• Conviction - kinkyjeff694u - Chickasha, Oklahoma

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    File originally posted on 7/28/2007 2:24 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 7/28/2007 2:24 PM PST

    kinkyjeff694u (01/09/07 7:10:04 PM): so do u like older guys
    14 yr old girl (01/09/07 7:10:16 PM): i gues so its jus a numbr to me
    14 yr old girl (01/09/07 7:10:29 PM): i lik chattin to whoevr
    kinkyjeff694u (01/09/07 7:10:39 PM): cool and yea me too
    14 yr old girl (01/09/07 7:10:44 PM): kewl
    14 yr old girl (01/09/07 7:11:00 PM): so u lik kiss groop huh
    kinkyjeff694u (01/09/07 7:11:17 PM): yes i do they rock
    14 yr old girl (01/09/07 7:11:28 PM): lol ya
    kinkyjeff694u (01/09/07 7:12:28 PM): ohh ya what kind of music do u like
    14 yr old girl (01/09/07 7:12:43 PM): contry mostly
    kinkyjeff694u (01/09/07 7:13:01 PM): cool
    14 yr old girl (01/09/07 7:13:18 PM): ya i luv carrie underwood
    kinkyjeff694u (01/09/07 7:14:55 PM): yeah she hot
    14 yr old girl (01/09/07 7:15:08 PM): lol
    kinkyjeff694u (01/09/07 7:16:24 PM): and she sings good too
    14 yr old girl (01/09/07 7:16:43 PM): ya she does lol
    kinkyjeff694u (01/09/07 7:17:49 PM): yes
    14 yr old girl (01/09/07 7:19:06 PM): u stil got long hair
    kinkyjeff694u (01/09/07 7:19:16 PM): yes i do baby
    14 yr old girl (01/09/07 7:19:24 PM): thats kewl
    14 yr old girl (01/09/07 7:19:31 PM): looks good
    kinkyjeff694u (01/09/07 7:19:42 PM): aww ty u sweetie
    14 yr old girl (01/09/07 7:19:47 PM): lol yw
    14 yr old girl (01/09/07 7:20:12 PM): so tell me bout u
    kinkyjeff694u (01/09/07 7:23:27 PM): well first of all im disable im a paraplegic but i very outgoing and indepent im very open and honest and warm and caring and friendly and i love to pamper and please
    14 yr old girl (01/09/07 7:23:48 PM): aww kewl
    14 yr old girl (01/09/07 7:23:55 PM): u sound very nice
    kinkyjeff694u (01/09/07 7:24:08 PM): aww thank u sweetie
    14 yr old girl (01/09/07 7:24:18 PM): yw
    kinkyjeff694u (01/09/07 7:24:35 PM): and i like younger girls too

    And he would later show up in his wheelchair to the bust house.

    We really need to schedule another trip to Oklahoma. Guys like Jeffery Mayrhofen may not like that though, for a very, very good reason. Is it because they get arrested? Well, that plays into it. Is it because they get convicted? Sure, that's a factor.

    Is it because they can end up sentenced to ten years in jail like ol' Jeffrey here? Yep.

    You read that right, Jeffery Mayrhofen got sentenced to ten years in jail meaning he'll be oh... 51 when he gets out. After that, he gets five years supervised release. Of course, not all the credit goes to the state of Oklahoma as this case was picked up federally. We do so enjoy it when that happens.

    Jeff will have ten years to think about what it's a bad idea to try to molest children.

    Contributor notes from Charlotte Russe
    Jeffery Mayrhofen-- he wouldn't let a little thing like being a paraplegic stand in his way of abusing another child. He told my personna in the chat that he had abused a 12 year old girl before.

    I was still a member of the JC training program at the time of this sting. I would like to thank those who had a hand in this conviction. Max, Slim, Mac, Gloria, Freddo the training and support that you give to all of us is outstanding.
    Thank you as well to two awesome verifiers that helped on this case, Apples and Cinnamon and xsubtle_sinsx.

    Thank you also goes out to the members of the Walters PD, US Military, and the FBI.

    Judge David L. Russell is a Judge who gets it. These men intend to harm a child in the most horrific way, by destroying their innocence.

    Thankfully Jeffery will have the next 10 years to think about that.

    This is our 210th conviction since June of 2004 and our 89th conviction for 2007 so far.