Robert here had one thing on his mind!
Bust by General Tso @ 1/5/2005 9:33 PM PST


Perverted Justice mark: Robert Francis, 34
Yahoo IM: spongebob_giantdick [ ]
Location: Merriam, Kansas
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This wannabe pedo tried to solicit bethinindep, a 13 year old girl
... or so they thought!

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Robert here had our favorite handbook in front of him, asked about my virginity and wanted a blowjob when he came over. Soooooo sorry that didn't work out for you, Bob. I can call him Bob, right? Since we're so familiar now? Bob it is!


spongebob_giantdick (3:08:52 PM):what u look like ?
bethinindep (3:09:03 PM): im 5'4 n 110 (You know, your average middle school age kid sized!)
bethinindep (3:09:04 PM): u?
bethinindep (3:09:14 PM): were u at agin?
spongebob_giantdick (3:09:21 PM): im 5 ft 7 and 170
spongebob_giantdick (3:09:25 PM): im in merriam ks
bethinindep (3:09:27 PM): kewl
spongebob_giantdick (3:09:30 PM): ya
bethinindep (3:09:30 PM): how old r u?
spongebob_giantdick (3:09:41 PM): do u care how old i am babe ? (Pet names already? Damn I feel special!)
spongebob_giantdick (3:09:43 PM):
bethinindep (3:09:50 PM): not relly lol
spongebob_giantdick (3:09:55 PM): ok
spongebob_giantdick (3:10:03 PM): im 34 but i look younger in person (uh huh. Sure you do. Keep talking!)
spongebob_giantdick (3:10:13 PM): an i work at *Admin Edit: Not anymore, you don't* in o.p (Heh, and here I thought this would be a difficult thing to get out of him!)
bethinindep (3:10:20 PM): kewl
spongebob_giantdick (3:10:25 PM): ya
spongebob_giantdick (3:10:29 PM): how old r u ?
bethinindep (3:10:31 PM): 13 (He's been told!)
spongebob_giantdick (3:10:36 PM): oh ok thats cool (Insert my gasp of mock shock here. If he had chosen door #2, he would have been able to leave with some nice parting gifts, but no. He chose door #1, which is definitely not the good one. Poor Bob.)
bethinindep (3:10:49 PM): so wat u doin today?
spongebob_giantdick (3:11:01 PM): fixin to goto work in a few minutes
bethinindep (3:11:07 PM): tat sux (I continue to amaze myself at the number of typos that manage to make it past my keyboard!)
spongebob_giantdick (3:11:09 PM): gotta close tonight
spongebob_giantdick (3:11:10 PM): ya
bethinindep (3:11:21 PM): dam!
bethinindep (3:11:23 PM): im so bord!
spongebob_giantdick (3:11:30 PM): do u ever give ur number out to guys u talk to online ? (You mean you want me to talk to you on the phone? I think I have someone who can do just that for me. Stay tuned!)
bethinindep (3:11:47 PM): um not most of teh tiem
spongebob_giantdick (3:11:52 PM): oh ok
spongebob_giantdick (3:11:55 PM): its cool
bethinindep (3:11:59 PM): ma forards calls to her celly (I didn't know companies actually did this. They do!)
bethinindep (3:12:05 PM): so i cant get calls or she gets em
bethinindep (3:12:06 PM): lol
spongebob_giantdick (3:12:10 PM): i see
spongebob_giantdick (3:12:26 PM): i was hopin u might let me call u sometime if i had a chance to ?
spongebob_giantdick (3:12:38 PM): is ur real name beth ?
bethinindep (3:12:40 PM): yea (In a manner of speaking. I'd probably take awhile to answer, but sure, Beth can be my name today!)
spongebob_giantdick (3:12:55 PM): cool my name is robert
bethinindep (3:12:57 PM): bethany, but my frinds cal me beth
bethinindep (3:12:58 PM): kewl
spongebob_giantdick (3:13:03 PM): ok
spongebob_giantdick (3:13:10 PM): do u like older guys ?
bethinindep (3:13:32 PM): yea
bethinindep (3:13:33 PM): lol
bethinindep (3:13:35 PM): but ma dont no
spongebob_giantdick (3:13:45 PM): cool what do u like about them ?, thats cool (Cool? On what plane of existence do you live?)
bethinindep (3:13:51 PM): guyz my age r dum!
bethinindep (3:13:52 PM): lol
spongebob_giantdick (3:13:56 PM): ya i know
spongebob_giantdick (3:14:05 PM): r u still a virgin ? (Now how did I know THIS question was coming? If I get one more of the pervy triumvirate, I get a plaque!)
bethinindep (3:14:14 PM): ya lol
spongebob_giantdick (3:14:19 PM): ok thats cool
spongebob_giantdick (3:14:30 PM): u want to know what i look like ?
bethinindep (3:14:36 PM): u got a pic?
spongebob_giantdick (3:14:42 PM): no i dont sorry
bethinindep (3:14:45 PM): tat sux
bethinindep (3:14:48 PM):
bethinindep (3:14:49 PM): cam?
spongebob_giantdick (3:15:08 PM): ya i know no cam sorry hunny im at the library (Better than no pic and no cam, this guy doesn't even own a computer, either! He's picking up the kiddies on a library computer!)
bethinindep (3:15:15 PM): awwww
spongebob_giantdick (3:15:29 PM): ya sorry
spongebob_giantdick (3:15:42 PM): i would show u a pic or a cam if i had one tho but i dont
bethinindep (3:15:46 PM): i no
bethinindep (3:15:53 PM): so wat u doin this eve?
bethinindep (3:16:58 PM): wat tiem u work?
spongebob_giantdick (3:17:08 PM): 530 to 930
bethinindep (3:17:24 PM): o tat sux
spongebob_giantdick (3:17:37 PM): ya
spongebob_giantdick (3:18:17 PM): if i ever had a chance to come see u would u want me to come see u in pewrson one day ?(You mean you want to meet? How novel!)
bethinindep (3:18:31 PM): yea!
spongebob_giantdick (3:19:03 PM): ok cool
spongebob_giantdick (3:19:12 PM): where would u want me to meet u at ?
bethinindep (3:19:31 PM): prolly my house
spongebob_giantdick (3:19:44 PM): cool (Bob here sucks at giving right answers, he really does.)
bethinindep (3:19:45 PM): ma has the next few dayz off, but ten she works agin (Christmas was coming, and I did NOT want to be taking valuable time away from my family to chat up this guy!)
spongebob_giantdick (3:19:50 PM): ok
spongebob_giantdick (3:20:08 PM): does she work during the day ?
bethinindep (3:20:33 PM): yea
spongebob_giantdick (3:20:36 PM): cool
bethinindep (3:20:37 PM): sumtimes nites
spongebob_giantdick (3:20:45 PM): cool
spongebob_giantdick (3:21:36 PM): would u wanna do anything with me after u met me or just sit around an talk ? (Remember that mock shock and horror back there about 12 minutes ago? It's back. He wants to do more than sit around and talk??? Whoda thunkit?)
bethinindep (3:21:45 PM): im up for nething lol
spongebob_giantdick (3:22:15 PM): cool
spongebob_giantdick (3:22:26 PM): have u ever givin a guy a bj b4 ? (DING DING DING! Call up the wannabe wagon! This guy just entered the major leagues!)
bethinindep (3:22:39 PM): no, but it sounds fun lol (Uh huh, sure...)
spongebob_giantdick (3:22:59 PM): ok cool
spongebob_giantdick (3:23:21 PM): if u saw me an u liked the way i looked if i asked u to do that for me would u do that to me ? (Push for it much? Geez!)
bethinindep (3:23:32 PM): yea lol i gess
spongebob_giantdick (3:23:41 PM): cool
bethinindep (3:25:05 PM): kin i call u?
bethinindep (3:25:11 PM): b4 work?
spongebob_giantdick (3:25:16 PM): u wanna call me later at work tonight after i get there ? (You mean you're going to have some kid call you at work! It's a good thing this is a real kid! It'd really suck if say... Perverted Justice got ahold of this phone number!)
bethinindep (3:25:31 PM): um sure lol
spongebob_giantdick (3:25:51 PM): ok u have something to write with ?
bethinindep (3:26:00 PM): yea (Yep! An IM window with my wonderful verifier work for you? k good!)
spongebob_giantdick (3:26:24 PM): EDIT
bethinindep (3:26:51 PM): wen do u want me to call lol
spongebob_giantdick (3:27:23 PM): how late can u use the phone ?
bethinindep (3:27:31 PM): um ma works til 11
bethinindep (3:27:33 PM): so wenever.
spongebob_giantdick (3:28:09 PM): oh ok call me around 930 tonight ok ?
bethinindep (3:28:15 PM): k
spongebob_giantdick (3:29:00 PM): ok i look forward to talkin to u later ok princess
bethinindep (3:29:07 PM): l8er!
spongebob_giantdick (3:29:34 PM): ok l8ter baby :-8
spongebob_giantdick (3:29:45 PM):
bethinindep (3:29:59 PM): talk to u soon
spongebob_giantdick (3:30:28 PM): ya talk to u soon
spongebob_giantdick (3:42:08 PM): hey babe sorry about that my comp froze
bethinindep (3:42:17 PM): u rnt at work?
spongebob_giantdick (3:42:44 PM): im leavin right now but i wanted to say bye first
bethinindep (3:43:20 PM): k
bethinindep (3:43:21 PM): bye
spongebob_giantdick (3:43:36 PM): bye princess



spongebob_giantdick (1:48:00 PM): hey sweety i dont know when u will see this ? but i was on for most of the day today thursday an i was hopin i would see u online but since i havent seen u yet ? call me tonight after i get to work ok i wanna talk to u some more so we can get to know each other better i will b there after 5 today thanks princess ttyl robert


spongebob_giantdick (12:21:20 PM): hey hun its me robert i just wanted to say hi an that i miss chattin wit ya hope to talk to u soon bye 4 now robert

Robert will be sorely disappointed that Beth was not really the cute little 13 year old he so desperately wanted. He doesn't know he's famous yet.

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