• Conviction - ussoldier2281 / lowcamaro97 - Bulpitt, Illinois

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    File originally posted on 12/4/2009 11:01 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 12/4/2009 11:01 PM PST

    ussoldier2281 (12/30/06 12:40:33 AM): how far from the school are you
    lizziedizzie1993 (12/30/06 12:40:42 AM): from the bulpitt school
    ussoldier2281 (12/30/06 12:40:46 AM): yea
    lizziedizzie1993 (12/30/06 12:40:52 AM): not very far
    lizziedizzie1993 (12/30/06 12:41:28 AM): brb im gonna put my clothes on
    lizziedizzie1993 (12/30/06 12:45:21 AM): k
    ussoldier2281 (12/30/06 12:45:39 AM): they in bed?
    lizziedizzie1993 (12/30/06 12:45:42 AM): not yet
    lizziedizzie1993 (12/30/06 12:45:46 AM): they r getting ready
    ussoldier2281 (12/30/06 12:46:47 AM): what are you wearing
    lizziedizzie1993 (12/30/06 12:47:00 AM): jeans n a shirt
    ussoldier2281 (12/30/06 12:47:21 AM): what would you say if i wanted to have sex with you
    lizziedizzie1993 (12/30/06 12:47:43 AM): is it fun
    ussoldier2281 (12/30/06 12:47:56 AM): i love it
    lizziedizzie1993 (12/30/06 12:48:06 AM): y
    ussoldier2281 (12/30/06 12:48:24 AM): the feeling of a woman around my hard cock
    ussoldier2281 (12/30/06 12:48:33 AM): feels so good
    lizziedizzie1993 (12/30/06 12:49:19 AM): kewl
    ussoldier2281 (12/30/06 12:49:34 AM): are you ready for that?
    lizziedizzie1993 (12/30/06 12:49:41 AM): does it hurt
    ussoldier2281 (12/30/06 12:49:54 AM): at first yes it would a little
    ussoldier2281 (12/30/06 12:50:01 AM): but the pain would go away
    lizziedizzie1993 (12/30/06 12:50:12 AM): kewl
    ussoldier2281 (12/30/06 12:51:13 AM): you havent ever done anything at all?
    lizziedizzie1993 (12/30/06 12:51:37 AM): ive kissed n stuff
    ussoldier2281 (12/30/06 12:51:53 AM): never had a guy touch you tho?
    lizziedizzie1993 (12/30/06 12:52:08 AM): lol ya
    ussoldier2281 (12/30/06 12:52:16 AM): you have been fingered?
    lizziedizzie1993 (12/30/06 12:52:20 AM): noooo
    ussoldier2281 (12/30/06 12:53:09 AM): you think you want to do anything/
    lizziedizzie1993 (12/30/06 12:53:22 AM): as long asi t doesnt hurt
    ussoldier2281 (12/30/06 12:53:36 AM): like i said it would a little
    lizziedizzie1993 (12/30/06 12:53:42 AM): k
    ussoldier2281 (12/30/06 12:54:29 AM): i think i know a place we could go if ou wanted to. a house that no one has lived at in forever
    Taking a kid to some abandoned house. That's not scary at all.

    So Matthew Gerald Jones decided to re-define the word scumbag with this bust. Not only was he trying to have sex with a 13 year old, not only is he a relatively fast mover who has no legitimate hesitation at trying to molest a child... he was arrested for this on the eve of his wedding day. The arrest was so sudden that they didn't even have time to notify the guests that the wedding was off and had to turn away guests at the door of the church. What a horrible, horrible person Matthew Jones is. He was indicted on a charge of indecent solicitation of a child, and he pled guilty, receiving 180 days in jail, 30 months probation, and registration as a sex offender.

    This is our 460th conviction since June of 2004, our 155th conviction for 2009, and our 4th conviction in Illinois thus far.