• Conviction - ricks_talented_tongue - La Mirada, California

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 1/30/2007 6:18 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 1/30/2007 6:31 PM PST

    ricks_talented_tongue (09/10/06 11:45:44 AM): Do you think I am really a sick creep
    ricks_talented_tongue (09/10/06 11:45:55 AM): I hope i got your hopes up and that you learned a lesson
    ricks_talented_tongue (09/10/06 11:46:12 AM): I would NEVER meet a female under 18 to do anything sexual
    ricks_talented_tongue (09/10/06 11:46:18 AM): I am reporting you to yahoo
    ricks_talented_tongue (09/10/06 11:46:25 AM): PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE
    thisplacesux_ihateit (09/10/06 11:48:49 AM): ur such a fake liar I KNEW U WERE LYING THE WHOLE TIME
    thisplacesux_ihateit (09/10/06 11:49:21 AM): ur prof says other ppl r liars but ur a liar ur a bad person playin games with ppl online ur disgusting and horrible
    ricks_talented_tongue (09/10/06 1:39:54 PM): You are trying to set older guys up to get them busted and I dont appreciate that(I bet you don't. Hahahah)
    thisplacesux_ihateit (09/10/06 1:44:01 PM): omg ur insane
    thisplacesux_ihateit (09/10/06 1:44:05 PM): wtf is wrong with u
    thisplacesux_ihateit (09/10/06 2:04:28 PM): ur just a fake liar who cares what u think anyway freak
    ricks_talented_tongue (09/10/06 3:35:05 PM): Im not a fake liar, I dont like to be arrested and put in jail
    thisplacesux_ihateit (09/10/06 3:35:12 PM): why r u saying THAT
    ricks_talented_tongue (09/10/06 3:35:49 PM): Because I have a STRONG feeling you are either a undercover or a cop trying to set older guys up.. You hear about it all the time

    He would later show. Paranoia vs. Obsession... obsession wins almost every time.

    Corey Edgar was paranoid, but he was also obsessed. As his paranoia warned him, he could be arrested. However, his obsession was with getting a young girl to use his \"talented tongue\" on. At the end of the day, obsession won out over paranoia. Edgar was arrested and charged with a felony.

    He would later plead guilty to that felony and would receive the \"Long Beach Special\", a term we use to sarcastically denote the sentences for the Long Beach predators arrested. He received three years probation, sixty days caltrans cleaning up the roads, time served and a lifetime of sexual offender registration and all the restrictions that come along with that.

    Notes from the Contributor, Pibb
    Corey Edgar was a special kind of bust. First of all, get a load of that screen name. Just who does he think he's going to attract with that? He started by IMing me with one of the nasiest opening lines I'd ever seen. He'd also IM'd two other Perverted-Justice decoys, one of them all the way back in January. He even played a few interesting game during the chat, like trying to make me change my profile to adult, and telling me not to contact him again, even though he never put me on ignore. He convinced himself it was a set up, but then he showed up anyway.

    He stood outside the house for quite a while debating with himself and our under age looking decoy about coming in, and finally he did. He was very upset that it was, in fact, a set up. In the end Corey got exactly what he deserved, a trip to booking and interrogation, courtesy of our friends with the Long Beach PD.

    While I am once again a bit disappointed in the sentence received in Long Beach, I'm pleased with the lifetime sex offender registration with which Corey must now comply. I doubt he's ever going to attept to solicit another minor for sex. Thanks to the Dateline crew, and the LBPD. What a great bunch of people to work with!

    This is our 137th conviction since June of 2004 and our sixteenth conviction for 2007 so far. This marks sixteen convictions in January 2007, which is a site record for most convictions in one month. An average of over one internet predator conviction every two days. Nice work, team! Does that read like Deja Vu? Sure it does, didn't expect another conviction to come in today!