedy: *address edited* its on the side of the driveway on the left so u can park there so they dont see us k

Kent Grant: Ok baby girl do you have a number I can text or call when I get there

Brandy Kennedy: come to the side door so the neighbor doesnt see you

Brandy Kennedy: my gma didnt reload my minutes but i have text *edited*

Kent Grant: I will be there in about 20 to 30 minutes. I am leaving now short skirt button shirt panties is your choose

Kent Grant: I will text you and you can just come out

Brandy Kennedy: im so excited cant wait to see u :-)

Text Messaging 7/19/12

Kent Grant Phone: I am on my way 10:38 PM
Me: :-) 10:41 PM
Kent Grant Phone: I am here 11:02 PM
Kent Grant Phone: Hello 11:04 PM
Me: im in the bathroom just park in the driveway 11:04 PM
Kent Grant Phone: I am parked across the street come out to me 11:05 PM
Me: i just dont want the neighbors to see me in this outfit lol 11:05 PM
Kent Grant Phone: Ok 11:05 PM
Me: im finishing my face just come in the side im in the bathroom right there 11:06 PM
Kent Grant Phone: Why Don't come out 11:07 PM
Kent Grant Phone: Please hurry 11:08 PM
Me: im not ready yet i only have one eye done lol but i will just a sec 11:08 PM
Kent Grant Phone: Ok hurry where is your sister 11:09 PM
Me: no one is home but me so its cool if u want to wait in here 11:09 PM
Me: work 11:09 PM
Kent Grant Phone: Ok 11:09 PM

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