Michael drove from Atlanta to Hartford, AL to have sex with little Erica
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Perverted Justice mark: Michael Lee Graue, 58
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Location: Atlanta, Georgia
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This wannabe pedo tried to solicit er1ca_leah_cx, a 14 year old girl
... or so they thought!

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Chat Site, 3/14/14

Handsome Gentleman: hi... older single white guy here in Atlanta looking for a younger but mature girl for chat.. are you interested?
14 f bama: asl?
Handsome Gentleman: Mike...45...single...white..
Handsome Gentleman:atlanta
Handsome Gentleman:you?
14 fbama: 14 f bama
Handsome Gentleman: cool
Handsome Gentleman: near bmgham?
14 f bama: near dothan
Handsome Gentleman: ok cool
Handsome Gentleman: do you like older men?
Handsome Gentleman:very nice to meet you
14 f bama: u 2
Handsome Gentleman: you seem you consider yourself mature for yourage?
14 f bama: Yah I do
Handsome Gentleman: wow perfect...
14 f bama: sorry I have 2 many messages poppin up hard 2 type
Handsome Gentleman: do you have ya hoo?
Handsome Gentleman: i'm getting bombarded too
14 f bama: yah its er1ca_leah_cx
Handsome Gentleman: georgiamike1968
Handsome Gentleman: add me?

YIM Conversation 3/14/2014

georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:05:39 PM): you there?
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:05:48 PM): mike here in atlanta
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:06:45 PM): hey im here lol sorry
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:06:53 PM): hi Erica
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:06:57PM): wow that room is nuts
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:07:01 PM): so hard to chat there
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:07:13 PM): I know lol
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:07:15 PM): thank you so much for adding me and connecting here...
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:07:21 PM): you seem really nice...
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:07:30 PM): and you really like older men?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:08:00 PM): yah
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:08:06 PM): boys my age r so lame
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:08:15 PM): yeah I know...I was one once....
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:08:17 PM): lol
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:08:31 PM): what is the oldest you've been with?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:08:50 PM): um my last bf was 17
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:09:12 PM): really haven't experienced an older man?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:09:23 PM): nope
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:09:24 PM): ok...
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:09:42 PM): but you are curious and interested in that? just trying to understand what your interest level is?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:10:04 PM): lol well wut do u mean
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:10:53 PM): I'm just trying to understand what you would like
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:11:14 PM): idk Im kool w anything really
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:11:17 PM): whether you are interested in just chat? online relationship? or meeting in person?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:11:26 PM): up 2 u I guess lol
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:11:38 PM): wut do u look like?
georgiamike1968(03/14/14 4:11:54 PM): no...up to us
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:12:03 PM): trade pics?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:12:40 PM): ok
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:14:05 PM): there's a couple of me
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:14:29 PM): cute cat ^_^
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:14:33 PM): whats its name
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:14:40 PM): that is suki
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:14:52 PM): she is my only g/f right
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:14:57 PM): awww lol
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:15:00 PM): she is soo cute
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:15:32 PM): yeah she is...
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:15:35 PM): and so are
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:15:40 PM): any others?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:16:42 PM): u rly think Im cute?
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:16:57 PM): omg yes
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:17:11 PM): I so love dark hair girls
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:17:22 PM): well thx ^_^
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:17:28 PM): you like me?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:17:49 PM): ya I think ur cute 2
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:17:54 PM): ahh be real
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:18:14 PM): ur pretty hot 4 an older guy!
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:18:23 PM): you really think so Erica?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:18:46 PM): ya I do!
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:18:53 PM): is that bad lol
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:18:59 PM): you are so sweet...and that is not bad...
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:19:06 PM): I'm glad you like
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:19:23 PM): so you are interested in taking the time to get to know me?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:19:39 PM): sure
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:19:49 PM): I would love that
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:19:53 PM): I want something ongoing...
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:19:59 PM): I'm not a one and done type....
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:20:08 PM): I'm so tired of women my age
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:20:14 PM): how come
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:20:41 PM): energy...all have an agenda that I don't like
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:21:02 PM): so are you like a Freshman Erica?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:21:13 PM): nope, next year
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:21:31 PM): do your parents know you chat with older men?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:21:51 PM): I jus live w my mom n nope
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:22:01 PM): she would prob take my phone n computer away lol
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:22:34 PM): you have many that you chat or talk with? older I mean?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:22:58 PM): guys at my skool yah
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:23:29 PM): I mean older men?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:23:36 PM): oh, nope
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:23:47 PM): oh I would be the only older guy?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:23:55 PM): ya
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:24:11 PM): cool
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:24:52 PM): brb
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:24:57 PM): ok
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:28:00 PM): ok back
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:28:08 PM): ok good
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:28:13 PM): I'm enjoying chatting
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:28:34 PM): sorry I just had 2 grab sum food
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:28:44 PM): good....get some for me?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:29:05 PM): hehe if u like doritos
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:30:08 PM): yes i do
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:30:26 PM): so how old were you when you became sexually active Erica?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:30:55 PM): um last year w my bf
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:31:33 PM): ok cool
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:31:43 PM): are you seeing anyone now sexually?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:31:52 PM): nope
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:31:59 PM): n we only did it 1 time n he broke up w me
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:32:11 PM): ahh crap
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:32:29 PM): so he took your virginity and then broke up?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:32:38 PM): yup
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:32:46 PM): AND then he went out w my friend after
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:32:49 PM): jerk
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:32:54 PM): YUP
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:32:58 PM): I have other names for him but I won't go there
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:33:19 PM): there all like that at my skool
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:33:39 PM): so you would consider an ongoing relationship with me?
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:33:55 PM): I'm not looking for one time anything...
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:34:19 PM): yeah I want a guy who knows how 2 treat girls
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:34:46 PM): oh an older more experienced guy is of interest?
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:35:03 PM): one who knows how to make a girl feel like she is special and the only girl on the planet?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:35:17 PM): well the guys that I kno my age at my skool are soo stupid n they cant even drive
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:35:22 PM): ya ^_^
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:35:45 PM): are exactly what I'm looking for...I've never been with a girl your age...
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:35:53 PM): you don't think badly of me do you?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:36:03 PM): hmm no?
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:36:09 PM): good...I really like you
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:36:14 PM): and the more we talk the more I like
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:37:00 PM): kool
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:37:07 PM): so you were 13 when you had sex the first time?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:37:18 PM): yea
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:37:29 PM): ok...was it paiful for you hun?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:37:48 PM): yea it was at first
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:38:27 PM): yeah...glad you got that ofver with
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:38:37 PM): sorta
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:38:40 PM): oh ok...
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:39:04 PM): if we will be amazed at how you get treated by me...
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:39:24 PM): oh yah y do u say that
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:40:03 PM): well I so enjoy making a girl feel special
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:40:15 PM): and I know how to make you enjoy your sexual experience
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:40:26 PM): and I would love to share that....with you
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:40:31 PM): if you are interested at some point
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:40:55 PM): that sounds like it would b kool..
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:41:20 PM): yeah...I know how to kiss and make you feel the butterflies...
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:41:25 PM): if you know what I mean...???
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:41:40 PM): hehe yah ^_^
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:41:48 PM): nice feelings aren't they?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:42:02 PM): yah there like the best
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:42:26 PM): for real...
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:42:32 PM): do you masterbate often Erica?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:42:41 PM): no not really
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:43:32 PM): ok
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:43:50 PM): have you had an orgasm? or did you have one the time you had sex?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:44:13 PM): no I dnt think I ever had 1 b4
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:44:40 PM): ok...I can help with that
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:44:50 PM): u can?
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:45:09 PM): oh yes...maybe you will have your first with me...
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:45:29 PM): if you will let yourself go with me it will be the most amazing feeling
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:45:56 PM): the best orgasm for a woman is from oral sex...
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:46:09 PM): would u really do that 2 me?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:46:24 PM): I thought guys dnt like doing that
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:46:58 PM): omg it's my favorite...does it not appeal to you?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:47:11 PM): idk never had it b4 lol
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:47:41 PM): would you be willing to try it?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:48:00 PM): sure
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:48:15 PM): Im curious abt it..
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:48:21 PM): really?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:48:55 PM): well ya my friends talk abt it but I dont kno cuz I never did it
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:48:56 PM): yanno
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:49:10 PM): so you are interested?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:49:20 PM): like 4 real?
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:49:25 PM): yes hunny
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:49:27 PM): for real
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:49:35 PM): ya ok ^_^
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:50:02 PM): so you are interested?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:50:13 PM): lol ya
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:50:23 PM): hold on...
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:50:44 PM): ok
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:51:15 PM): phone call
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:52:35 PM): I like you
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:52:49 PM): U do?
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:52:51 PM): yes I do
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:52:53 PM): you like me?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:53:01 PM): ya so far
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:53:42 PM): so I should have asked...are you comfortable talking about sexuality with an older guy like me?
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:53:53 PM): I didn't mean to offend you
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:54:21 PM): its ok
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:54:29 PM): I think I would like 2 try it..
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:54:40 PM): you mean having me orally pleasure you?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:55:27 PM): ya if u really wanted 2
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:55:46 PM): oh believe is probably what I love doing more than anything else
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:55:58 PM): ooh rly
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:56:03 PM): how come?
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:56:37 PM): because it is sooooo pleasurable for the girl...and I get m pleasure from seeing my partner experience pleasure...
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:57:29 PM): so that is why
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:57:54 PM): sounds nice
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:58:02 PM): oh I would be shocked if you didn't love it...
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:58:08 PM): do your friends say they enjoy it?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:58:40 PM): one of them did yah
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 4:59:24 PM): ok most guys your age just want a b/f....they are self-centered and only care about their own pleasure
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 4:59:48 PM): ya I think so too
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 5:00:10 PM): yes...that is probably what you will find so different about me if we get together...
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 5:00:49 PM): I get my pleasure by giving it...if I can help you have an orgasm....I so love that and it makes me feel so wonderful
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 5:00:57 PM): do u really want 2 meet 4 real?
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 5:01:19 PM): yes I do...but it is a decision that we both need to make, not just me and not just you
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 5:01:32 PM): but if you want to...we can talk more about that
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 5:01:57 PM): ok
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 5:02:26 PM): do you think you are seriuosly interested at this point?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 5:02:59 PM): ya maybe
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 5:03:24 PM): ok at this point I think I am getting more and more interested...
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 5:03:38 PM): it's all about trust...once we trust each other....then it will be fine
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 5:04:08 PM): and there are so many other sexual expereicnes that I can share too...that I think you will enjoy
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 5:04:47 PM): when you had sex that one time with your b/f...where did you do it?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 5:05:37 PM): at his house
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 5:05:45 PM): agggghhh I gotta go my friend is here
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 5:05:52 PM): Im sleeping over at her house 2nite
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 5:05:59 PM): will you tell her about me?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 5:06:07 PM): huh?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 5:06:09 PM): noway
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 5:06:11 PM): just kidding
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 5:06:17 PM): y, u want me 2?
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 5:06:27 PM): its up to you but probably not a good idea
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 5:06:34 PM): lol ya
er1ca_leah_cx (03/14/14 5:06:37 PM): dont worry
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 5:06:44 PM): can we talk again?
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 5:06:51 PM): can we talk again?
georgiamike1968 (03/14/14 5:07:19 PM): are you gone?

YIM Conversation 3/15/2014

er1ca_leah_cx (03/15/14 8:14:01 PM): hey Im back lol

YIM Conversation 3/16/2014

georgiamike1968 (03/16/14 10:08:17 AM): hi Erica...sorry I missed you yesterday...can you let me know a time tonight that we can connect and continue our chat?
georgiamike1968 (03/16/14 10:08:54 AM): I really enjoyed chatting and look forward to our next one...

YIM Conversation 3/17/2014

er1ca_leah_cx (03/17/14 4:18:08 PM): Hey I'm home from skool now lol
er1ca_leah_cx (03/17/14 4:18:47 PM): I gotta do some homework but Ill be on and off.. gonna c if I can get yahoo on my fone
georgiamike1968 (03/17/14 7:29:11 PM): Hi Erica
georgiamike1968 (03/17/14 7:30:54 PM): I'm at a dinner meeting but will be home later if you can chat then? Are you on central time???

YIM Conversation 3/18/2014

georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 6:32:14 AM): Good morning!
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 10:00:20 AM): Morning ^_^
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 1:20:51 PM): Lol.. r u ever online?
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 2:28:41 PM): Yes
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 2:29:10 PM): I work
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 2:29:46 PM): Hehe.. ohh ok sorry
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 2:30:10 PM): Lol no it's good to have a job!
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 2:31:20 PM): Ru at school?
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 2:35:22 PM): U there
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 2:35:34 PM): Yea I'm at school
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 2:38:28 PM): So you got messenger on your mobile?
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 2:42:43 PM): Can you chat later tonight?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 2:47:24 PM): Ya
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 2:47:55 PM): Time?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 2:51:05 PM): Idk I get out of school at 3?
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 2:53:23 PM): I won't be home til 9:00
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 2:54:07 PM): Oh ok
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 2:55:38 PM): Does that work?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 2:56:00 PM): Well my phone will b on.. but I'm usually going 2 bed around then lol
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 2:58:57 PM): Oh ok
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 3:06:49 PM): 8:00 your time is 9:00 mine
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 3:08:23 PM): O ok hehe.. then I'll b up
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 3:13:00 PM): Excited to talk again
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 3:16:07 PM): Me 2
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 3:42:47 PM):
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 3:43:40 PM): Sorry didn't mean to buzz you
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 3:45:15 PM): LOL
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 8:18:32 PM): Hi
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 8:19:06 PM): Hayy
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 8:19:40 PM): Not home yet but can chat for a few on mobile
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 8:19:48 PM): How was your day?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 8:20:46 PM): It was okay, u?
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 8:22:17 PM): Long and still going
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 8:22:35 PM): Aww sux
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 8:26:00 PM): You doing homework?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 8:27:10 PM): Nope finished already, watching Glee
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 8:28:57 PM): Nice
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 8:29:54 PM): Thought about me at all?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 8:32:22 PM): Hehe.. yah
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 8:33:00 PM): Nice thoughts?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 8:34:08 PM): Yah jus wonderin wut ur doin n stuff
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 8:35:15 PM): You are on my mind a lot
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 8:35:35 PM): Really like you
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 8:39:02 PM): Really?
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 8:39:27 PM): Oh yes
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 8:39:33 PM): Really
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 8:40:21 PM): ^_^
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 8:40:58 PM): Want to get to know you
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 8:41:26 PM): Hehe.. wut u wanna kno?
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 8:41:43 PM): Promise me one thing?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 8:41:59 PM): Ok wut
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 8:43:09 PM): If we meet in person I don't want it to be just a one time thing
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 8:44:58 PM): R we ever really gonna meet?
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 8:45:04 PM): You ok with that, or do you want just a one time thing?
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 8:48:21 PM): You there?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 8:48:35 PM): Lol ya I asked u a question
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 8:49:48 PM): Yes of course we can meet for you want to?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 8:50:32 PM): Ya I think so..
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 8:51:28 PM): Cool it would be exciting
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 8:52:26 PM): But only when you are comfortable
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 8:52:40 PM): Wut do u mean
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 8:53:11 PM): I mean you have to be sure
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 8:53:23 PM): If I wanna meet u?
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 8:53:36 PM): Yes
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 8:53:56 PM): Ooh ya, I think I do.. wut r we gonna do??
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 8:54:21 PM): You \"think\" you do?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 8:54:47 PM): Hehe well I wanna chat w u a little more b4 we meet, maybe?
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 8:55:19 PM): Yes for sure
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 8:55:44 PM): And it would be good to talk also
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 8:56:04 PM): Would that be ok?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 8:56:13 PM): Like on the phone?
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 8:56:35 PM): Yeah is that ok?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 8:56:46 PM): Ya
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 8:56:59 PM): I can call u maybe 2moro night? My mom is home 2nite
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 8:57:26 PM): Does your mom monitor your calls?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 8:58:31 PM): No but I dnt want her 2 b home n hear me if I talk 2 u
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 8:58:52 PM): Ok totally understand
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 8:59:50 PM): What time is your mom home tomorrow?
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:00:55 PM): I can talk around 8:00 your time
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 9:01:06 PM): She works from 6pm - 6am
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:01:23 PM): Ok perfect
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:01:45 PM): Would love to talk tomorrow
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:02:19 PM): Excited to hear your voice
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 9:02:35 PM): Kool.. well I'll call u 2moro then ^_^
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:02:51 PM): Awesome
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:03:03 PM): You have my number?
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:03:14 PM): Did I share it?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 9:03:21 PM): No u never gave it 2 me
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:03:41 PM): *phone number edited*
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:03:47 PM): Yours?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 9:04:13 PM): *phone number edited*
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:05:02 PM): Thanks..Btw I will never call you unless I text you first ok?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 9:05:22 PM): Hehe yea that sounds good lol
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:05:49 PM): That way you can tell me if it's safe to call
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:06:07 PM): Plan?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 9:06:31 PM): Yup
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:06:53 PM): Perfect
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:07:10 PM): You are so mature for your age
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:07:16 PM): I love that
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 9:07:27 PM): I hear that a lot
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:08:07 PM): Can it not be one and done when we meet?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 9:08:37 PM): Ok. How often will we c each other?
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:08:57 PM): What would you like?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 9:09:19 PM): I dunno.. Dnt u live far from me?
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:09:43 PM): Your in Dothan?
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:10:51 PM): I can't remember where you told me
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 9:11:31 PM): Hartford.. But ya that's by Dothan
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:12:02 PM): Ok 3 1/2 hours
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 9:12:16 PM): Is that 2 far?
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:12:25 PM): Not at all
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 9:12:43 PM): Yay ^_^
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:13:08 PM): Is there a hotel near you where I should stay?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 9:14:10 PM): Hmm.. There's no hotels here n Hartford
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 9:14:17 PM): Maybe in Dothan?
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:15:31 PM): Sure will we be able to plan my visits so you can get away when your mom is working?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 9:16:20 PM): Oh yah. Or I can just say I'm sleeping ovr at my friends house?
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:16:54 PM): Will your friend cover for you?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 9:17:13 PM): Sure my friend Terra is kool
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:17:35 PM): Ok will you tell her about me?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 9:17:50 PM): No
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:17:50 PM): And our plans?
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:18:10 PM): How will she cover then?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 9:18:57 PM): I'll just tell her I can't tell her? She won't care
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:19:20 PM): Oh
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:19:35 PM): Your mom work weekends any?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 9:19:42 PM): Hehe.. I'm excited now. Wut r we gonna do??
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 9:19:50 PM): Ya
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:20:31 PM): What hours does she work on weekends?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 9:21:02 PM): She always works night shifts n sum times doubles
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:21:46 PM): Ok cool so Fri and Sat nights 6p - 6a?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 9:22:44 PM): Sum times she works weekends n sum times she doesn't.. I'll have 2 check when
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:23:16 PM): Ok cool I can come down when it's easiest for you
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:23:43 PM): Can pick you up and drop you back off no problem
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 9:24:38 PM): Hmm maybe.. I might have 2 meet u away frm my house so my neighbors dnt see
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:25:04 PM): Ok sure no problem
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 9:25:24 PM): K kool ^_^
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:25:40 PM): I'm so excited
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 9:25:56 PM): Me 2
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:26:34 PM): I feel so totally comfortable with you
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 9:27:33 PM): Ya I do 2
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:28:13 PM): Can't wait to hold you in my arms
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 9:29:42 PM): Sounds nice..
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:30:03 PM): I luv to cuddle
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:30:13 PM): And kiss
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 9:30:33 PM): Yah I like that hehe
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:31:35 PM): I want to make you feel so special
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 9:32:50 PM): That would b nice
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:34:04 PM): We can hug and hold each other all night and make each other feel so amazing and special
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 9:34:55 PM): I can't wait..
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:35:17 PM): Me neither
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:35:41 PM): We can enjoy each other over and over
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:36:05 PM): I want you to feel so special
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:36:24 PM): And experience so much pleasure
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 9:36:57 PM): Really?
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:37:14 PM): Of course is that ok?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 9:37:29 PM): Sure
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:38:29 PM): Hold on home now switching to my computer
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:39:11 PM): hello from my
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:39:48 PM): are you there?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 9:39:59 PM): Yup
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:40:11 PM): yay I'm home
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:40:14 PM): long dang day
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:40:56 PM): ok now I'm situated so I can chat easier
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:41:15 PM): so you are really excited?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 9:41:53 PM): Hehe ya I am
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:42:00 PM): me too hun
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:42:22 PM): I can't remember all that we chatted about...but I do remember a few things
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:42:37 PM): you have only had sex one time right...intercourse I mean?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 9:42:47 PM): Yea
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:43:00 PM): ok...but you are not taking the pill right?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 9:43:15 PM): No I'm not
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:43:24 PM): ok...your age again?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 9:43:49 PM): 14...
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:44:02 PM): ok...can I ask what age your periods started?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 9:44:27 PM): Um I got it last year..
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:44:36 PM): ok so about a year ago...
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:44:52 PM): are they fairly regular?
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:45:24 PM): I work around doctors all the time...not a doctor but know a lot
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 9:45:52 PM): Ooh ok.
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 9:45:58 PM): Yea I get it every month?
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:46:09 PM): ok are you interested in going on the pill?
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:46:26 PM): I may be able to help get you on it w/o your mom knowing if that is an issue
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 9:47:08 PM): Really? Ya that would b good.. Cause I would never ask her!
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 9:47:19 PM): Y r we gonna go all the way n have sex?
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:47:47 PM): that is totally up to you...whatever you want but will never force anything
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:48:18 PM): I mean...we can just enjoy each other in other ways and not havfe intercourse if you would prefer...
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:49:19 PM): but if you decided you wanted me for intercourse I would want to make sure you did not get pregnant
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:49:49 PM): and there are so many ways to enjoy each other w/o intercourse itself
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 9:50:07 PM): True..
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 9:50:20 PM): Do u rly like me enough 2 have sex w me?
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:50:56 PM): omg I like you a lot...but I also respect you a lot...and even if I wanted to have sex with you it would only be if we BOTH decided that
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 9:51:08 PM): Ok
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:51:26 PM): do you have any feelings about it? having sex or not?
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:51:31 PM): what you think you may want to do?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 9:51:56 PM): I feel like I won't b very good at it..
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:52:07 PM): omg don't worry about that hunny....
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:52:50 PM): we can go very slow and take our time...and I can teach you
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:53:16 PM): main thing is that you just let yourself go and enjoy yourself
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:53:22 PM): whatever we do
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 9:53:41 PM): R u gonna use a condom?
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:53:59 PM): yes if you are not on the pill and it's the wrong time of the month I will...
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:54:17 PM): but I also want you to be able to feel me w/o one too
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:55:01 PM): I can't remember if you told me...but are you able to have orgasms?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 9:55:24 PM): Never had 1 b4
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:55:33 PM): have you tried to have one?
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:55:42 PM): masterbating?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 9:56:01 PM): A little.
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:56:25 PM): ok...well I will help you have one...
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:56:31 PM): and another and another and another
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 9:56:44 PM): How?
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:57:16 PM): well provbably the first 4 or 5 will be with me doing oral sex for you
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:57:20 PM): is that ok?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 9:57:46 PM): Wow.. Ya. I thought guys dnt like 2 do that
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:57:58 PM): omg Erica....I LOVE doing that
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:58:12 PM): you will see how much I love doing that that way?
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:58:29 PM): would you like me to bring you to orgasm that way?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 9:59:01 PM): Yah sounds kool
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:59:10 PM): I think you will be amazed
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:59:14 PM): how wonderful it feels
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 9:59:29 PM): Yah I always wondered wut it feels like
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:59:44 PM): and once I've been with you a few times and get to know your body...I will be able to control it for you
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 10:00:02 PM): do you follow what said?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 10:00:34 PM): Like make it really good?
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 10:01:28 PM): yeah..meaning I will be able to bring you very very close to an orgasm..and then stop you and take you down....then bring you back on the edge...then take you down...then when you do have an is just so explosive and pleasurable
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 10:02:03 PM): Oh wow.. that sounds crazy lol
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 10:02:06 PM): being with an older guy has it's benefits...can you tell?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 10:02:34 PM): Yup!
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 10:02:37 PM): cool
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 10:02:49 PM): I have 2 go to bed now tho
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 10:02:55 PM): ok hunny....
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 10:03:05 PM): thank you so much for chatting with me...
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 10:03:21 PM): will you text me before you go to sleep?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 10:03:31 PM): Ok
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 10:03:37 PM): sweet....
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 10:03:53 PM): you are so cool...I'm so glad we met and I can't wait to hear your voice tomorrow night
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 10:04:10 PM): and really can't wait to meet you and hold you close to me all night long...
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 10:04:16 PM): oh...and one more thing....
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 10:04:32 PM): I sleep naked...:\">
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 10:04:34 PM): is that ok?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 10:04:51 PM): Haha yea that's ok
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 10:04:58 PM): cool and you will too?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 10:05:36 PM): Sure if u want me 2
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 10:05:58 PM): yes...I will spoon you all the time we are sleeping and you can feel me up against your body
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 10:06:24 PM): Mmm
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 10:06:31 PM): so maybe we wont sleep
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 10:07:07 PM): do you know what the word \"insatiable\" means?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 10:07:17 PM): No, wut
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 10:07:58 PM): insatiable means that you can never get enough of something...I think that might be how I am for you...
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 10:08:09 PM): hope that is ok
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 10:08:30 PM): Wow.. Hehe yea that sounds awesome
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 10:08:48 PM): you are awesome...
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 10:08:59 PM): goodnight erica...dream about me?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 10:09:16 PM): Hehe yes I will!
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 10:09:33 PM): sweet dreams then....text me before you fall asleep...???
er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 10:09:45 PM): Kk I will
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 10:09:50 PM): :-*
georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 10:09:53 PM): good night

Text Messaging 3/19/2014

Me: Hey it's me Erica.. I'm going 2 sleep now ^_^ 9:16 PM
*phone number edited*: Good night and sweet dreams :) 9:18 PM

YIM Conversation 3/19/14

er1ca_leah_cx (03/19/14 6:38:15 PM): Mike?
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 8:12:46 PM): Hi
er1ca_leah_cx (03/19/14 8:24:36 PM): Heyyy
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 9:49:18 PM): hi
er1ca_leah_cx (03/19/14 9:49:49 PM): I'm here lol.. just finished my homework
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 9:50:01 PM): good...
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 9:50:05 PM): and thank you for calling me...
er1ca_leah_cx (03/19/14 9:50:19 PM): Yah I'm glad I got 2 talk 2 u
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 9:50:33 PM): me too hun....your have the sweetest voice...
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 9:50:45 PM): so you still like me??
er1ca_leah_cx (03/19/14 9:51:15 PM): Yea of course! Lol u sound really nice
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 9:51:32 PM): glad you like me
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 9:51:59 PM): so you really like older men?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/19/14 9:52:41 PM): I just think they kno how 2 treat girls better than guys my age
er1ca_leah_cx (03/19/14 9:52:42 PM): U kno
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 9:53:05 PM): yes...I know...and you are so very mature for your age....I find that so appealing
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 9:53:41 PM): so I did mapquest to hartford form my house...
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 9:53:59 PM): I live north of atlanta...and you live on the other side of dothan
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 9:54:07 PM): so guess how far you are from me?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/19/14 9:54:26 PM): How far
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 9:54:38 PM): 4 1/2 hours...:-O
er1ca_leah_cx (03/19/14 9:54:48 PM): Holy cow
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 9:54:50 PM): I need a
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 9:55:14 PM): lol...I'll have to come for a week when I do make
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 9:55:49 PM): do you have voice on your computer? mic/speaker/cam?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/19/14 9:56:11 PM): No my mom won't let me
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 9:56:19 PM): those moms...
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 9:56:34 PM): my mom wont' let me either...but I have them
er1ca_leah_cx (03/19/14 9:56:48 PM): Lol
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 9:57:07 PM): so most computers have the cam/mic built in...mine does..
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 9:57:11 PM): do you have a lap top?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/19/14 9:58:04 PM): No.. my mom does but I can't use it. I can only use the old computer
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 9:58:17 PM): ahh ok...
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 9:58:36 PM): did I send you a pic of me?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/19/14 9:58:56 PM): Yea u sent me 2.. one w ur cat ^_^
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 9:59:04 PM): ok cool did you save?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/19/14 9:59:29 PM): Hmm.. no I don't think I did
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 9:59:51 PM): ok...I didn't save yours either...I forgot to ask you if I could and I wouldn't unless you said it was ok...
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 9:59:55 PM): trade again?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/19/14 10:00:08 PM): Sure real quick
er1ca_leah_cx (03/19/14 10:00:24 PM): cause I gotta go 2 sleep soon
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:00:32 PM): ok hun...
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:00:39 PM): ok hun...
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:02:05 PM): you are beautiful
er1ca_leah_cx (03/19/14 10:02:18 PM): nahhh
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:02:24 PM): got any more?
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:02:58 PM): very nice
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:03:05 PM): so glad we met
er1ca_leah_cx (03/19/14 10:03:16 PM): Me 2..
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:03:20 PM): are you getting comfortable with me?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/19/14 10:03:33 PM): is that where u live?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/19/14 10:03:40 PM): Yea I am
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:03:47 PM): cool and me too with you
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:03:54 PM): that is my home in wisconsin
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:04:00 PM): on lake geneva
er1ca_leah_cx (03/19/14 10:04:11 PM): Wisonsin??
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:04:12 PM): it's my summer get away place
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:04:24 PM): yes I have an apartment here in Atlanta...
er1ca_leah_cx (03/19/14 10:04:30 PM): ooh wow.. looks so nice
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:04:32 PM): yeah...
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:04:50 PM): you want to come to atlanta this summer?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/19/14 10:05:11 PM): Lol.. I wish!
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:05:26 PM): I have a nice place...pool tennis hiking biking trails
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:05:38 PM): we can come up with a plan to get you here
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:06:00 PM): are you a freshman?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/19/14 10:06:19 PM): No next year
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:06:42 PM):'t you think you need to come to a camp in atlanta for a week this summer?
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:06:59 PM): I've been thinking how we could get you here
er1ca_leah_cx (03/19/14 10:07:21 PM): Hmmm yea we'll have 2 think of something
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:07:35 PM): what type of \"camp\" would be something not unusual for you?
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:07:41 PM): cheerleading?
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:07:45 PM): softball?
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:07:49 PM): academic?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/19/14 10:08:10 PM): Umm I dunno.. I never been 2 a summer camp b4?
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:08:14 PM): lol
er1ca_leah_cx (03/19/14 10:08:28 PM): dnt they have like just regular summer camps?
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:08:47 PM): what if you got an invitation to attend a camp here in Atlanta for a week? all expense've been selected type thing?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/19/14 10:09:07 PM): Hmm yah that could work..
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:09:15 PM): do you follow what I'm thinking?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/19/14 10:09:38 PM): my mom kinda lets we do whatever in the summer.. sum times I go on trips w my friend Terra n her family 2
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:09:50 PM): ok awesome
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:10:08 PM): so we need to figure something out that would be so awesome to have you hang out here with me
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:10:18 PM): then I could cook for you...I love to cook
er1ca_leah_cx (03/19/14 10:11:00 PM): yay sounds nice.. lol my mom is gone a lot so I always have 2 make stuff 4 myself
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:11:16 PM): I think cooking dinner for a girl is the most romantic thing...:\">
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:11:46 PM): I've got this like really romantic streak in me
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:11:49 PM): I hope that is ok
er1ca_leah_cx (03/19/14 10:12:16 PM): ya it sounds good 2 me!
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:12:26 PM): a bubble bath?
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:12:30 PM): and candles?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/19/14 10:12:45 PM): wow.. ya that 2
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:13:03 PM): my tub is big enough for 2...
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:13:15 PM): how tall are you again?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/19/14 10:13:25 PM): 5'4
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:13:32 PM): wow perfect
er1ca_leah_cx (03/19/14 10:13:41 PM): how tall r u?
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:13:45 PM): 5/10....
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:14:16 PM): I'm gonna let you go to bed...but tell me...what time are you home from school tomorrow?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/19/14 10:14:40 PM): We get out at 3 but I get home at like 3 30
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:15:15 PM): I will have like 3 or 4 hours free tomorrow late maybe we can chat? I'll take my personal computer....ok?
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:15:42 PM): I'll be on eastern time...
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:15:45 PM): so an hour ahead of you
er1ca_leah_cx (03/19/14 10:15:58 PM): so wut time?
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:16:12 PM): well...let's just say 3:30 your time...4:30 mine?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/19/14 10:16:25 PM): ok its a date ^_^
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:16:38 PM): awesome...I'll text you and let you know I'm getting online
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:16:49 PM): does texting go agaist your minutes?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/19/14 10:16:58 PM): nope
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:17:15 PM): ok and I will buy you a good block of minutes for talking
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:17:18 PM): if that is ok with you
er1ca_leah_cx (03/19/14 10:17:45 PM): idk..? My bill is w my moms
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:17:50 PM): oh shoot
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:18:18 PM): ok how about a secret phone...with unlimited minutes???
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:18:26 PM): hehe...
er1ca_leah_cx (03/19/14 10:18:44 PM): hehe yah maybe
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:19:05 PM): ok..well..I'm so excited to get to know more about you....
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:19:22 PM): I hope you are still interested...
er1ca_leah_cx (03/19/14 10:19:38 PM): I am.. im just happy we got 2 talk 2nite
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:19:54 PM): me too...thank you again...I can't wait until the next time I hear your voice
er1ca_leah_cx (03/19/14 10:20:20 PM): hehe I can't wait 2 see YOU!
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:20:34 PM): same here....something to look forward to
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:20:41 PM): and you are right btw
er1ca_leah_cx (03/19/14 10:20:58 PM): about wut
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:21:10 PM): there are no hotels or motels in Hartford......
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:21:28 PM): but it is probably best if we venture off to dothan anyway where no one knows you
er1ca_leah_cx (03/19/14 10:21:43 PM): ya theres not a lot here
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:21:52 PM): looks like a really small town
er1ca_leah_cx (03/19/14 10:22:00 PM): ya it is
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:22:00 PM): did you grow up there?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/19/14 10:22:15 PM): no we moved here 2 years ago
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:22:18 PM): you have like NO southern accent...
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:22:26 PM): where did you move from?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/19/14 10:22:31 PM): nope!
er1ca_leah_cx (03/19/14 10:22:37 PM): we moved here from chicago
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:22:51 PM): ahh ok...what does your mom do? workwise? if you can share that?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/19/14 10:23:01 PM): shes a nurse
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:23:09 PM): ok very a hospital or nursing home?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/19/14 10:23:15 PM): so she works nights a lot
er1ca_leah_cx (03/19/14 10:23:19 PM): hospital
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:23:28 PM): ok...locally or in another town?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/19/14 10:23:36 PM): different town
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:23:37 PM): ok
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:23:41 PM): that's cool
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:23:49 PM): and so are you
er1ca_leah_cx (03/19/14 10:24:02 PM): and tired! lol
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:24:09 PM): I so enjoy chatting...I hate to let you go...but i will
er1ca_leah_cx (03/19/14 10:24:16 PM): ya my eyes hurt
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:24:26 PM): ahh...wish I could give you a goodnight kiss...
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:24:39 PM): here's one...:-*
er1ca_leah_cx (03/19/14 10:24:52 PM):
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:24:52 PM): but a real one will be more fun...
er1ca_leah_cx (03/19/14 10:24:59 PM): ooh yea
georgiamike1968 (03/19/14 10:25:14 PM): goodnight...sweet dreams....tty tomorrow
er1ca_leah_cx (03/19/14 10:25:40 PM): night ^_^

Text Messaging 3/20/2014

Me: OMG I forgot my phone at home all day! 4:51 PM
Me: Sooo stupid I left it on my bed 4:53 PM
Me: R u there?? 5:13 PM
*phone number edited*: Yes 7:14 PM
*phone number edited*: Driving home from a meeting. 7:15 PM
*phone number edited*: How are you? 7:16 PM
Me: Good.. U? 7:33 PM
*phone number edited*: Busy but good. I'll be home in 15 mins so feel free to call anytime after that. 7:37 PM
*phone number edited*: I'm home and can talk whenever you want to call me :) 8:24 PM
Me: ^_^ 8:41 PM
*phone number edited*: Love your voice. Let me know when you're on messenger :-) 8:43 PM
Me: Hi 8:31 AM
*phone number edited*: Good morning from South Carolina. :) 8:33 AM
Me: Lucky! 8:54 AM
*phone number edited*: Wish you were here. It's beautiful today. 8:57 AM
Me: Aww I do 2 9:30 AM
Me: Spring break is next week.. Lol I can't waittt 12:16 PM
*phone number edited*: Sweet. You going to the beach? 1:17 PM
Me: Nope no plans.. Just glad 2 be out of skool :p 1:49 PM
*phone number edited*: I'm on the hotel on messenger :) 3:17 PM
*phone number edited*: At the hotel not on it lol! 3:24 PM
Me: K almost home 3:26 PM
Me: Hey 6:05 PM
*phone number edited*: Hi babe. I'm getting ready to go to my dinnee meeting. You have much homework? 6:06 PM
Me: Ok have fun.. Yeah a little bit 6:09 PM
*phone number edited*: I probably have a late night. I work too much! Know I'm thinking about you! 6:10 PM
Me: Ok I'll b thinking of u 2 ^_^ 6:14 PM
*phone number edited*: So glad we met. You are awesome! 6:16 PM
Me: I think u are ! 6:21 PM
*phone number edited*: I love our growing friendship... 6:23 PM
Me: Well I'm going 2 bed.. Txt me 2moro.. Nite ^_^ 9:02 PM

YIM Conversation 3/20/14

georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:30:20 PM): welcome home
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 4:31:20 PM): Hehe thanks
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 4:31:33 PM): looong day
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:31:40 PM): really why?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 4:32:12 PM): just tired n we had a math test 2day
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 4:33:37 PM): how was ur day
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:33:48 PM): good
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:33:53 PM): how was the test?
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:34:25 PM): I left atlanta at 6:00am and just finished up a meeting...
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:34:31 PM): have a dinner later....
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 4:34:45 PM): it was ok I passed
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:34:52 PM): sweet
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:34:57 PM): is it algebra?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 4:35:51 PM): yup
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:36:01 PM): cool
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 4:36:01 PM): I hate math
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:36:04 PM): aww....
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:36:14 PM): I liked it...just wasn't very good at it...
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 4:36:49 PM): brb gotta get something 2 eat
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:36:52 PM): ok
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 4:39:44 PM): k back
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:40:30 PM): good
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:40:53 PM): it is such a beautiful day here in South Carolina
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:40:56 PM): wish you were here
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 4:41:10 PM): yah its nice here 2..
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 4:41:14 PM): but I still wish I was there lol
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:41:19 PM): I have this like gigantic room with a huge bed...
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:41:27 PM): and it's just little ole me
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 4:41:27 PM): niiiiice
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:41:43 PM): i might get lost in this bed it's so
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 4:42:03 PM): lol
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:42:27 PM): so are you just going to chill out next week when you're off?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 4:42:47 PM): ya pretty much b home all week
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:42:58 PM): k wish you could get to atlanta
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 4:43:03 PM): or hang out w my friends idk
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 4:43:08 PM): me tooooo
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:43:19 PM): I like you
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 4:43:27 PM): hehe ya I kno
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:43:47 PM): so mature for your age...that just gets me
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 4:44:03 PM): only child maybe lol
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:44:07 PM): maybe
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:44:28 PM): how did you end up there in alabama...small town?
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:44:40 PM): especially after being in chicago?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 4:44:53 PM): my mom is from here
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:44:59 PM): ahh ok
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 4:45:12 PM): she and my dad got a divorce n we moved
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:45:18 PM): ok gottcha
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:45:21 PM): sorry to hear that
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:45:29 PM): do you get to see your dad much?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 4:45:42 PM): no not really
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:45:51 PM): sorry to hear that too
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 4:46:06 PM): he calls sometimes
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:46:15 PM): well that's good but not good enough
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 4:46:28 PM): yea
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:46:47 PM): you are very attractive btw...the most kissable lips
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 4:47:19 PM): lol thanks
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:47:22 PM): would your mom flip out if she knew you were talking to an older guy like me?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 4:47:43 PM): uhh.. probably!
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:47:45 PM): lol
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 4:47:50 PM): dont wanna find out
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:47:57 PM): good plan
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:48:18 PM): it sounds like she is pretty cool though
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:48:52 PM): has she not talked with you about birth control or stuff like that?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 4:49:18 PM): a little bit but she doesnt kno that I had sex already once
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 4:49:51 PM): Im scared if I ask her for some shes gonna flip out n think Im doing it
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:50:02 PM): yeah
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:50:26 PM): and you weren't protected when you had sex that one time...condom?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 4:50:45 PM): he used a condom
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:50:53 PM): oh ok...good
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:51:35 PM): do you know the difference between a guy who is \"cut\" and one who is \"uncut?\"
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 4:51:58 PM): no?
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:52:10 PM): ok...
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:52:21 PM): do you know what circumcision is?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 4:52:39 PM): oooh yea'
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:53:28 PM): ok so you know that they ususally cut the skin off the penis of baby boys just after they are born?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 4:53:50 PM): yea
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 4:54:01 PM): I never seen one the other way tho
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:54:10 PM): well...I'm the other way
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:54:20 PM): I'm uncut...uncircumcised...
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:54:33 PM): I wanted to tell you that...I hope it's not a show stopper...
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 4:54:53 PM): lol well I dont care
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 4:55:01 PM): why does it feel different?
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:55:08 PM): well you might
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:55:12 PM): you may like it better...
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:55:25 PM): most girls do after they experience it...
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 4:55:45 PM): hehe o rly
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:55:51 PM): did you know that the united states is the only civilized country that still does that routinely to baby boys?
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:56:10 PM): I got lucky and I thank my parents every day for not having me cut
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 4:56:18 PM): nope didnt kno that.. why do they even do it??
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:56:27 PM): excellent question...
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:56:32 PM): see there is your maturity again...
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:56:40 PM): there is NO medical reason to do it...
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:57:00 PM): but still today in the united states about 70% of baby boys are circumcised
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:57:10 PM): so why do a surgery that isn't needed
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 4:57:17 PM): crazy
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:57:24 PM): and it's done without anesthesia
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:57:35 PM): they just strap the baby down and start cutting
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 4:57:43 PM): OMG
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:57:47 PM): most of the time the baby goes into shock
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:58:02 PM): from the intensity of the pain
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:58:13 PM): and the nurse has to slap them to get them to start breathing
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:58:17 PM): it's barbaric
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 4:58:24 PM): what the heck
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:58:30 PM): I'm not kidding
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:58:36 PM): I work in healthcare and I've seen several...
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:58:40 PM): it's unbelievable
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:58:44 PM): that we allow that to be done
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:59:16 PM): so you ask why do we do an unecessary surgery that tortures baby boys?
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:59:31 PM): the simple answer is....
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:59:35 PM): $$$$$$$$$$$
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:59:41 PM): so sad
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 4:59:58 PM): the doctors make a lot of money doing they don't educate the parents about it
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:00:14 PM): and the parents just assume that it's just a little \"snip\" and no big deal
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:00:32 PM): and most of the time the dad is they don't question it
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:00:36 PM): are you there?
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:00:43 PM): or have I freaked you out?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 5:00:56 PM): lol Im here reading
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 5:01:01 PM): sounds stupid
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:01:20 PM): I have developed a website to help educate new parents about the procedure
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:01:31 PM): and encourage them to consider NOT having their baby boy cut
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:01:38 PM):*link removed*
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:01:42 PM): if you are interested
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:01:48 PM): anyway
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:01:59 PM): I'm glad you are ok with it
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:02:11 PM): see...the skin is there for a purpose
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 5:02:33 PM): kool
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:03:00 PM): and the skin is also better for the woman...most think it is much more stimulating
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:03:42 PM): see...during intercourse...the skin moves back and forth over the head of the penis during penetration and thrusting...and that movement is VERY arousing and stimulating for a woman....
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:04:07 PM): did you say you had performed oral sex a few times ?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 5:04:37 PM): yea I did a few times w my bf
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:04:46 PM):
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:04:57 PM): but you could probably see that there was no skin
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:05:00 PM): it had been cut off
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:05:37 PM): you might enjoy something different...:\">
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 5:06:06 PM): hehe yea Im kinda excited now
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:06:12 PM): really?
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:06:34 PM): do you enjoy doing that or a guy?
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:06:37 PM): for
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 5:07:12 PM): do what
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:07:18 PM): oral
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 5:07:37 PM): ooh yea I dnt mind
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:07:46 PM): cool...
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:07:54 PM): but your b/f would reciprocate for you?
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:07:58 PM): wouldn't
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 5:08:09 PM): no he never did it 4 me
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:08:16 PM): did you ask him to?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 5:08:50 PM): I asked y he didnt want 2.. he said he doesnt do that cuz its gross
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:08:59 PM): how crazy...
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:09:02 PM): I love doing it...
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:09:12 PM): it could have been that he didn't know how
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:09:41 PM): I mean...a lot of guys don't really know a girl's anatomy...
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:10:02 PM): but I do...
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 5:10:11 PM): hehe nice
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:10:27 PM): would you want me to do that for you?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 5:10:42 PM): sure.. ya I wanna kno wut its like
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:10:52 PM): awesome
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:11:17 PM): I think you will enjoy it a lot...and I think I will be able to help you orgasm like that
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:12:00 PM): did you let your b/f ejaculate in your mouth Erica?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 5:12:21 PM): umm yea
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 5:12:47 PM): lol I didnt kno it was gonna happen tho
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:12:49 PM): isn't that you do that for him and he thinks you're gross...go figure...
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:13:12 PM): oh did it catch you by surprise?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 5:13:32 PM): LOL yea like it came outta nowhere
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:13:37 PM): lol
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:13:46 PM): you are the coolest
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:13:50 PM): I really like you hun
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 5:14:02 PM): :\">
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:14:27 PM): and you still like me?
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:14:41 PM): and you haven't gotten tired of me?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 5:14:51 PM): no way ur fun 2 talk 2
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:14:57 PM): cool
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:15:06 PM): I want to be friends for a long time
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:15:29 PM): I don't know if I told you...but I don't want to change your life at all...
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 5:15:53 PM): wut do u mean by that
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:15:55 PM): I just want to enhance it
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:16:26 PM): I mean I want you to enjoy your high school a normal fun...
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:16:45 PM): I'd just like to be your special friend to enhance your life now and then...
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:16:48 PM): does that make sense?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 5:16:56 PM): u want me 2 go out w other guys?
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:17:24 PM): I don't want to stop you from being a normal teenager....
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:17:34 PM): it would be great if you could be \"all mine\"
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:17:45 PM): but would that be fair to you?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 5:17:50 PM): oic
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 5:17:56 PM): do u have a gf?
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:18:00 PM): no I don't
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:18:15 PM): I'm too busy to have a g/f lol
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:18:27 PM): are you ok with what I said?
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:18:36 PM): or would you prefer something different?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 5:18:56 PM): idk I guess we'll jus see?
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:19:04 PM): fair enough...
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:19:15 PM): I just know that I really really like you and would love to meet you...
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:19:28 PM): and I hope you feel the same
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 5:19:33 PM): I do
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:19:57 PM): did you say you masterbate often?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 5:20:07 PM): no not really
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 5:20:26 PM): r u busy next week? U could come c me then?
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:20:52 PM): I think I'm booked most of the week with travel
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:20:59 PM): but is that an invitation?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 5:21:21 PM): well I wont have skool
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:21:32 PM): do you know your mom's schedule?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 5:22:19 PM): she gets it on saturday.. but Ill prob sleep at my friends most of the week if I dnt have ne thing else 2 do
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:22:45 PM): so she always works nights?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 5:22:57 PM): yup.. n sum times doubles
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:23:28 PM): ok...will you let me know when you get her schedule?
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:23:41 PM): I might be able to get away later in the week
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 5:23:54 PM): ok .. yay I will ^_^
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:24:10 PM): have you decided what the plan will be?
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:24:25 PM): or thought anymore about the \"how?\"
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 5:25:00 PM): idk Im just gonna tell her Im sleeping at my friend Terras house?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 5:25:11 PM): I did it b4 n she never knew
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:25:21 PM): ok
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:25:53 PM): have you thought anymore about what all you would like to experience with me?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 5:26:25 PM): hehe well wut we just talked about sounds fun
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:27:00 PM): cool...whatever you would like...we don't need to do anything or we can do everything...up to you
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:27:12 PM): I'd just love to meet you and get to know you
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 5:27:26 PM): yea me 2
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:27:41 PM): do you want to just meet the first time and not do anything sexually?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 5:28:01 PM): idk Im pretty much down 4 ne thing
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:28:10 PM): I just want to be respectful
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 5:28:26 PM): oh ok
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:28:46 PM): I will always treat you with respect
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:28:54 PM): and will you promise me something?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 5:29:03 PM): what
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:29:27 PM): if I ever say anything or do anything that offends you in anyway...will you check me on it...??? Promise?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 5:29:47 PM): oh I will ^_^
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:29:51 PM): awesome
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:29:56 PM): I likeyou
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 5:30:05 PM): I like u 2
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:30:20 PM): and I'm glad that me not being circumcised isn't a problem for you
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 5:31:04 PM): oh crap I gotta go my friend lori is here
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:31:16 PM): ok no worry
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:31:16 PM): bye hun
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:31:16 PM): tty later
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:31:17 PM): ok no worry
er1ca_leah_cx (03/20/14 5:31:20 PM): kk text me
georgiamike1968 (03/20/14 5:31:23 PM): ok

Text Messaging 3/21/2014

Me: Just wanted 2 say hi 9:52 AM
*phone number edited*: Well thank you. Happy Friday! I hope you have a great day! 9:54 AM
Me: Hope u do 2 11:05 AM
Me: Hey where r u lol 4:00 PM
*phone number edited*: Charleston SC :) 4:01 PM
Me: LOL I meant I saw u were online :p 4:15 PM

Text Messaging 3/22/2014

*phone number edited*: Hi Hun! How is your day? Beautiful here in Charleston! 2:12 PM
Me: I'm good hanging out at my friends house.. Bored lol 2:50 PM
*phone number edited*: Aww sorry to hear that. The place I'm staying is awesome! Did you get the pic? 2:52 PM
Me: Oooh no my mom blocked picture texting on my phone :( 3:07 PM
*phone number edited*: Oh damn. Sent you a couple of the view from my room :( 3:13 PM
*phone number edited*: I hope that was not a problem 4 u 3:42 PM
Me: No but I just can't get or send any thru text.. So lame 3:59 PM
*phone number edited*: If you get free and want to talk for a bit let me know I have some time... 4:01 PM
Me: Just got 2 the movies 4:09 PM
*phone number edited*: K no worries 4:10 PM
Me: Hi ^_^ 7:53 PM
*phone number edited*: Hey there how are you? 7:55 PM
Me: Ok. Just got home a lil while ago 8:11 PM
Me: Wut r u up 2? 8:11 PM
*phone number edited*: K I'm at a dinner with some clients. Wish you were here. 8:12 PM
Me: Ooh ok sorry, I dnt wanna bother u! N I do 2 8:17 PM
*phone number edited*: No it's fine thinking about you. 8:18 PM
*phone number edited*: I'm always excited to get your texts. 8:33 PM
Me: U are? I feel like I'm bugging u cause I kno ur so busy 8:38 PM
*phone number edited*: Yes always! I'm busy but always excited to see your texts. 8:39 PM
Me: Aww ur so sweet :) 8:54 PM
*phone number edited*: Just being honest. 8:59 PM
Me: Ur like the perfect guy 9:05 PM
*phone number edited*: So sweet of you to say. Just being me. I really like you. 9:06 PM
Me: I like u 2. U make me feel like I'm actually worth something.. 9:10 PM
*phone number edited*: Worth something? My gosh. You are so cool. I'm enjoying getting to know you. 9:17 PM
Me: Aww well I feel the same way 2 9:24 PM
*phone number edited*: I want you to feel comfortable with me! 9:25 PM
*phone number edited*: Did you get a schedule for next week? 9:29 PM
Me: Ooh yea let me go check 9:32 PM
Me: K she's off tues, weds, thurs and works fri and sat off sun 9:37 PM
*phone number edited*: All nights? 9:38 PM
Me: No works mon, fri and sat 9:39 PM
Me: That is actually a good thing lol 9:44 PM
*phone number edited*: I'm confused :( 9:45 PM
*phone number edited*: When would you want me if I could get there? 9:45 PM
Me: Well since it's spring break I could say I'm sleeping ovr at my friends any night? Fri or sat would b easier tho cause she'll b gone 2.. Idk up 2 u? 9:47 PM
*phone number edited*: So she works Fri/sat nights? 9:48 PM
Me: Next week yah.. It changes every week 9:51 PM
*phone number edited*: Ok I'll work on that. 9:51 PM
*phone number edited*: Could we talk in the morning for a few mins? 9:52 PM
Me: Kool ^_^ 9:55 PM
Me: Well my mom is home n taking me clothes shopping 2moro.. but I could call u when she goes 2 work? 9:55 PM
Me: Is that ok? 9:57 PM
*phone number edited*: I have a dinner tomorrow night. 9:59 PM
*phone number edited*: Just wanting to hear your voice I guess. 10:00 PM
*phone number edited*: She works tomorrow night? 10:00 PM
Me: Yea I wanna talk 2 u again 2.. Yea 10:01 PM
*phone number edited*: Is she working tonight? 10:01 PM
Me: No she's home now 10:04 PM
*phone number edited*: Ok no worries 10:04 PM
*phone number edited*: I like you 10:04 PM
Me: Good.. I like u more ^_* 10:06 PM
*phone number edited*: I am sensing that... 10:07 PM
Me: Lol.. Yea, yea 10:08 PM
*phone number edited*: I think about you a lot. 10:09 PM
Me: U do? Good stuff I hope lol 10:11 PM
*phone number edited*: All good hunny. And you? 10:12 PM
Me: Yah, same. I wonder wut ur doing n stuff a lot 10:15 PM
*phone number edited*: Can I ask why you like me? 10:16 PM
Me: I think ur sweet n caring.. Always checking on me.. N I think ur cute 2 hehe 10:19 PM
*phone number edited*: That is so sweet. So you are comfortable with me being older? 10:22 PM
Me: Yah, I dnt even rly think about that 2 b honest.. I like u 4 u 10:24 PM
*phone number edited*: Awesome and same here. 10:25 PM
*phone number edited*: Will you be up for a bit? 10:26 PM
Me: Prolly not.. I'm falling asleep already :p 10:27 PM
*phone number edited*: Ok will be back in the room in 15. Was going to get on the computer. 10:29 PM
Me: Ooh.. no, I'm in bed already.. super tired 10:30 PM
*phone number edited*: Ok no worries. Get some rest and know you're on my mind. 10:33 PM
Me: Ok I will... Tty 2moro ^.^ 10:34 PM
*phone number edited*: Yes you will. Sweet dreams. 10:35 PM

Text Messaging 3/23/2014

Me: Hey? 6:48 PM
*phone number edited*: Hi 6:49 PM
Me: R u busy today? 6:53 PM
Me: Okay :( Well text me 2moro 7:46 PM
*phone number edited*: Sorry just finished a business dinner... 7:49 PM
Me: It's ok, we can talk 2moro if ur busy 7:55 PM

Text Messaging 3/24/2014

Me: Sooo bored 2day 12:33 PM
*phone number edited*: Sorry...wish I could offload some of my work to you! I'm swamped! I'm home later tonight. 12:44 PM
Me: Lol no thanks.. Kk hmu later 12:57 PM
*phone number edited*: What is hmu? 12:59 PM
Me: Hit me up :p 1:04 PM
*phone number edited*: Lmao :) 1:05 PM
*phone number edited*: Do you have a few minutes to chat? 8:19 PM
Me: Ya.. like on the phone? 8:22 PM
Me: U dnt u tell me 8:23 PM
Me: Whoops.. wrong text lol 8:23 PM
*phone number edited*: Well phone would be great but I was thinking yahoo? 8:25 PM
Me: Oh ok 8:26 PM
*phone number edited*: Whatever works 4u 8:26 PM
*phone number edited*: Ru alone? 8:26 PM
Me: Right now ya I'm in my room 8:27 PM
*phone number edited*: Ok but your mom is there? I won't call if she is there. 8:28 PM
Me: My gramma is over but she's falling asleep on the couch lol 8:31 PM
Me: I can call when she falls asleep? 8:31 PM
*phone number edited*: Ok. Can't wait :) 8:31 PM
Me: Hehe ok 8:32 PM

YIM Conversation 3/24/14

georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:36:39 PM): hi Erica
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 9:37:07 PM): Hii
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:37:18 PM): hey so nice to see you
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:37:36 PM): so you are babysitting grandma tonight???
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 9:38:02 PM): LOL yea pretty much
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:38:08 PM): funny
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:38:24 PM): hope you are keeping her entertained...but it sounds like she's bored
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:38:31 PM): if she is falling asleep
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:38:47 PM): I've had a long few
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:38:56 PM): all over the Carolina's...
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:39:04 PM): wish you could have gotten my pic I texted you
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 9:39:39 PM): She's watching tv..
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 9:39:48 PM): Aww me 2.. U can send it 2 me on here??
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:40:03 PM): well I haven't downloaded it yet...
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:40:18 PM): it was just a pic of my room and the view from my room in Charleston
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:40:22 PM): very nice
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 9:40:46 PM): Oh ok.. Sounds nice.. R u still there?
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:41:21 PM): yes I'm here
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:41:29 PM): are you still there?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 9:41:48 PM): No in the hotel
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:41:52 PM): LOL
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:41:57 PM): no I'm back in Atlanta
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:42:07 PM): you wear contacts or glasses?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 9:42:28 PM): No.. Y?
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:43:04 PM): won't appreciate this then
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:43:07 PM): but
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:43:28 PM): this morning I mixed my right/left contact lenses up...
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:43:42 PM): put the right in the left eye and the left in the right eye...
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:43:48 PM): lordy lordy
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:43:57 PM): it took me til noon to figure it out
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:44:07 PM): so stupid
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:44:17 PM): anyway...I'm good
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 9:44:29 PM): LOL..
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 9:44:31 PM): Silly
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:44:34 PM): yes for sure
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:44:50 PM): Erica...question for you?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 9:45:00 PM): K
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:45:12 PM): have you ever done any drinking yet?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 9:45:41 PM): Yea I tried it b4
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:45:54 PM): ok just curious
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:46:34 PM): I don't drink a lot...just some beer now and then and wine with meals...just curious about whether you had done any drinking yet....
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:46:55 PM): I'm not encouraging
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 9:47:06 PM): Haha.. Yea I did try it b4
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:47:23 PM): beer? wine? hard liquor?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 9:48:05 PM): Hmm beer n hards.. No wine tho
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:48:12 PM): did you like it?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 9:48:19 PM): Yea kinda lol
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:48:22 PM): lol
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 9:48:25 PM): It was fun
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:48:29 PM): cool
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:48:38 PM): well...I had my first beer in 7th grade....
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:48:50 PM): it was lame
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:48:58 PM): like drinking a coke
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:49:40 PM): and then my friend...who lived on a farm...had a different idea
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:49:59 PM): he had stolen a pack of chewing tobacco from his grandfather
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:50:18 PM): so I thought...that is harmless...
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:50:31 PM): so I put a big chunk in my mouth and started \"chewing\"
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:50:50 PM): well...guess what
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 9:51:03 PM): what
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:51:32 PM): I puked my friggin guts out and then passed out...#:-S
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:51:57 PM): never never again did I chew anything that contained tobacco...Nasty!
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 9:52:04 PM): LOL gross
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:52:12 PM): gross is for sure
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:52:34 PM): so I stuck to beer and wine...and an ocassional margarita
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:52:48 PM): occasional...sorry for the mispelled words
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:52:50 PM): lol
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 9:53:09 PM): Lol I didn't notice
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:53:16 PM): good
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:53:35 PM): did I ever tell you about my education?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 9:54:12 PM): No
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:54:24 PM):'s probably not worth telling
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:54:41 PM): but I think I told you on the was not easy for me
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:54:50 PM): I had to study a lot and work hard to get decent grades
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:55:11 PM): and I grew up in rural Missouri and my parents had no money to send me to college
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:55:30 PM): and they wanted me to stay on the farm
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:55:38 PM): but I had other plans...
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:55:41 PM): thank God
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:56:11 PM): am I boring you...
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 9:56:21 PM): Lol no I'm listening
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:56:27 PM): LOL
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:56:29 PM): ok
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:56:58 PM): well...anyway...I worked my rear end off to get grades good enought to get a scholarship to the University of Missouri
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:57:24 PM): and when I got to's seemed like I got smarter...:-O
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:57:44 PM): so I graduated with honors with a degree in chemistry of all things
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 9:58:04 PM): Oh wow!
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:58:09 PM): yeah crazy
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 9:58:16 PM): That's pretty kool
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:58:32 PM): and I got a job at a hospital in St. Louis in the lab...doing blood work
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:58:44 PM): I loved working in the hospital
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:59:05 PM): and then decided I wanted to \"run\" a hospital one day
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:59:25 PM): so I quit my job...and went into debt...and went back to graduate school
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:59:33 PM): I got 2 masters degrees...
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:59:37 PM): one in business...
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:59:44 PM): and one in hospital administration
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 9:59:56 PM): and as they say....the rest is
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 10:00:15 PM): U run a hospital now??
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:00:22 PM): not anymore
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:00:30 PM): I did for several years....
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:00:40 PM): and then decided I wanted to own my own company
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:00:50 PM): so I started my own consulting company...
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:00:57 PM): which I own now...
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:01:20 PM): it is fun working for is very hard to call in sick when you work for
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:01:44 PM): so I am very busy with my company..but i do like it and it pays the bills nicely
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 10:02:02 PM): That's kool..
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:02:14 PM): I hope sharing that about myself didn't bore you
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 10:02:25 PM): Nope.. I think ur interesting lol
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 10:02:32 PM): U sound really smart
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:02:33 PM): well thank you....
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:02:41 PM): well I'm not really smart
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:02:46 PM): but I am persistent
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:03:00 PM): so where I felt short in brains...I made up for in motivation
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:03:07 PM): anyway
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:03:12 PM): I wanted you to know that
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 10:03:35 PM): U must b proud
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:03:56 PM): well...I'm happy where I'm at I think
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:04:27 PM): does your mom have a b/f ?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 10:04:58 PM): No
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:05:33 PM): lol...I was thinking the other day...your mom might be jealous if she knew we were talking...:\">
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:05:49 PM): she might like me
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 10:06:07 PM): Lol.. Idk
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:06:20 PM): well...I think you are so cool...
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 10:06:22 PM): She always dates jerks
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:06:25 PM): LOL
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 10:06:26 PM): ^_^
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:06:29 PM): jerks
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:06:33 PM): got it
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:06:55 PM): I am really enjoying getting to know you
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:07:03 PM): so tell me more about yourself...
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 10:07:39 PM): I'm gonna check if my gramma is asleep yet brb
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:07:44 PM): LOL
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:07:44 PM): ok
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 10:10:00 PM): I think she's asleep..
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:10:11 PM): you want me to call you? or you call me?
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:10:52 PM): or do you want to just chat here?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 10:20:15 PM): Sorry! My grandma woke up
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:20:24 PM): no worries
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:20:36 PM): it was so nice of you to call and to hear your voice
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 10:20:54 PM): Yours too ^_^
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:21:20 PM): the more I talk with you and the more I get to know you the more I like you
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:21:34 PM): I hope it's ok to say that
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 10:21:42 PM): I feel the same way..
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:21:48 PM): aww...really?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 10:22:15 PM): Yea.. I do
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:22:23 PM): thank you Erica...
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:22:29 PM): that is so nice of you to say that
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:22:38 PM): and I love your voice
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 10:22:58 PM): Thank u ^_^ Lol I hate it
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:23:06 PM): you hate your voice?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 10:23:19 PM): Yea I think it sounds weird
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:23:27 PM): omg no way
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:23:33 PM): it's so sexy
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:24:15 PM): so what is grandma doing?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 10:24:31 PM): Talking to the cat LOL
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:24:38 PM): LMAO....
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:24:44 PM): I like you
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 10:24:52 PM): Aww
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:25:13 PM): it seems we get along so well...
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:25:31 PM): I wish I could find a way to buy you minutes...
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 10:25:57 PM): Yea.. I kno
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:26:13 PM): I think you need your own secret phone
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:26:21 PM): your secret Mike
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 10:26:38 PM): I think so too lol
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:26:54 PM): well maybe I can help with that
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:27:06 PM): would you be able to keep it secret?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 10:27:34 PM): Of course!
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:27:39 PM): lol...
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:27:51 PM): so what girl walks around with 2 phones ih her
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:28:32 PM): but...I'm not joking...I can explore getting you a phone...if you are seriously interested
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 10:28:50 PM): Ok.. That would b kool
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 10:29:23 PM): I could keep it under my bad or something n use it at night?
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:29:48 PM): yeah...or in your underwear drawer...LOL
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 10:29:59 PM): Yup that would work too hehe
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 10:30:05 PM): In my closet
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:30:13 PM): unless your mom decides to wear your
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 10:30:29 PM): Grosssss
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:30:33 PM): lol
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:30:52 PM): so are you a thong girl or a bikini girl? or boy shorts?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 10:31:41 PM): Hmm.. Lol.. I actually have all of those kinds
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 10:31:51 PM): Depends wut I'm wearing I guess
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:31:56 PM): cool...
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:32:17 PM): I'm sure you would look awesome in any of those...
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:32:31 PM): or in none of
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 10:32:49 PM): Hehe
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:33:05 PM): do you like a guy in boxers?
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:33:08 PM): or briefs?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 10:33:41 PM): Boxers
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:33:55 PM): cool....that is what I wear....
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:34:10 PM): when I don't go commando...:\">
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 10:34:17 PM): Lollll
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:34:43 PM): this is so fun...
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:34:46 PM): I like you
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:34:51 PM): love getting to know you...
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:35:08 PM): hope you are feeling comfortable with me...
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 10:35:22 PM): I really am.. I love talking 2 u..
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 10:35:30 PM): I feel like I could talk 2 u all day
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:35:43 PM): amazing I just had that same thought
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:36:23 PM): as you know I'm older...much older...but I seem to relate well to you
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 10:36:38 PM): I kno.. That's wuts perfect
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:36:55 PM): yeah it's really kind of amazing
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:37:04 PM): how well we seem to communicate
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:37:17 PM): but I think it's because you are so mature...
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:37:19 PM): for your age
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:37:25 PM): I just love that
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:37:31 PM): it is such a turn on for me....
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 10:37:39 PM): U rly think so?
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:37:52 PM): really think what?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 10:38:02 PM): That I'm mature?
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:38:07 PM): omg yes...
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:38:10 PM): very much so
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:38:50 PM): for a girl your age to be able to carry on an intelligent conversation with a guy my age?????
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:38:57 PM): are mature for your age
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 10:39:42 PM): Well thanks
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:39:49 PM): well my pleasure
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:40:06 PM): can I ask...did you look at that website I sent you?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 10:40:51 PM): I think so
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:41:00 PM): it was the one on circumcison
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 10:41:19 PM): Oooh yeah
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:41:27 PM): did you find it educational?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 10:42:14 PM): Well I didn't read all of it.. but what u were saying sounds true.. I dnt kno why ppl would do that 2 their babys
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:42:28 PM): I don't either
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:42:43 PM): especially if they take the time to research it
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:42:55 PM): and understand the procedure
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:43:11 PM): but can I share something with you?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 10:43:25 PM): Sure
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:43:42 PM): I was so paranoid about sharing with you that I was uncircumcised
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:43:59 PM): that you would think that was gross or something
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:44:20 PM): and that maybe I looked weird....
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 10:44:58 PM): Oooh lol don't worry.. Ur not the only 1 or ne thing.. I think my friends brother is 2
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:45:17 PM): really? why do you think that?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 10:45:30 PM): Cause she told me
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:45:42 PM): oh so you talked about circumcision?
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:45:44 PM): with her?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 10:45:54 PM): Yea a long time ago tho
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:46:08 PM): oh ok....and she told you her brother's penis looked funny?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 10:46:30 PM): Idk she just said it was dif from her bfs or w/e
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 10:46:43 PM): Thats all I really kno
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:46:47 PM): ah ok
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:46:49 PM): got it
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:47:16 PM): I hope and pray that you are ok with how I am
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:47:32 PM): and that it is something that does not turn you off
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 10:47:48 PM): It's not a big deal 2 me.. 4 real
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:48:13 PM): promise Erica? promise me you aren't just saying that???
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 10:48:43 PM): I promise! Lol I only been w one guy.. Not like I even seen a lot
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:48:57 PM): yes I understand...
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:49:34 PM): but since so few guys are uncut....I just worry that you might have an issue with it
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 10:50:13 PM): I dont even care lol
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 10:50:26 PM): Ur so silly
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:50:26 PM): but what I have learned over the that....most girls really like it better if they will take the time to enjoy it...
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:50:41 PM): you think I'm silly?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 10:50:58 PM): Ur being silly ya being worried
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:51:02 PM): good...can I be silly with you???
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 10:51:08 PM): Yup
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:51:12 PM): I'd love that
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:51:18 PM): we'd love it
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 10:51:32 PM): I kno.. I can't wait
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:51:36 PM): same here
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:51:51 PM): do you think about me much?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 10:52:11 PM): Yeah I do.. I wanna text u a lot but I kno ur busy workin
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:52:23 PM): that is so sweet
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:52:37 PM): you can text anytime hunny...if I can answer I will...
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:52:42 PM): like today...
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:52:46 PM): I hope that is ok...
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 10:52:51 PM): Ok
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:53:01 PM): thank you....
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:53:26 PM): I love chatting and talking
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:53:28 PM): I really do
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 10:53:43 PM): Me 2
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:54:06 PM): do you have any other pics?
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:54:14 PM): I'd love to see more if you do....
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 10:54:46 PM): Yea I do
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:55:11 PM): that would be so nice of you to send some more....
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 10:55:48 PM): K hold on
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:58:21 PM): wow you are gorgeous
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 10:58:40 PM): U think so?
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:58:51 PM): omg are you kidding me?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 10:59:31 PM): My n my friend Courtney..
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 10:59:42 PM): are both so cute
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 10:59:49 PM): Hehe thanks
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:00:02 PM): do you have one of Terra? is that her name?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 11:00:08 PM): Ya
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:00:59 PM): oh how she is tiny
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 11:01:25 PM): Well were like the same size
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:01:36 PM): well then you are
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:01:58 PM): who is that?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 11:02:12 PM): That's her
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:02:18 PM): oh ok...with glasses
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:02:21 PM): cool
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 11:02:24 PM): Ya
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:02:34 PM): can I just say something?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 11:02:45 PM): Wut
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:02:54 PM): you are a beautiful young woman
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 11:03:09 PM): Thank u :\">
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:03:16 PM): question for you?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 11:03:22 PM): Ok
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:03:52 PM): I am an amateur photographer...sometime when we are together...I would love to take some photo's of you...can I ?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 11:04:12 PM): Rly? Yah of couse lol
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 11:04:21 PM): I wanna try modeling 1 day
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:04:23 PM): yes really
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:04:31 PM): you could be a model hun
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:04:45 PM): you have a real presence
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:05:09 PM): but maybe someday when we are together....I can photograph you
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:05:20 PM): I love to take outdoor portraits...
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 11:05:31 PM): Sounds like fun
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:05:39 PM): maybe we could take a hike or walk and I could photograph you outdoors...
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 11:05:47 PM): Ya
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:05:48 PM): it would be so fun
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 11:05:51 PM): When?
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:06:19 PM): soon hun...whenever I can get away for a 4 1/2 hour drive....
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 11:06:30 PM): Oh
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:06:50 PM): have you thought anymore about a plan to get to Atlanta this summer?
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:06:56 PM): for like a week?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 11:07:14 PM): Yea.. But that's a long time from now!
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:07:53 PM): oh I know....I've just been thinking after we meet a few times it would be cool to find a way to get you here
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:07:57 PM): for a week this summer
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 11:08:16 PM): I think that would b awesome
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 11:08:30 PM): I'm so bored here! Esp in the summer..
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:08:55 PM): I could schedule myself light that week or take the week off and we could hang out here in atlanta and hang around the pool
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 11:09:12 PM): Do u have a pool?
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:09:16 PM): yes
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 11:09:20 PM): Niiiice
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:09:37 PM): yeah...we could enjoy the pool....get some sun....
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:09:49 PM): do you like to bicycle?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 11:10:01 PM): I wish I could do that 4 spring break!
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 11:10:06 PM): Yea
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:10:08 PM): omg no kidding
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:10:13 PM): ok I have 2 bikes
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:10:17 PM): road bikes
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:10:33 PM): and there is this really cool trail that I ride's called the Silver Comet
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:10:39 PM): you should check it out online
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 11:10:43 PM): Ok
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 11:10:53 PM): I'll look it up 2moro
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:10:55 PM): and you could ride one of my bikes and we could go there
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:11:05 PM): you are what....5/4 right?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 11:11:10 PM): Ya
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:11:15 PM): do you know your inseam?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 11:11:29 PM): What is that
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:11:31 PM): LOL
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:11:38 PM): LOL
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:11:53 PM): it's the inches...from your crotch to the floor...LMAO
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:12:00 PM): it's the inches...from your crotch to the floor...LMAO
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 11:12:11 PM): Oh.. LOL
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 11:12:15 PM): No idk
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:12:18 PM): LOL
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:12:20 PM): no worry
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:12:25 PM): LOL
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:12:25 PM): I'm 5/10...
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:12:27 PM): no worry
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:12:32 PM): I'm 5/10...
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:12:38 PM): and my bikes both have adjustable seat heights
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:12:45 PM): and my bikes both have adjustable seat heights
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:13:00 PM): the only thing is you would need to be able to straddle the bike..they are both men's bikes
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:13:07 PM): the only thing is you would need to be able to straddle the bike..they are both men's bikes
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:13:23 PM): so you need to be able to straddle the top bar without it disecting
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:13:30 PM): so you need to be able to straddle the top bar without it disecting
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 11:13:38 PM): Ooh
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:13:55 PM): but if they are too big...we can rent a girls bike
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:14:02 PM): but if they are too big...we can rent a girls bike
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:14:18 PM): anyway...thinking a nice bike ride on the trail with a picnic lunch would be nice
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:14:25 PM): anyway...thinking a nice bike ride on the trail with a picnic lunch would be nice
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 11:14:39 PM): That sounds amazing
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:14:46 PM): you really think so?
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:14:53 PM): you really think so?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 11:15:06 PM): Yes
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:15:14 PM): cool...
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:15:21 PM): cool...
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:15:27 PM): then we can get home and put our suits on and head to the pool for the afternoon
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:15:34 PM): then we can get home and put our suits on and head to the pool for the afternoon
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:15:52 PM): I might even offer you a beer if you promise not to tell anyone and get me in trouble...LOL
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:15:59 PM): I might even offer you a beer if you promise not to tell anyone and get me in trouble...LOL
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 11:16:09 PM): Lol.. That sounds good 2
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:16:26 PM): I like Corona with a lime in th summer
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:16:32 PM): I think you would too
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:16:33 PM): I like Corona with a lime in th summer
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 11:16:34 PM): I can't wait 2 hang out w you ^_^
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:16:39 PM): I think you would too
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:16:47 PM): really? do you think about hanging out with me?
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:16:54 PM): really? do you think about hanging out with me?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 11:17:00 PM): Yea
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 11:17:14 PM): I was hoping I would b able 2 c u this week..
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:17:25 PM): I haven't given up on it yet
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:17:32 PM): I haven't given up on it yet
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:17:55 PM): I have a crazy schedule but am trying to move things around
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:18:02 PM): I have a crazy schedule but am trying to move things around
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:18:03 PM): just know I will do my best
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:18:10 PM): just know I will do my best
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 11:18:12 PM): Yayy ok
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:18:26 PM): it's 4 1/2 hours there and 4 1/2 hours back...that is a lot of windshield time
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:18:33 PM): it's 4 1/2 hours there and 4 1/2 hours back...that is a lot of windshield time
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:18:37 PM): but I sense you would really like to see me
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:18:44 PM): but I sense you would really like to see me
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 11:19:17 PM): I do..
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:19:58 PM): do you think we should just meet first and not do anything sexual?
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:20:05 PM): do you think we should just meet first and not do anything sexual?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 11:20:36 PM): Up 2 u..
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:21:01 PM): no I'm honestly asking you...would that be more comfortable for you...and me?
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:21:08 PM): no I'm honestly asking you...would that be more comfortable for you...and me?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 11:21:14 PM): I'm rly down 4 ne thing
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:21:21 PM): and us not feel pressured in any way
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:21:28 PM): and us not feel pressured in any way
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 11:21:40 PM): Ur not pressuring me
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:21:52 PM): oh I know hunny I don't feel that I am either
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:21:59 PM): oh I know hunny I don't feel that I am either
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:22:39 PM): I'm just thinking it would give us both the opportunity to talk and get to know each other...without any expectations....
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:22:44 PM): I'm just asking...
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:22:46 PM): I'm just thinking it would give us both the opportunity to talk and get to know each other...without any expectations....
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 11:22:49 PM): Oh
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:22:51 PM): I'm just asking...
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:23:06 PM): I am not concluding...just asking
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:23:13 PM): I am not concluding...just asking
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:23:15 PM): exploring that with you
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:23:22 PM): exploring that with you
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 11:23:30 PM): I think I feel comfortable enough wit u 2 go all the way?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 11:23:38 PM): If u rly like me wnough 2 do that..
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:23:48 PM): I think that is so sweet
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:23:55 PM): I think that is so sweet
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:24:02 PM): and loving
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:24:09 PM): and loving
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 11:24:10 PM): ^_^
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 11:24:15 PM): Do u?
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:24:20 PM): do I what?
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:24:27 PM): do I what?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 11:24:32 PM): Do u rly like me
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:24:39 PM): omg yes
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:24:46 PM): omg yes
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:24:53 PM): I think about you all the dang time
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:25:00 PM): I think about you all the dang time
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 11:25:12 PM): U do?
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:25:29 PM): yes I do that bad? :\">
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 11:25:35 PM): No..
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:25:36 PM): yes I do that bad? :\">
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 11:25:47 PM): That makes me feel like I
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 11:26:10 PM): I'm not the only 1 thinking about the other lol
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:26:30 PM): well I can assure are not
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:26:37 PM): well I can assure are not
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 11:27:13 PM): Well that makes me happy
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:27:17 PM): I'm just trying to be respectful....and a gentleman...and offer us both the opportunity to just meet and talk without any pressure to do anything more....
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:27:24 PM): I'm just trying to be respectful....and a gentleman...and offer us both the opportunity to just meet and talk without any pressure to do anything more....
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:27:38 PM): and then if we like each other...take it from there
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:27:45 PM): and then if we like each other...take it from there
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:28:01 PM): am I making any sense?
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:28:08 PM): am I making any sense?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 11:29:01 PM): Oh
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:29:18 PM): what are you thinking?
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:29:25 PM): what are you thinking?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 11:29:35 PM): I just thought u rly liked me
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:29:47 PM): Erica...I totally really like you
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:29:54 PM): Erica...I totally really like you
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 11:30:17 PM): K
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:30:39 PM): what are you thinking...please share?
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:30:46 PM): what are you thinking...please share?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 11:30:55 PM): Idk
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 11:31:06 PM): I'm really tired n gotta go to bed
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:31:34 PM): please don't be upset with me
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:31:41 PM): please don't be upset with me
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 11:32:42 PM): I'm not sure wut 2 think..
er1ca_leah_cx (03/24/14 11:32:48 PM): I'll tty 2moro
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:33:04 PM): ok hun....thank you for chatting
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:33:07 PM): sweet dreams
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:33:11 PM): ok hun....thank you for chatting
georgiamike1968 (03/24/14 11:33:14 PM): sweet dreams

Text Messaging 3/26/2014

Me: I guess u didn't really even like me.. Not even gonna talk 2 me now huh 3:58 PM
*phone number edited*: Hey there. Just got off the plane from Raleigh. It seemed as though you were upset with me when we chatted last. Not sure why :( 4:11 PM
Me: K 4:32 PM
*phone number edited*: But I like you a lot... 6:03 PM
Me: Doesn't feel like it ne more 6:12 PM

Text Messaging 3/27/2014

Me: Soooo.. Ur not gonna talk 2 me ne more? 8:34 PM
*phone number edited*: I want to if you are still interested! 9:43 PM

YIM Conversation 3/28/2014

georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 8:47:17 AM): good morning.....I have some free time this morning if you want to talk
er1ca_leah_cx (03/28/14 10:25:46 AM): Ok
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 10:25:58 AM): hey good morning
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 10:26:23 AM): how has your spring break been?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/28/14 10:27:18 AM): Boring
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 10:27:22 AM): I'm so sorry
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 10:27:34 AM): so what have you done to keep yourself busy?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/28/14 10:27:57 AM): Nothing.. went to my friends
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 10:28:01 AM): how was the shopping experience with your mom?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/28/14 10:28:10 AM): It was ok
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 10:28:28 AM): get anything fun?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/28/14 10:28:43 AM): Nope not really just school clothes
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 10:28:45 AM): boring
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 10:28:53 AM): I'll take you shopping someday...
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 10:28:55 AM): if you'd like
er1ca_leah_cx (03/28/14 10:29:29 AM): I think ur just saying that
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 10:29:42 AM): I'm not Erica...I'm really not
er1ca_leah_cx (03/28/14 10:30:08 AM): K
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 10:30:50 AM): I really like you...and I didn't sleep after our chat the other night
er1ca_leah_cx (03/28/14 10:31:49 AM): Me neither.. It's like u just changed ur mind about me n I didn't kno wut 2 think
er1ca_leah_cx (03/28/14 10:32:02 AM): Still don't
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 10:32:06 AM): I have not changed my mind about you
er1ca_leah_cx (03/28/14 10:32:35 AM): That's wut u said tho
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 10:32:41 AM): what did I say?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/28/14 10:33:17 AM): Said u didn't want 2 have sex w me now
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 10:34:02 AM): Erica...I want more than sex...I want a friendship and relationship
er1ca_leah_cx (03/28/14 10:34:39 AM): Well I thought we have that ?
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 10:34:54 AM): I'm not like most men.
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 10:35:05 AM): I want more than just sex...
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 10:35:19 AM): I want to get to know you...
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 10:35:47 AM): and the sex part will come...believe me
er1ca_leah_cx (03/28/14 10:36:14 AM): Do u still like me in that way tho?
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 10:36:27 AM): in what way?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/28/14 10:37:26 AM): Like u still think I'm cute n stuff? I felt like u only wanted 2 be friends w me
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 10:37:51 AM): you mean do I still like you and want you sexually?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/28/14 10:38:14 AM): Yeah..
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 10:38:25 AM): can I be totally honest with you?
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 10:38:57 AM): can I?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/28/14 10:39:09 AM): Ok
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 10:39:18 AM): I want you sooooo have no idea
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 10:39:29 AM): I have thought about you since the first time we chatted...
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 10:39:52 AM): when you told me you were interested in being pleasured orally
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 10:39:59 AM): I am so into you
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 10:40:16 AM): I have masterbated so often since we've's like crazy
er1ca_leah_cx (03/28/14 10:40:35 AM): Wow :\">
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 10:40:40 AM): yeah it's a wow...
er1ca_leah_cx (03/28/14 10:40:56 AM): I jus felt like the last couple of days u were over me.
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 10:41:08 AM): Erica I have had some of the most powerful orgasms thinking about us
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 10:42:02 AM): I mean like some of the most powerful I've ever had in my life...
er1ca_leah_cx (03/28/14 10:42:24 AM): I wish I could have just one
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 10:42:36 AM): have you tried?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/28/14 10:43:02 AM): Yeah.. But it wouldn't happen
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 10:43:14 AM): I'd love to help you
er1ca_leah_cx (03/28/14 10:43:38 AM): What if it doesn't happen??
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 10:43:48 AM): I'm convinced it will...
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 10:43:57 AM): have you thought about me when you masterbate?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/28/14 10:44:27 AM): Yea I have.. ^_^
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 10:44:39 AM): thank you for that
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 10:44:49 AM): can I ask what you
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 10:44:49 AM): can I ask what you think about when you think about me?
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 10:44:55 AM): when you are masterbating?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/28/14 10:45:37 AM): Hehe umm..
er1ca_leah_cx (03/28/14 10:45:46 AM): I'm kinda shy about saying lol
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 10:46:04 AM): please say and then I'll tell you what I have thought about...
er1ca_leah_cx (03/28/14 10:47:40 AM): Just about us being 2gether.. N I try to have n orgasm but it doesn't happen
er1ca_leah_cx (03/28/14 10:47:52 AM): Wut does that mean if I can't?
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 10:48:15 AM): seem to be concerned about that? About not being able to orgasm?
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 10:48:55 AM): please don't worry about it...
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 10:49:49 AM): you are so sweet
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 10:49:51 AM): I like you
er1ca_leah_cx (03/28/14 10:50:17 AM): I feel like somethings wrong w me.. Lol
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 10:50:48 AM): do your friends tell you they are able to orgasm?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/28/14 10:51:56 AM): I only talk about it w 1 friend.. N she said she has them?
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 10:52:03 AM): ok...
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 10:52:06 AM): understand
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 10:52:21 AM): can I you get pretty wet when you are aroused?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/28/14 10:52:44 AM): Hmm yea a little bit
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 10:53:11 AM): ok...
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 10:53:18 AM): can I ask a personal question?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/28/14 10:53:47 AM): Ok
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 10:54:22 AM): do you use just your fingers when masterbating or do you use a toy?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/28/14 10:54:52 AM): A toy??
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 10:55:06 AM): a vibrator or sex toy?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/28/14 10:55:22 AM): Uh.. Lol I dnt have ne of those
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 10:55:49 AM): can I reveal a secret?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/28/14 10:56:04 AM): Hehe sure
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 10:56:22 AM): I bought one this week for us...:\">
er1ca_leah_cx (03/28/14 10:56:39 AM): U did??
er1ca_leah_cx (03/28/14 10:56:46 AM): Wut is it..
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 10:56:48 AM): I did
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 10:57:08 AM): I was driving to Chattanooga and I saw a sex toy store near where I got gas
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 10:57:16 AM): so I went over and bought one
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 10:57:25 AM): it's pink....:\">
er1ca_leah_cx (03/28/14 10:58:01 AM): Lol 4 real?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/28/14 10:58:20 AM): I never used ne thing like that b4.. Wut is it 4
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 10:58:30 AM): it's for masterbating...
er1ca_leah_cx (03/28/14 10:58:46 AM): Oh
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 10:59:06 AM): it's a dildo...shaped like a penis...about 6 inches long..and it vibrates
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 10:59:40 AM): one of my fantasies about you and me is having a toy for us to play I bought one
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 10:59:57 AM): I have never bought anything like that...and was even kinda embarrassed doing it
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 11:00:27 AM): but I bought it for us
er1ca_leah_cx (03/28/14 11:00:33 AM): Hehe.. Kinda sounds like fun tho..
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 11:00:45 AM): it would be fun for us to play around with I think
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 11:00:58 AM): and it vibrates pretty strong...
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 11:01:08 AM): we could take turns...
er1ca_leah_cx (03/28/14 11:01:43 AM): Wait.. U want 2 use it?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/28/14 11:02:00 AM): It's 4 guys too?
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 11:02:07 AM): LOL...
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 11:02:24 AM): well..
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 11:02:31 AM): can I tell you a secret?
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 11:02:33 AM): about me?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/28/14 11:02:41 AM): Ya
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 11:03:21 AM): I like my anal area feels good...and I think you using the vibrator on me there would be so hot...especially if you were doing something else with my penis at the same time.....
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 11:03:40 AM): doesn't that sound hot?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/28/14 11:04:45 AM): Really? Yah I guess.. I nvr tried that w a guy b4
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 11:05:15 AM): I understand...I'm just being honest
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 11:05:23 AM): do you like your anal area touched?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/28/14 11:05:49 AM): I dunno never tried that either..
er1ca_leah_cx (03/28/14 11:05:59 AM): Am I lame?
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 11:06:06 AM): No you are not lame...
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 11:06:28 AM): can I ask a sensitve question?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/28/14 11:06:36 AM): Ok
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 11:06:45 AM): I know you've said you really like me..
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 11:06:51 AM): but are you just interested in me for sex?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/28/14 11:07:26 AM): I'm interested in both
er1ca_leah_cx (03/28/14 11:07:44 AM): Brb my mom is here
georgiamike1968 (03/28/14 11:07:46 AM): ok

Text Messaging

*phone number edited*: We can talk or chat I'm off this morning... 8:32 AM
Me: Hey 9:23 AM
*phone number edited*: Hi there...are you on yahoo? 9:23 AM
Me: Sorry, she just woke up n I don't want her asking who I'm talking 2 10:15 AM
*phone number edited*: Ok 10:17 AM
Me: R u there? 10:17 AM
*phone number edited*: She leaving anytime soon? 10:17 AM
Me: She works tonight 10:17 AM
*phone number edited*: Ok 10:20 AM
Me: R u working 2day? 10:24 AM
*phone number edited*: Off til 2 10:25 AM
Me: Oh :/ 10:26 AM
Me: So I guess ur not able 2 come c me this weekend? 10:27 AM
*phone number edited*: I have some meetings here in Atlanta this weekend :( 10:28 AM
*phone number edited*: I'm sorry I'm so busy.. 10:28 AM
*phone number edited*: So did our chat help? 10:28 AM
Me: :(((( 10:30 AM
Me: Yea it did.. I'm glad we're talking again 10:30 AM
*phone number edited*: Any chance we can talk? On phone? 10:30 AM
Me: My moms home 2day 10:32 AM
*phone number edited*: Surely she will run to the store? 10:33 AM
*phone number edited*: And I'm glad you feel better... 10:34 AM
*phone number edited*: Would like to hear your voice :) 10:43 AM
Me: Idk.. Maybe? 10:43 AM
*phone number edited*: I like your voice. 10:49 AM
Me: Did u miss talking 2 me ^_^ 10:49 AM
*phone number edited*: What do you think? Yes! 10:50 AM
Me: Lol yea me 2 10:51 AM
*phone number edited*: Wish you had a webcam and mic. Anyway I can buy one for you? 10:52 AM
Me: Me 2.. I had one but it got taken away. Yeah u could buy me 1 n I could hide it I guess? 10:56 AM
*phone number edited*: Dang so you had one? 10:57 AM
Me: Ya like a year ago lol 10:58 AM
*phone number edited*: Yikes! Did you get caught? 10:58 AM
Me: I didn't rly get caught but she said I wasn't old enuf 2 have 1 11:00 AM
*phone number edited*: Oh ok. Dang. 11:01 AM
*phone number edited*: I like you! 11:01 AM
*phone number edited*: Am I different than other guys you've met? 11:03 AM
Me: I kno.. Sux 11:03 AM
Me: Hopefully we get 2 c each other soon tho 11:04 AM
*phone number edited*: How am I different? 11:05 AM
Me: Huh? 11:06 AM
*phone number edited*: Just asking how I'm different from other guys you've met? 11:08 AM
Me: I jus love talking 2 u.. Ur so smart n caring.. N u turn me on lol 11:11 AM
Me: N I trust u.. Ur not a jerk 11:15 AM
Me: Y do u like me?? 11:16 AM
*phone number edited*: So sweet of you to say. 11:16 AM
*phone number edited*: And I like you because you are mature, sincere, genuine, attractive, and most importantly, I trust you... 11:17 AM
Me: Aww.. See that's y I like u so much 11:20 AM
*phone number edited*: So aren't upset with me? 11:21 AM
Me: No ^_^ I'm glad we're talking again 11:23 AM
*phone number edited*: Good I was so afraid all you wanted from me was sex... 11:24 AM
Me: Noo lol 11:25 AM
*phone number edited*: Thank you! 11:26 AM

YIM Conversation 4/1/14

georgiamike1968 (04/01/14 9:47:05 PM): can I ask a personal question?
georgiamike1968 (04/01/14 9:47:14 PM): another one I
er1ca_leah_cx (04/01/14 9:47:17 PM): Ok
georgiamike1968 (04/01/14 9:47:38 PM): does not having had an orgasm really bother you?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/01/14 9:48:35 PM): Hmm it doesn't really make me sad just kinda disapointed
georgiamike1968 (04/01/14 9:48:57 PM): but you get aroused and everything right?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/01/14 9:49:19 PM): Like horny?
georgiamike1968 (04/01/14 9:49:28 PM): yes...feeling like you want it
er1ca_leah_cx (04/01/14 9:49:32 PM): Oh yea
georgiamike1968 (04/01/14 9:49:37 PM): cool...
georgiamike1968 (04/01/14 9:49:51 PM): and you didn't orgasm the time you had intercourse?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/01/14 9:50:01 PM): No way
georgiamike1968 (04/01/14 9:50:05 PM): no way?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/01/14 9:50:19 PM): Uggghhh I gotta go my gramma is yelling at me 2 wash the dishes
georgiamike1968 (04/01/14 9:50:25 PM): ok hunny
georgiamike1968 (04/01/14 9:50:30 PM): thank you for our time
georgiamike1968 (04/01/14 9:50:36 PM): I so enjoy talking with you
er1ca_leah_cx (04/01/14 9:50:44 PM): Text me 2moro?
georgiamike1968 (04/01/14 9:50:47 PM): maybe we can catch a few minutes on the phone tomorrow?
georgiamike1968 (04/01/14 9:50:55 PM): and yes I will text you sweetheart
er1ca_leah_cx (04/01/14 9:51:02 PM): Yah maybe
er1ca_leah_cx (04/01/14 9:51:10 PM): Ok nite ^_^
georgiamike1968 (04/01/14 9:51:10 PM): go wash the dishes and make your gramma happy
er1ca_leah_cx (04/01/14 9:51:14 PM): Grr
georgiamike1968 (04/01/14 9:51:17 PM): kisses
er1ca_leah_cx (04/01/14 9:51:22 PM): ^.^
georgiamike1968 (04/01/14 9:51:24 PM): and don't forget
er1ca_leah_cx (04/01/14 9:51:31 PM): Wut
georgiamike1968 (04/01/14 9:51:40 PM): to NOT shave!
er1ca_leah_cx (04/01/14 9:51:47 PM): Lol ok I won't
georgiamike1968 (04/01/14 9:51:58 PM): goodnight :-*
er1ca_leah_cx (04/01/14 9:52:04 PM): Byee

Text Messaging 4/2/2014

*phone number edited*: Hope you are having a terrific day! 12:39 PM
Me: Haha thanks ^_^ school is almost over so I'm happy about that lol 1:03 PM
*phone number edited*: Glad you're happy! I like your smile 2:11 PM
Me: U do? 2:32 PM
*phone number edited*: Yes I do! 3:45 PM
*phone number edited*: What ru doing tonight besides homework? 6:47 PM
*phone number edited*: U ok? 8:53 PM
Me: Sorry! My phone was dead 8:00 AM
*phone number edited*: Oh ok hun. Nice to see you. Glad you're ok. 8:01 AM
Me: I'm ok lol.. Just 4got my charger at my grammas 12:05 PM

Text Messaging 4/3/2014

Me: Blahhh 3:24 PM
*phone number edited*: Why blahhh? 3:34 PM
Me: Wish it was Friday already 3:35 PM
*phone number edited*: Hear ya there. 3:36 PM
Me: Goodnight 8:47 PM
*phone number edited*: Sweet dreams! 8:48 PM

YIM Conversation 4/4/2014

georgiamike1968 (04/04/14 12:52:54 PM): Hello from Nashville and happy Friday!
er1ca_leah_cx (04/04/14 1:59:44 PM): Yayyyy it's Friday lol
georgiamike1968 (04/04/14 3:20:15 PM): Yes it is!
er1ca_leah_cx (04/04/14 3:24:06 PM): Hehe.. Wut r u doin this weekend
georgiamike1968 (04/04/14 4:44:31 PM): I'm working in Nashville until Sunday
georgiamike1968 (04/04/14 4:44:41 PM): U?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/04/14 9:25:59 PM): Nothing much

Text Messaging 4/5/2014

*phone number edited*: Hello from Nashville! 3:06 PM
Me: Haiiii 3:19 PM
Me: Lol lucky 3:19 PM

YIM Conversation 4/6/2014

georgiamike1968 (04/06/14 9:16:30 AM): Hi driving back to Atlanta ...

YIM Conversation 4/7/2014

er1ca_leah_cx (04/07/14 12:44:16 PM): Yayyy lol
georgiamike1968 (04/07/14 2:04:25 PM): How have you been?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/07/14 2:21:19 PM): I've been okay
georgiamike1968 (04/07/14 3:30:24 PM): Can we talk again sometime?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/07/14 3:37:49 PM): I am talking 2 u lol
georgiamike1968 (04/07/14 9:57:13 PM): Hmmm

Text Messaging 4/8/14

*phone number edited*: Hi Erica. 3:55 PM
Me: Hi 4:28 PM
*phone number edited*: How was your day? 4:38 PM
*phone number edited*: Are you home? 4:54 PM
Me: No 5:02 PM
*phone number edited*: Oh ok when will you be? 5:03 PM
Me: Later Y? 5:06 PM
*phone number edited*: I want you to see me on cam. Will you have privacy? 5:16 PM
Me: Yah 5:26 PM
*phone number edited*: Ok let me know when you are home. 5:29 PM
Me: Ok I will 5:35 PM
Me: Getting home now 7:40 PM
*phone number edited*: Ok I'm on yahoo... 7:41 PM

YIM Conversation 4/8/14

er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:49:33 AM): Bur ur not really talking 2 me anymore again
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 11:11:30 AM): ?
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 12:47:38 PM): I'm trying! I'm wanting to hear your voice. This afternoon?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 1:18:39 PM): Idk I kinda want to save my minutes
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 1:19:13 PM): It's 2 confusing when u say ur gonna c me n then I felt let down all the time
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 1:20:11 PM): Ok
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 1:20:57 PM): I'm sorry you feel that way
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 1:24:35 PM): I'm sorry I live 4 1/2 hours away and have a successful business that keeps me busy
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 1:24:56 PM): But I like you ALOT
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 1:26:42 PM): Maybe we can talk thru messenger voice on our phones later
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 1:39:47 PM): Well maybe hmu when u do have time 2 c me? Idk
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 1:41:04 PM): Hmu?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 1:47:02 PM): Hit me up
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 2:23:44 PM): Ok
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 4:22:03 PM): Do you know what your summer plans are?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 8:44:40 PM): No not really my mom hasn't really talked about it again
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 8:44:58 PM): hi
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 8:45:06 PM): you there hun?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 8:45:13 PM): hiiii
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 8:45:14 PM): you there hun?
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 8:45:18 PM): hey nice to see you
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 8:45:24 PM): ya I had 2 go on my computer
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 8:45:25 PM): hey nice to see you
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 8:45:38 PM): ok cool
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 8:45:45 PM): what have you been up to this evening?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 8:45:54 PM): was over at my grammas.. jus got home
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 8:46:14 PM): cool did she fix dinner for you?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 8:46:22 PM): yup baked chicken n potatoes
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 8:46:37 PM): yum yum
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 8:47:00 PM): maybe you need to get her to bring you to Atlanta and she can cook for both of us...
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 8:47:12 PM): haha..y u dont cook?
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 8:47:25 PM): no I do cook actually
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 8:47:29 PM): I love to cook
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 8:47:31 PM): love to grill
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 8:47:40 PM): hope to get to grill for you someday...cook you dinner
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 8:47:53 PM): ^_^
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 8:48:31 PM): I wanted to apologize...
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 8:48:40 PM): for making you feel like I wasn't interested...
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 8:48:51 PM): I'm sorry...
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 8:48:55 PM): its ok
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 8:49:18 PM): the distance makes it hard...and my schedule makes it worse...
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 8:49:25 PM): I wish we lived closer....
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 8:49:37 PM): but I'm not giving up...
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 8:49:50 PM): if you are still interested...
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 8:49:57 PM): okay
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 8:50:42 PM): I am..
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 8:51:00 PM): good I was hoping you would say that
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 8:51:35 PM): I wanted to show you that I'm real...
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 8:51:47 PM): are you home alone?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 8:52:12 PM): well my mom is home but Im in my room w the door closed
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 8:52:29 PM): oh ok...
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 8:52:36 PM): are you sure it's ok if I turn my cam on for you?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 8:52:36 PM): yah its ok
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 8:53:10 PM): there you go
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 8:53:34 PM): is it working?
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 8:53:41 PM): is it working?
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 8:54:09 PM): is it working?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 8:54:16 PM): heyyyyy
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 8:54:16 PM): is it working?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 8:54:22 PM): yah it works
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 8:54:34 PM): blew you a kiss
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 8:54:38 PM): ur so handsome lol
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 8:54:41 PM): blew you a kiss
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 8:54:42 PM): yah I saw hehe
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 8:54:54 PM): you really think so?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 8:54:54 PM): yah I dooo
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 8:55:09 PM): thank you that is so nice of you to say
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 8:55:15 PM): :\">
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 8:55:29 PM): well its true ^_^
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 8:55:43 PM): I wanted you to know I was real....
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 8:55:50 PM): it makes me feel better
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 8:56:00 PM): good I was hoping it would...
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 8:56:05 PM): I felt like you were giving up on me
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 8:56:10 PM): and I didn't like that
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 8:56:28 PM): I'm just so darn busy and so far away
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 8:56:35 PM): but I'm not giving up
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 8:56:47 PM): unless you tell me you are not interested anymore
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 8:57:17 PM): I am.. I was just feeling sad cause we havent been talking a lot.. n i felt confused
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 8:57:25 PM): n like Im never gonna really c u
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 8:57:52 PM): I know it must feel that way..and I'm very sorry
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 8:58:09 PM): I want us to have a friendship that lasts a long time...
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 8:58:27 PM): I'm not the \"one and done\" kind of guy...I think you know that
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 8:58:42 PM): yeah..
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 8:58:56 PM): wish you were sitting here on my sofa with me
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 8:59:11 PM): I do toooo
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 8:59:21 PM): whats on your mind hunny?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 8:59:44 PM): nothin really I'm just excited 2 c u lol
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:00:08 PM): good...wish you had a cam too
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:00:39 PM): I knoww I do too
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:00:39 PM): so I'm wearing my St. Louis Sweat shirt and my Mizzou pajama bottoms...
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:00:44 PM): what are you wearing???
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:00:50 PM): kool haha I c
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:00:56 PM): r u going 2 bed?
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:01:19 PM): eventually....wanna join me?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:01:20 PM): hehe I wish!
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:01:32 PM): me too...
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:01:49 PM): what are you wearing?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:02:11 PM): lol Im trying to get changed in2 my pajamas
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:02:25 PM): lol
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:02:31 PM): ok if you insist...
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:02:51 PM): where is suki
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:03:15 PM): she is at the vet
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:03:30 PM): she was sick when I got home on Sunday from Nashville
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:03:30 PM): ohhh noo
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:03:44 PM): she had like pooped all over the place
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:03:54 PM): oh man
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:03:55 PM): so I took her to the vet on Monday...and he kept her...
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:04:00 PM): no telling what this will cost me....
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:04:01 PM): is she gonna b ok
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:04:13 PM): I hope so...
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:04:24 PM): would be lonely around here w/o her
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:04:58 PM): it's nice to have a furry little something to sleep with...#:-S
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:05:16 PM): u dont have ne other pets?
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:05:29 PM): no she is it
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:05:34 PM): aww well I hope she gets better
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:05:50 PM): me too...I called and they said she had something wrong with her GI tract...
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:05:54 PM): I said...duhhh
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:06:09 PM): I could have figured that out
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:06:18 PM): ohh
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:06:40 PM): do you remember me telling you that I bought you a present?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:06:44 PM): ya
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:07:03 PM): do you want to see it now or wait until we meet?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:07:06 PM): I wanna see it! lol
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:07:20 PM): you sure?
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:07:46 PM): it might get you all excited....:-O
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:07:50 PM): lolol
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:08:09 PM): ok let me go get it...hold on
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:08:41 PM): ready to see it?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:08:48 PM): hehe yup
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:09:04 PM): hehe wow
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:09:09 PM): its shiny!
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:09:16 PM): looks big?
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:09:24 PM): i'll show you the on/off switch..
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:09:42 PM): it has 5
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:10:02 PM): do you want me to bring it when I come see you?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:10:07 PM): hehe yah
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:10:32 PM): I never used ne thing like that b4 tho
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:10:42 PM): look at the base near the even has these little \"fingers\".....check this out
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:10:58 PM): see what i mean?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:11:04 PM): wait show it again
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:11:27 PM): isnt that gonna hurt?
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:11:46 PM): they are very soft
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:12:06 PM): oh
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:12:18 PM): toy for us...
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:12:25 PM): we can use it...or we can not....
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:12:29 PM): just thought it would be fun to fool around with...
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:12:35 PM): I've never used one before....
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:12:47 PM): yah me neither sounds kinda fun
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:12:59 PM): yeah i think you will enjoy the vibrations
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:13:06 PM): yeah i think you will enjoy the vibrations
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:13:31 PM): but the real thing is better...:\">
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:13:36 PM): ya I would think so 2
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:13:43 PM): i like you
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:13:50 PM): what's on your mind now...??? LOL
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:13:50 PM): i like you
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:14:05 PM): hehe lots of stuff
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:14:14 PM): like when am I gonna c u now lol
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:14:28 PM): lol..
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:14:36 PM): made you more anxious to see me?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:14:36 PM): yah
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:15:01 PM): so have you told anyone about me?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:15:02 PM): nope
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:15:04 PM): u?.
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:15:16 PM): no one...
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:15:31 PM): I did tell a little white lie to one of my doctor clients...
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:15:42 PM): she is an OB/GYN...
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:16:13 PM): remember how I told you I thought I could help get you on the pill?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:16:19 PM): ya
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:17:17 PM): well I told this doctor that I do some work for that my neighbor's \"daughter\" had come to me asking if I could help her get on the pill w/o her mom knowing it...
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:17:36 PM): and I asked her if she would she her for that...
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:17:49 PM): she said no problem...and I told her you were 14...
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:18:18 PM): so if you ever get up here and you want to do that I can arrange it for you.....only if you want that
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:18:26 PM): yah that would b kool
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:18:43 PM): cuz I kno my mom isnt gonna let me have ne
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:19:14 PM): I hope that was frame it that way with the doctor
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:19:17 PM): ya its ok
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:19:35 PM): have you ever had a pelvic exam?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:20:04 PM): um.. ya I did b4 after I first got my period
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:20:32 PM): ok so you know what that is all about..she would need to do that she said
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:20:34 PM): ok
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:20:42 PM): its kinda uncomforable n weird
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:20:58 PM): yeah I'm sure it is
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:21:33 PM): you can use my address when you go so you won't get anything in the mail...
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:21:42 PM): anyway....just trying to look ahead a bit....
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:21:45 PM): I like you
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:21:51 PM): ok good
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:21:52 PM): I like you
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:21:56 PM): I like u 2 ^_^
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:22:08 PM): we need to name our toy...any ideas?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:22:22 PM): hmmm
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:22:27 PM): pinky?
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:22:39 PM):
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:22:52 PM): i was thinking Pink Floyd =))
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:23:00 PM): whos that??
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:23:20 PM): it's the name of a band from years ago
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:23:20 PM): ooh lol
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:23:39 PM): lol ur crackin me up
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:23:48 PM): playing with our toy you mean?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:23:55 PM): lol ya
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:24:09 PM): omg lolol
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:24:38 PM): just kinda makes me think about you doing that to me
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:24:54 PM): lol oh really
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:25:15 PM): yeah...unless you wouldn't want to...
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:25:26 PM): Im ok w that hehe
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:25:46 PM): cool...
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:25:54 PM): but I am so excited about do that for you...
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:26:13 PM): I might stay down there for hours once I get going....#:-S
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:26:16 PM): wait what
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:26:20 PM): I might stay down there for hours once I get going....#:-S
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:26:20 PM): ooooh
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:26:31 PM): you know
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:26:42 PM): don't you still want me to do that for you?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:26:50 PM): which part r u talking about
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:27:24 PM): pleasuring your by orally stimulating your genitals
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:27:25 PM): oooh lol
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:27:35 PM): ya I do.. no 1 ever did that 2 me b4
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:27:47 PM): will you be ok if I do that?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:27:55 PM): yup
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:28:17 PM): I'll probably tease you a bit if that's ok?
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:28:22 PM): with my tongue?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:28:24 PM): hehe ok
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:28:46 PM): and maybe nibble all around it?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:29:04 PM): does that feel good lol idk
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:29:24 PM): I think you will like it...
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:29:25 PM): ya Ill try it
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:29:36 PM): will you promise me something?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:29:48 PM): what
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:30:07 PM): will you promise me that you will tell me what things you enjoy? give me feedback?
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:30:26 PM): and if you don't like must tell me that too...
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:30:44 PM): ok I will
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:30:46 PM): promise
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:30:58 PM): thank you...
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:31:03 PM): am I a nice guy or what?????
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:31:05 PM): lol
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:31:21 PM): yah u r ^_^
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:31:23 PM): now how many guys your age would even ask you that?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:31:29 PM): um none lol
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:31:40 PM): exactly
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:31:57 PM): whattcha thinking?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:32:15 PM): Im just getting nervous that my mom is gonna come in
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:32:20 PM): oh ok
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:32:21 PM): I heard her walkin by
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:32:27 PM): oh ok
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:32:37 PM): shall I turn off the cam?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:32:43 PM): ya I think I better get off
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:32:54 PM): ok
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:33:08 PM): it was nice showing you that I was real
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:33:12 PM): and showing you our toy
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:33:17 PM): I knoww u made my day :\">
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:33:22 PM): good
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:33:26 PM): and guess what?
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:33:41 PM): you made mine...
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:34:00 PM): btw...I fly to Dallas tomorrow and am there until Friday night....
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:34:09 PM): just keeping you posted on my whereabouts
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:34:12 PM): oooh ok
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:34:50 PM): so I didn't make you uncomfortable being on the cam?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:35:05 PM): nope
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:35:22 PM): cool will you do me one more favor before we sign off?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:35:28 PM): ok
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:35:42 PM): send me a couple more pics?
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:35:52 PM): I look at the two of yours I have all the time
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:36:01 PM): and would like a couple more if you have any?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:36:07 PM): ooh ok hold on
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:36:21 PM): k thank you Erica
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:37:44 PM): aww I've seen that one...thank you
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:38:03 PM): and that one is you are a doll
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:38:27 PM): omg I love that...
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:38:33 PM): really?
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:38:34 PM): your lips are so kissable....
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:38:42 PM): you have gorgeous full lips
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:38:44 PM): I feel like I look like a dork lol
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:38:58 PM): LOL
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:39:07 PM): I have chubby cheeks
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:39:31 PM): you have probably never really had a guy like really kiss you have you? I mean REALLY kiss you?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:40:05 PM): like french kiss?
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:40:42 PM): yes....but also kiss you gently on your neck...your face...your eyes...all over
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:40:51 PM): make you feel so special
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:40:59 PM): you know what I can't wait to do?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:41:03 PM): wut
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:42:15 PM): have you standing looking away from me...naked...and have me come up behind you...naked...and I put my arms around you...pull your butt toward me...and kiss your neck and gently down your back...holding your breasts in my hands and gently caressing them
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:42:59 PM): and you being able to feel the excitement in my penis against your butt...
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:43:39 PM): did you read that?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:43:44 PM): yup hehe
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:43:50 PM): I cant wait
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:44:03 PM): sounds good doesn't it?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:44:50 PM): yea it does
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:45:18 PM): btw...are you nipples sensitive?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:46:33 PM): yea a little
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:46:48 PM): ok...can't wait to kiss them...
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:46:52 PM): if that is ok?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:47:32 PM): so when am I gonna c u?
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:48:02 PM): soon I hope...keep me posted on your mom's work schedule ok?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:48:48 PM): I kno she has a conference soon n was gonna leave me at home when she goes
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:48:54 PM): its like 3 days
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:49:08 PM): really when is that?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:49:14 PM): next week
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:49:35 PM): dang during the week or weekend?
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:49:40 PM): I'm am so booked...
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:49:44 PM): when is it?
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:50:12 PM): Ill check when I get off
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:50:26 PM): ok
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:50:36 PM): that would be perfect
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:50:42 PM): I cant remember when she said but I kno Ill b by myself
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:51:15 PM): ok...let me know and if there is any way in the world I can get there I will
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:51:18 PM): yay ^_^
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:51:37 PM): but next week is a killer just so you know
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:52:00 PM): I gotta look it might be the one after
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:52:29 PM): ok that would probably be better
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:52:58 PM): Ill look b4 I go 2 bed
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:53:06 PM): n I gotta go 2 bed soon
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:53:20 PM): ok i'll let you go hun
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:53:26 PM): goodnight and thank you for spending some time with me
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:53:33 PM): I was so happy 2 actually c u
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:53:42 PM): good nite ^_^
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:53:51 PM): I'm glad you got to see me
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:53:54 PM): ^.^
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:53:56 PM): kisses and hugs
er1ca_leah_cx (04/08/14 9:54:03 PM): byee
georgiamike1968 (04/08/14 9:54:10 PM): bye hun

Text Messaging 4/10/14

*phone number edited*: GM! On the plane to Dallas. Thanks for the time last night. 8:01 AM
Me: Have fun ^_^ 9:20 AM
Me: Heyyy 2:06 PM
*phone number edited*: Hi from Dalllas! 2:09 PM
Me: Is it nice there? 2:26 PM
*phone number edited*: Beautiful. 80 and sunny. Would text u a photo if I could 2:27 PM
Me: Ooh wait I'll sign in2 yahoo on my phone 2:39 PM
Me: Do u have that on ur phone? 2:45 PM
*phone number edited*: Yes 2:46 PM
*phone number edited*: We can talk there too and not use your minutes. 2:46 PM
Me: Kool 2:59 PM
*phone number edited*: I think we can do video call thru yahoo 3:01 PM
Me: Ooh I 4got 2 tell u my mom is gonna be gone the 23 24 n 25 3:03 PM
*phone number edited*: Ok that week looks better. 3:04 PM
Me: Yayyy 3:13 PM
*phone number edited*: You home from school? 4:36 PM
Me: At my friends house 5:16 PM

YIM Conversation 4/10/14

georgiamike1968 (04/10/14 5:35:21 PM): Are you there?

Text Messaging 4/11/14

*phone number edited*: Happy Friday 11:11 AM
Me: Hiii u 2 11:33 AM
*phone number edited*: On plane back to ATL 3:20 PM
Me: Kool 4:49 PM

Text Messaging 4/12/14

*phone number edited*: Hope you are enjoying your weekend! 4:12 PM
Me: I'm boooored 4:31 PM
*phone number edited*: Wish I was there to un- bore u! 4:33 PM
Me: Lol so do I 4:38 PM
*phone number edited*: You are so cool. We need to figure out how I can get you a phone and a cam.... 5:05 PM
*phone number edited*: I have a webcam that I will bring when I come see you...I don't need it since mine is built in my laptop. 5:13 PM
Me: Yay that would b so awesome.. 5:15 PM
*phone number edited*: I found the I have to find the disc with the software. 5:21 PM
Me: Ok 5:36 PM
*phone number edited*: I think I've found it. Will you be able to keep it hidden??? 7:51 PM
*phone number edited*: The cam I mean! 7:52 PM
Me: Oh yea 7:58 PM
*phone number edited*: Ok good. I'll bring it. 7:59 PM
Me: )) 9:11 PM

Text Messaging 4/14/14

*phone number edited*: You busy? Wanna try a yahoo messenger call? 12:09 PM
Me: I'm shopping w my mom today I can try tonight maybe? 12:27 PM
*phone number edited*: Ok no worries. Enjoy! 12:28 PM
Me: Hi 1:52 PM
*phone number edited*: Hey! I'm in Charlotte today 1:56 PM
Me: Sheesh lol 2:14 PM

Text Messaging 4/15/14

*phone number edited*: You busy? Wanna try a yahoo messenger call? 12:09 PM
Me: I'm shopping w my mom today I can try tonight maybe? 12:27 PM
*phone number edited*: Ok no worries. Enjoy! 12:28 PM
Me: Hi 1:52 PM
*phone number edited*: Hey! I'm in Charlotte today 1:56 PM
Me: Sheesh lol 2:14 PM
Me: ^_^ 8:40 PM
*phone number edited*: Hi I'm on yahoo if you can talk? 8:41 PM
Me: I'm about 2 go 2 bed I just wanted to say goodnight 8:43 PM
*phone number edited*: Oh ok sorry I missed you. 8:44 PM
*phone number edited*: Goodnight. 8:44 PM
Me: You haven't been texting me lol 8:44 PM
*phone number edited*: Huh? Also on messenger. 8:45 PM
*phone number edited*: Wanting to try talking on yahoo.... 8:45 PM
Me: I can't my moms home 8:45 PM
*phone number edited*: Oh ok gotcha. 8:46 PM

Text Messaging 4/17/14

*phone number edited*: Good morning. Talk this afternoon??? 8:56 AM
Me: Ya I'll try 9:23 AM
Me: Hey u gotta email me that thing for the summer camp soon my mom is talking about me goin 2 stay w my dad again 9:25 AM
Me: I just don't wanna go there 12:59 PM
*phone number edited*: Yuck...Chicago 1:13 PM
*phone number edited*: Maybe your dad should move to Atlanta 1:13 PM
*phone number edited*: Can we try a messenger phone call later? 1:14 PM
Me: Ya we can try. I tried it b4 w someone else n it didn't work but mayb it was there phone 1:23 PM
*phone number edited*: Well let's at least try? Assume 3:30 your time? 1:34 PM
Me: No my gramma is picking me up from school 1:36 PM
Me: But I just don't know what 2 say on the phone lol I like texting better 1:44 PM
*phone number edited*: Oh ok. I just love your voice. I hope you don't find me difficult to talk to 1:50 PM
Me: Lol I like urs 2 but I just feel like a dork n don't kno wut 2 say sometimes 1:54 PM
*phone number edited*: I don't feel that at all. I think you are easy to talk to and I love your voice. You seem very mature for your age...and I like that! 1:56 PM
Me: Lol well thanks 2:09 PM
*phone number edited*: Holler at me later.... 2:11 PM
*phone number edited*: I like you 2:49 PM
Me: I like u back ^_^ 3:07 PM
*phone number edited*: You with your gramma? 4:55 PM
Me: Yah 5:18 PM
*phone number edited*: Rats! 5:21 PM
*phone number edited*: How do you usually get to/from school? 5:22 PM
Me: I loled 5:39 PM
Me: Sometimes my gramma picks me up from school sometimes I catch the bus home 5:39 PM
*phone number edited*: Cool. So no chance of talking later? 5:46 PM
Me: I'll try ok 5:53 PM
*phone number edited*: Sure. Whatever works 4u. 6:00 PM
*phone number edited*: Are you excited about HS? It's almost graduation time! 7:42 PM
Me: Kinda nervous 7:50 PM
*phone number edited*: Really? About HS ? 7:50 PM
Me: Yeah.. 7:58 PM
Me: Gonna be a bunch of new people n all older 8:07 PM
Me: N isn't everyone mean 2 freshman 8:07 PM
*phone number edited*: No! 8:27 PM
Me: I heard they always get picked on.. 7:17 AM
*phone number edited*: You'll be fine. 7:21 AM
Me: I hope so 8:52 AM
*phone number edited*: HS will be some of the most enjoyable years...second only to college 8:54 AM
Me: I'm still nervous lol 9:49 AM
*phone number edited*: We can talk more about it if you want. I'll help you deal with it... 10:10 AM
Me: Well I'm not really thinking about it 2 much yet 12:11 PM
*phone number edited*: Any chance of talking on messenger this afternoon? 2:32 PM
Me: Ya 2:52 PM
*phone number edited*: I'm in the Atlanta airport with a flight to St. Louis at 5:00. When should we try? 2:53 PM
Me: Oh r u still talking about talking on the phone or chatting 2:55 PM
*phone number edited*: Would like to try a messenger call. But can text too. Want you to be comfortable. 2:57 PM
Me: It's just hard cuz someone is always around n I'm always scared someone is going 2 hear wut I'm saying.. 2:58 PM
Me: N u keep asking me every day n I want 2! But I dnt want 2 get in trouble either 2:58 PM
*phone number edited*: Ok was thinking you may have some privacy when you get home... 2:59 PM
Me: I do at home in my room.. But not if I'm talking my moms room is next 2 mine 3:01 PM
*phone number edited*: Ok so whenever you're alone just let me know. I like you. 3:02 PM
*phone number edited*: Hi boarding a plane for St. Louis Wanna go with me? 4:07 PM
Me: Lol I wish 4:08 PM
*phone number edited*: Me too! 4:08 PM
*phone number edited*: One of these days! 4:09 PM
Me: I hope so.. 4:10 PM
*phone number edited*: In the last 2,weeks I've been in 5 cities 4:11 PM
Me: Wow that's crazy 4:11 PM
Me: I hope you'll be in Hartford next week ^_^ hehe 4:12 PM
*phone number edited*: Yep it is. Business is good... 4:12 PM
*phone number edited*: Gonna try 4:12 PM
*phone number edited*: You still want to see me? 4:18 PM
Me: Yeah.. But I feel like it's never gonna happen lol 4:21 PM
*phone number edited*: I will surprise you then 4:22 PM
Me: That would b awesome if u did lol 4:30 PM
*phone number edited*: What street do you live on? 4:31 PM
Me: Lol fields st 4:32 PM
*phone number edited*: Ok mapping it 4:33 PM
*phone number edited*: Got it 4:36 PM
*phone number edited*: Just off main? 4:38 PM
Me: Ya 4:38 PM
*phone number edited*: Gotta go they closed the door on the plane 4:38 PM
Me: Ok byeee 4:38 PM
*phone number edited*: Where is the Hardee's? 4:39 PM
Me: Across the street 4:40 PM
*phone number edited*: K what street? 4:40 PM
Me: There's only 1 Hardee's lol 4:41 PM
*phone number edited*: Ok just looking for it bye! 4:42 PM
*phone number edited*: Landed in St. Louis... 6:06 PM
Me: Whoa that was fast 6:08 PM
*phone number edited*: traffic in the skies 6:09 PM
Me: Lol yah I guess not 6:24 PM

Text Messaging 4/19/14

*phone number edited*: What are your plans for Easter? 8:35 AM
Me: I just woke up lol 10:04 AM
Me: Idk we usually go to church n then go out 2 eat w my gramma 10:05 AM
*phone number edited*: Sounds nice! 10:38 AM
*phone number edited*: What church? 10:38 AM
Me: We're catholic 10:46 AM
*phone number edited*: Same here 10:47 AM

Text Messaging 4/20/14

*phone number edited*: Happy Easter! 7:25 AM
*phone number edited*: I hope you are enjoying your day. 3:00 PM
Me: Happy Easter! 3:06 PM
Me: Sorry we went 2 church early n my mom made me leave my phone at home 3:06 PM
*phone number edited*: No worries Hun. Just nice to hear from you. Beautiful day here in St. Louis. I'm visiting my sister and her family. 3:08 PM
*phone number edited*: Working on schedule...difficult to get there...but would Thursday work? 3:33 PM
Me: Wow that sounds nice.. I bet they r happy 2 c u ^_^ 3:42 PM
*phone number edited*: I should be home around 7:00 your time. Talk??? 4:27 PM
Me: All my fam is over today 4:36 PM
*phone number edited*: Ok sorry to bother. 4:37 PM

Text Messaging 4/22/14

Me: Heyy 9:22 AM
*phone number edited*: I thought you dumped me 9:38 AM
Me: I think I got food poisoningggg 9:44 AM
Me: I got soo sick Easter night.. Idk wut I ate 9:47 AM
*phone number edited*: Dang so sorry to hear that. I assumed you were no longer interested... 10:17 AM
Me: No?? 10:21 AM
*phone number edited*: On phone call. Will call you back. 10:32 AM
*phone number edited*: Can you talk? 10:33 AM
Me: My mom made me go 2 school 2day.. But I can call u 2nite for sure 10:49 AM
*phone number edited*: Oh I thought you were home sick. Ok we can talk tonight. Is she working tonight? 10:53 AM
Me: I was home yesterday.. But was only in bed and the bathroom.. I could only drink 7up 10:58 AM
*phone number edited*: I'm so sorry. Hope we can talk tonight. 12:20 PM
Me: Lol ya I kno that's all u say 2 me 12:33 PM
*phone number edited*: Ok we don't have to talk. 12:37 PM
Me: Oh shush lol I'll call u 12:39 PM
Me: Whatcha doin 6:34 PM
*phone number edited*: Hi hunny! At dinner with a client. You feeling better? 6:35 PM
Me: Oh I was gonna call u 6:36 PM
Me: Yeah a lot better than yesterday 6:36 PM
*phone number edited*: Good. R u home alone tonight? 6:37 PM
Me: For a little while ya.. When can I call? 6:37 PM
*phone number edited*: late can you talk? 6:39 PM
Me: Like 9 I guess 6:44 PM
*phone number edited*: Ok cool. 6:47 PM
*phone number edited*: So glad you're feeling better. 6:48 PM
Me: Me 2.. That was the worst 6:53 PM
*phone number edited*: What does May 1/2 look like 4u? 7:00 PM
Me: ? 7:02 PM
*phone number edited*: Looks like I'll be in Dothan those days.... 7:03 PM
Me: Really! 7:04 PM
Me: Yah I'm not doing anything lol I have no life 7:05 PM
*phone number edited*: Yes it looks that way right now. Know your mom's schedule for then? 7:05 PM
Me: Yayyyyy 7:05 PM
Me: No not yet 7:06 PM
Me: Wut day is it Weekend? 7:06 PM
*phone number edited*: Thur/Fri 7:06 PM
Me: Well she won't b gone on the conference then but I'm sure she let me have a sleepover? 7:08 PM
*phone number edited*: When will you know her schedule? 7:09 PM
Me: She brings it home Fridays 7:09 PM
*phone number edited*: Ok so you'll know the Friday before ? 7:10 PM
Me: Like this Friday.. Right? 7:10 PM
*phone number edited*: Yeppers. 7:13 PM
Me: Yup ^_^ 7:13 PM
*phone number edited*: Ok cool. Wish you could get away that weekend and head to the beach w /me 7:14 PM
Me: Omg that sounds soooo perfect 7:16 PM
*phone number edited*: Yeah I think so too... 7:16 PM
Me: If I ask her now she might say yes.. Should I ask her 2moro? 7:17 PM
*phone number edited*: What would you tell her you're doing? Who you're going with??? 7:18 PM
Me: I'll just tell her I'm sleeping over at my friend Terra's house? 7:19 PM
*phone number edited*: But what if she calls Terra...or Terra's mom? 7:20 PM
*phone number edited*: Are you alone for another hour? Hour and half? 7:24 PM
*phone number edited*: U there? 7:26 PM
Me: Yea 7:30 PM
Me: Sorry I was in the shower... My mom doesn't call her house she just calls my cell phone 7:31 PM
*phone number edited*: Oh ic 7:32 PM
*phone number edited*: I just want to talk. This silly dinner is winding down...will you be free in 30 mins? 7:34 PM
Me: Yup sounds good I gotta finish my homework 7:36 PM
*phone number edited*: Ok I'll text you when I'm done. I so like you. 7:37 PM
Me: Lol I like u back 7:38 PM
*phone number edited*: Good. Tty soon. 7:38 PM
*phone number edited*: I'm done! On my way home. Let me know when you can talk. 8:03 PM
*phone number edited*: Thank you for calling. Are you ok? 8:49 PM
Me: Yah I'm just tired 8:52 PM
*phone number edited*: Totally understand. Love talking with you. Get some rest. 8:54 PM
Me: I like talking 2 u 2 ^_^ goodnight 8:57 PM
*phone number edited*: Night Hun. 8:58 PM

Text Messaging 4/23/2014

Me: Hi ^_^ 1:17 PM
*phone number edited*: Hi hunny! 1:17 PM
Me: Whatcha doin 1:57 PM
*phone number edited*: Working my tail off Thank you for our phone time last night. Love your voice! 1:58 PM
Me: I like talking to u 2 8:15 PM
Me: My stomach is still hurting 8:15 PM
*phone number edited*: Dang 8:15 PM
*phone number edited*: Sorry to hear that. 8:16 PM
Me: I think maybe it's the flu? 8:16 PM
*phone number edited*: Dang that's not good. 8:16 PM
Me: Ugggghhh 8:36 PM
*phone number edited*: You home alone? 8:41 PM
Me: No my moms home 8:59 PM

Text Messaging 4/24/14

*phone number edited*: Hope you are feeling better... 7:41 AM
Me: Yeah a little but 7:47 AM
Me: Bit* lo 7:48 AM
*phone number edited*: Hehe a lil butt? 7:48 AM
Me: Lol lil bit 7:55 AM
*phone number edited*: You're cute! So glad your tummy is better. 7:58 AM
*phone number edited*: So your mom didn't go to her conference? 10:55 AM
Me: She did she left super early this morning 10:57 AM
*phone number edited*: Oh ok gotcha. 10:57 AM
Me: Wut u doin 10:59 AM
*phone number edited*: Just arrived in Hickory, NC 11:00 AM
Me: Oic.. How come u have 2 go 2 so many places? 11:01 AM
*phone number edited*: I have clients in many places. Lots of travel! 11:02 AM
Me: Yea 11:22 AM
*phone number edited*: Hello from Hickory! 7:59 PM
Me: Hello ^_^ 8:00 PM
*phone number edited*: Ru alone? 8:00 PM
Me: I'm sleeping at Terra's house tonight 8:03 PM
*phone number edited*: Oh ok. Cool. Was going to see if you would want to try a yahoo phone call. But I guess not Hope you're feeling better. 8:04 PM

Text Messaging 4/25/2014

*phone number edited*: Happy Friday! 1:46 PM
Me: U 2 2:04 PM
*phone number edited*: I hope you are feeling better and have a restful weekend! Don't forget to check on your mom's schedule :) 4:49 PM
Me: I won't... She comes back tomorrow 7:19 PM

Text Messaging 4/26/2014

Me: Heyyyy 1:46 PM
Me: My mom is home n I saw her schedule she's workin those days ^_^ 1:47 PM
*phone number edited*: Hi there! What days exactly? Day or night shift?? 1:48 PM
Me: Works nights thurs fri n sat.. Off sun 1:54 PM
*phone number edited*: Ok cool. Will be Thur or Fri...will let you know. 2:00 PM
Me: Ok yayyy ^_^ 2:07 PM
*phone number edited*: Fri better 4u? 2:08 PM
Me: Um yah any day I can just say I wanna sleep over I guess 2:10 PM
*phone number edited*: Ok it may be Fri 2:11 PM
Me: Kk 2:12 PM
*phone number edited*: Excited? 2:39 PM
Me: Lol yah r u 2:46 PM
*phone number edited*: Very! 2:50 PM
*phone number edited*: How do you usually get to Terra's? 3:02 PM
Me: Walk 3:08 PM
*phone number edited*: Ok. So you would just meet me at Hardee's? 3:10 PM
Me: Yup that would work 3:12 PM
*phone number edited*: Sounds like a plan... 3:13 PM
Me: Hehe I can't wait 3:20 PM
*phone number edited*: But you will??? 3:59 PM
Me: Lol yup it isn't 2 long from now 4:43 PM

Text Messaging 4/27/2014

Me: Hey whatcha doin 2day 1:33 PM
*phone number edited*: Working :( Catching up on reports and email. 1:57 PM
*phone number edited*: You? 1:57 PM
Me: Nuthin laying around eating n watching movies :p 1:59 PM
*phone number edited*: You should get out and get some exercise! 2:01 PM
Me: R u saying im fat?? Lol 2:04 PM
*phone number edited*: Nope! Excise is good! 2:21 PM
*phone number edited*: Exercise is too lol! 6:02 PM
Me: Lol ur funny 8:10 PM

Text Messaging 4/28/2014

Me: I asked my mom about a sleepover... She said yah ^_^ 12:25 PM
*phone number edited*: Friday night? 12:27 PM
Me: Yup 12:28 PM
*phone number edited*: Ok cool. 12:28 PM

Text Messaging 4/29/2014

Me: Hey 1:26 PM
*phone number edited*: Hey back :) 1:49 PM
Me: I keep thinking about u lol 2:42 PM
*phone number edited*: Good thoughts? 2:43 PM
Me: Yah I'm excited n nervous.. But in a good way ^_^ 2:44 PM
*phone number edited*: Cool...I think?! 2:45 PM
*phone number edited*: Why are you nervous? 2:52 PM
Me: Idk cause I've been waiting 4 it so long lol.. 2:53 PM
Me: But it's a good kind of nervous 2:53 PM
*phone number edited*: I want to just meet you and get to know you. Are you ok with just that? 2:58 PM
Me: What? 2:59 PM
*phone number edited*: Are you ok with just meeting without sex and getting to know each other first? 3:01 PM
*phone number edited*: What if you don't like me when you meet me? 3:04 PM
Me: Why are u saying this now?? I thought u really liked me 3:05 PM
Me: I even stopped shaving 3:07 PM
Me: I already like u.. Now I feel like ur just messing w my head again 3:12 PM
*phone number edited*: Not wanting to mess your head! Just want you to not be nervous and make you more comfortable by agreeing not to go all the way. Understand? 3:37 PM
Me: No. Whatever 3:38 PM
*phone number edited*: You want to go all the way? 3:40 PM
Me: I'm ready.. U don't want 2 now? 3:43 PM
Me: I just thought we wanted the same things.. I don't know wut 2 think now. 3:47 PM
*phone number edited*: Please? 3:53 PM
Me: What?? 3:55 PM
*phone number edited*: Can we simply agree not to go all the way the first time we meet? Then go from there? 3:58 PM
*phone number edited*: Can we simply agree that we won't go all the way this first time? Other stuff is fine. 4:01 PM
Me: Other stuff like wut 4:02 PM
Me: This is stupid. I knew u were all talk. 4:08 PM
Me: Ur just like guys I kno trying 2 mess w my head. 4:09 PM
*phone number edited*: Please say yes :) 4:17 PM
*phone number edited*: Please. I'm driving 4 1/2 hours to see you...that is not all talk. 4:17 PM
Me: I don't really feel like talking 2 u now. HMU when ur done playing games 4:18 PM
Me: Bye 4:18 PM
*phone number edited*: Anything and everything else we decide on... 4:19 PM
*phone number edited*: What? 4:19 PM
Me: No everything u told me is like a lie.. U say u want something n then u say something else.. Like guys my age 4:22 PM
Me: I can't deal w it 4:22 PM
*phone number edited*: Please? 4:26 PM
*phone number edited*: Wow.... 4:29 PM
*phone number edited*: Can we simply agree not to go all the way on Friday? 4:33 PM
Me: Y? Wut do u wanna do then 4:36 PM
*phone number edited*: Ok. I'll be in Dothan on Friday if you change your mind. I'm really not being unreasonable. Just one simple request. And I do really like you. 4:38 PM
Me: Kool text me when ur done being a liar then 4:39 PM
Me: N maybe I'll wanna c u 4:39 PM
*phone number edited*: That is what I thought you wanted. 4:55 PM
*phone number edited*: Do you remember? How guys your age don't like doing a certain thing for you? 4:56 PM
*phone number edited*: Do you remember what started our entire conversation 2 months ago? 5:02 PM
Me: No, wut 5:07 PM
Me: Oh that no 1 ever ate me out b4? 5:12 PM
Me: U think I'm 2 gross 4 that too now or what 5:18 PM
*phone number edited*: Erica please? 5:26 PM
Me: Do u?? 5:28 PM
*phone number edited*: We could have something really special if you will just calm down and not be mad. 5:30 PM
*phone number edited*: Yes 5:32 PM
Me: Yes? U think I'm 2 gross to go down on. Ok. 5:33 PM
*phone number edited*: Can I do that for you? 5:33 PM
*phone number edited*: Read what I'm saying. THAT is what I want to do for you when we meet the first time... 5:34 PM
Me: Oh 5:34 PM
*phone number edited*: Exactly. 5:34 PM
Me: But y? I had sex b4 u kno.. 5:35 PM
*phone number edited*: When you calm down can we talk? 5:41 PM
*phone number edited*: OMG yes! I so want to do that with you. Are you good with that? 5:47 PM
*phone number edited*: And I can also bring Pink Floyd if you want me to? 5:51 PM
*phone number edited*: If you want that? 5:54 PM
Me: Well yah.. I've been thinking about it this whole time lol 5:55 PM
*phone number edited*: Erica. Are you not reading what I'm saying? 5:58 PM
*phone number edited*: Yes you told me. But you also told me no one would go down. I want to be your first :) 5:59 PM
Me: R u sure or just pretending 6:04 PM
*phone number edited*: Me too...I have been so looking forward to doing that with you. It is what got us talking. Are you ok with that? 6:24 PM
*phone number edited*: Totally sure. Very excited about it. Just don't want to have intercourse on Friday. Is that ok? 6:27 PM
Me: I guess 6:29 PM
Me: Can I ask y tho? 6:29 PM
*phone number edited*: I've never had intercourse the first time. I want us both to be sure about that. 6:58 PM
Me: K 7:00 PM
*phone number edited*: So you are ok with going ahead and meeting Friday? 7:17 PM
Me: Sure ^_^ 7:21 PM
*phone number edited*: OMG thank you. Will you do me a favor? 7:31 PM
Me: Wut 7:33 PM
*phone number edited*: Don't shave! 7:35 PM
Me: Lol.. I haven't 7:44 PM
Me: Kinda itchy tho 7:51 PM
*phone number edited*: Cool! Can't wait to see you. Thanks for understanding! 8:24 PM
*phone number edited*: And I'm so excited... 8:36 PM
Me: Me tooooo 8:41 PM
*phone number edited*: Should I bring my pink friend??? 8:47 PM
Me: Hehe yes plzz 8:48 PM
*phone number edited*: Ok. I hope you like him :) 8:49 PM
Me: I think I will, as long as he is nice ^_^ 8:51 PM
*phone number edited*: He is very nice. A little jittery now and then but that is not a bad thing! 8:53 PM
Me: Haha do u play w him? 8:54 PM
*phone number edited*: Have a couple of times. But, kinda boring without a playmate :) 8:56 PM
Me: Lol well that will change soon 9:06 PM
*phone number edited*: For sure.... 9:09 PM

Text Messaging 4/30/2014

Me: Hi 4:05 PM
*phone number edited*: Hi there! How was your day? 4:22 PM
Me: Looooong 4:27 PM
Me: U? 4:27 PM
*phone number edited*: Sorry to hear that! I'm heading to a business dinner. 4:28 PM
*phone number edited*: Glad we agreed on a plan for my visit 4:29 PM
Me: Lol well I'm still not happy about it! 4:30 PM
*phone number edited*: What? 4:30 PM
Me: I agreed.. But it doesn't mean I'm not disappointed 4:31 PM
*phone number edited*: Oh ok. I'm sorry. 4:32 PM
Me: I was just excited for all of it, that's all.. But I guess we can still have sex next time? 4:34 PM
*phone number edited*: One step at a time...ok? 4:35 PM
Me: K 4:35 PM

Text messaging 5/1/14

*phone number edited*: I don't even know your last name 8:15 AM
Me: Lol.. Really?? 8:20 AM
Me: It's [Decoy's Last Name] 8:20 AM
*phone number edited*: Tyvm! 8:21 AM
Me: Lol ok 8:33 AM
Me: My mom said she might let me get a kitten ^_^ 9:25 AM
Me: Lol I kinda wanna name it suki 9:25 AM
*phone number edited*: it would be a girl kitty? 9:29 AM
Me: Oh idk? Is suki only a girl name? 9:45 AM
Me: Hey what time r u gonna pick me up tomorrow.. 11:07 AM
Me: My mom leaves at like 5 or 5:30.. 11:08 AM
*phone number edited*: 5:30 - 11:12 AM
Me: Oh ya that's good she'll be gone by then 11:59 AM
*phone number edited*: Just meet you at your house? Address??? 12:35 PM
Me: No I think Hardee's is better.. My neighbor is super nosy n I don't want her to see u come over.. She would call my mom 12:40 PM
*phone number edited*: Oh ok. Don't you love those nosy neighbors? 12:41 PM
Me: No she's the worst.. Has nothing else 2 do but snoop on everyone else 12:42 PM
*phone number edited*: I think Suki is a girls name :) 4:02 PM
Me: Lol yah I guess so 4:41 PM
*phone number edited*: So get a girl cat! 4:42 PM
Me: Hehe yah 4:49 PM

Text Messaging 5/2/2014

*phone number edited*: Happy Friday! 8:36 AM
Me: Yes it is ^_^ 8:45 AM
Me: Whatcha doin 12:28 PM
*phone number edited*: Driving 12:29 PM
*phone number edited*: U? 12:31 PM
Me: Wishing school was over already lol 12:35 PM
*phone number edited*: Me too! 12:36 PM
Me: Yah.. Are you almost here? 12:48 PM
*phone number edited*: ETA is 3:30. 12:50 PM
Me: Woohoo.. It's almost 1 12:54 PM
Me: Is there anything I should bring? I just got home n getting my stuff ready 3:55 PM
*phone number edited*: Swim suit :) 3:56 PM
Me: Already got that 4:02 PM
*phone number edited*: K...bring your appetite! I'm starving! 4:03 PM
Me: Lol me toooo 4:05 PM
Me: R u in Dothan already 4:06 PM
*phone number edited*: Yep 4:07 PM
*phone number edited*: U like Applebee's? 4:08 PM
Me: OMG yah! 4:09 PM
*phone number edited*: That ok for dinner? 4:10 PM
Me: Sounds yummy.. Where are we staying 4:11 PM
*phone number edited*: Working on that :) 4:11 PM
Me: U wanna pick me up first? I could prob just tell her I'm going to Terra's now 4:18 PM
*phone number edited*: Won't she want to drive you there? 4:20 PM
Me: Uh no she's like 2 streets away.. I always walk 4:21 PM
*phone number edited*: Oh ok are you ready now? 4:22 PM
Me: Yep. Got all my stuff packed 4:23 PM
Me: I'm so hungry I didn't eat when I got home 4:23 PM
*phone number edited*: Ok made it. I'm here finally! 4:27 PM
*phone number edited*: Whatever works for you. 4:27 PM
Me: I told her I'm just gonna go now n she said ok. She's busy getting ready for work 4:28 PM
*phone number edited*: Ok see ya soon. 4:29 PM
Me: K kool I'll leave now 4:30 PM
Me: Wut does ur car look like so I kno it's u 4:30 PM
*phone number edited*: Gray sedan...I'll text u when ICU. 4:31 PM
Me: K I'm wearing white shorts n a pink shirt 4:34 PM
Me: Lmk when ur here 4:35 PM
*phone number edited*: Ru there? 4:38 PM
Me: No not yet 4:38 PM
Me: Should I just wait inside til u get here? 4:40 PM
*phone number edited*: Ru there? 4:41 PM
Me: I'm almost there.. R u? 4:41 PM
*phone number edited*: Just getting there.... 4:42 PM
Me: K I'm here.. 4:46 PM
*phone number edited*: Where at? 4:47 PM
Me: I'm by the back.. Should I wait inside? 4:48 PM
*phone number edited*: I must be at the wrong place. 4:49 PM
Me: Huh? There's only one Hardee's lol 4:50 PM
Me: Where r u? 4:50 PM
*phone number edited*: Weird 4:51 PM
Me: Do u want me 2 wait? Where r u 4:52 PM

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