Troy REALLY wanted to meet for sex RIGHT NOW plz.
Bust by General Tso @ 12/20/2007 4:13 PM PST


Perverted Justice mark: Troy, 27
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Location: Everett, Washington
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This wannabe pedo tried to solicit hhhhgoatsrock, a 13 year old girl
... or so they thought!

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Joe Public, meet Troy. Troy, meet Joe Public. Of course Troy has already met the fine men and women of the Kitsap County Sheriff's Department when they wrapped handcuffs around his wrists and trotted him off to jail when he tried to meet me. Troy is very methodic about his questioning and a pattern emerges almost immediately. He will first ask if I've EVER done anything, then upon finding out that I haven't, he will ask if I WOULD do that, establishing whether I want to and haven't had the opportunity or whether I just don't want to. He will then move to focus the questioning further to see if I am picky about the opportunity that presents itself if I'm open to doing it. He then brings everything full circle to focus on him. It's rather exacting and nauseating, yet wonderfully predictable from the perspective of the contributor because it was immediately evident where his line of questioning would be going and how I could answer his questions to draw out his thinking further. Read on, and see the most fast-moving and forward perv I've had that displeasure of busting.

All timestamps are CST

tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:22:42 PM): hello
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:22:47 PM): hi
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:22:55 PM): how are you tonight
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:22:58 PM): ok u?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:22:59 PM): asl
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:23:13 PM): I'm doing good, but kinda bored
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:23:22 PM): me too
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:23:24 PM): 27/m/everett...and u
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:23:29 PM): 13 f poulsbo
(He's been told)
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:23:38 PM): does my age bother you at all (Nope, but it should bother you)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:23:44 PM): lol not really
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:23:53 PM): cool
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:24:03 PM): do you like it in poulsbo
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:24:10 PM): no
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:24:12 PM): :(
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:24:18 PM): why not
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:24:26 PM): it sucks and the people here dont get me
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:24:33 PM): why is that
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:24:57 PM): i did 4h goat raising in my old town and i really like it and miss my goat and people make fun of me for it
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:25:19 PM): they shouldn't make fun of you for that
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:25:25 PM): lol thats what i think
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:25:51 PM): I would never make fun of you for that
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:26:23 PM): :)
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:26:32 PM): so, where did you live before poulsbo
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:26:47 PM): fallon
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:26:49 PM): its a town in nevada
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:26:58 PM): oh
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:27:21 PM): why the move up here
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:27:30 PM): mom was stationed here
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:27:39 PM): Navy
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:27:57 PM): ya
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:28:13 PM): she works on the planes
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:28:25 PM): I was in the Navy, but got out September 2005, I only did 4 years
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:28:28 PM): that's cool
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:28:30 PM): o cool
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:28:33 PM): what do you do now?
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:28:51 PM): I work at Walmart in Marysville (I'm going to guess this is no longer true. They don't like sex offenders who can't come to work because they are in prison any more than any other business!)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:29:23 PM): cool
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:29:38 PM): are your parents strict about what you can and can't do (Do you assess risk much?)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:29:51 PM): lol my mom sorta is but shes not around a lot
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:29:56 PM): and my dad died
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:30:03 PM): oh, I'm sorry
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:30:39 PM): its ok im ok with it now
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:30:46 PM): why isn't she around a lot
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:30:55 PM): she dates alot
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:31:12 PM): oh I see
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:31:28 PM): do you date at all (This is going nowhere good...)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:31:38 PM): sometimes lol i went out with 1 guy
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:31:56 PM): ow often do you date
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:32:16 PM): i havent since i got here
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:32:20 PM): oh
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:32:51 PM): how old of a guy would you date (That's Pedocode for \"Do I have a chance?)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:33:18 PM): ummm not a guy thats like 80
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:33:20 PM): lol
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:33:29 PM): but not a guy my age either cause there just dumb
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:33:50 PM): whould you ever date someone around my age (Now what guy around his age might he be thinking of???? Hrm. I wonder.)
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:34:23 PM): or would he have to be younger
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:34:28 PM): no i probably would
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:34:35 PM): cool
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:34:45 PM): is that you on your profile?
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:34:53 PM): yeah
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:35:36 PM): let me ask you a question, do you get offended at all easily (Now this is a new way of asking \"Can I ask you some personal questions?\")
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:36:07 PM): lol no
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:36:30 PM): may I ask some porsonal questions (Oh my bad. It was really just the precursor question.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:36:42 PM): if you want lol
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:36:50 PM): have you ever had sex (Pervy Triumvirate #1: Virginity. CHECK! Pattern Question #1)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:37:05 PM): no
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:37:14 PM): would you ever have sex (Pattern Question #2)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:37:48 PM): ya probably lol im not gonna be a nun or anything (Leave it to me to be a smart-ass kid. I have nothing against nuns, btw. They're very sweet people and personally I love them to death!)
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:38:24 PM): how long would you wait before you had sex, how old would you be (In other words: How soon can would taking that virginity be possible?)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:38:41 PM): umm i dunno i guess it depended on how i felt about the guy (How many women of any age wouldn't agree with this answer?)
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:39:14 PM): have you ever meet someone from yahoo in person betore (Pattern Question #1)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:39:17 PM): no
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:39:25 PM): would you ever try it (Pattern Question #2)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:39:38 PM): i dunno i guess it depends on how i felt about the person lol
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:39:51 PM): im not gonna go meet some scary person lol
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:40:05 PM): that is understandable
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:40:24 PM): would you ever meet someone from yahoo in person for sex (Pattern question #2 in combined form! He's getting cagey!)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:40:33 PM): omg lol i dunno
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:40:45 PM): why do you wanna know?
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:40:52 PM): just curious (Riiiiiight. I believe that.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:40:56 PM): oh lol
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:41:01 PM): ok
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:41:21 PM): how old of a guy would you have sex with (Now we're moving from how old a guy would I date to how old a guy would I have sex with. This is not going anywhere good. BTW, Pattern Question #3 since he's established that I have never had sex and plan on having sex at some point in my life)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:41:38 PM): i dunno lol but he cant be like grandpa aged
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:41:49 PM): or ugly
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:41:56 PM): would you ever have sex with someone my age (Pattern question #3 - focusing further in on himself)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:42:10 PM): lol maybe like i said it depends
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:42:51 PM): just out of curiosity, would you ever meet someone from yahoo in person for sex (Just out of curiosity... You know, because he would never ask such a thing for anything other than curiosity except that he's already asked that once and it's Pattern QUestion #3.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:43:02 PM): you asked that already
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:43:05 PM): it depends
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:43:22 PM): you never answered, that's why I asked you again
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:43:29 PM): depends on what
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:44:12 PM): if i liked the guy and stuff like that
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:44:56 PM): how long would you wait before you met someone from yahoo in person, for sex or not (We've seen this one before as well, when he was asking about sex and how long I would wait for sex. A cookie to anyone who can tell me what the next question is!)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:45:02 PM): i dunno depends lol
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:45:31 PM): are you getting at something or is it just my imagination? (I was REALLY sick of this tippy toeing business toward what was already blatantly obvious)
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:45:38 PM): would you ever be adventerous and meet someone the same day (Same day? WHOA! That one came out of left field.)
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:45:47 PM): I'm just being curious
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:45:51 PM): lol
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:45:53 PM): just curious?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:46:13 PM): i dunno if i would or not that seems kinda dangerous (I had to put the brakes on at some point. This was feeling too fast to be true.)
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:46:34 PM): why do you say that
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:47:20 PM): i dunno i like 2 talk to people online and i kinda wanna know them before i go meet them ya know? (My child is not going to be incredibly stupid and go meet someone the same day. GEEZ what was he thinking.)
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:47:56 PM): oh
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:48:43 PM): I have been adventerous and meet a few female from yahoo in person before (I would never have guessed...)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:48:50 PM): really?
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:48:55 PM): yeah
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:49:04 PM): like who?
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:49:18 PM): females
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:49:23 PM): lol
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:49:24 PM): ok
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:49:39 PM): I continue to see them
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:49:45 PM): cool
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:50:37 PM): I have meet a few females from yahoo in person for sex also, and I still see them (Oh really... Now that's surprising as well, except not.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:50:46 PM): cool
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:51:07 PM): I use protection when we have sex (Well thank goodness! I'd hate to have a bunch of you running around in kid form.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:51:18 PM): oh good lol
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:52:33 PM): so, you wouldn't be adventerous and meet someone from yahoo for sex (So the condensed version of this is \"I have done it, you won't?)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:52:48 PM): i said i might but it depends
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:53:28 PM): what if I told you that I wanted to meet for sex, what would you do or say (What I'd have liked to respond: What if I told you that I think you're an ugly asshole who needs to have his head stuck in a vice for awhile?)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:54:00 PM): lol ummm i dunno
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:54:19 PM): would you wanna meet for sex (Now he's moved the conditional to himself, not a general situation, and we're well into Pattern question #4, which brings all the questions full circle about meet, sex, age, and online to one set of questions about meeting HIM for sex.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:54:58 PM): but we just started talking (Hello... He's been talking to her for half an hour. My reluctance is totally understandable)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:55:10 PM): can i add you before i decide that? (Yeah all this happened before he ever added me.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:55:11 PM): lol
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:55:34 PM): that is what happened with the other females, we talked for a few hours, then we met for sex (He really thrives on patterns.)
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:55:53 PM): yes you can add me
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:55:55 PM): really?
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:56:02 PM): h
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:56:09 PM): yeah
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:56:13 PM): cool
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:56:30 PM): i gotta find out if my mom is going to be home tonight or not (Half an hour and he's ready to meet for sex. Unbelievable.)
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:56:47 PM): ok, if not would you wanna meet for sex (This continues to blow my mind, that he went this fast.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:56:56 PM): ummm maybe ya lol
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:57:26 PM): cool, I don't have to work until 4pm-12midnight tomorrow
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:57:46 PM): i will let you know if shes going to be home k?
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:57:58 PM): ok, how old is your mom (Weird question, but okay...)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:58:07 PM): 32
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:58:22 PM): cool
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:58:33 PM): does she like to have sex (Oh please tell me he's not going into questions about mom's sex life. What 13 year old wants to think about her mother's sex life? Not one I've ever met and certainly when I was 13 did I want to know!)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:58:49 PM): lol i dunno we dont talk about that
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:58:55 PM): oh I see
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:59:06 PM): k i gotta go i will let you know k?
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:59:17 PM): ok, talk in a bit
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:59:18 PM): k
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:59:22 PM): bye
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 9:57:59 PM): omg of all nights lol
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 9:58:05 PM): mom wants to hang with me tonight
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 9:58:15 PM): why is that
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 9:58:22 PM): lol probably cause she doesnt have a date
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 9:58:24 PM): lol
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 9:58:45 PM): ask her if she likes to have (Ugh. Just ugh.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 9:58:49 PM): lol no way
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 9:58:55 PM): but i will talk to you tomorrow k?
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 9:59:19 PM): I was really wanting to meet tonight (Any doubt that all his questions were pointed?)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 9:59:24 PM): :(
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 9:59:28 PM): me too
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 9:59:33 PM): maybe another night?
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 9:59:53 PM): what about during the day tomorrow or later tonight (Eager much?)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 10:00:03 PM): theres no way :( shes gonna be home
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 10:00:14 PM): maybe tomorrow i dunno tho
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 10:00:41 PM): couldn't you sneak out of the house tonight and meet me for sex, I would drive to where you are at (Hardcore pressure to sneak out and meet him for sex. Wow.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 10:03:40 PM): i cant :(
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 10:03:42 PM): im sorry
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 10:03:46 PM): i really wish i could
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 10:03:46 PM): :(
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 10:04:44 PM): will you be on tomorrow
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 10:05:11 PM): until about 3pm, the I have to go to work
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 10:05:14 PM): ok
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 10:05:31 PM): do you have to work next week?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 10:06:00 PM): i really want to meet you lol
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 10:06:12 PM): yeah, but I have monday and tuesday off
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 10:06:13 PM): i just cant tonite
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 10:06:17 PM): ok
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 10:06:22 PM): you really wanna meet me for sex
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 10:06:26 PM): lol if you wanna ya
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 10:06:45 PM): I want to yes (To be clear, he broached the sex topic of conversation, he pursued the questioning about my child's comfort zones, and he broached meeeting. This was all his choice and his pursuit.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 10:06:58 PM): k then lol i will let you know about next week k?
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 10:07:21 PM): ok, but I wish we could meet for sex tonight
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 10:07:26 PM): me too!!!!!
hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 10:07:30 PM): i gotta go mom is calling me
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 10:07:34 PM): ok
tmceach2000 (11/11/06 10:07:39 PM): bye sexy
hhhhgoatsrock (11/12/06 10:52:52 PM): hiya!
hhhhgoatsrock (11/12/06 10:53:09 PM): im sooooo sorry i didnt get on before you went to work!!!
hhhhgoatsrock (11/12/06 10:53:09 PM): :(
tmceach2000 (11/13/06 2:17:55 AM): hey there
hhhhgoatsrock (11/13/06 2:18:01 AM): hiya!
hhhhgoatsrock (11/13/06 2:18:15 AM): im so sorry i didnt get to the computer in time to let you know before work :(
tmceach2000 (11/13/06 2:18:24 AM): that's alright
tmceach2000 (11/13/06 2:18:34 AM): so, what did you find out
hhhhgoatsrock (11/13/06 2:18:43 AM): i dont know about tomorrow night yet
hhhhgoatsrock (11/13/06 2:18:48 AM): i guess i will find out then
hhhhgoatsrock (11/13/06 2:18:58 AM): she might have a date but it depends on him
tmceach2000 (11/13/06 2:19:36 AM): let's just hope she does have a date
hhhhgoatsrock (11/13/06 2:19:43 AM): lol i hope so too!
tmceach2000 (11/13/06 2:20:15 AM): so, how are yo doing tonight
hhhhgoatsrock (11/13/06 2:20:18 AM): ok
hhhhgoatsrock (11/13/06 2:20:21 AM): a little tired lol
hhhhgoatsrock (11/13/06 2:20:25 AM): i think im going to go to bed
tmceach2000 (11/13/06 2:20:50 AM): alright, let me know what happens
hhhhgoatsrock (11/13/06 2:20:53 AM): ok
tmceach2000 (11/13/06 2:21:02 AM): hopefully we can meet for sex tomorrow night
hhhhgoatsrock (11/13/06 2:21:19 AM): that would be cool!
hhhhgoatsrock (11/13/06 2:21:19 AM): :)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/13/06 2:22:06 AM): ok goodnight!
tmceach2000 (11/13/06 2:22:09 AM): I will be online most all day tomorrow
hhhhgoatsrock (11/13/06 9:14:45 PM): hiya
tmceach2000 (11/13/06 9:14:54 PM): what's up
hhhhgoatsrock (11/13/06 9:15:04 PM): :( im so sad
hhhhgoatsrock (11/13/06 9:16:38 PM): mom is staying home tonight cause im sick :(
tmceach2000 (11/13/06 9:16:51 PM): oh
hhhhgoatsrock (11/13/06 9:16:58 PM): i sooooo wanted to see you too
hhhhgoatsrock (11/13/06 9:16:58 PM): :(
hhhhgoatsrock (11/13/06 9:17:02 PM): :(
hhhhgoatsrock (11/13/06 9:17:31 PM): i hope you dont hate me :(
tmceach2000 (11/13/06 9:17:36 PM): not at all
tmceach2000 (11/13/06 9:17:45 PM): we'll figure something out
hhhhgoatsrock (11/13/06 9:17:47 PM): k
hhhhgoatsrock (11/13/06 9:17:54 PM): do you always have mon and tues off?
tmceach2000 (11/13/06 9:18:05 PM): nope
hhhhgoatsrock (11/13/06 9:18:07 PM): :(
hhhhgoatsrock (11/13/06 9:18:19 PM): do you have any other days off like at the end of this week?
tmceach2000 (11/13/06 9:18:39 PM): I have sunday off, but I already have plans
hhhhgoatsrock (11/13/06 9:18:46 PM): :(
hhhhgoatsrock (11/13/06 9:18:49 PM): ok
hhhhgoatsrock (11/13/06 9:19:27 PM): do you still want to meet me?
tmceach2000 (11/13/06 9:19:52 PM): yeah, of course I do
hhhhgoatsrock (11/13/06 9:19:56 PM): yay!
tmceach2000 (11/13/06 9:20:20 PM): I was curious, do you have any female friends that might want sex also (Uh...This is new...)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/13/06 9:20:38 PM): umm like friends from school?
tmceach2000 (11/13/06 9:20:57 PM): yeah or just friends of yours
hhhhgoatsrock (11/13/06 9:21:18 PM): not really but i can see if i can find out when i go back to school (How do you answer this? He wants to molest multiple-y? That's just bad.)
tmceach2000 (11/13/06 9:21:41 PM): ok, just let me know
hhhhgoatsrock (11/13/06 9:21:43 PM): ok
tmceach2000 (11/13/06 9:22:12 PM): it would make having sex more fun because you won't be the only one there by yourself (Uhhhh Threesome with two kids? Not so much.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/13/06 9:22:27 PM): oh i guess that is true lol
hhhhgoatsrock (11/13/06 9:22:30 PM): i hadnt thought about that
hhhhgoatsrock (11/13/06 9:22:34 PM): i will see
hhhhgoatsrock (11/13/06 9:24:02 PM): ok im tired again im going back to bed
hhhhgoatsrock (11/13/06 9:24:08 PM): goodnight
tmceach2000 (11/13/06 9:24:18 PM): ok, talk to you later
tmceach2000 (11/14/06 5:21:04 PM): hey there
hhhhgoatsrock (11/14/06 5:21:08 PM): hiya
tmceach2000 (11/14/06 5:21:19 PM): how was your day today
hhhhgoatsrock (11/14/06 5:21:25 PM): ok
hhhhgoatsrock (11/14/06 5:21:27 PM): im kinda tired
hhhhgoatsrock (11/14/06 5:21:28 PM): lol
hhhhgoatsrock (11/14/06 5:21:34 PM): mom made me go back to school today
tmceach2000 (11/14/06 5:21:40 PM): oh I see
tmceach2000 (11/14/06 5:21:47 PM): are you feeling better though
hhhhgoatsrock (11/14/06 5:21:50 PM): sorta
hhhhgoatsrock (11/14/06 5:22:12 PM): what did you do today?
tmceach2000 (11/14/06 5:22:22 PM): absolutely nothing
hhhhgoatsrock (11/14/06 5:22:28 PM): lol lucky you
tmceach2000 (11/14/06 5:22:38 PM): not really
tmceach2000 (11/14/06 5:23:02 PM): I'm still very horny, I haven't had sex for about 2 weeks now (OH NOEZ! We should probably send him to the emergency room because he's having a sex deprivation EMERGENCY! He's gotta have sex as soon as possible! /sarcasm)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/14/06 5:23:07 PM): lol that sucks
tmceach2000 (11/14/06 5:23:14 PM): yeah
tmceach2000 (11/14/06 5:23:58 PM): so, are we still gonna meet for sex sometime soon (Any doubt that he wants nothing more than to meet my child for sex?)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/14/06 5:24:04 PM): lol ya i still wanna
tmceach2000 (11/14/06 5:24:09 PM): when
hhhhgoatsrock (11/14/06 5:25:18 PM): brb phone
tmceach2000 (11/14/06 5:25:22 PM): ok
hhhhgoatsrock (11/14/06 5:28:26 PM): :(
hhhhgoatsrock (11/14/06 5:28:36 PM): that was mom asking what i wanted for dinner
hhhhgoatsrock (11/14/06 5:28:41 PM): i guess shes not going out tonight
tmceach2000 (11/14/06 5:29:23 PM): oh
hhhhgoatsrock (11/14/06 5:29:32 PM): :(
hhhhgoatsrock (11/14/06 5:30:40 PM): i was so excited
hhhhgoatsrock (11/14/06 5:31:21 PM): do you hate me?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/14/06 5:31:22 PM): :(
tmceach2000 (11/14/06 5:31:38 PM): why do you think that
tmceach2000 (11/14/06 5:34:04 PM): I don't remember if I asked you or not, but if you started having sex and your mom found out what would she do (So now he starts to assess risk... Right. Good time to do that.)
tmceach2000 (11/14/06 5:34:39 PM): I mean would you get into trouble at all
hhhhgoatsrock (11/14/06 5:35:51 PM): lol i dunno but i dont really wanna find out either lol (Let's not tell mom I'm having sex, k?)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/14/06 5:35:57 PM): i wont tell her
tmceach2000 (11/14/06 5:36:04 PM): oh I see
tmceach2000 (11/14/06 5:37:19 PM): you should ask her if she likes to have sex a lot (I have yet to find out why he keeps going back to the mom/sex thing.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/14/06 5:37:36 PM): and make her wonder why i wanna know??? omg your nuts lol
tmceach2000 (11/14/06 5:38:16 PM): I mean, if she does maybe all 3 of us can get together and have sex (UH... GROSS!!!!one!!111!!eleventy!! That has more elements of Ew to it than I can personally fathom.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/14/06 5:38:32 PM): omg are you serious? (I think I displayed admirable restraint in this answer, personally.)
tmceach2000 (11/14/06 5:38:46 PM): maybe, maybe not
hhhhgoatsrock (11/14/06 5:38:51 PM): lol ok
tmceach2000 (11/14/06 5:38:54 PM): what if I was serious
hhhhgoatsrock (11/14/06 5:39:02 PM): i dunno thats kinda strange (Yet more of that restraint)
tmceach2000 (11/14/06 5:39:15 PM): why is it strange
hhhhgoatsrock (11/14/06 5:39:24 PM): i dont really wanna do that with my mom ya know? (Yeah most girls don't fantasize about sleeping with their moms, as far as I can tell.)
tmceach2000 (11/14/06 5:40:10 PM): well, her and I could do it, then you and I could do it, it would be seperately not together (This option doesn't sound much better, really.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/14/06 5:40:27 PM): so your using me to get to her? (And the appropriate response from my character.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/14/06 5:40:31 PM): thats messed
hhhhgoatsrock (11/14/06 5:40:32 PM): :(
tmceach2000 (11/14/06 5:40:46 PM): no, I'm using her to get to you (Haven't we already established that he doesn't really need to go through the parent to get to me? Other than the fact that she's usually out and now she's staying home a lot he has me.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/14/06 5:40:53 PM): but you dont have to
hhhhgoatsrock (11/14/06 5:40:54 PM): :(
tmceach2000 (11/14/06 5:41:18 PM): it seems like I do because you are never free to meet for sex (That's because I was trying to get my ducks in a row for what needed to happen! Patience!!! So eager for the handcuffs, this one was!)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/14/06 5:41:22 PM): :(
tmceach2000 (11/14/06 5:43:52 PM): I'm just getting kinda frustrated that's all (Can you HEAR the temper tantrum he's throwing? \"I wanna get arrested and you're keeping me from getting arrested! Dangit!)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/14/06 5:43:58 PM): i know im sorry :(
hhhhgoatsrock (11/14/06 5:45:39 PM): i still wanna meet you tho
tmceach2000 (11/14/06 5:46:34 PM): if that's true, then you should try using your mom so that we can meet for sex (That's a new variation on \"If you loved me you would.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/14/06 5:46:54 PM): i dont wanna talk about this with my mom shes gonna ask a bunch of questions
tmceach2000 (11/14/06 5:48:38 PM): then I dunno how we will ever meet
hhhhgoatsrock (11/14/06 5:48:51 PM): on your night off
hhhhgoatsrock (11/14/06 5:49:11 PM): i think moms staying home tonight because i was sick yesterday and she wants to make sure im ok
hhhhgoatsrock (11/14/06 5:49:19 PM): she usually doent
tmceach2000 (11/14/06 5:49:49 PM): then just tell he to go out and have a good time tonight
hhhhgoatsrock (11/14/06 5:50:08 PM): i can try
hhhhgoatsrock (11/14/06 5:51:25 PM): but she wont be home for awhile so i gotta wait til then
tmceach2000 (11/14/06 5:52:20 PM): do what you can and let me know
hhhhgoatsrock (11/14/06 5:52:37 PM): k
hhhhgoatsrock (11/14/06 5:52:45 PM): i will i really wanna get together!!!
tmceach2000 (11/14/06 5:53:12 PM): cool
hhhhgoatsrock (11/14/06 5:55:42 PM): hey before mom gets home could i call you? (I was starting to have second thoughts. He was just too forward.)
tmceach2000 (11/14/06 5:56:01 PM): why do you wanna call me
hhhhgoatsrock (11/14/06 5:56:07 PM): so i can hear your voice lol
hhhhgoatsrock (11/14/06 5:57:05 PM): :(
tmceach2000 (11/14/06 5:57:17 PM): I don't like talking on the phone usually
hhhhgoatsrock (11/14/06 5:57:32 PM): :(
hhhhgoatsrock (11/14/06 5:57:34 PM): just this once?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/14/06 5:57:38 PM): i promise i wont call again unless you say
tmceach2000 (11/14/06 5:58:05 PM): I would rather wait and be suprised
hhhhgoatsrock (11/14/06 5:58:21 PM): how do i know your not like 80?
tmceach2000 (11/14/06 5:58:38 PM): trust me, I'm not that old
hhhhgoatsrock (11/14/06 5:58:41 PM): :(
hhhhgoatsrock (11/14/06 5:58:56 PM): if i cant see you tonight i wanna at least be able to think bout your voice :(
tmceach2000 (11/14/06 5:59:57 PM): what's the fun in that, wouldn't you rather be suprised
hhhhgoatsrock (11/14/06 6:00:04 PM): lol i hate suprises
tmceach2000 (11/14/06 6:00:12 PM): I like suprises
hhhhgoatsrock (11/14/06 6:00:14 PM): :(
hhhhgoatsrock (11/14/06 6:00:46 PM): just for like one min?
tmceach2000 (11/14/06 6:01:11 PM): I would rather wait
hhhhgoatsrock (11/14/06 6:01:16 PM): :(
tmceach2000 (11/14/06 6:01:49 PM): think of it as an incentive to get you mom out of the house tonight so that we can meet for sex (Ugh. Just ugh.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/14/06 6:02:40 PM): :(
hhhhgoatsrock (11/14/06 6:04:54 PM): k im gonna go do my homework
hhhhgoatsrock (11/14/06 6:05:00 PM): i will let you know bout tonight k?
tmceach2000 (11/14/06 6:05:05 PM): ok
hhhhgoatsrock (11/15/06 7:43:11 PM): hiya!
hhhhgoatsrock (11/15/06 7:43:14 PM): i thought you were working?
tmceach2000 (11/15/06 7:43:49 PM): 7am-4pm
hhhhgoatsrock (11/15/06 7:44:00 PM): ohhhhh lol cool
hhhhgoatsrock (11/15/06 7:44:30 PM): i went to go talk to my mom last night and she said i should go to bed since i was sick :(
hhhhgoatsrock (11/15/06 7:44:58 PM): sorry
tmceach2000 (11/15/06 7:45:09 PM): what about tonight
hhhhgoatsrock (11/15/06 7:45:13 PM): shes homes
hhhhgoatsrock (11/15/06 7:45:16 PM): home
hhhhgoatsrock (11/15/06 7:45:35 PM): but i heard her on the phone talking to some guy about tomorrow
tmceach2000 (11/15/06 7:46:03 PM): I don't wanna keep waiting and putting it off
hhhhgoatsrock (11/15/06 7:46:13 PM): me neither!
hhhhgoatsrock (11/15/06 7:46:46 PM): but i dont wanna get in trouble either lol id be grounded for life
tmceach2000 (11/15/06 7:48:53 PM): you won't get in trouble as long as your mom never knows (Wow. Usually it's the other way around.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/15/06 7:49:25 PM): i know but thats why i gotta wait til shes gone and im not sick so shes all worrying about me
tmceach2000 (11/15/06 7:49:46 PM): then tell her that you aren't sick anymore
hhhhgoatsrock (11/15/06 7:49:51 PM): lol i did
hhhhgoatsrock (11/15/06 7:50:06 PM): but she was posed to go out with the guy shes going out with tomorrow night tonight
hhhhgoatsrock (11/15/06 7:50:12 PM): he moved it to tomorrow
tmceach2000 (11/15/06 7:50:47 PM): well, he is a dumd ass for doing that
hhhhgoatsrock (11/15/06 7:51:08 PM): i know!
tmceach2000 (11/15/06 7:51:40 PM): well, if we can't meet tomorrow night then I guess we won't be meeting at all (An ultimatum. To meet a child for sex. Un. Fucking. Believable.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/15/06 7:51:43 PM): :(
hhhhgoatsrock (11/15/06 7:51:48 PM): why not?
tmceach2000 (11/15/06 7:52:00 PM): because I can't keep waiting
hhhhgoatsrock (11/15/06 7:52:26 PM): :(
hhhhgoatsrock (11/15/06 7:52:47 PM): i really wanna see you tho
hhhhgoatsrock (11/15/06 7:52:59 PM): if you still wanna see me :(
tmceach2000 (11/15/06 7:53:39 PM): yeah, but I get the feeling that you are trying to make excuses for us not to meet for sex (We'll just call him Mr. Swift now, k?)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/15/06 7:53:57 PM): im not i promise i just dont wanna get in trouble and i will if mom is home
hhhhgoatsrock (11/15/06 7:54:08 PM): i hate that i got sick this week so shes all fussing no matter what i say
hhhhgoatsrock (11/15/06 7:54:11 PM): :(
hhhhgoatsrock (11/15/06 7:54:33 PM): she hasnt let me go to the barn or anywhere :(
hhhhgoatsrock (11/15/06 8:00:22 PM): you hate me :(
tmceach2000 (11/15/06 8:01:31 PM): like I said earlier, if we can't meet for sex tomorrow then I don't wanna meet at all (Any question in anyone's mind what he wanted from me and why he was coming to meet me? None? Good.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/15/06 8:01:46 PM): i know i will try hard to get her out tomorrow night k?
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 4:42:39 AM): Check it Out :P
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:08:00 PM): omg omg omg omg omg!!!! i got good news and bad news but i think the bad news is okay
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 6:29:26 PM): hey there
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 6:30:54 PM): what is the good news and the bad news
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:31:02 PM): oh yay youre home!
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:31:11 PM): so mom isnt going out tonight but she said i can go to my friends house
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:31:32 PM): cept i dont wanna go to my friends house :D
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 6:31:45 PM): ok
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:32:01 PM): do you still wanna get together?
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 6:32:17 PM): yeah, but how would it work then
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:32:26 PM): i dunno could we do it somewhere else?
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 6:32:36 PM): like where
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:32:43 PM): ummm what about a hotel?
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 6:32:56 PM): I can't afford a hotel right now
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:32:59 PM): :(
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 6:33:18 PM): unless we just parked somewhere and did it
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 6:33:47 PM): but not sure if we would get caught doing it that way or not
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:34:38 PM): prolly not
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 6:35:14 PM): I wouldn't want a cop to see us then we both would get in trouble (This is the FIRST time he's mentioned the word \"cop.\")
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:35:16 PM): if we found somewhere quiet
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 6:35:23 PM): like where
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 6:36:10 PM): do you know any quiet place where we could do it
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:36:24 PM): ya theres this park
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 6:36:53 PM): is it very busy, are there lots of people that go there
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:37:02 PM): we could meet there and then go somewhere else
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 6:37:33 PM): where would we go though
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:38:25 PM): there are these cool docks that nobody hangs out at (For those of you familiar with Washington State history, these would be one set of the old docks that were used by the Mosquito Fleet of ferries that used to operate in the area. There's talk of bringing those back, ya know!)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:39:17 PM): :)
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 6:39:33 PM): that is an option, how would we do it, would we do it in my car or somewhere on the docks
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:39:38 PM): we could meet at the park by my house and then go there
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:39:42 PM): lol cant we decide when we get there?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:39:53 PM): youre the one that likes surprises
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 6:39:59 PM): I dunno, I guess
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:40:01 PM): how do you wanna do it?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:40:05 PM): lol i never done it
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 6:40:46 PM): should I bring a blanket or something like that or would you be able to provide a blanket (He's going to make the kid bring a blanket for the rape that's going to happen at the deserted docks in the cold of November over the ocean in Washington. Yeah that's the very definition of a gentleman right there. Step right up ladies!)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:41:10 PM): i cant bring one but that would be good
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 6:41:16 PM): I mean, just in case we end up doing it outside
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:41:40 PM): ya that would be good
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:41:45 PM): its cold by the water (Me with the obvious.)
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 6:41:52 PM): we would need something for comfort and cussion
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:42:29 PM): ya
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:42:39 PM): when do you wanna come here? i can get away anytime
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 6:42:43 PM): it would be easier if we could do it at your house, but your mom is home tonight
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:42:48 PM): ya i know
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 6:43:09 PM): I wanna wait until traffic dies down before I make the trip
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:43:12 PM): ok
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:43:16 PM): so what time?
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 6:43:58 PM): I where do you live
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:44:05 PM): poulsbo
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:44:12 PM): near the downtown area
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:46:03 PM): we can meet at *edited*
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:46:06 PM): its like this *edited*
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:46:07 PM): if you want
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:46:09 PM): then go to the docks
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 6:46:32 PM): I dunno, we will figure out where we will do it
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:46:37 PM): ok
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 6:47:07 PM): it would be nice if we didn't have to be out in the cold while we are doing it
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:47:10 PM): i know
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:47:16 PM): i wish my mom was going out
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 6:47:27 PM): why isn't se going out
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:47:35 PM): they are watching a movie at our house
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:47:36 PM): :I
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 6:47:44 PM): oh I see
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 6:48:45 PM): would we be able to do it at your friends house or are your friends parents gonna be home tonight (Huh? Do it at my friend's house? This guy is unbelievable. I was just waiting for him to say \"Just kidding! SIKE!!)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:48:54 PM): theyre gonna be home
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:49:23 PM): the docks are romantic tho
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 6:49:26 PM): I just don't wanna freeze my ass off doing it outside (Then you should come up with the scratch for a hotel room.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:49:33 PM): lol we dont have to be out on the docks
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 6:49:46 PM): where would we do it
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:50:11 PM): you will see when we get there and we can decide
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:50:28 PM): nobody goes out there tho so we shouldnt get caught
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 6:50:41 PM): oh, ok
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:51:01 PM): its like this old ferry dock that isnt used anymore (She might know about the Mosquito Fleet since she lives there, but it's unlikely. This had to sound fairly convincing as the facts coming from someone who had gotten a glossed over version of the history from a friend or friend's parent.)
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 6:51:12 PM): oh I see
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 6:51:27 PM): does it have some type of shelter or something
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:51:42 PM): ya there is a small building down by the water (There's not really. I just was trying to get him off the topic.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:52:02 PM): i like the ocean sounds :)
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 6:52:25 PM): so, is this small building abandoned or something like that (No. It's inhabited. Dumbass.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:52:31 PM): ya
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:52:39 PM): i think so
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:52:52 PM): when do you wanna meet tho?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:53:02 PM): i gotta tell my mom when im going to my friends house :D
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 6:53:14 PM): are you sure it isn't being used, you might wanna make sure it is abandoned
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:53:40 PM): how am i supposed to know that? you have to drive there (Me with the obvious again.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:54:03 PM): how about we go there and then if its being used well figure out what we wanna do from there k?
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 6:54:40 PM): sounds good to me, I will leave at 7pm and it takes about 1.5-2 hours to get douwn there to poulsbo
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:54:44 PM): ok
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:54:47 PM): so like 9?
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 6:54:54 PM): yeah
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:55:01 PM): ok
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:55:17 PM): omg i cant wait!
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 6:55:25 PM): how do you wanna do it
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:55:26 PM): you gonna bring anything else?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:55:30 PM): lol what do you mean?
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 6:55:49 PM): regular, anal, doggie (For someone who wants surprises and spur of the moment he sure wanted to plan a lot!)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:55:55 PM): whats best?
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 6:56:00 PM): I dunno
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 6:56:04 PM): I like doggie
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:56:09 PM): ok
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 6:56:13 PM): never tried anal (Pervy Triumvirate #2: Would you try Anal?)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:56:19 PM): like in the butt?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:56:22 PM): omg lol
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:56:30 PM): that sounds gross
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 6:56:33 PM): yeah, in the butt
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 6:56:43 PM): what else would you want me to bring
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:57:44 PM): umm i dunno
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:58:01 PM): im not gonna get pregnant am I?
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 6:58:21 PM): I hope not, I always use protection
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:58:23 PM): ok
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:58:24 PM): :)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:58:30 PM): i dont have any
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 6:58:39 PM): I have some condoms
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:58:42 PM): ok
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:58:45 PM): :)
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 6:59:32 PM): actually, maybe I will leave at 6pm instead of 7pm (He's eager.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:59:43 PM): ok
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 6:59:48 PM): yayayaya
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 7:00:29 PM): would you like to try anal (See above)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 7:00:35 PM): i dunno
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 7:00:38 PM): that sound like it would hurt
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 7:00:41 PM): brb
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 7:00:44 PM): ok
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 7:01:17 PM): i cant meet you til 9 :(
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 7:01:38 PM): mom was asking too many questions bout me saying i wanted to go earlier
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 7:01:53 PM): oh, ok
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 7:02:20 PM): so, are you willing to suck my cock tonight
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 7:02:25 PM): ya if you want me to
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 7:02:54 PM): what about swallowing my cum
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 7:03:07 PM): is it gross?
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 7:03:36 PM): I dunno, you'll have to find out
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 7:03:56 PM): ok
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 7:03:57 PM): :)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 7:04:00 PM): i will let you know
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 7:04:05 PM): cool
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 7:04:31 PM): ok do you want to know where *edited* is?
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 7:05:30 PM): what is the name if *edited*
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 7:05:34 PM): *edited*
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 7:06:11 PM): how will i know its you?
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 7:06:33 PM): not sure
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 7:06:57 PM): lol then how will i know you?
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 7:07:57 PM): I drive a blue/green Nissan Altima
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 7:08:02 PM): ok
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 7:08:50 PM): where is the park located
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 7:09:19 PM): by *edited*
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 7:09:51 PM): there *edited* in it
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 7:10:24 PM): *edited* lol
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 7:13:54 PM): how would I get there coming from bremerton
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 7:14:26 PM): lemme get you mapquest
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 7:14:40 PM): ok
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 7:14:49 PM): from the ferry?
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 7:15:40 PM): nope, I can't afford the ferry, I'm gonna go the long way around and drive through bremerton
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 7:15:48 PM): oh ok
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 7:17:05 PM): would you be able to meet me in bremerton and then take me to that place from bremerton (WTF? Now he wants the kid to meet him somewhere way far away?)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 7:17:14 PM): no i cant get to bremerton
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 7:17:34 PM): what about silverdale
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 7:17:39 PM): i dont drive
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 7:17:47 PM): I know
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 7:19:03 PM): i got a map
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 7:19:16 PM): take *direction*
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 7:19:25 PM): ok
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 7:19:31 PM): take the *direction*
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 7:19:45 PM): yeah
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 7:19:48 PM): take that to *direction*
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 7:19:54 PM): and *direction*
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 7:20:03 PM): its on the water side
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 7:20:49 PM): theres a *direction*
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 7:21:07 PM): *direction*
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 7:21:22 PM): ok, I'll try to find it
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 7:23:45 PM): do you have a cell phone in case you arent there so i can go home and call you?
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 7:23:56 PM): nope
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 7:23:58 PM): ok
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 7:24:03 PM): i guess i will wait then :)
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 7:24:20 PM): is ti a *location* or a *location*
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 7:24:33 PM): *location*? lol i guess people take their *description*
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 7:24:43 PM): *location* is somewhere else
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 7:24:50 PM): oh, ok
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 7:25:26 PM): i gotta go get ready k?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 7:25:29 PM): i cant wait!
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 7:25:30 PM): :)
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 7:25:48 PM): cool, I have to go shower and get ready also
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 7:25:55 PM): k i will see you at 9 then at the park?
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 7:26:10 PM): ok, I'll try not to get lost
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 7:26:21 PM): k lol its hard to get lost there
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 7:26:27 PM): i cant wait!
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 7:26:44 PM): if not is there a mall we could meet at or someplace else we could meet
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 7:26:50 PM): not really
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 7:26:54 PM): not that i can get to at 9
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 7:27:01 PM): the park is right down the street from my house
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 7:27:07 PM): well sorta lol
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 7:27:13 PM): i can walk there
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 7:27:22 PM): oh, ok
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 7:27:29 PM): the closest mall is in silverdale
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 7:27:46 PM): what about any antique malls (This seemed random, though I guess they are usually sparsely populated)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 7:27:57 PM): those arent open at 9
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 7:28:10 PM): its okay nobody will be at the park that late anyway
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 7:28:35 PM): I mean if I get lost we could meet at the antique maal
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 7:28:43 PM): oh what antique mall?
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 7:29:00 PM): is there one close to your house
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 7:29:03 PM): no
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 7:30:12 PM): not that i know of at least
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 7:30:18 PM): oh, ok
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 7:30:42 PM): i gotta go get ready! lol
tmceach2000 (11/16/06 7:30:55 PM): ok, I'll see you later tonight
hhhhgoatsrock (11/16/06 7:31:00 PM): yayayayaya

As you can see, he wanted NOTHING more than to meet my child persona for sex. He was eager and pushy. All his questions were pointed and calculated to determine the chances for meeting me for sex. He would fall definitively into the category of \"Fast Mover\" rather than \"Groomer.\" I, for one, am glad to see the Troy Shannon McEachern will be dealing with the consequences of his choices for 15 months of state prison and another 3-4 years of probation along with 15 years of Sex Offender registration.

Disclaimer: This information is made available for the purpose of informing the internet community, creating awareness for parents, and deterring individuals such as this. Our claims of "truth" with this file are limited to two areas, that the screen name in question had the conversation above, and that in files post-September 1st, 2003, that the phone number included in the file was used during the commission of this chatlog. The only person with the authority to remove this file is

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