• Conviction - Adamou217 - Dallas, Texas

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    File originally posted on 4/11/2007 10:58 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 4/11/2007 10:58 AM PST

    adamou217 [7:58 PM]: have u been rimmed
    DFW Superboy 93 [7:58 PM]: ?
    adamou217 [7:59 PM]: guess not..lol
    DFW Superboy 93 [7:59 PM]: lol
    adamou217 [7:59 PM]: i'll show if we ever hang..:)
    DFW Superboy 93 [7:59 PM]: cool what is it?
    adamou217 [7:59 PM]: i'll jus thave to give it too..lool
    adamou217 [7:59 PM]: have u ever swallowed
    DFW Superboy 93 [8:00 PM]: yea ur supposed to!
    adamou217 [8:00 PM]: brb
    DFW Superboy 93 [8:00 PM]: k
    DFW Superboy 93 [8:01 PM]: what's ur name? mines ryan
    adamou217 [8:05 PM]: mark here
    DFW Superboy 93 [8:06 PM]: hi mark
    adamou217 [8:06 PM]: hi ryan
    DFW Superboy 93 [8:07 PM]: now im all thinking
    DFW Superboy 93 [8:07 PM]: what is rimming? lol
    adamou217 [8:07 PM]: heeh
    DFW Superboy 93 [8:07 PM]: it doesnt hurt does it?
    adamou217 [8:07 PM]: i'll show u later when mom's asleep
    That's a creepy line, very much so.

    Mark Adameck was one of the predators arrested in Murphy, Texas prior to the later TCAP that was done there. Arrests like this allow us to get a good idea of the ability of the arresting department. The Murphy, Texas police department came through aces on being proactive and dealing with this predator in their midst.

    Adameck pled out to a 2nd degree felony and received eight years probation, a 2,500 dollar fine, as well as the ever-present sexual offender registration. We're happy that this case has wrapped up and we look forward to many more convictions from Texas to be posted in the coming year.

    Notes from the Contributor, Seth Roberts
    This bust took place several months prior to the Dateline To Catch A Predator sting, and was independent of that operation.

    Mark didn't talk as much sex as some pervs. Much of our chat was about meeting location. In fact, the Murphy police were almost immediately ready with two locations - one at a convenience store, and one at a house - in anticipation of Mark's arrival. That is amazing work!

    Mark changed his mind about location of meeting, but remained steady in his pursuit of molesting a child. So, while the sexual content may appear mild, the intensity of perversity in his intent is most disgusting.

    I would like to thank the Murphy, Texas Police Department - specifically Kevin Carter, who orchestrated the two locations and arrest, and Walter Weiss, who worked tirelessly to ensure a successful prosecution.

    I also give sincere respects to Maxwell House, who monitored this bust, ensuring it remained within PeeJ's stringent criteria. Johnny Mnemonic was the amazing "voice" of my character. Many other, nameless folks are thanks as well.

    This is our 174th conviction since June of 2004 and our 53rd conviction for 2007 so far.