Tommy wants to have a baby with Megan, but he's willing to wait to get her pregnant until she's 14.
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Perverted Justice mark: Tommy G McDonald, 39
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Location: Conyers, Georgia
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This wannabe pedo tried to solicit wickedgiggle95, a 13 year old girl
... or so they thought!

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georgia_emti (03/26/09 5:19:31 PM): hello, do you or would you ever date a married man?
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 5:20:05 PM): lol, idk
georgia_emti (03/26/09 5:20:31 PM): what would help you to know
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 5:20:42 PM): idk, asl?
georgia_emti (03/26/09 5:21:06 PM): im 39/m/atlanta ga where do you live
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 5:21:11 PM): 13 f albany
georgia_emti (03/26/09 5:21:33 PM): wow, young one huh. do you like older men?
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 5:21:43 PM): idk i like nice guys
georgia_emti (03/26/09 5:21:59 PM): well, im an emt. cant get much nicer than that
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 5:22:10 PM): whats an emt?
georgia_emti (03/26/09 5:22:14 PM): do you have any pics or a cam. i have a cam you can see
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 5:22:27 PM): i h ave pics on my myspace if u want
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 5:22:30 PM): but no cam
georgia_emti (03/26/09 5:22:35 PM): emergency medical technician. work on an ambulance
georgia_emti (03/26/09 5:22:44 PM): can i see them
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 5:22:45 PM): ooooo wow thats cool
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 5:22:49 PM): k
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 5:23:00 PM): *Decoy MySpace Edited*
georgia_emti (03/26/09 5:23:07 PM): to bad you dont have a cam. would love to see you live
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 5:23:18 PM): ya i wish i had one theyre cool
georgia_emti (03/26/09 5:24:20 PM): yes they are
georgia_emti (03/26/09 5:24:31 PM): you are a sexy little angel, arent you
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 5:24:43 PM): wow u rlly think so?
georgia_emti (03/26/09 5:24:59 PM): yes i do
georgia_emti (03/26/09 5:25:11 PM): do you want to see me?
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 5:25:24 PM): if u want to show me
georgia_emti (03/26/09 5:25:51 PM): tell me what you think of me
georgia_emti (03/26/09 5:26:15PM): this is me sexy
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 5:26:18 PM): omg hi!
georgia_emti (03/26/09 5:26:24 PM): how are you
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 5:26:41 PM): im ur in ur uniform!
georgia_emti (03/26/09 5:26:50 PM): yes i am
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 5:26:51 PM): thats way cool
georgia_emti (03/26/09 5:27:03 PM): thank you
georgia_emti (03/26/09 5:27:17 PM): do you like what you see here. would you date me
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 5:27:36 PM): are u seriously asking me on a date? or are u just playing me?
georgia_emti (03/26/09 5:27:50 PM): im asking you if you like this
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 5:27:57 PM): cause i know sometimes guys say they like u and get u to say u like them, and then they laugh and tell ppl
georgia_emti (03/26/09 5:28:20 PM): who would i tell, i dont know any body doen there
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 5:28:22 PM): ya i like u, u seem rlly cool
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 5:28:41 PM): whats ur name? im Megan :)
georgia_emti (03/26/09 5:29:16 PM): thanks, and yes. i would take you out on a date baby. but i would have to see you on a cam first. just to make sure your not a cop looking to arrest me
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 5:29:33 PM): a COP?
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 5:29:37 PM): lolololololo
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 5:29:50 PM): i dont think theyd let me be one
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 5:30:24 PM): well u seem cool and i like u but i dont have acam
georgia_emti (03/26/09 5:30:36 PM): well, cops get on here and pretend to be young girls
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 5:30:36 PM): im srry
georgia_emti (03/26/09 5:30:51 PM): then they set up meetings and arrest them
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 5:30:57 PM): weird
georgia_emti (03/26/09 5:31:05 PM): well, we can work something out baby
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 5:31:20 PM): if u dont wanna chat cause i dont have a cam its ok
georgia_emti (03/26/09 5:31:36 PM): nope, we can work out something hun
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 5:31:52 PM): oh wow u like me anyway?
georgia_emti (03/26/09 5:32:03 PM): yea, why wouldnt i ?
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 5:32:20 PM): lol idk
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 5:32:28 PM): i think im kinda dorky
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 5:32:37 PM): o u have to go?
georgia_emti (03/26/09 5:32:39 PM): well your pic wanst
georgia_emti (03/26/09 5:32:49 PM): nope, im here. it just closed
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 5:32:49 PM): awwww :\">
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 5:32:55 PM): oh cool
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 5:33:22 PM): so whats ur name?
georgia_emti (03/26/09 5:33:31 PM): im tom and you
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 5:33:44 PM): Megan :)
georgia_emti (03/26/09 5:33:50 PM): nice to meet you
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 5:33:58 PM): nice to meet u too
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 5:34:31 PM): so how long do u have to be at work?
georgia_emti (03/26/09 5:34:47 PM): 24 hrs
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 5:35:28 PM): omg dont u get sleepy??
georgia_emti (03/26/09 5:36:13 PM): yes sometimes we get to sleep
georgia_emti (03/26/09 5:37:02 PM): so, tell me a little about your self
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 5:37:08 PM): lol k...
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 5:37:09 PM): hmmm
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 5:37:24 PM): i love drama and singing and acting
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 5:37:35 PM): and hanging w my friends
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 5:37:42 PM): and im13 and in 8th grade
georgia_emti (03/26/09 5:38:01 PM): call gotta go brb ok
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 5:38:02 PM): aww thanks for adding me!
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 5:38:06 PM): k good luck
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 5:38:08 PM): ttyl
georgia_emti (03/26/09 6:41:01 PM): hey sexy, you there
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 6:41:11 PM): hey ur back!!
georgia_emti (03/26/09 6:41:19 PM): yes, im back little sexy
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 6:41:26 PM): awww
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 6:41:30 PM): :\">
georgia_emti (03/26/09 6:41:47 PM): tell me a little about your self sexy
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 6:42:12 PM): lol...well i like drama and singing
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 6:42:17 PM): and playing the wii
georgia_emti (03/26/09 6:42:27 PM): thats cool, ahything else love
georgia_emti (03/26/09 6:42:35 PM): yea, the wii fun
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 6:42:38 PM): hmmm love goin gto the mall with my friends
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 6:42:47 PM): ooo have u played the wii? i LOOVE it its so fun
georgia_emti (03/26/09 6:42:58 PM): yes, i have one
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 6:43:21 PM): omg im so JEALOUS!!!
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 6:43:25 PM): u lucky
georgia_emti (03/26/09 6:43:34 PM):you dont have one
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 6:43:41 PM): no but my friend natalie does
georgia_emti (03/26/09 6:43:51 PM): thats cool
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 6:44:03 PM): yeah its fun...whats ur favorite game?
georgia_emti (03/26/09 6:44:17 PM): i like the sports games
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/096:44:42 PM): i like th e bowlign and tennis but im sooo bad at the baseball i can never get a hit
georgia_emti (03/26/09 6:44:58 PM): i love the bowling
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 6:45:11 PM): ya im good at the bowling
georgia_emti (03/26/09 6:45:18 PM): cool
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 6:45:28 PM): hwat othe rstuff do u like?
georgia_emti (03/26/09 6:46:05 PM): i like to go fishing, hiking, biking, camping, and boating.
georgia_emti (03/26/09 6:46:21 PM): i like to go to beach and make out with a girl lol
georgia_emti (03/26/09 6:46:29 PM): can that be yoy this time
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 6:46:29 PM): lol
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 6:46:41 PM): can what be me?
georgia_emti (03/26/09 6:47:09 PM): you on the beach with me making out
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 6:47:19 PM): omg
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 6:47:27 PM): ud want to kiss me?
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 6:47:45 PM): or u just playing lol
georgia_emti (03/26/09 6:47:46 PM): hell yea
georgia_emti (03/26/09 6:47:55 PM): i would kiss you babe
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 6:48:01 PM): o wow
georgia_emti (03/26/09 6:48:22 PM): would you wanna kiss me?
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 6:48:24 PM): lol ur givin gme tingles
georgia_emti (03/26/09 6:48:32 PM): cool
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 6:48:46 PM): u seem rlly nice
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 6:48:54 PM): and ur an emt so ur a good person and help ppl
georgia_emti (03/26/09 6:49:04 PM): yep, thats me
georgia_emti (03/26/09 6:49:16 PM): would you wanna kiss me babe?
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 6:49:26 PM): i might
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 6:49:37 PM): idk for sure just now
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 6:49:47 PM): but i like u lots
georgia_emti (03/26/09 6:49:49 PM): really
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 6:49:58 PM): ya def
georgia_emti (03/26/09 6:50:06 PM): good to hear
georgia_emti (03/26/09 6:50:15 PM): tell me. are you a virgin
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 6:50:22 PM): :\">
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 6:50:28 PM): ya
georgia_emti (03/26/09 6:50:35 PM): cool, i like that
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 6:50:39 PM): oh good
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 6:50:54 PM): i didnt wantu to think i was stupid lol
georgia_emti (03/26/09 6:51:22 PM): i dont htink your stupid
georgia_emti (03/26/09 6:51:39 PM): you ever kiss a boy or play with him
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 6:52:03 PM): ive kissed a guy before
georgia_emti (03/26/09 6:52:53 PM): cool, so that want be a problem then
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 6:53:12 PM): lol i dont think so
georgia_emti (03/26/09 6:53:23 PM): you ever touched a boy or played around with them
georgia_emti (03/26/09 6:53:30 PM): or let them touch you?
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 6:53:46 PM): um
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 6:53:58 PM): k dont think im stupid
georgia_emti (03/26/09 6:54:08 PM): i wont
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 6:54:09 PM): but like how do u mean play around?
georgia_emti (03/26/09 6:54:49 PM): let them touch you, or you touch them sexually
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 6:55:16 PM): ooooooo
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 6:55:22 PM): no havent done that
georgia_emti (03/26/09 6:55:52 PM): ok, thats cool. would you want to you think. its called petting
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 6:56:20 PM): idk...i mean not w just anybody u know?
georgia_emti (03/26/09 6:56:40 PM): i know what you mean
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 6:56:54 PM):cool :)
georgia_emti (03/26/09 6:57:38 PM): do you thinkk you might want to if we get to know each other
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 6:58:03 PM): if we got to know each other
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 6:58:12 PM): and i liked u and u liked me for real
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 6:58:22 PM): then maybe :\">
georgia_emti (03/26/09 6:58:25 PM): yea, i think i would like that
georgia_emti (03/26/09 6:58:44 PM): would you like me to take you on a date babe
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 6:59:08 PM): that sounds like it wuld be fun :)
georgia_emti (03/26/09 6:59:35 PM): really, you dont mind my age
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 7:00:24 PM): i think its who somebody is that matters. like lots of ppl think im stupid cause im 13, and im not
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 7:00:43 PM): and i know lots of ppl that are way older than u and WAY stupid, u know?
georgia_emti (03/26/09 7:00:45 PM): i dont think your stupid
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 7:00:54 PM): i know and thats so cool of u
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 7:01:36 PM): what kind of date do u like?
georgia_emti (03/26/09 7:01:54 PM): i was just making sure you didnt mind being with a older man
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 7:02:10 PM): awww no why wuld i mind?
georgia_emti (03/26/09 7:02:26 PM): well, take you to dinner, out to a movie
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 7:03:12 PM): wow cool
georgia_emti (03/26/09 7:03:15 PM): then, i dont know. i would like to go some where we could be alone some. so we could kiss and not get caught
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 7:03:33 PM): ooooo :\">
georgia_emti (03/26/09 7:03:44 PM): would you like that
georgia_emti (03/26/09 7:03:56 PM): do you have any thing in mind for a date
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 7:03:56 PM): honest?
georgia_emti (03/26/09 7:04:03 PM): yes, honest
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 7:04:18 PM): i think maybe i would
georgia_emti (03/26/09 7:04:28 PM): would what baby
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 7:04:48 PM): like kissing
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 7:05:22 PM): like i said if we got to know each other
georgia_emti (03/26/09 7:05:22 PM): really, you want to kiss me
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 7:05:45 PM): is that ok?
georgia_emti (03/26/09 7:06:00 PM): hell yea its ok
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 7:06:09 PM): ok :)
georgia_emti (03/26/09 7:06:57 PM): i would want you to let me rub on your titties some lol pleaseeeeeee
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 7:07:12 PM): omg wow
georgia_emti (03/26/09 7:07:16 PM): wow what
georgia_emti (03/26/09 7:07:24 PM): :-*
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 7:07:30 PM): idk ive never done that
georgia_emti (03/26/09 7:07:51 PM): well, no better time than then is there
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 7:08:28 PM): idk maybe
georgia_emti (03/26/09 7:09:26 PM): well, do you think you would ever want to rub a man down there. or better yet, maybe you would like me to show it to you on my cam
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 7:09:47 PM): show me what?
georgia_emti (03/26/09 7:10:20 PM): my cock later on lol
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 7:10:39 PM): omg now i feel dumb lol
georgia_emti (03/26/09 7:10:46 PM): nope, dont be
georgia_emti (03/26/09 7:10:51 PM): would you like that?
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 7:10:58 PM): wow wuld u rllywant me to see?
georgia_emti (03/26/09 7:11:27 PM): what did you say
georgia_emti (03/26/09 7:11:32 PM): and i have to go for a few min brbr lover
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 7:11:46 PM): o ok
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 7:11:56 PM): ttyl i hope :)
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 7:27:17 PM): hey srry i had to go my aunt came home and i gotta go eat hope i talk to u soon
wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 7:27:18 PM): bye
georgia_emti (03/26/09 7:31:20 PM): bye sexy
georgia_emti (03/26/09 7:31:39 PM): hope we do talk again soon
georgia_emti (03/26/09 10:56:49 PM): you there sweety
wickedgiggle95 (03/30/09 6:43:02 PM): heeey srry havent been on my dad was in town this weekend we had to u soon i hope :)
georgia_emti (03/31/09 10:08:40 AM): you will talk to me as soon as you get on here
georgia_emti (03/31/09 10:35:50 AM): really want to talk to you tonight if possible
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:12:37 PM): Hey im here..i accepted ur friend request
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:15:03 PM): hey, how are you today
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:15:11 PM): omg hi!!
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:15:19 PM): im good how r u?
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:15:21 PM): didnt think i was ever going to hear from you again
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:15:26 PM): im really good thank you
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:15:29 PM): omg im srry
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:15:39 PM): iwasnt on cause my dad was here this past weekend
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:15:43 PM): its ok
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:16:00 PM): i understand. you dont want me getting caught any ways
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:16:16 PM): omg noooo way
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:16:42 PM): i mean you know what would happen if they caught us dont you
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:17:06 PM): well were just talkin
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:17:16 PM): myaunt knows i chat its ok
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:17:53 PM): yea, but you know we were doing more than just talking the other day
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:18:33 PM): lol no, its just talking
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:18:45 PM): are u mad at me?
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:18:50 PM): no
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:19:13 PM): oh ok
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:19:17 PM): #:-S
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:19:27 PM): well its good to see u :)
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:19:35 PM): you too baby
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:19:59 PM): i have missed you
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:20:11 PM): hey, can i see your pics again baby doll
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:20:21 PM): sure theyre on my myspace
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:20:31 PM): *Decoy MySpace Edited*
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:20:50 PM): if u have a myspace send me a friend request and ill add u
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:21:08 PM): i dont have one, i thought they were on here
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:21:37 PM): o thats ok :)
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:22:03 PM): can you put them on your computer so i can see them sexy
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:22:22 PM): u mean like photo share?
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:22:27 PM): yea baby
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:22:33 PM): o ok one sec
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:22:39 PM): igotta find them
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:22:54 PM): hey, tell me something. do you still want to meet me one day
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:23:10 PM): :\">
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:23:24 PM): if ur rlly serious and rlly like me
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:23:34 PM): then ya i do
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:23:38 PM): would you like to have me as your b/f
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:23:52 PM): yes, im serious
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:24:03 PM): how do u kno u like me enough for that?
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:24:21 PM): but you do remember that im married , correct
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:24:53 PM): well, we get to know each other on here first good, then we meet for lucnh and movie
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:25:04 PM): k theres one w my friend natalie
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:25:15 PM): hell yea, i love it
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:25:19 PM): any more
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:25:46 PM): heres me again sexy
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:25:52 PM): lol hellllo :)
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:26:00 PM): ur at work again?
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:26:08 PM): yes i am
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:26:12 PM): cool
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:26:31 PM): did i show you anything special last time we talked on cam
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:26:37 PM): thats Sadie my friends dog
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:26:43 PM): u showed me just like this
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:26:52 PM): do you have any sexy pics my love
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:26:59 PM): um
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:27:02 PM): sexy like how?
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:27:04 PM): ok, i couldnt remember
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:27:11 PM): any thing
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:27:18 PM): letme see
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:27:21 PM): ok
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:27:36 PM): thats me dressed up for new years
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:27:44 PM): did you remember what i looked like. you still happy with this face
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:27:56 PM): omg of course i remember lol
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:28:04 PM): i think ur way cute
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:28:06 PM): yea, that works sweetie. i love it
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:28:10 PM): thank you
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:28:16 PM): lol sure :)
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:28:20 PM): im glad u like them
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:28:32 PM): any more that you dont mind me seeing
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:28:40 PM): hold on
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:29:03 PM): k that's me!!
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:29:13 PM): i learned that in PE class
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:29:27 PM): can i ask you something. if we do decide to meet somewhere. how would you get there
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:29:32 PM): but it HURTS my shoulder lots
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:29:35 PM): yea, i like that one too
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:29:39 PM): i bet
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:29:42 PM): o srry didnt see
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:29:55 PM): ive got my bike
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:30:05 PM): where do you live again
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:30:25 PM): albany
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:30:31 PM): thats right
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:30:40 PM): lol ya
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:30:51 PM): couldnt remember
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:31:02 PM): you know anybody who has a car
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:31:09 PM): ya its boring
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:31:14 PM): sure
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:31:23 PM): dont say its boring
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:31:26 PM): but i cant drive
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:31:49 PM): cool, can you get somebody to meet me some where
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:32:22 PM): u mean send somebody to meet u? i thought u wanted to meet me
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:32:46 PM): no, i mean get somebody to bring you to me
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:32:52 PM): to meet me some where
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:32:54 PM): o
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:33:10 PM): i dont want nobody else, just you
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:33:20 PM): awwww ;;)
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:33:24 PM): cool
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:33:36 PM): where do u want to meet?
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:33:55 PM): i dont know, im not real familuar with albany
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:34:01 PM): k
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:34:28 PM): i might be able to get somebody to drop me off
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:34:29 PM): but we can figure that out baby
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:34:54 PM): so, what do you want to do the first day we meet sexy love
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:35:09 PM): ya if u know when that would help cause my aunt works a lot and if it was when shes at work then it might work ok
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:35:31 PM): go on a date w u like u said :)
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:35:51 PM): ok thats cool
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:35:59 PM): but what do you want to do that day
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:36:17 PM): hmmmm
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:36:20 PM): what do u like best?
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:37:02 PM): well, i can take you to lunch/dinner. which ever one it is. go to a movie
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:37:10 PM): that sounds cool :)
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:37:13 PM): myabe get a hotel to go back to
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:37:34 PM): cool :)
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:37:46 PM): you dont mind the hotel
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:37:58 PM): why woul di mind?
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:38:11 PM): what would you want to do at the hotel then my love
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:39:01 PM): um
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:39:06 PM): idk :\">
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:39:26 PM): well, think about it
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:40:17 PM): i dont rlly know cause i havent been ona real date before
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:40:21 PM): jeez thats embarasing
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:40:57 PM): thats ok baby. can i make some suggestions
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:41:19 PM): omg that would be cool
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:41:28 PM): i dont want to say something stupid u know?
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:41:34 PM): and then have u not like me anymore
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:41:56 PM): well, how about we get on the bed
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:42:12 PM): ok :\">
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:42:36 PM): we start kissing
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:42:44 PM): ooooo
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:42:46 PM): with tounge
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:42:53 PM): o wow
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:43:18 PM): then i will work my way to your neck
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:43:40 PM): omg
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:43:49 PM): and down to your chest and clevage
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:43:52 PM): is that ok
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:44:00 PM): is that what u like?
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:44:07 PM): yes
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:44:13 PM): then yes
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:44:14 PM): wow
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:44:25 PM): lol jeez all i can say is wow
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:44:28 PM): you sure you wont mind
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:45:06 PM): well not if were bf and gf
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:45:11 PM): maybe while im kising you, i might put my hand up your shirt and rub you sweet little titties
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:45:21 PM): we will be hun
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:45:42 PM): if ur my bf then i dont mind cause thats what u do with a bf right?
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:45:49 PM): yes
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:45:55 PM): then ok :)
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:46:41 PM): and if you didnt stop me pull up your shirt and remove your bra and start kissing and lickin/sucking on those tiny pink nipples
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:47:09 PM): o
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:47:10 PM): m
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:47:12 PM): g
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:47:17 PM): rlly?
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:47:22 PM): and take your hand and put it between my legs on my stiff hard cock
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:47:35 PM): yes, as long as you werent scared
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:47:35 PM): oh wow
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:47:55 PM): and let you rub it. up and down
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:47:57 PM): idk if id be scared
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:48:11 PM): maybe nervus
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:48:16 PM): is that ok?
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:48:20 PM): yep
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:48:35 PM): oh ok :)
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:48:44 PM): then you could rubb up and down on my cock, thruogh my pants
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:49:05 PM): ok :\">
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:49:49 PM): and if you didnt do it (unzip my pants) after a few minutes i would and pull it out so you could get a good look at itand rub it up and down on pure skin
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:50:31 PM): that
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:50:33 PM): sounds
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:50:36 PM): cool
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:50:40 PM): the whole time we are still kissing , because you will be my new love
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:50:51 PM): awwwwww
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:51:12 PM): thats so sweet
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:51:19 PM): and then i will get you to stand up and unbutton your pants and pull them down and off
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:51:27 PM): :\">
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:51:31 PM): hoping to see you in a thong
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:51:41 PM): o u like those?
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:51:46 PM): yes i do
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:51:53 PM): do you wear them
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:51:56 PM): is it ok if i dont have one?
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:52:08 PM): yes, we will buy you some
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:52:10 PM): i have bikini but not a thong
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:52:15 PM): omg COOL!
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:52:25 PM): bikini are cool too
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:52:40 PM): oh good im glad lol
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:53:10 PM): i will then set you down on the edge of the bed and lay you back
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:53:20 PM): oh wow
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:53:35 PM): pick up your legs and slowly remove your panties
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:54:14 PM): spread your legs apart and kiss/lick your feet and suck on your toes
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:54:24 PM): omg rlly?
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:54:33 PM): up to the inside of your thighs
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:55:12 PM): then i will move my tounge over to that sweet tasty little virgin pink pussy and lick/suck on that clit
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:55:18 PM): omg
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:55:19 PM): omg
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:55:26 PM): wait
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:55:27 PM): pulling it into my mouth and suck it hard
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:55:45 PM): ppl rlly do that?
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:55:49 PM): until you start squirming and screaming my name
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:55:57 PM): yes they do why
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:56:08 PM): i didnt know that
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:56:12 PM): is that good?
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:56:20 PM): yes, you will like it
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:56:30 PM): wow ive got butterflies
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:56:37 PM): do you not talk about sex with your g/f
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:57:01 PM): weve talked about a little but i didnt know that
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:57:08 PM): after i finish eating your pussy and you cum in my face
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:57:39 PM): i will pick you up, sit on the ground and put you on your knees in front of me
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:58:00 PM): then i will have you open your mouth, and put it around my cock
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:58:09 PM): ooooo
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:58:40 PM): i havent done that is that ok?
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:58:50 PM): closing it and using a sucking sensation have you move in an up and down motion
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:58:57 PM): yes, its ok. i will teach you
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:59:09 PM): do you want to suck my cock
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:59:19 PM): oh good cause i dont want to mess it up
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 6:59:35 PM): do u like it?
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:59:46 PM): yes, i love it done to me
georgia_emti (03/31/09 6:59:52 PM): but do you want to do it
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:00:00 PM): if u like it
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:00:13 PM): and youll teach me so its right
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:00:19 PM): :\">
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:00:20 PM): yes i will
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:00:26 PM): then ya
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:00:31 PM): u dont think im bad do u?
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:01:39 PM): then you will suck me going up and down taking it deep in your mouth until you feel it in your throat, ( thats called deep throating) until i cum in your mouth. then you swallow it with a smile on your face
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:01:51 PM): no, i dont think your bad
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:02:10 PM): #:-S just checking lol
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:02:13 PM): wow
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:02:21 PM): you like that so far
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:02:32 PM): that
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:02:48 PM): lol ive said wow like 500 times srry!!!
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:03:18 PM): then if you wanted to go all the way i would put you on your stomache and pull your hips up in the air
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:03:46 PM): get behind you and put my knees between your legs and pull them apart
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:04:06 PM): omg
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:04:20 PM): then i will slowly and gentle slide my cock into your tight little ass hole
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:04:31 PM): OMG!!!
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:04:45 PM): until its were you cant take noe more
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:05:04 PM): will you do that?
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:05:17 PM): does that hurt?
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:05:49 PM): a little, but we can get stuff to help it, and we will go easy for you my love
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:05:59 PM): ok
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:06:04 PM): but i want you to experience it
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:06:11 PM): i think you will like it
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:06:38 PM): ok :)
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:07:21 PM): i will fuck you that way until you tell me that you cant take it any more, than i will take it out, and slide it into that sweet tasty little pink pussy, all the way to my balls
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:07:31 PM): all 7 1/2 inchs will be in you
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:07:49 PM): ooooomg
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:07:52 PM): o do u have to go?
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:08:11 PM): nope
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:08:30 PM): o just looked liek u wer etalkin
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:08:41 PM): cool
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:09:57 PM): i will fuck you doggie until you scream my name in pleasure, and tell me you cant take no more. then i will hold you there and make you take it some more
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:10:23 PM): !!!!!!!!!!!
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:10:48 PM): do you want to loose your vaginity to me baby
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:11:11 PM): u rlly like me enough to want to do all that?
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:11:33 PM): yes i do baby
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:11:49 PM): wow :\">
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:11:53 PM): the question is, do you want to loose your virginity to a man my age
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:11:59 PM): i rlly like u a lot
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:12:21 PM): really, why do you like me so much baby
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:12:22 PM): well liek i said its not age that matters its if ur nice and good and care about me
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:12:33 PM): i will
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:12:51 PM): i like u cause u talk to me like im a real person with brains
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:12:57 PM): and u care what i think
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:13:00 PM): but you just have to know that i still have a wife too
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:13:11 PM): i know
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:13:15 PM): is she mean to u?
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:13:30 PM): what do you mean how i talk to you. how do other people talk to you
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:13:38 PM): no, shes not mean to me
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:14:01 PM): o ok
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:14:12 PM): most of the time theyre just busy i guess
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:14:33 PM): or if somethings wrong theysay its no big deal and ishouldnt be feeling bad
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:14:37 PM): lol who are u talking to?
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:14:52 PM): a coworker
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:15:08 PM): o ok :)
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:15:35 PM): are you sure you want me to take your virginity baby
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:15:41 PM): i just want to make sure
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:16:06 PM): i like u and i want u to be my bf
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:16:08 PM): as long as u do
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:16:15 PM): yes i do
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:16:36 PM): also you know it will hurt just a little bit when i pop your cherry
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:16:50 PM): o
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:16:54 PM): rlly?
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:16:56 PM): lots?
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:17:22 PM): its called your himen, its a little piece of skin inside your pussy
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:17:35 PM): the girls say it hurts a little bit
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:17:57 PM): o ok
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:18:10 PM): hey, do you have any more pics of you baby
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:18:15 PM): is it awful?
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:18:26 PM): no baby it isnt
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:18:29 PM): um letme look
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:18:47 PM): do you have any of you in a bikini or your undies
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:18:49 PM): thats me with my grandma
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:18:57 PM): i dont think so
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:19:00 PM): ohhh, thats sweet
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:19:11 PM): would you make me some
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:19:22 PM): thast me and my aunt judy i live with her
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:19:28 PM): that pic is old
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:19:35 PM): you look real young there
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:19:52 PM): ya im trying to remember if it was 2 or 3 years ago
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:19:55 PM): i think 2
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:20:08 PM): would you take some of you in your undies my love?
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:20:17 PM): um
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:20:21 PM): wow, your 15 now correct
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:20:30 PM): no im 13
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:20:45 PM): yea, thats right
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:20:58 PM): whats your name
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:20:58 PM): k idont want u to be mad
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:21:06 PM): lol im MEGAN
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:21:11 PM): u forgot???
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:21:12 PM): thats right
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:21:18 PM): my brian
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:21:31 PM): why would i be mad
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:21:37 PM): whats my name
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:21:46 PM): cause i dont want to take a underwear pic
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:21:59 PM): i heard of a girl in the high school that did that and the whole school saw her boobs
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:22:05 PM): can i ask you why
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:22:21 PM): sweetie, no one can get that pic but me
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:22:34 PM): i just dont want to
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:22:43 PM): and ur Tommy by the way
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:22:49 PM): thats right
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:22:50 PM): or do u like Tom better?
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:22:54 PM): tommy
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:23:12 PM): k i like Tommy too :)
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:23:16 PM): ok, i would like to see you in undies,but its ok
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:23:43 PM): omg thank u
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:23:54 PM): would you do it later on for me after we get to know each other a little better
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:24:14 PM): idk
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:24:56 PM): i just think pics like that r scary its different if were bf and gf and together like u said
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:25:19 PM): brb phone
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:25:30 PM): thats cool, you can make them for me later on baby ok
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:25:48 PM): brb
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:26:46 PM): ok
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:27:45 PM): hey back
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:27:52 PM): ok
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:27:58 PM): that was my aunt i gtg in a few minutes shes coming home
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:28:10 PM): ok baby,will you be back
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:28:23 PM): can i make a pic for u after we meet maybe?
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:28:24 PM): i would like to know if you would like to see something
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:28:46 PM): see what?
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:28:47 PM): would you like to see my cock on this cam later tonight my love
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:29:12 PM): to you
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:29:16 PM): omg wow
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:29:23 PM): if u want to show me
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:29:25 PM): then
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:29:32 PM): yes
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:29:40 PM): i would love to show you, but you havae to want it
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:29:55 PM): ok
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:30:15 PM): what time will you be back
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:30:35 PM): well we have to eat dinner and stuff and then i can say im doing homework
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:30:42 PM): like around 9 maybe?
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:30:54 PM): i can try that time for you sexy
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:31:02 PM): my little love
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:31:08 PM): i hope you like it
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:31:23 PM): oh wow u give me tingles when u say that
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:31:35 PM): you will have to tell me what to do with it ok
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:31:41 PM): say what
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:31:52 PM): say that im ur little love
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:31:59 PM): you are
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:31:59 PM): thats so romantic
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:32:28 PM): you cant be looking at other boye either when we are together ok
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:32:37 PM): omg NO
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:32:46 PM): good
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:32:47 PM): if ur my bf then were together and thats it
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:33:00 PM): :)
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:33:12 PM): k ill look for u later
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:33:24 PM): ok love ya sexy baby doll
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:33:28 PM): omg
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:33:32 PM): love u too :)
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:33:39 PM): is that pussy tiggleing
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:33:48 PM): or wet
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:33:49 PM): lol my stomach is
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:33:59 PM): ive got butterflies
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:34:06 PM): that kiss was for you
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:34:12 PM): AWWWW
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:34:20 PM): heres ur kiss :-*
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 7:34:26 PM): shes home bye
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:34:28 PM): thank you
georgia_emti (03/31/09 7:34:30 PM): bye
georgia_emti (03/31/09 9:04:14 PM): you need to hurry sexy
georgia_emti (03/31/09 9:09:31 PM): well, i guess your not coming back on here todaysexy. wassure hoping to show you something special ;)
georgia_emti (03/31/09 9:28:02 PM): damnit, where are you
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:02:52 PM): o man are u here?
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:03:32 PM): crap im sooooorrry my aunt wouldnt leave me alone and i had to do dishes and stuff
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:03:43 PM): hope ur not mad :(
georgia_emti (03/31/09 10:19:19 PM): hey, im here baby
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:19:28 PM): omg hi!
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:19:40 PM): aww i felt sooo bad when i signed on and saw ur offlines
georgia_emti (03/31/09 10:19:46 PM): omg hi back to you lol
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:19:57 PM): my aunt was making me do all this stuff and i was like GAAAH
georgia_emti (03/31/09 10:20:06 PM): its ok sexy
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:20:21 PM): awww thank u
georgia_emti (03/31/09 10:20:31 PM): so, did you miss me
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:20:39 PM): um YA lol
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:21:00 PM): u miss me?
georgia_emti (03/31/09 10:21:20 PM): good, hey. i know you said you didnt want to do any pics in your undies, and i said that was fine
georgia_emti (03/31/09 10:21:30 PM): and yes, i missed you sexy
georgia_emti (03/31/09 10:21:49 PM): will you take some of you in a bikini baby doll
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:22:05 PM): i dont have a bikini
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:22:14 PM): dad wont let me
georgia_emti (03/31/09 10:22:18 PM): really, what do you wear baby
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:22:27 PM): regular bathing suit
georgia_emti (03/31/09 10:22:35 PM): a one peice
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:22:38 PM): ya
georgia_emti (03/31/09 10:22:53 PM): really, i figured you would have a two piece
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:23:05 PM): my dad says not till im older
georgia_emti (03/31/09 10:23:18 PM): well, will you take a pic of you in that one peice. pleaseeeee
georgia_emti (03/31/09 10:24:12 PM): shit, when i get with you i will buy you a two piece bakini, if you want it
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:24:19 PM): omg will u rlly?
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:24:31 PM): can we go swimming?
georgia_emti (03/31/09 10:24:40 PM): yes i will, are you going to do a pic in your one peice for me
georgia_emti (03/31/09 10:24:47 PM): yes, we can go swimming
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:25:05 PM): well i cant do it right away
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:25:18 PM): i gotta find the camera and find the cord thing for the computer
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:25:32 PM): and idk where they are
georgia_emti (03/31/09 10:25:42 PM): thats ok, i can wait for a little bit
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:25:49 PM): but uve seen what i look like isnt that ok?
georgia_emti (03/31/09 10:26:16 PM): yes, but i would like to see a little more skin, lol of my sexy little angel
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:26:48 PM): can i think about it
georgia_emti (03/31/09 10:27:09 PM): i guess so, but its just a one piece
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:27:37 PM): k
georgia_emti (03/31/09 10:28:07 PM): im thinking that you dont want me to see you in any thing like that
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:28:26 PM): i want u to see me
georgia_emti (03/31/09 10:28:27 PM): do you have any other pics i can see that you didnt show me my love
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:28:49 PM): i can look if u want i think uve seen most of them
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:28:59 PM): hold on
georgia_emti (03/31/09 10:29:07 PM): ok, check for me my little angel love
georgia_emti (03/31/09 10:29:58 PM): are you going to be my love
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:31:44 PM): thats my dad
georgia_emti (03/31/09 10:31:51 PM): megan, you are so damn sexy. i cant wait to hook up with you
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:32:11 PM): omg wow
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:32:27 PM): i feel the same way
georgia_emti (03/31/09 10:32:37 PM): what else you got MY LOVE
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:33:49 PM): thats a silly one
georgia_emti (03/31/09 10:34:18 PM): my girl is still so sexy in it
georgia_emti (03/31/09 10:34:26 PM): what else you got
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:34:47 PM): thats the last one i can find
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:35:12 PM): u have anypics to send me?
georgia_emti (03/31/09 10:35:25 PM): just my cam baby, thats all i have
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:35:32 PM): o ok
georgia_emti (03/31/09 10:35:36 PM): is that ok
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:35:50 PM): is what ok?
georgia_emti (03/31/09 10:35:59 PM): that i only have my cam
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:36:07 PM): o well ya
georgia_emti (03/31/09 10:36:11 PM): tell me something my sexy love
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:36:17 PM): what
georgia_emti (03/31/09 10:36:20 PM): how big are your titties
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:36:27 PM): o
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:36:38 PM): not big :(
georgia_emti (03/31/09 10:36:48 PM): give me a size
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:36:54 PM): like 32b
georgia_emti (03/31/09 10:37:07 PM): nothing wrong with those my love
georgia_emti (03/31/09 10:37:28 PM): those are a good size. perfect size for mouth
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:37:36 PM): ooooo
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:37:39 PM): ok lol
georgia_emti (03/31/09 10:38:09 PM): can i ask you something, and i need you to be honest with me
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:38:14 PM): ok
georgia_emti (03/31/09 10:38:37 PM): what would your parents do if they caught us talking, or trying to set up a meeting
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:38:54 PM): well
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:39:01 PM): theyre not here
georgia_emti (03/31/09 10:39:16 PM): why arent they there
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:39:19 PM): so nothing i guess
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:39:31 PM): my dad drives a truck so hes gone a lot, thats why i live with my aunt
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:39:41 PM): my mom died when i was rlly little
georgia_emti (03/31/09 10:39:53 PM): im sorry to hear that
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:40:00 PM): its ok :)
georgia_emti (03/31/09 10:40:08 PM): but would he be pissed off that you are with a guy so old
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:40:41 PM): my dad be pissedoff?
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:40:50 PM): lol im not telling
georgia_emti (03/31/09 10:41:22 PM): tell me sexy, i mean im going to be your baby doll arent i
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:41:37 PM): o lol i meant im not gonna tell HIM
georgia_emti (03/31/09 10:41:56 PM): oh ok i knew that, but what if he caught you
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:42:10 PM): not cause im scared hes gonna be mad, just cause i dont want to
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:43:02 PM): honestly idk
georgia_emti (03/31/09 10:43:09 PM): well, are you ready to see the cock on cam baby
georgia_emti (03/31/09 10:43:23 PM): i think hed be mad that you were with a man my age
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:43:33 PM): like ive always done a bunch of stuff on my own u know?
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:43:42 PM): omg wow
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:43:46 PM): if u wanna show me
georgia_emti (03/31/09 10:43:50 PM): i bet you have
georgia_emti (03/31/09 10:44:11 PM): are you going to tell me what you want to do with it, or tell me what to do with it?
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:44:28 PM): what do u want me to say?
georgia_emti (03/31/09 10:44:59 PM): what you would do with it if you were stading there in front of me
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:45:27 PM): what wuld u like the best?
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:45:47 PM): i mean im not sure what to say cause i havent done it
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:45:52 PM): u said ud show me how
georgia_emti (03/31/09 10:46:04 PM): just go with what you think you would like to do
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:46:28 PM): lol im embarased :\">
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:47:07 PM): u said u would put my hand on it and i could rub it?
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:47:18 PM): and u like that right?
georgia_emti (03/31/09 10:47:23 PM): yes
georgia_emti (03/31/09 10:47:41 PM): here you go
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:47:42 PM): k
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:48:17 PM): o
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:48:18 PM): mg
georgia_emti (03/31/09 10:48:55 PM): do yo ulike
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:49:01 PM): :\">
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:49:06 PM): its big
georgia_emti (03/31/09 10:49:21 PM): do yo ulike it
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:49:35 PM): ya :)
georgia_emti (03/31/09 10:49:58 PM): do you want it still
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:50:14 PM): omg ya
georgia_emti (03/31/09 10:51:12 PM): what do you want to do with it
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:51:33 PM): does it feel good to do that?
georgia_emti (03/31/09 10:51:46 PM): yes it doies
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:52:01 PM): k if that feels good then ill do that :)
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:52:52 PM): and what u want
georgia_emti (03/31/09 10:53:24 PM): i want you to put it in your mouth and suck on it
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:53:39 PM): ok :)
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:53:56 PM): i will for u
georgia_emti (03/31/09 10:54:46 PM): and let me lick your pussy while you do it
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:55:02 PM): omg wow
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:55:05 PM): at the same time?
georgia_emti (03/31/09 10:55:15 PM): yea
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:55:23 PM): ooooooooooo
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:55:32 PM): ok:\">
georgia_emti (03/31/09 10:56:16 PM): are you finished looking at it my love. or do you want more
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:56:42 PM): whatever u want
georgia_emti (03/31/09 10:56:56 PM): no, i want to know what you want
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:56:56 PM): im afraid my aunt will tell me to get off the comp soon thoug h
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:57:17 PM): i probly better stop for now
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:57:34 PM): but its rlly cool tommy :)
georgia_emti (03/31/09 10:58:50 PM): would you ever do any thing like that for me on a cam
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 10:59:43 PM): why on a cam? i thougt we will be together like u said
georgia_emti (03/31/09 11:00:06 PM): i was just asking. yes we will do that together my love.
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 11:00:21 PM): o well i dont have a cam im srry
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 11:00:43 PM): wow ur like walking a long way lol
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 11:00:59 PM): o ur at work still?
georgia_emti (03/31/09 11:01:01 PM): yes i was
georgia_emti (03/31/09 11:01:21 PM): but if you did have a cam, would you have showed me anything like that
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 11:01:43 PM): honest?
georgia_emti (03/31/09 11:01:50 PM): yes
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 11:01:57 PM): idk
georgia_emti (03/31/09 11:02:17 PM): well, i hope that you liked what you saw
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 11:02:30 PM): oh i did
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 11:02:38 PM): im so excited that ur my bf i rlly am
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 11:02:43 PM): brb my aunts yellin
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 11:03:38 PM): im srry shes saying i gotta go to bed
georgia_emti (03/31/09 11:03:42 PM): and i hope that you are even readieer now to enjoy that in your hand, mouth, ass, and pussy
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 11:03:48 PM): O
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 11:03:52 PM): MG!!
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 11:04:08 PM): it seems rlly cool
georgia_emti (03/31/09 11:04:14 PM): do you think you still want that in all your places
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 11:04:23 PM): i know it sounds dumb to keep saying wow and cool but thats how i feel
georgia_emti (03/31/09 11:04:35 PM): do you still want it in you
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 11:04:40 PM): i think so
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 11:04:54 PM): i mean its hard to say when i havent done it before u know?
georgia_emti (03/31/09 11:05:01 PM): ok baby
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 11:05:05 PM): but i feel like i do
georgia_emti (03/31/09 11:05:16 PM): good my lover
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 11:05:20 PM): and i rlly like u so much
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 11:05:41 PM): will u be on tomorrow? i gotta go now
georgia_emti (03/31/09 11:05:44 PM): good, im glad. go to bed an dream about us
georgia_emti (03/31/09 11:05:50 PM): morning yes
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 11:05:54 PM): lol i will!!!
georgia_emti (03/31/09 11:05:58 PM): but night is hard with wife
georgia_emti (03/31/09 11:06:09 PM): :-*>:D<
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 11:06:14 PM): o ok...well ill look for u but if i dont see u its ok :)
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 11:06:16 PM): awwwww
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 11:06:25 PM): :-*;;)8->
georgia_emti (03/31/09 11:06:26 PM): i will be here thurs and fri
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 11:06:39 PM): ok cool ill look for u then too :)
georgia_emti (03/31/09 11:06:47 PM): and lets make a date to meet and how. ok
georgia_emti (03/31/09 11:07:09 PM): hey, would you like to talk to me on the phone one day?
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 11:07:10 PM): ok ya def
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 11:07:15 PM): could i rlly?
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 11:07:23 PM): that would be SO cool!
georgia_emti (03/31/09 11:07:33 PM): yes, give me your number and tell me when i can call and i will
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 11:07:46 PM): i can call u i have a phone card
georgia_emti (03/31/09 11:07:47 PM): when you have to get off just say so
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 11:07:58 PM): u cant call me cause my aunt has calls forwarded
georgia_emti (03/31/09 11:08:21 PM): oh, i see, well you can only call me when i say you can. ok
georgia_emti (03/31/09 11:08:28 PM): dont need wife finding out
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 11:08:32 PM): o sure i wouldnt do it unless u said ok
georgia_emti (03/31/09 11:08:40 PM): ok baby
georgia_emti (03/31/09 11:08:48 PM): will let you call me thurs or fri
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 11:08:55 PM): ok!!!!!
georgia_emti (03/31/09 11:09:01 PM): dream about us doing it
georgia_emti (03/31/09 11:09:10 PM): and how cool it will be
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 11:09:13 PM): and if u tell me when u can come to albany ill check and see when my aunt isworking
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 11:09:22 PM): omg.....butterflies
georgia_emti (03/31/09 11:09:31 PM): ok, thats great
georgia_emti (03/31/09 11:09:45 PM): love ya sexy, sweet dreams
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 11:09:49 PM): i
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 11:09:51 PM): love u
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 11:09:53 PM): too
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 11:09:57 PM): sweet dreams too
wickedgiggle95 (03/31/09 11:09:58 PM): bye
georgia_emti (03/31/09 11:10:01 PM): bye
georgia_emti (04/01/09 12:51:00 PM): i miss you sexy litte angel
wickedgiggle95 (04/01/09 8:22:24 PM): awwwww i miss u too
georgia_emti (04/02/09 12:04:03 PM): hey, i will be at work tonight and all day tomorrow if you want to talk
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 8:50:44 PM): hey u there? i just got home
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 9:17:20 PM): darn guessed i missed u
georgia_emti (04/02/09 9:41:56 PM): hey little lady
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 9:42:17 PM): heey!
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 9:42:33 PM): how r u?
georgia_emti (04/02/09 9:42:36 PM): you miss me
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 9:42:41 PM): lol ya
georgia_emti (04/02/09 9:42:43 PM): im good, and you
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 9:42:44 PM): u miss me?
georgia_emti (04/02/09 9:42:47 PM): yep
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 9:42:52 PM): awww yay
georgia_emti (04/02/09 9:43:21 PM): did you enjoy your show the other night
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 9:43:29 PM): :\">
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 9:43:39 PM): i feel rlly special being ur gf
georgia_emti (04/02/09 9:43:51 PM): do you really
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 9:44:01 PM): well ya
georgia_emti (04/02/09 9:44:08 PM): im glad
georgia_emti (04/02/09 9:44:38 PM): so, you think you will be able to handle what i shoed you ?
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 9:45:02 PM): u wont laugh if i do something wrong will u?
georgia_emti (04/02/09 9:45:19 PM): no. why do you think i would laugh
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 9:45:30 PM): idk i guess
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 9:45:35 PM): i want to be a good gf
georgia_emti (04/02/09 9:45:51 PM): you will baby
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 9:46:01 PM): :)
georgia_emti (04/02/09 9:46:35 PM): you didnt answer my question. do you think you will be able to handle it. its big
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 9:46:42 PM): i know
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 9:46:48 PM): i saw :\">
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 9:47:09 PM): i think so
georgia_emti (04/02/09 9:47:26 PM): you still going to let me put it in your ass and take it in your mouth
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 9:47:45 PM): u still wan t to right?
georgia_emti (04/02/09 9:47:56 PM): yep
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 9:48:17 PM): then ya
georgia_emti (04/02/09 9:48:24 PM): didnt know what you would say after seeing it, didnt know if you thought it would be to big for you
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 9:48:40 PM): idk i mean its big
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 9:48:55 PM): :\">:\">:\">
georgia_emti (04/02/09 9:48:57 PM): lol, i hope that you enjoy it
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 9:49:14 PM): i think so
georgia_emti (04/02/09 9:49:20 PM): hey, did you decide if you would do a bathing suit pic for me.
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 9:49:32 PM): idk i gotta find the camera first
georgia_emti (04/02/09 9:49:43 PM): ok baby. i hope you will
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 9:49:53 PM): and i cant ask my aunt where it is cause shell wanna know why i want it
georgia_emti (04/02/09 9:50:02 PM): hey, do you have any friends that you could borrow a web cam from
georgia_emti (04/02/09 9:50:12 PM): i know
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 9:50:23 PM): do u have like an extra one i culd have?
georgia_emti (04/02/09 9:50:41 PM): i wish, how would i get it to you
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 9:50:51 PM): when we have the date?
georgia_emti (04/02/09 9:51:23 PM): well, i would like to see you there too before we meet my love
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 9:51:38 PM): i know
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 9:51:41 PM): can i call u?
georgia_emti (04/02/09 9:51:54 PM): a little later, ok
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 9:52:04 PM): ok
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 9:52:10 PM): my aunt comes home at 11 though
georgia_emti (04/02/09 9:52:20 PM): it will be before then
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 9:52:26 PM): ok :)
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 9:52:29 PM): be so cool to hear u
georgia_emti (04/02/09 9:52:33 PM): any friends that have a cam?
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 9:53:00 PM): none o fmy friends. Nats mom has a cam in her laptop but its like part of the computer, u cant borrow it
georgia_emti (04/02/09 9:53:40 PM): can you get on it one day just so i can see you for a min
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 9:53:51 PM): no its her moms she uses it at work
georgia_emti (04/02/09 9:53:59 PM): oh, ok
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 9:55:59 PM): are u having a good day at work?
georgia_emti (04/02/09 9:56:08 PM): , not a bad day yet
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 9:56:33 PM): thats good :)
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 9:57:02 PM): brb
georgia_emti (04/02/09 9:57:07 PM): ok
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 9:58:03 PM): back
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 9:58:08 PM): gota snack lol
georgia_emti (04/02/09 9:58:21 PM): wb sexy
georgia_emti (04/02/09 9:59:09 PM): what are you wearing
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 9:59:16 PM): lol right now?
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 9:59:35 PM): sweatpants and my daffy duck tee
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:00:37 PM): sweet
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:00:59 PM): was hoping you were wearing nothing but panties and tee shirt
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:01:22 PM): awwww
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:01:56 PM): ;;)
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:02:06 PM): hey, did you play with your pussy the other night i was showing you my dick?
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:02:16 PM): ooooo
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:02:23 PM): no iwas just watching u
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:02:33 PM): did it make you wet at all
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:02:45 PM): um
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:02:46 PM): idk
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:03:05 PM): you have to know, was it wet
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:03:13 PM): :\">
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:03:25 PM): i think a little maybe
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:03:36 PM): did it feel any different than it did before
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:03:54 PM): well i got tingles i know
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:04:01 PM): thats good
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:04:05 PM): yep
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:04:10 PM): o good :)
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:04:28 PM): i want it to get wet and tingle
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:04:37 PM): ooooooooooo
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:04:40 PM): ok
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:05:17 PM): it has to be wet before i can put it in
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:05:26 PM): o
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:05:28 PM): i c
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:05:58 PM): k :)
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:06:28 PM): never mind
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:06:36 PM): never mind what?
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:06:55 PM): i ms till here
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:07:11 PM): o good :)
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:07:16 PM): another truck picked it up
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:07:29 PM): o did u almost have to go out?
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:07:35 PM): yes
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:07:58 PM): i need you to tell me something
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:08:05 PM): k :)
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:08:12 PM): what you want to do to me when we meet
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:08:27 PM): :\">
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:08:36 PM): well
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:08:38 PM): i need you to tell me
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:08:47 PM): k
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:08:51 PM): lol embarasing
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:09:21 PM): i want to do the stuff ull like
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:09:30 PM): well, you need to get into it, especially if we are going to do what we talked about my love
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:09:51 PM): u said u like it if i touch u and rub u right?
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:10:17 PM): yes, but i want to know what you will like the most. not what i will like my love
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:10:26 PM): o
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:10:36 PM): well ive never done it idk what ill like the best
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:10:52 PM): what do you think you will like the best
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:11:05 PM): idk what do other girls like?
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:11:48 PM): they all like different things. some like to suck cock. others like to be licked. some like anal sex
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:11:52 PM): i mean i like kissing
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:12:02 PM): youve kissed before
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:12:12 PM): a couple of times
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:12:17 PM): with tounge
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:12:24 PM): sort of
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:12:29 PM): never rubed any where
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:12:39 PM): no
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:13:17 PM): well i just want to rlly see u and try all of it u said
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:13:26 PM): ok. well, i need you to tell me what you want to do to me the moment we walk into the hotel room
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:13:37 PM): k
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:13:59 PM): i want to hug u and look at u and say omg ur here!!
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:14:12 PM): cool, what else my love
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:14:29 PM): srry brb phone
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:14:33 PM): ok
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:16:41 PM): sry back
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:16:43 PM): my aunt
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:16:52 PM): what did she want
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:17:13 PM): she just calls to check on me, im supposed to go to bed now but she doesn't know
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:17:27 PM): lol when she comes home i run and get in bed then
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:17:56 PM): u said u would teach me to suck u right?
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:18:13 PM): hell yes i will
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:18:20 PM): i think that sounds cool
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:18:33 PM): really, you want to do that one the most
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:18:48 PM): ya i think so
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:19:04 PM): omg, im so glad you do. i love that so much
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:19:17 PM): i just hope that you like to swallow too
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:19:24 PM): swallow?
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:19:51 PM): yea, when i cum you swallow it
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:19:55 PM): o ok
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:20:21 PM): then you keep sucking to get ever thing out of me
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:20:29 PM): well havent done it but if thats the right way then ok :)
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:20:53 PM): sweet, im loving you even more
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:20:58 PM): omg rlly?
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:21:03 PM): yes, really
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:21:12 PM): see thats so cool thats why i wanna know what u like best
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:21:30 PM): i like to eat pussy to
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:21:44 PM): oooooooo :\">
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:21:48 PM): really like making a woman squirm with pleasure
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:21:52 PM): wow
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:22:10 PM): i also hope that you are a screamer too
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:22:19 PM): lol rlly?
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:22:24 PM): yes i do
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:23:01 PM): cool
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:23:27 PM): whys that, you thimk you are a screamer baby
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:24:09 PM): its cool that u like it...idk if i am but it sounded like u said it wuld be so good that i wuld yell and stuff?
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:24:52 PM): the other thing i like a lot is to fuck the ass. i still like to fuck the pussy. but the ass is just so tight and cool
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:24:57 PM): like not bad yelling but good?
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:25:00 PM): o wow
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:25:12 PM): yes, i think it would be cool
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:25:28 PM): ok
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:25:42 PM): do you think you will like it in the ass
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:26:05 PM): honest?
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:26:08 PM): yes
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:26:27 PM): that one idk
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:27:07 PM): well, i hope you will. i really like it. we will go slow and i will be gentle until you get used to it
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:27:23 PM): ok :)
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:27:37 PM): if u like it and want to then me too
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:28:17 PM): but my biggest goal is to stretch that tigh little pussy out and make you scream in pleasure
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:28:26 PM): omg
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:28:30 PM): butterflies
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:28:47 PM): good, im glad you do
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:29:09 PM): my aunts gonna be home soon
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:29:22 PM): can i call u? i just wanna hear u
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:30:00 PM): ok, its *edited*. but you can not call me any other time. unless i tell you that you can
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:30:21 PM): no i would never
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:30:27 PM): but its ok to call right now?
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:30:39 PM): ok, if you do i will have to put you on my ignore list
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:30:45 PM): give me one min
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:30:53 PM): ok tell me when
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:31:52 PM): give me one min then call.
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:32:08 PM): ok so right now its ok? in one min ?
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:32:16 PM): u wont ignore me if i call in one min?
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:40:56 PM): did i ignore you my sexy little angel
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:42:07 PM):
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:42:33 PM): srry still on phone shes got me looking for something
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:42:36 PM): brb
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:42:59 PM): ok
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:43:48 PM): srry back
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:44:01 PM): lol first shes like why arent u in bed and then shes like ok go find this for me
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:44:08 PM): its ok, did you like talking to me
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:44:16 PM): omg i love ur voice
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:44:27 PM): i rlly did
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:44:33 PM): im just mad she called again lol
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:44:40 PM): cool, im glad. you sound so young sweetie. its so cool
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:44:42 PM): its ok
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:44:57 PM): o im so glad u like me
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:45:05 PM): what do u have for me?
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:45:29 PM): what do i have for you?
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:45:55 PM): u said u got something for me
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:46:00 PM): right befroe i had to hang up
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:46:09 PM): oh, i gave you a kiss
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:46:13 PM): AWWWW
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:46:19 PM): ur so sweet
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:46:24 PM): thank you
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:46:39 PM): :-*
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:46:42 PM): theres ur kiss
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:46:50 PM): thank you
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:47:29 PM): shell prob be home in about 10 minutes so i gtg in a few
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:47:48 PM): i understand
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:47:59 PM): when can we have our date do u think?
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:48:24 PM): im trying to get enough money to come down ther my love
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:48:29 PM): o wow
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:48:32 PM): ok :)
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:48:35 PM): it will be in a week or so. is that ok
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:48:43 PM): now that ive heard u its like i rlly want to see u bad
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:49:02 PM): a week is ok :)
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:49:10 PM): you will my love, you will
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:49:29 PM): do u know what day? if u do i can look at my aunts work calendar and see when shes working
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:49:49 PM): i cant wait myself. i want to teach you so much about what we talked about
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:50:02 PM): ooomg me too
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:50:06 PM): i will discuss it with you later so we can set it up. ok
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:50:12 PM): ok :)
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:50:43 PM): go get in bed before you get into trouble my sexy little angel
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:50:47 PM): love ya
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:50:49 PM): awwww ok
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:50:51 PM): i love u too
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:50:56 PM): will u be on tomorrow?
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:51:01 PM): yes i will
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:51:07 PM): ok cool
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:51:09 PM): hey, guess what
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:51:12 PM): what?
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:51:18 PM): my dicks hard since we talked
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:51:24 PM): oooooooooo
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:51:28 PM): thats good right?
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:51:33 PM): yes it is
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:51:37 PM): lol tingles again
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:51:41 PM): it really wants you
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:51:46 PM): o wow
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:51:52 PM): i
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:51:55 PM): want u
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:51:57 PM): too
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:52:02 PM): bye my little love
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:52:05 PM): bye :)
georgia_emti (04/02/09 10:52:15 PM): >:D<:-*
wickedgiggle95 (04/02/09 10:52:26 PM): :-*8->:-*;;)
georgia_emti (04/02/09 11:52:02 PM): god, just to let you know. your sweet littel young voice turned me on so much. i want you even more now sexy
georgia_emti (04/03/09 11:00:13 AM): dreamed about you last night
georgia_emti (04/03/09 4:19:20 PM): cant wait to talk to you tonight my love
georgia_emti (04/03/09 5:19:23 PM): hurry up and get on here for me sexy. i cant wait to hear that sweet little sexy voice again
georgia_emti (04/03/09 9:52:05 PM): were are you megean
georgia_emti (04/03/09 9:53:42 PM): guess your not getting on here today before aunt gets home
georgia_emti (04/03/09 10:34:58 PM): i dont know what happened to you today
georgia_emti (04/03/09 10:36:53 PM): but i missed you
wickedgiggle95 (04/04/09 11:17:27 AM): omg hiiii
wickedgiggle95 (04/04/09 11:17:39 AM): wow ive got big butterfies after readin gur messages lol
wickedgiggle95 (04/04/09 11:17:42 AM): i miiiisss u
wickedgiggle95 (04/04/09 11:17:57 AM): srry i wasnt on yesterday my aunt had to work overnight so i spent the night w ith natalie
wickedgiggle95 (04/04/09 11:18:12 AM): idk if ull be on today but ill look for u
wickedgiggle95 (04/04/09 11:18:25 AM): miss u :-*
georgia_emti (04/06/09 12:37:31 PM): hey there my young little sexy angel. i miss you
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 5:16:22 PM): heeey hope i get tot alk to u soon!! missed u lots!!
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:13:29 PM): hey there sexy little angel
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:13:41 PM): hi!!!!!!!!!!!
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:13:54 PM): awww i was thinkin gi wouldnt get to ssee u tonight
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:13:59 PM): god, where have you been
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:14:05 PM): lol
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:14:07 PM): school
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:14:26 PM): wow, i have missed talking to you
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:14:39 PM): omg ive missed u too
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:15:03 PM): really, how much did you miss me
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:15:11 PM): lol hmmm
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:15:27 PM): like i was bummed when i signed on and u werent around
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:15:37 PM): and when i read ur offlines i got tingles
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:15:48 PM): what have you misse about me the most sexy
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:16:08 PM): gettin gto see u
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:16:22 PM): and talkin gabout our date and stuff
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:16:39 PM): really, i bet you missed seeing this fat dick, didnt you lol
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:16:50 PM): ooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:16:57 PM): lol :\">
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:17:03 PM): ya
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:17:08 PM): really
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:17:17 PM): well imissed all of u lol
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:17:36 PM): what did u miss about me?
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:17:51 PM): talking to you on the phone
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:18:03 PM): awwwwww
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:18:07 PM): i liked that sooooo much
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:18:56 PM): that was cool
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:19:15 PM): ya it was :\">
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:19:25 PM): do you wanna talk like that agin
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:19:32 PM): culd we?
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:19:37 PM): lol im ean could we
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:19:54 PM): yes, we can
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:20:01 PM): coooool
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:20:10 PM): when?
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:20:17 PM): tonight
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:20:35 PM): yay!!
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:21:18 PM): i want to hear that sweet sexy young voice. it made my dick so hard hearing you talk to me baby
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:21:24 PM): omg did it rlly?
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:21:30 PM): wow
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:21:37 PM): yes it did
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:21:42 PM): thats good right?
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:21:56 PM): wish i could talak to you on phone and show you it on cam at same time
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:22:04 PM): omg wow
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:22:07 PM): heara what you have to say
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:22:14 PM): would you like that
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:22:15 PM): :\">
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:22:33 PM): i wanna talk to u for sure
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:22:52 PM): what i want to know is. did you play with your pussy too
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:23:15 PM): no i was just watchin gu
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:23:30 PM): cool, did you want to afterwards
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:23:38 PM): idk
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:23:40 PM): never done that
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:24:06 PM): you have never played with your clit
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:24:17 PM): um
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:24:21 PM): no
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:24:34 PM): lol
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:25:01 PM): why dont you try it, while your thinking about me showing you my dick baby
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:25:21 PM): idk it seems kinda fake by myself
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:25:49 PM): i jaked mine for you, it feels good baby
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:26:00 PM): whats jaked?
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:26:09 PM): jacked
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:26:18 PM): o ok
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:26:35 PM): bet you wish you had it in your hand, didnt you
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:26:46 PM): :\">
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:26:51 PM): i def wanna see u
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:27:20 PM): see me, face. or me dick?
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:27:33 PM): lol whatever u want
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:27:59 PM): hi!!
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:28:02 PM): hows this
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:28:06 PM): are ur eyes blue?
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:28:17 PM): yes they are
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:28:25 PM): do you like blue eyes
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:28:26 PM): ooo i thought so i love blue eyes
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:28:37 PM): ya and ur shirt makes them look rlly blue
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:28:47 PM): what color are your eyes sexy
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:28:53 PM): thank you
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:29:24 PM): srry comp freezing
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:29:30 PM): up
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:29:32 PM): its ok
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:29:46 PM): what color eyes for you
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:30:32 PM): bluee too
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:30:36 PM): good
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:31:03 PM): awww nice smile
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:31:14 PM): thanks
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:31:30 PM): so have u had a good day?
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:31:43 PM): i bet we would make some beautiful babies
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:31:49 PM): yes we have
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:32:03 PM): oooo i love babies so much!!
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:32:17 PM): really, you want to have one with me
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:32:24 PM): theyre so cute i cant wait till i can babysit
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:32:28 PM): omg
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:32:40 PM): ur messin g with me
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:33:14 PM): no, ii want to know, do you want to have one with me
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:33:33 PM): idk
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:33:51 PM): maybe :)
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:33:55 PM): but you want to practice having one
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:34:18 PM): lol idk practice that it hurts to have one
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:35:07 PM): no, practice making one
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:35:17 PM): ooooo lol
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:35:22 PM): ya i do
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:35:40 PM): do u think u are rlly coming this week?
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:35:45 PM): good, i cant wait to be the one to take your virginity sexy
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:36:15 PM): omg
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:36:19 PM): tingles
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:36:26 PM): 8->
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:36:43 PM): do you want me to cum in your pussy so you can feel it
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:36:55 PM): or do you want me to wear a condom
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:37:03 PM): well
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:37:17 PM): idk
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:37:24 PM): whats the right way?
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:37:39 PM): what do you want
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:38:35 PM): well idk ur supposed to be married before having babies
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:38:52 PM): but i wanna do the right thing for u
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:38:55 PM): u know?
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:39:30 PM): sweet heart, im going to fuck you with a rubber. so you dont get pregnant
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:39:46 PM): i want to do it to you without one, feels so much better
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:40:11 PM): o wow
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:40:14 PM): ok
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:40:17 PM): ur not mad?
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:40:23 PM): nope
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:41:03 PM): oh good i like u so much i wanna do all the right stuff
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:41:08 PM): i will strok you a few times without it so you can feel it
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:41:30 PM): then you will put the condom on me
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:41:49 PM): ok :)
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:42:10 PM): have you taken my bathing suit pic yet
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:42:23 PM): no havent found the camera yet
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:42:31 PM): thats cool
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:42:34 PM): i ws lookin gyesterday
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:42:48 PM): i hope you find it
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:42:53 PM): lol me too
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:43:04 PM): and what are you going to let me see you in
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:43:43 PM): in the pic or when we have the date?
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:43:52 PM): in the pic
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:44:10 PM): im my bathing suit if u want
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:44:12 PM): you better wear something really sexy for me on our date
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:44:24 PM): oooo what do u wsnt me to wear?
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:44:41 PM): i want undies for pic. but if you want the bathing suit i will take it
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:45:06 PM): k
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:45:17 PM): what to wear on the date?
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:45:25 PM): maybe i can get the undies pics later
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:45:44 PM): do you have anything like a school girl outfit
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:46:21 PM): will you let me take pics of you on our date in the rooom
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:46:53 PM): you there
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:47:07 PM): srry stupid comp freezing
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:47:14 PM): its ok
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:47:25 PM): ya if u want to take pics on our date thats cool
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:47:38 PM): really
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:47:43 PM): idk about schoolgirl but i have skirts and stuff
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:47:53 PM): sure :)
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:47:57 PM): short skirts
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:48:08 PM): sort of short
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:48:09 PM): so i can take pics of you in undies
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:48:14 PM): and pics of you naked
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:48:22 PM): when we have the date u mean?
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:48:28 PM): o
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:48:29 PM): yes
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:48:42 PM): do u rlly want to?
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:48:48 PM): yes
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:48:58 PM): do you really want me to
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:49:46 PM): idk
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:49:57 PM): u wuldnt show them to ppl would u?:
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:50:07 PM): nope, just mine
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:50:19 PM): if they were special just for u
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:50:22 PM): then maybe
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:50:22 PM): how about vidoe taping us having sex
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:50:27 PM): but i still idk
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:50:32 PM): !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:50:37 PM): wow
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:50:41 PM): never thought about that
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:51:03 PM): then wwe can sit back and watch it together
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:51:23 PM): and, do you want some naked pics of me bbay
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:51:25 PM): baby
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:51:26 PM): wow
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:51:36 PM): have u done that before?
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:51:42 PM): what
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:52:08 PM): video
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:52:14 PM): nope
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:52:25 PM): would you like that
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:52:59 PM): idk
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:53:13 PM): do u rlly have naked pics?
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:53:17 PM): well, do you want some naked pics of me
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:53:25 PM): i can make them for you
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:53:48 PM): wow
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:53:53 PM): :\">
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:53:58 PM): if u want to :)
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:54:43 PM): when do u think ull come to visit?
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:55:15 PM): its going to be a couple of weeks baby
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:55:24 PM): i have to do alot of overtime
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:55:25 PM): ok
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:55:33 PM): omg its so hard to wait!!! lol
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:55:37 PM): worse than christmas
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:55:41 PM): lol
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:56:03 PM): if ur working a lot then we can talk lots though :)
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:56:16 PM): yes we can
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:56:50 PM): did u have anybody hurt rlly bad today?
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:56:56 PM): nope
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:57:05 PM): o good :)
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:57:23 PM): do you want to be my patient lol
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:57:57 PM): i want you to wear the shortest skirt you have
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:58:11 PM): and the most revealing shirt you have, with no bra
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:58:28 PM): lol
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:58:32 PM): ooo ok
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:58:36 PM): omg no bra?
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:58:47 PM): yes, no bra
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:59:00 PM): lol
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:59:07 PM): ok :)
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:59:24 PM): do you wear a bra now
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:59:32 PM): ya
georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:59:45 PM): what are you wearing right now my love
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 7:00:01 PM): jeans and my hollister hoodie
georgia_emti (04/06/09 7:00:16 PM): cool, wish i could see you in it
georgia_emti (04/06/09 7:00:41 PM): wish i could see you in a pair of bootie shorts and a tank top, with no bra
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 7:00:56 PM): o i have a tank but no bootie shorts
georgia_emti (04/06/09 7:01:04 PM): hey, look at cam
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 7:01:16 PM): awwwww
georgia_emti (04/06/09 7:01:18 PM): did you get it
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 7:01:27 PM): :-*:-*:-*:-*
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 7:01:34 PM): kisses back
georgia_emti (04/06/09 7:01:40 PM): thank you
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 7:01:46 PM): aw thank u
georgia_emti (04/06/09 7:02:08 PM): i need to see you on cam so bad. cant you get one just for a few mins
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 7:02:36 PM): o man
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 7:02:39 PM): i feel so bad
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 7:02:49 PM): idk how i dont have the money for one
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 7:03:16 PM): u dont have an extra one do u?
georgia_emti (04/06/09 7:03:26 PM): ask dad for the money, just dont tell him what its for
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 7:03:36 PM): hmmm
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 7:03:47 PM): k i can ask him when he calls next
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 7:03:53 PM): aww did u sneeze? bless u
georgia_emti (04/06/09 7:03:56 PM): when will that be
georgia_emti (04/06/09 7:04:00 PM): yes i did
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 7:04:15 PM): depends but might be tomorrow or wednesday
georgia_emti (04/06/09 7:04:24 PM): will you go but one
georgia_emti (04/06/09 7:04:32 PM): and how are you going to buy it sexy
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 7:04:47 PM): but see i still gotta have someone take me to the store and then theyll know what im buying
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 7:05:16 PM): and idk how to sneak that
georgia_emti (04/06/09 7:05:30 PM): well, get a friends mom totake yall to the store
georgia_emti (04/06/09 7:05:40 PM): then just go buy it without them there
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 7:06:42 PM): ill try but please dont be mad if it doesnt work
georgia_emti (04/06/09 7:06:50 PM): i wont be mad
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 7:07:23 PM): ok
georgia_emti (04/06/09 7:07:42 PM): i hope it works
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 7:08:02 PM): idk cause if they wanna come in with us i cant say go away, u know?
georgia_emti (04/06/09 7:08:23 PM): no, but you can sneak off you know
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 7:08:25 PM): and if they seei t and tell aunt Judy then im rlly screwed
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 7:08:37 PM): shell take away the comp
georgia_emti (04/06/09 7:08:44 PM): you hide it in your pocket. or purse
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 7:09:45 PM): well ill try i promise
georgia_emti (04/06/09 7:09:49 PM): you wont get caught baby
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 7:10:13 PM): what if i do and then i cant talk to u? idont want u to think i jus t went away
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 7:10:20 PM): or that i dont like u anymore
georgia_emti (04/06/09 7:10:43 PM): you wont get caught
georgia_emti (04/06/09 7:10:53 PM): and you caan find a way to talk to me sexy
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 7:11:13 PM): k :)
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 7:11:23 PM): hey im rlly hungry im gonna go get something to eat k?
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 7:11:28 PM): will u be on later?
georgia_emti (04/06/09 7:11:46 PM): yes my lover, i will be here
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 7:11:54 PM): o good :)
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 7:12:08 PM): see u soon :-*
georgia_emti (04/06/09 7:12:12 PM): :-*
georgia_emti (04/06/09 7:12:28 PM): bye my little lover
georgia_emti (04/06/09 9:06:59 PM): i guess your not coming back either
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 9:39:42 PM): lol i told u i would come back
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 9:39:55 PM): i was eating and watchin gdancing wiht the stars
georgia_emti (04/06/09 9:40:07 PM): cool
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 9:40:21 PM): hey :)
georgia_emti (04/06/09 9:40:40 PM): hey there my little angel
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 9:40:56 PM): awww O:-)
georgia_emti (04/06/09 9:41:26 PM): i cant wait to have you baby
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 9:41:38 PM): omg i soooo wan tto see u
georgia_emti (04/06/09 9:42:03 PM): really
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 9:42:18 PM): lol ya!
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 9:42:22 PM): ive told u that lol
georgia_emti (04/06/09 9:42:26 PM): ok
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 9:43:14 PM): so whatcha been doing?
georgia_emti (04/06/09 9:43:21 PM): waiting on you
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 9:43:47 PM): hiii again :)
georgia_emti (04/06/09 9:44:10 PM): hello
georgia_emti (04/06/09 9:45:05 PM): you know, i cant wait to try and have a baby with you
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 9:45:15 PM): :\">
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 9:45:29 PM): u sure u like me enough to want that? for real i mean?
georgia_emti (04/06/09 9:45:38 PM): yes i do
georgia_emti (04/06/09 9:46:07 PM): i just hope you like me that much
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 9:46:10 PM): do u want a boy or a girl more?
georgia_emti (04/06/09 9:46:22 PM): boy
georgia_emti (04/06/09 9:46:26 PM): what about you
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 9:46:53 PM): o i think baby boys are so cute
georgia_emti (04/06/09 9:46:59 PM): cool
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 9:47:19 PM): id o like u that much
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 9:47:23 PM): fo rreal
georgia_emti (04/06/09 9:47:53 PM): good
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 9:47:55 PM): is now a good time to call u? im getting sleepy
georgia_emti (04/06/09 9:48:10 PM): im going to havae a good time making love to you
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 9:48:17 PM): o wow
georgia_emti (04/06/09 9:48:30 PM): teaching you new things
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 9:48:37 PM): i feel so happy when u say that
georgia_emti (04/06/09 9:48:56 PM): really, whys that baby
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 9:49:12 PM): cause u make me feel so special
georgia_emti (04/06/09 9:49:21 PM): hey baby i gotta call be right back ok
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 9:49:22 PM): and its a big deal
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 9:49:26 PM): ok
georgia_emti (04/06/09 9:49:35 PM): i hope it is to you my lover
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 9:49:40 PM): it is
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 9:49:43 PM): bye for now
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 10:04:00 PM): hey my aunt just called shes coming home early so if im not here when ur back its cause shes home
wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 10:04:05 PM): and ill look for u tomorrow
georgia_emti (04/06/09 10:06:12 PM): ok my lovely young angel i love you
georgia_emti (04/07/09 12:23:13 PM): i cant wait to talk to my special little lover
georgia_emti (04/07/09 12:23:46 PM): i think i may want to have a baby with you my sweetie. we will have to talk about it ok
georgia_emti (04/07/09 12:25:28 PM): and i cant wait to feel that soft sweet sexy smooth skin you have too.
wickedgiggle95 (04/07/09 6:46:56 PM): hi u there? :)
wickedgiggle95 (04/07/09 7:38:42 PM): awww srry i missed u
wickedgiggle95 (04/07/09 7:38:50 PM): ill look for u later if i can
georgia_emti (04/07/09 8:09:57 PM): hey there, sorry i missed you sexy
georgia_emti (04/07/09 8:35:46 PM): hello
wickedgiggle95 (04/08/09 8:27:23 PM): hi
wickedgiggle95 (04/08/09 8:29:30 PM): darn missed u again :(
wickedgiggle95 (04/08/09 9:11:39 PM): hey just checking
wickedgiggle95 (04/08/09 10:06:47 PM): crap i gotta go to bed im srry i missed u
georgia_emti (04/09/09 8:07:44 AM): hey, im at work today
georgia_emti (04/09/09 8:10:06 AM): so, if you wanna talk get with me
georgia_emti (04/09/09 11:25:15 AM): wow, i am looking so forward to teaching you how to suck a dick and to tasting tat seet littl virgin pussy
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:09:29 PM): hey u there?
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:09:38 PM): yes i am
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:09:45 PM): hiiiiii!
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:10:28 PM): how r u?
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:10:43 PM): im good and you
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:11:00 PM): did you get my last messages off line
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:11:16 PM): ya :\">
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:11:20 PM): that was cool
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:12:00 PM): well, im seriuos, i cant wait to taste that sexy tight tasty virgin pussy. i will be the first one to have it. its so awesome
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:12:18 PM): omg wow
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:12:22 PM): tingles
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:12:26 PM): good
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:13:07 PM): i hope that you are looking forward to sucking my dick too
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:13:14 PM): ooooooo
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:13:24 PM): ya it sounds cool
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:14:05 PM): im so glad ur on today cause i wont be here tomorow and the weekend
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:14:07 PM): hold on a min
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:14:09 PM): k
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:14:44 PM): why not
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:15:04 PM): cause were gonna meet my dad in talahasee for the weekend
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:15:16 PM): wow, ok. sounds cool
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:15:17 PM): for easter
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:15:24 PM): wish you were coming up this way
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:15:33 PM): omg i wish i was too!!
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:15:44 PM): so, you still ready to do the nasty with me lol
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:15:54 PM): :\">
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:15:59 PM): its not rlly nasty is it?
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:16:02 PM): and to kiss me
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:16:13 PM): no, its just another way to say it
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:16:16 PM): o lol
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:16:20 PM): well ya
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:16:55 PM): good. i have been dreaming about how tight your going to be. and how much i enjoyed teaching you
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:17:15 PM): o wow u rlly had a dream abou t us?
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:17:28 PM): yes i did my little love
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:17:41 PM): wow what happned?
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:18:06 PM): we kissed and had sex all day and afternoon
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:18:18 PM): god damn it. i have a call again baby
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:18:21 PM): ooooo
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:18:24 PM): k ill be on for a bit
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:18:28 PM): miss u
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:18:35 PM): i will be back, please wait for me
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:18:38 PM): i will
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:19:04 PM): hold on. another truck may get it
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:19:12 PM): k
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:19:16 PM): not goin gaway lol
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:21:29 PM): ok, im back sexy
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:21:43 PM): o good :)
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:22:13 PM): any ways, we kissed and had sex all day and afternoon. it ways awesome
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:22:20 PM): wow
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:22:23 PM): i bet
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:22:33 PM): 8->
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:22:47 PM): have you had any dreams about me?
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:23:01 PM): idk but i never remembermy dreams
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:23:16 PM): i hate it cause i think theyre cool but when i wake up their gone
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:23:38 PM): well, do you ever day dream about us, or think about me and the wounderful sex we will have
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:23:49 PM): i do think about u every day
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:24:16 PM): lol makes school go faster
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:25:11 PM): thats cool, have you told any of your g/f about me
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:25:35 PM): no i havent
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:26:05 PM): really, figured you would. but im glad you havent. keeps me safer
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:26:11 PM): o good
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:26:16 PM): its like, i want to
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:26:41 PM): like when were at lunch and theyre talking i wan t to interupt them and tell but i like just u and me
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:26:56 PM): well, i dont know if they could keep it to themselves
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:27:03 PM): thats cool
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:27:17 PM): cool :)
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:27:23 PM): and we might not be able to talk anymore
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:27:31 PM): i dont want that at all
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:27:38 PM): can i ask you a seriuos question my little lover
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:27:43 PM): ok :)
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:28:51 PM): after we have sex and have been dating for a while i would like it if you would do one thing for me
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:29:08 PM): ok
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:30:02 PM): i would like it if you had one g/f that you really trusted to keep her mouth shut, that you would invite with us to the hotel to play also. would you do that for me
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:30:32 PM): lik eplay how?
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:31:01 PM): get naked with us and play. would youdo that
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:31:13 PM): wow
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:31:19 PM): u rlly wnat me to?
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:31:36 PM): yes, if you really dont mind
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:31:58 PM): what if i do and then u decide u like her better than me?
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:32:25 PM): that shit wont happen
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:32:33 PM): i think i may be in love with you
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:32:42 PM): omg
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:32:48 PM): seriuos?
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:33:00 PM): yes, seriuos baby doll
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:33:25 PM): do you have any g/f that you could ask
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:33:32 PM): well
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:33:42 PM): Natalies my best friend
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:33:54 PM): and, would she do it
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:34:08 PM): and be able to keep her mouth shut about us and my age
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:34:13 PM): idk if she would
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:34:23 PM): but she can keep secrets shes never told anything ive told her
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:34:33 PM): thats cool
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:34:47 PM): would you mind doing that for me my love
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:35:21 PM): if u promise promise PROMISE u wont love her more than me
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:35:53 PM): maybe
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:35:57 PM): i wont love her at all
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:36:26 PM): i might love her pussy and teaching her too. but you are mine. i do love you
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:36:38 PM): om g Tommy
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:36:43 PM): i
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:36:45 PM): love
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:36:46 PM): u
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:36:47 PM): too
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:36:50 PM): for real
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:36:57 PM): do you really
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:37:11 PM): i think so i rlly do
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:37:25 PM): thats cool, i hope you really do
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:37:26 PM): cause i miss u even though we havent met yet
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:37:40 PM): and think about u lots
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:37:46 PM): im glad
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:37:58 PM): and ur so cool
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:38:14 PM): now, since you know im married, are you going to leave me when you get older and want a family
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:38:35 PM): or, you going to stay with me fore ever
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:38:35 PM): om g why?
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:38:54 PM): i thought u wanted to have a baby with me
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:38:59 PM): i do
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:39:11 PM): but you know im married, right
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:39:16 PM): ya u told me
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:39:34 PM): so, you going to stay as my g/f lover fore ever then
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:39:47 PM): do u want me to?
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:40:02 PM): yes i do. i dont want you to ever find another b/f
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:40:08 PM): awwwwww
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:40:21 PM): and i hope that you will move up here with me when you can
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:40:36 PM): id ont want another bf cause nobody is like u
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:40:44 PM): thats good
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:41:05 PM): serious? move up w u?
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:41:19 PM): so, you dont mind that we can not get married then. just be b/f g/f and have a baby together
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:41:42 PM): where wuld i live?
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:41:50 PM): yes,i would love for you to live up this way, so we can see each other more
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:42:17 PM): we can find you a really nice condo here
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:42:32 PM): o wow
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:42:45 PM): idk if i can casue i cant get a job yet
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:43:20 PM): really, well you can wait a littel while
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:43:27 PM): it would be so cool to see u all the time
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:43:45 PM): i could hire you to clean my house and baby sit
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:43:53 PM): omg!
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:44:07 PM): never thought of that lol
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:44:16 PM): but you would have to clean the house when wifes at work. and you would have to do it naked. so i can play with you
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:44:28 PM): LOL oooo
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:44:37 PM): i can clean im good at it
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:44:54 PM): can you do it naked so i ca watch you
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:45:09 PM): wow if u want
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:45:24 PM): and u have kids?
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:45:40 PM): yes, i would want. then i could have my way with you too lol
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:45:44 PM): yes, i have two
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:45:51 PM): awwwwww sweet
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:45:56 PM): how old?
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:46:03 PM): 7 and 8
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:46:16 PM): aw thats so cute!!!
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:46:29 PM): when do you think you would like to have a baby
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:46:33 PM): what age
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:46:35 PM): ive always wanted to babysit i love kids and babies
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:46:41 PM): idk honestly
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:46:48 PM): when do u think is good?
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:47:25 PM): well, what would you say if you were to get pregnant now. what would you tell your parents. and would you tell on me
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:47:45 PM): i wuldnt tell on you
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:47:50 PM): idk what i would say
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:48:10 PM): like i know there are girls in high school that have babies but i dont know any in the 8th grade that have
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:49:18 PM): well, do you want to wait then
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:49:50 PM): i dont want your dad to get mad at you and try to make you tell him who the daddy is
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:50:12 PM): ya
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:50:19 PM): when will you be 14 baby
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:50:28 PM): august 1
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:50:37 PM): im a leo :)
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:50:49 PM): whens ur birthday?
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:50:55 PM): cool, i hope to be your b/day present and you ca unwrap me
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:51:00 PM): june 02
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:51:16 PM): aw urs is sooner
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:51:17 PM): cool
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:51:31 PM): yes it is. you going to get me something
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:51:33 PM): what do u want for a present?
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:52:03 PM): i want you with just a bow and one of your friends with a bow and nothing else on
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:52:14 PM): ooooo wow
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:52:22 PM): :\">
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:52:31 PM): hey, i may have asked you this
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:52:41 PM): but is your pussy bald?
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:52:48 PM): um
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:52:57 PM): will you do that for me
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:53:03 PM): not rrly
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:53:14 PM): you have hair on it
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:53:14 PM): do what?
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:53:27 PM): ya i have a little
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:53:28 PM): put a bow on you and a friend
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:53:37 PM): o lol
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:53:38 PM): will you shave it for me
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:54:03 PM): well if its ur birthday then maybe lol
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:54:25 PM): ya theres not much i can shave
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:54:46 PM): sweet. i love them bald as a babies bum lol
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:54:54 PM): o ok :)
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:55:05 PM): have you found the camera yet
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:55:15 PM): :(
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:55:20 PM): when you do, i have another request
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:55:26 PM): lol k
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:55:47 PM): will you take close up pics of your feet and toes for me
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:56:00 PM): o sure
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:56:01 PM): i want to see how sexy they are
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:56:13 PM): if i ever get the camera
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:56:32 PM): i sneeked a look in aunt judys purse but it wasnt there
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:56:52 PM): because i want you to put both of them around my dick and storke it with them
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:57:07 PM): o wow
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:57:13 PM): wont it hurt w feet?
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:57:29 PM): nope, not at all. we just have to lube them up
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:57:49 PM): k :)
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:58:14 PM): cant you get some of your friends to take these pics of you with there cameras baby doll
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:58:42 PM): idk
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:59:03 PM): like natalies mom wuld want to know what were doing w the camera
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:59:33 PM): i asked my dad for money the other night
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:59:40 PM): tell heer you want to take some pics of you two together
georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:59:48 PM): and what did he say
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:59:54 PM): he wanted to know what it was for
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:00:00 PM): and i said books
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:00:16 PM): and he said he would give money to aunt judy and tell her i needed books :(
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:00:32 PM): that sucks ass
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:00:53 PM): i KNOW!!!!!!!!!!
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:01:24 PM): well, try your friends camera. just say you want to take pics of each other
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:01:49 PM): k ill try but idk
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:02:27 PM): just try baby doll. i need to see you again
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:02:33 PM): awwww
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:03:43 PM): do u know when ull be coming to visit?
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:04:56 PM): can you send me all your pics again
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:05:13 PM): no, im still working all this overtime baby
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:05:18 PM): theyre on my myspace if u want
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:05:59 PM): whats your my space, or can you just send them here
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:06:18 PM): here
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:06:28 PM): *Decoy MySpace Edited*
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:08:11 PM): who are all your friends
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:08:44 PM): if u put ur mouse over the pic it should say th enames
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:09:05 PM): idk which is which im not looking lol
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:10:25 PM): k now im looking
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:10:34 PM): which one of them would you want to bring with you on my b/day
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:10:41 PM): the pic where my hairs in a braid--thats natalie
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:12:04 PM): yes, i have seen that one before, shes cute, but nothing like you
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:12:21 PM): awwwww
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:12:25 PM): u promise?
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:13:32 PM): yes, i swear. you are so hot compared to her. i would do her (have sex ) but i would marry you if i wasnt already married
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:13:52 PM): o wow Tommy thats soooo o romantic
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:14:35 PM): if i wanted to marry you right now, what would you dad say
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:14:51 PM): imight ask Nat but like u said i want us to know each other more first
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:14:54 PM): omg
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:15:02 PM): but u cant marry me ur already married
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:15:09 PM): yes, i want that too
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:15:22 PM): i know that. buit what would he say if i did want to
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:15:29 PM): he always says he wants me to be happy but idk what hed actually say
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:15:52 PM): do you think he would let you at this age
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:16:09 PM): if he saw how happy i was and that ur a good person who saves ppl
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:16:21 PM): but idk honest i never thought about it
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:16:37 PM): thats cool, just curiuos
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:17:15 PM): what would he say if he knew you were talking to me and wanting to meet me. and he knew this is what made you happy. would he approve
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:18:09 PM): idk i dont see why not
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:18:42 PM): you really think he would let you see me with me age being 39 baby
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:18:58 PM): Tommy idk
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:19:18 PM): i havent ever told him when i liked somebody we usually just talk about different stuff
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:19:24 PM): hes away a lot
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:19:33 PM): well, we need to knoow this. we might not have to sneak around my love
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:20:00 PM): ok
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:20:05 PM): u want me to tell him?
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:20:13 PM): how are you going to ask him that
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:20:37 PM): idk
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:20:38 PM): now, i dont want you to tell him about me. just see what he says if you was to meet someone
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:20:44 PM): ok
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:21:20 PM): maybe ill tell him i met someone after u come to visit
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:21:59 PM): well, i think you should keep my age out of it for a little bit
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:22:09 PM): ok :)
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:22:22 PM): god i love you
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:22:32 PM): om g i love u too
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:22:45 PM): i cant wait to see you
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:23:03 PM): me too its like so hard to wait lol
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:23:04 PM): do you think you could get them to bring you to atl and then get in touch with me
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:23:30 PM): also. would you like to talk to me again tonigh on phone. i want to hear thatsweet sexy little voice
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:23:40 PM): idk cause theyd want to know where i was going
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:23:52 PM): i cant tonight my aunts home :(
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:24:03 PM): i can next week when she goes back to work
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:24:11 PM): damn it, i want to talk to you on phone again
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:24:13 PM): ok
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:24:19 PM): ya that was cool the other night
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:24:55 PM): yes it was
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:25:04 PM): i loved hearing you. made me so horny
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:25:11 PM): oooo
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:25:20 PM): ur voice is cool
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:26:37 PM): it did, made my dick so hard. wished you had been there to rub on it
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:26:51 PM): wow
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:27:38 PM): :\">
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:28:09 PM): im sure you would have done a great job stroking it up and down
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:28:36 PM): as long as u show me so i do it right
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:29:12 PM): oh baby. i will show you. ita not hard
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:29:21 PM): oh good :)
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:29:50 PM): well, the dicks hard lol. but stroking it isnt
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:29:59 PM): lol!!
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:30:28 PM): do you ever want to see it again on cam
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:30:39 PM): :\">
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:30:51 PM): if u want to show me :\">
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:31:21 PM): yes i do. but i want to know do you want to see it
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:31:54 PM): ya i just wanna make sure that u want to cause what if i say ya and secretly u dont want to
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:32:18 PM): baby, i want you to see everything i have
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:32:22 PM): any time you want
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:32:35 PM): thats so sweet
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:32:41 PM): i need you to start telling me what you like, what you want from me
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:33:16 PM): lol ive told u
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:33:52 PM): i told u last time dont u remember?
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:34:58 PM): u there?
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:35:14 PM): yes, im here
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:35:20 PM): o ok
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:35:25 PM): no i dont remember sexy. tell me again
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:35:47 PM): u said ud teach me to suck u and that was cool
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:36:19 PM): yes, i know. but i want you to tell me what you want to do with me.
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:36:35 PM): i am telling u
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:36:40 PM): lol i think
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:36:51 PM): how should i say it?
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:37:01 PM): oh, ok. so you want to suck my dick
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:37:10 PM): ya
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:37:28 PM): you know wha i want you to say it. not suck you but say it
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:38:06 PM): o u mean say i want to suck u?
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:38:26 PM): no, i mean i want you to say i want to suck your dick
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:38:34 PM): omg im so stupid
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:38:43 PM): Tommy
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:38:49 PM): i want to suck your dick
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:39:07 PM): yes, thats what i want to hear from you
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:39:16 PM): o good :)
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:39:28 PM): and you to start telling me other thing that you want me to do to you. or you want to do to me
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:39:59 PM): lol its embarasing since ur not here
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:40:27 PM): dont be embarresed
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:40:44 PM): hang on my aunts yelling
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:40:49 PM): you need to be able to talk about it now, or you may chicken out later
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:40:52 PM): ok
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:43:14 PM): srry back
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:43:45 PM): your good
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:43:59 PM): does she not check on you to see what your doing on here
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:44:20 PM): no she knows i chat but i tell her its with my friends
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:44:29 PM): thats cool
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:44:30 PM): lol it always has been just my friends until u
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:44:39 PM): not that ur not my friend but u know
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:44:52 PM): im your b/f
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:45:12 PM): ya :)
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:45:15 PM): yay
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:46:12 PM): so, tell me. what else do you want to do with or to me baby doll
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:46:25 PM): I JUST TOLD U
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:46:42 PM): that rlly is what i wantto do cause u said u rlly loved it
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:46:47 PM): what else, other than suck my dick baby doll
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:47:08 PM): ur gonna teach me
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:47:18 PM): i srsly cant talk about it when i havent done it b efore
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:47:37 PM): if i say the wrong thing u might laugh or it might be gross
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:47:54 PM): i will never laugh at you
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:48:32 PM): or u might think im not nice
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:48:49 PM): ive seen that happen at school guys say that a girl is a slut if she did stuff with him
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:49:19 PM): baby, you are mine. im not giving you up ok
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:49:35 PM): tell me ok i want to hear you
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:50:23 PM): u said u wanted to lick me too
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:50:43 PM): :\">:\">:\">:\">:\">
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:50:58 PM): lick your what sexy
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:51:08 PM): u know
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:51:37 PM): tell me what it is
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:51:46 PM): :\">
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:51:52 PM): pussy
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:52:03 PM): yes, thats right
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:52:16 PM): #:-S
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:52:28 PM): baby, i dont want you to be embarresed to talk like that ok
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:52:37 PM): ok ill try
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:53:04 PM): i think itll be easier when we have the date
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:53:16 PM): if you cant talk about it mow. you may not want to do it later when we meet
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:53:22 PM): o see i dont think that
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:53:53 PM): i think its way easier to do stuff than say it
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:53:54 PM): well thats good
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:54:25 PM): im glad that you really want to suck on my dick. i really want you to like swallowing too. i hope that you do
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:54:56 PM): o good :) if u want me to i will
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:55:16 PM): i want you to baby
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:55:24 PM): yay
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:55:32 PM): but you may not like the taste of cum, then what
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:56:12 PM): idk
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:56:24 PM): u said its the right way to do it
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:56:41 PM): yes it is
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:57:00 PM): so, even if you dont like the taste your still going to do it for me
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:57:23 PM): ya
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:57:46 PM): i mean ill try its hard to say i will do stuff when i havent tried and dont know how and i dont want u to think im lying
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:57:48 PM): wow, you must really love me to do that
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:57:56 PM): i do love u
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:58:06 PM): nobodys ever talked to me like u
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:58:11 PM): and u rlly care
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:58:30 PM): yes i do care about you
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:58:53 PM): >:D<
georgia_emti (04/09/09 5:59:32 PM): and i really do want you to move up here one day soon
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:59:46 PM): wow
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 5:59:57 PM): it would be soooo cool to not get bossed by my aunt lol
georgia_emti (04/09/09 6:00:16 PM): i know
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 6:00:45 PM): like shes doing right now lol
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 6:00:46 PM): brb
georgia_emti (04/09/09 6:01:07 PM): ok
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 6:04:42 PM): ssry back again
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 6:05:01 PM): i gtg in a few minutes cause she wants me to pack and fold laundry
georgia_emti (04/09/09 6:05:14 PM): fuck her
georgia_emti (04/09/09 6:05:27 PM): i need you lol
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 6:06:02 PM): awww i need u too
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 6:06:14 PM): bigtime lol
georgia_emti (04/09/09 6:07:29 PM): i know you do. you need me in that pussy and ass. dont you
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 6:07:52 PM): oooooomg
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 6:08:01 PM): ya
georgia_emti (04/09/09 6:08:17 PM): do you really mean that
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 6:08:40 PM): do u not believe me? i keep telling u
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 6:08:57 PM): i rlly do
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 6:09:02 PM): i want to be ur gf for real
georgia_emti (04/09/09 6:09:23 PM): im really glad you do. i just cant get over you being 13 and wanting a 39 yr old man to be with you
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 6:09:55 PM): i just rlly think it s who ppl are that matters
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 6:10:06 PM): i hate when ppl think im dumb cause im 13
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 6:10:22 PM): lots of times ppl asume i dont know stuff without even asking
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 6:10:26 PM): u never do that
georgia_emti (04/09/09 6:10:52 PM): i know, thats because i love you very much
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 6:11:10 PM): i love u too Tommy
georgia_emti (04/09/09 6:11:31 PM): im glad
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 6:11:33 PM): and i love u cause ur u and not cause ur 39
georgia_emti (04/09/09 6:11:41 PM): thank you
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 6:12:00 PM): :)
georgia_emti (04/09/09 6:12:01 PM): well i cant wait to taste you baby
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 6:12:12 PM): ooooooooooooooo
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 6:12:27 PM): how long do we have to wait?
georgia_emti (04/09/09 6:12:57 PM): at least another week
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 6:13:12 PM): ok
georgia_emti (04/09/09 6:13:23 PM): it will be worth the wait
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 6:13:25 PM): will u tell me as soon as u know when ur coming? cause im dying lol
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 6:13:32 PM): oooo tingles
georgia_emti (04/09/09 6:13:54 PM): i was so hoping that you werent a cop pretending when i first meet you
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 6:14:03 PM): omg i remember u said i might be a cop
georgia_emti (04/09/09 6:14:06 PM): i will baby. because im dying too
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 6:14:13 PM): LOL
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 6:14:20 PM): om gim so glad u feel the saem way
georgia_emti (04/09/09 6:14:32 PM): please try to take me some new pics like i want bbay ok
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 6:15:05 PM): ill try. its hard cause its not just taking them its putting them on the comp
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 6:15:33 PM): i dont want to say ill def do it cause then if i cant u might think i lied to u
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 6:15:50 PM): i would feel sooooo bad if u though t that
georgia_emti (04/09/09 6:16:04 PM): no, i wouldnt but try baby
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 6:16:06 PM): im so srry i gotta go
georgia_emti (04/09/09 6:16:19 PM): and really think about an undies pic for me ok
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 6:16:21 PM): she says i gotta pack NOW
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 6:16:24 PM): k
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 6:16:28 PM): happy easter
georgia_emti (04/09/09 6:16:36 PM): happy easter to you
georgia_emti (04/09/09 6:16:45 PM): I LOVE YOU BABY
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 6:16:54 PM): I LOVE U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
georgia_emti (04/09/09 6:17:09 PM): hey really think about doing an undies pic for me ok
wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 6:17:12 PM): :x:-*:-*;;)
georgia_emti (04/09/09 6:17:31 PM): :-*>:D<:x
georgia_emti (04/09/09 9:41:27 PM): hope that you have a good time in talahassee
georgia_emti (04/12/09 5:37:56 PM): happy bunny day baby
georgia_emti (04/12/09 5:38:11 PM): i know your not here but wanted to say hi
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 6:46:16 PM): hey :)
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 6:46:33 PM): hope u had happy bunny day toooooo
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 7:20:11 PM): hey im gonna get dinner ill look for u later
georgia_emti (04/13/09 7:40:56 PM): will look for you
georgia_emti (04/13/09 9:38:39 PM): guess your not coming back baby
georgia_emti (04/13/09 9:40:15 PM): was hoping to talk to you
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 9:53:36 PM): hi u there?
georgia_emti (04/13/09 9:53:56 PM): yes my love. i am
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 9:54:01 PM): hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 9:54:09 PM): omg im so glad to see u
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 9:54:20 PM): i only have a few minutes though im srry
georgia_emti (04/13/09 9:54:36 PM): its ok my baby doll
georgia_emti (04/13/09 9:54:42 PM): have you thought about me
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 9:54:48 PM): lol ya
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 9:54:58 PM): missed u lots
georgia_emti (04/13/09 9:55:00 PM): i have been having dreams about you
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 9:55:06 PM): om g rlly?
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 9:55:10 PM): thats so cool
georgia_emti (04/13/09 9:55:16 PM): yes
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 9:55:23 PM): wow what about
georgia_emti (04/13/09 9:56:17 PM): us just being in the hotel room
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 9:56:22 PM): oooo cool
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 9:56:30 PM): did u have a good easter?
georgia_emti (04/13/09 9:56:33 PM): what about you
georgia_emti (04/13/09 9:56:42 PM): it was ok, i had to work baby
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 9:56:49 PM): aw im srry
georgia_emti (04/13/09 9:57:22 PM): its ok
georgia_emti (04/13/09 9:57:30 PM): have you thought about us
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 9:57:38 PM): honest?
georgia_emti (04/13/09 9:57:47 PM): yes
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 9:57:59 PM): ya i have:\">
georgia_emti (04/13/09 9:58:12 PM): what have you been thinking
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 9:58:19 PM): cant wait to see u for real
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 9:58:48 PM): i just cant wait
georgia_emti (04/13/09 9:59:17 PM): what did you think about us
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 9:59:40 PM): just stuff weve talked ab out
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 10:00:03 PM): and what itll be like seeing u for real and beign able to talk to u all the time
georgia_emti (04/13/09 10:00:06 PM): like, tell me
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 10:00:45 PM): like itll be so cool to b e able to look over and see u, and go places and stuff
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 10:00:57 PM): and go shopping for my bikini lol
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 10:01:18 PM): do u know when ur coming?
georgia_emti (04/13/09 10:01:27 PM): hell yea, the one you will be modeling for me and those thong panties
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 10:01:46 PM): lol ya those to :\">
georgia_emti (04/13/09 10:02:31 PM): yea, those too
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 10:02:45 PM): lolol
georgia_emti (04/13/09 10:03:02 PM): what else have you thought about. being at the hotel with me
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 10:03:17 PM): ya of course
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 10:03:20 PM): brb my aunt
georgia_emti (04/13/09 10:03:24 PM): ok
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 10:08:32 PM): srry back
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 10:08:47 PM): i gotta go in a few
georgia_emti (04/13/09 10:08:58 PM): ok my lover
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 10:08:59 PM): i miss u
georgia_emti (04/13/09 10:09:04 PM): i miss you too
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 10:09:29 PM): when do u work this week?
georgia_emti (04/13/09 10:09:52 PM): weds and sat
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 10:10:03 PM): ok :)
georgia_emti (04/13/09 10:10:52 PM): i love you so much
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 10:10:58 PM): om g i love u too
georgia_emti (04/13/09 10:11:34 PM): i cant wait to teach you to suck my dick and about sex
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 10:11:41 PM): o wow
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 10:11:52 PM): i cant wait eithe r
georgia_emti (04/13/09 10:12:05 PM): i hope you dont chicken out
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 10:12:08 PM): when can we do that u think?
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 10:12:15 PM): lol i wont chicken out ur my bf
georgia_emti (04/13/09 10:12:52 PM): im hoping real soon
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 10:13:01 PM): yay
georgia_emti (04/13/09 10:13:01 PM): have you done any more pics for me
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 10:13:15 PM): nooooo :(
georgia_emti (04/13/09 10:13:16 PM): how about pic from fla when you were there
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 10:13:22 PM): u wont beleive what happened
georgia_emti (04/13/09 10:13:36 PM): what
georgia_emti (04/13/09 10:14:04 PM): what baby
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 10:14:05 PM): we were in talahasse and my dad said he wanted the cam cause hes driving to new orlens and judy just gave it to him
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 10:14:25 PM): so hes got it now and hes not coming back for like a month
georgia_emti (04/13/09 10:14:33 PM): so, you dont have any pics from trip
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 10:14:35 PM): i like wanted to scream and i couldnt do anything
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 10:14:45 PM): no cause their on the cam
georgia_emti (04/13/09 10:15:10 PM): damnit. if you had it to download on comp you could have done my undies pic
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 10:15:18 PM): i KNOW
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 10:15:31 PM): im rrly mad cause i wanted to surprise u
georgia_emti (04/13/09 10:15:36 PM): so, you going to do the undies pic for me now
georgia_emti (04/13/09 10:15:40 PM): if you get cam
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 10:15:55 PM): im not gonna get one till he brings it back
georgia_emti (04/13/09 10:16:10 PM): but your going to right
georgia_emti (04/13/09 10:16:19 PM): and when will that be
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 10:16:28 PM): hes drivingfor the next month
georgia_emti (04/13/09 10:16:35 PM): ok
georgia_emti (04/13/09 10:17:20 PM): why did he want her cam
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 10:17:54 PM): cause hes going to new orlens and hes only driven through before this time he gets to stay and wait for a new load
georgia_emti (04/13/09 10:18:19 PM): he doesnt have a cam himself
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 10:18:30 PM): no
georgia_emti (04/13/09 10:18:53 PM): cant believe that
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 10:19:13 PM): lol why?
georgia_emti (04/13/09 10:19:29 PM): would think hed have a cam if he travels a lot
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 10:20:16 PM): srry talking to my aunt
georgia_emti (04/13/09 10:20:24 PM): its ok
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 10:20:56 PM): ok back
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 10:21:10 PM): so u wont be on till wedensday?
georgia_emti (04/13/09 10:21:11 PM): would you like to see anything on cam baby
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 10:21:15 PM): omg rlly?
georgia_emti (04/13/09 10:21:32 PM): what do you want to see
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 10:21:48 PM): lol whatever u want
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 10:22:09 PM): :\">
georgia_emti (04/13/09 10:22:21 PM): no, you tell me
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 10:22:53 PM): iwant to see ur face and ur smile
georgia_emti (04/13/09 10:23:00 PM): is that all
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 10:23:00 PM): and u blow me a kiss
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 10:23:10 PM): well idk if u want to show anything else
georgia_emti (04/13/09 10:24:03 PM): if you want to see something tell me. stop being shy
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 10:24:23 PM): well are u at work?
georgia_emti (04/13/09 10:24:32 PM): yea
georgia_emti (04/13/09 10:24:40 PM): but was the other day too
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 10:24:42 PM): then u cant show anything esle can u?
georgia_emti (04/13/09 10:24:52 PM): i can
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 10:24:53 PM): o i forgot that
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 10:24:56 PM): thats right
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 10:25:32 PM): whats a sexy way to ask that?
georgia_emti (04/13/09 10:25:35 PM): what do you want megan just say it
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 10:26:24 PM): i dont wanna sound bad
georgia_emti (04/13/09 10:26:49 PM): damnit girl. you cant be like this
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 10:26:58 PM): omg u mad at me?
georgia_emti (04/13/09 10:27:04 PM): i want you to talk that way. i love it
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 10:27:25 PM): well its just weird cause i havednt done it
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 10:27:37 PM): if u love it i want to but srsly its not easy at first
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 10:27:58 PM): u gotta understand i love u and dont want u to hate me or think im dumb and its hard cause sometimes i juust dont know
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 10:28:49 PM): are u mad
georgia_emti (04/13/09 10:29:14 PM): im not mad at you
georgia_emti (04/13/09 10:29:53 PM): but i want you to talk that way baby
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 10:30:09 PM): ok
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 10:30:19 PM): gimme a sec i wanna see where my aunt is
georgia_emti (04/13/09 10:30:25 PM): i got to go
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 10:30:28 PM): dont want her to walk in ok
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 10:30:32 PM): o ok
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 10:30:36 PM): see u soon i hop;e
georgia_emti (04/13/09 10:30:43 PM): you will
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 10:30:47 PM): love u
wickedgiggle95 (04/13/09 10:43:31 PM): gotta go to bed see u soon :)
wickedgiggle95 (04/15/09 5:09:04 PM): hey
georgia_emti (04/15/09 5:29:21 PM): wow, missed you again sexy
georgia_emti (04/15/09 5:57:32 PM): guess i will catch you some time today
wickedgiggle95 (04/16/09 6:50:15 PM): man cant believe i missed u
wickedgiggle95 (04/16/09 6:55:40 PM): sux not talking to u
wickedgiggle95 (04/16/09 7:28:09 PM): see u later i hope :)
georgia_emti (04/18/09 8:57:45 AM): i hope we get to talk too
georgia_emti (04/18/09 9:49:07 AM): hey there baby doll
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 9:49:14 AM): hey!!!
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 9:49:24 AM): i was hoping ud be here then i saw ur offline
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 9:50:04 AM): how r u?
georgia_emti (04/18/09 9:50:11 AM): im good, and you
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 9:50:29 AM): good
georgia_emti (04/18/09 9:50:42 AM): what have you been up to\
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 9:50:56 AM): school and stuff
georgia_emti (04/18/09 9:51:15 AM): coo,
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 9:51:24 AM): and choir
georgia_emti (04/18/09 9:51:28 AM): do you have me any new pics my love
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 9:51:54 AM): no u know idont i dont have th ecamera
georgia_emti (04/18/09 9:52:30 AM): well you could have used another cam
georgia_emti (04/18/09 9:52:46 AM): from a friend
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 9:52:48 AM): i told u nobody i kno w has one
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 9:53:17 AM): and ive showed u all the pics i have why u keep wanting more
georgia_emti (04/18/09 9:53:33 AM): because i like seeing you, thats why
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 9:53:52 AM): im srry i dont have any more
georgia_emti (04/18/09 9:55:07 AM): its ok baby
georgia_emti (04/18/09 9:55:15 AM): i just want to see you
georgia_emti (04/18/09 9:55:27 AM): tell me something
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 9:55:34 AM): omg i want to see u so bad
georgia_emti (04/18/09 9:55:49 AM): have you played with your pussy while you think about me yet
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 9:56:34 AM): no
georgia_emti (04/18/09 9:56:48 AM): why not baby
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 9:56:54 AM): i dont want the first time to be by myself u know?
georgia_emti (04/18/09 9:57:15 AM): trust me baby, its not the same
georgia_emti (04/18/09 9:57:24 AM): it just gives you a good feeling
georgia_emti (04/18/09 9:57:40 AM): let you kinda see what it will feel like
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 9:58:53 AM): ya k
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 9:59:04 AM): im still gonna wait lol
georgia_emti (04/18/09 9:59:12 AM): ok then baby
georgia_emti (04/18/09 9:59:54 AM): so you want to wait to have my fat dick in it
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:00:24 AM): honestly ya
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:01:00 AM): cool, im really glad you want to feel it in your little tight pussy
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:01:13 AM): oooooooomg ya
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:01:45 AM): makes me feel so good that you want me to take your virginity my love
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:02:27 AM): ya cause idont wanna be like girls who loose to justg anybody
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:02:45 AM): and i love u
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:03:21 AM): that makes me feel so good to know that
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:03:29 AM): lol good
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:04:07 AM): still cant believe that you want such an older man as your b/f
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:04:24 AM): lol u act like ur 87 or something
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:04:49 AM): no, but i am 27 yrs older than you
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:05:14 AM): you make me feel special
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:05:28 AM): u make me feel sooo special
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:05:40 AM): and i think thats whats important
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:05:54 AM): yes it is
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:06:29 AM): we just have to keep our affiar a secret, because most people wont understand us dating
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:06:55 AM): ok :)
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:07:31 AM): and sometimes when were out you may have to pretend to be my daughter, can you do that
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:07:41 AM): LOL
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:07:48 AM): sure
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:07:54 AM): thats funny lol
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:08:13 AM): whys that funny
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:08:43 AM): just thinking about it is funny
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:08:49 AM): but ill do whatever u want
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:08:54 AM): ok
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:09:11 AM): would you like to do some rool playing?
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:09:16 AM): rloe
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:09:19 AM): whats that?
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:09:37 AM): well, when we are at the hotel
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:10:12 AM): would you like to pretend that your my daughter and im your daddy and im going toteach you about sex?
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:10:25 AM): and show you how to do it
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:10:33 AM): wow
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:10:45 AM): do u want me to?
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:11:09 AM): i want to know what you think about it. not what i want from you
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:11:27 AM): so its like playing pretend?
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:11:46 AM): of course. im not really your dad
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:12:07 AM): lol i know!!!!!!
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:12:10 AM): thts good lol
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:12:41 AM): i think pretend is fun
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:13:14 AM): cool, so you wouldnt mind that i would be your daddy and having sex with you
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:13:53 AM): it mightbe cool ya
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:14:15 AM): or would you rather pretend that you just called 911 and im the medic whos taking care of you and i start touchin you and kissing you
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:14:31 AM): taking advantage of you
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:14:44 AM): ooooo lol
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:14:59 AM): sounds fun too
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:15:12 AM): really
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:15:33 AM): lol ya
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:15:43 AM): what if you really were in my truck. would you let me touch you and you touch me?
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:15:53 AM): omg like the ambulance for real?
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:16:21 AM): yes
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:16:34 AM): culd anybody see in?
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:16:47 AM): nope, they wouldnt see us
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:17:13 AM): then ok
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:17:35 AM): when u come to visit will u drive the ambulnace?
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:17:44 AM): no, i cant
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:17:55 AM): i will be in my truck
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:18:16 AM): o cool u have atruck too?
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:18:30 AM): if i was to start rubbing your thighs near your pussy then slid my hand to ti
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:18:37 AM): what would you do?
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:18:45 AM): yes, i have a truck
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:19:02 AM): cool
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:19:10 AM): what color?\"
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:19:17 AM): blue
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:19:31 AM): niiiice
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:19:35 AM): you didnt answer my question
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:19:48 AM): o srry what
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:19:58 AM): look up a couple of lines
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:20:07 AM): o lol
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:20:23 AM): u said were gonna do that right?
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:20:33 AM): yes, what would you do if i did
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:20:54 AM): would you touch me back and what would you touch and do
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:21:01 AM): is this cyber?
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:21:13 AM): at the moment it is
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:21:16 AM): is that ok
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:21:45 AM): i dont wann acyber it s fake
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:22:25 AM): ok, we wont cyber. but i would like to know what you would do
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:22:59 AM): once u show me what u like
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:23:07 AM): just tell me what you would want to touch
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:23:19 AM): lol u know
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:23:26 AM): say it
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:23:43 AM): no srsly u know
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:23:57 AM): and i said it before for u dont u remember?
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:24:10 AM): i want you to say it baby, i like it when you do
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:24:17 AM): yes, i do
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:24:55 AM): would you like to see it on cam again?
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:25:14 AM): :\">
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:25:23 AM): sure
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:25:53 AM): tell me what you want to see on cam. i want you to say it for me again
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:26:58 AM): are you going to
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:27:09 AM): omg srry brb aunt
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:27:13 AM): ok
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:32:22 AM): srry back
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:32:30 AM): i had to make a grocery list for her lol
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:32:45 AM): really
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:33:16 AM): ya she doesnt like to look for stuff and write it so she looks and tells me and i write it down
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:33:31 AM): shes weird lol
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:33:47 AM): i guess
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:34:32 AM): so, are you going to tell me what you want to see on cam?
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:35:04 AM): i want to see what u showed me before :\">
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:35:42 AM): tell me what you want to see megan, i want to see you type it baby doll
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:36:28 AM): so tell u what u showed me?
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:36:35 AM): yes
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:36:53 AM): omg k
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:37:22 AM): ur dick
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:37:53 AM): listen baby, i love to see you say that
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:38:06 AM): i need you to be a little better at it. ok
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:38:14 AM): im trying i promise
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:38:28 AM): i want you to be dirty with me
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:39:03 AM): i think itll beeasier for real cause then i can see u smile at me and stuff
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:39:30 AM): well, i can let you see me on here if it will help you
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:40:19 AM): :)
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:40:39 AM): im gonna have to go in a few minutes
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:40:48 AM): why my lover
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:40:50 AM): my aunts yelling for me to clean up
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:41:00 AM): iwll u be on later?
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:41:01 AM): god i love you baby
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:41:11 AM): yes, and i will show you my dick
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:41:18 AM): oooomg tommy i love u too
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:41:20 AM): what do you want me to do with it
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:41:23 AM): o wow!!
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:42:30 AM): u said u lwant me to touch it
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:42:37 AM): tell me what you want me to do with it on cam for you my little sexy lover
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:43:55 AM): well lik eu did before
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:44:16 AM): its hard to tell u what to do cause im not sure
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:44:30 AM): what did i do last time
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:45:16 AM): u touched it and kinda went back and forth
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:45:29 AM): yes i did. did you like that
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:45:37 AM): did it make you feel good
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:45:53 AM): ya :\">
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:46:02 AM): what did it do to you
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:46:21 AM): got butterfliles lol
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:46:45 AM): did it make your pussy wet
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:46:51 AM): or make you feel hot
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:47:04 AM): more tingly i guess
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:47:51 AM): your pussy felt like that
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:48:07 AM): more in my stomach i guess
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:48:15 AM):
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:48:29 AM): did it make your pussy feel anything baby
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:49:24 AM): im not sure it fedlt more like in my tummy
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:49:32 AM): well, i want you to do something for me
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:49:46 AM): k
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:49:57 AM): before i show you my dick. i want you to get undressed
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:50:10 AM): o no way
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:50:20 AM): i cant if my aunts here shell see me and ill be dead
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:50:23 AM): and i want you to put your mand on your pussy to see if it gets wet
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:50:40 AM): i cant be naked and on the comp shell know!
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:50:51 AM): how will she know baby
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:50:59 AM): cause she culd walk in anytime
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:51:10 AM): do you have a skirt
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:51:18 AM): ya
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:51:45 AM): put it on then. with no panties
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:51:55 AM): o
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:52:02 AM): ok
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:52:11 AM): crap shes yellin now
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:52:14 AM): and put your hand on your pussy and tell me if it gets wet when i stroke my dick for you]
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:52:19 AM): igotta go will u be on later
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:52:23 AM): oooomg ok
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:52:25 AM): yes i will
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:52:32 AM): ok good ill look for u
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:52:41 AM): bye my lover
georgia_emti (04/18/09 10:52:44 AM): i love you
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:52:46 AM): bye
wickedgiggle95 (04/18/09 10:52:50 AM): i love u toooooooo
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:18:29 PM): whats up
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:18:35 PM): hi!!!
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:18:48 PM): who are you talking to baby
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:18:49 PM): didnt know if ud be on today
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:18:52 PM): nobody
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:18:58 PM): only bots lol
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:19:15 PM): can i ask you some questions
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:19:22 PM): sure
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:19:34 PM): whats your last name megan
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:19:40 PM): edwards
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:19:47 PM): cool
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:19:51 PM): dont u see it on the chat?
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:19:59 PM): it shows in my im window says megan edwards
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:20:04 PM): where do you go to scholl?
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:20:21 PM): lol u gonna come visit?
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:20:26 PM): nope, still says wickedgiggles
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:20:29 PM): o ok
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:20:32 PM): i may
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:20:42 PM): for real?? cool
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:21:04 PM): so, whats name of school
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:21:25 PM): u want directions or just the name?
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:21:38 PM): just name for now
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:21:56 PM): its merry acres middle
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:22:05 PM): ok, cool
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:22:23 PM): how colse is it to your home
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:22:42 PM): idk exactly i ride the bus
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:22:51 PM): ok, thats cool
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:23:11 PM): can i have your address?
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:23:49 PM): why u want my address?
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:24:09 PM): so i can come and get you
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:24:18 PM): OMG srsly? WHEN?
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:24:40 PM): soon baby, real soon
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:24:52 PM): omg ive got major butterflies!!!!
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:25:19 PM): so, can i have your address now megan
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:25:23 PM): if u come when my aunts home u cant pick em up
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:25:35 PM): me up i mean
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:25:49 PM): i wont come when your aunts there
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:26:03 PM): ill give u the address when ur coming and shes not here
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:26:30 PM): why, you think im going to get you in trouble
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:26:59 PM): i dont think u would, but if shes home and u came by she might b e mad
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:27:18 PM): i would never stop unless you told me i could
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:27:29 PM): its near albany mall
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:27:56 PM): besides, i thought i may come by and watch you get off the bus, and watch you
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:28:07 PM): LOL
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:28:17 PM): watch me and i cant talk to u or anything?
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:28:48 PM): i was going to call to you when you come by me
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:29:03 PM): o wow
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:29:04 PM): and if your aunts not home you could come over to me
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:29:19 PM): and if shes home shuld i just go by u\"?
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:29:57 PM): well, you can stop and act as if your giving me directions. then tell me where i can meet with you
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:30:31 PM): or would you like for me to pick you up at school and take you with me
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:30:40 PM): if shes home then i cant....u need to tell me what day so i cna tell u if shes working
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:30:59 PM): no not at school if i dont get on the bus i have to have a signed slip from my dad or aunt
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:31:05 PM): ud have to go in the office
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:31:26 PM): i see, but i bet youd like it if i could
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:31:43 PM): :\">
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:31:45 PM): ya
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:31:55 PM): id wanna play sick so i could get out early lol
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:32:43 PM): how about you go to school on the bus. then skip out and go to the hotel with me
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:33:03 PM): and we can hug and kiss
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:33:16 PM): u can tpick me up from there without a signed note from my aunt she wont give me that
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:33:51 PM): i didnt say you go in the school. you just get off the bus and leave the school grounds
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:34:27 PM): lol i cant if im not in homeroom they call my aunt
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:35:02 PM): i see, well tell your aunt your sick and stay home
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:35:06 PM): hey
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:35:13 PM): thats cool :)
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:35:14 PM): then you can meet me some where
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:35:30 PM): lol ok :)
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:35:42 PM): have a question for you
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:35:46 PM): k
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:36:45 PM): would you like to go for a ride in my truck, go park some where thats descreet and get in the back seat and have sex with me?
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:37:04 PM): ur truck has a backseat?
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:37:10 PM): yes
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:37:22 PM): u mean do that instead of hotel?
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:37:36 PM): nope, we do the hotel for sure
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:37:44 PM): just later on doing the truck
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:37:53 PM): o ok
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:38:03 PM): that could be fun
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:38:10 PM): but nowhere ppl could see right?
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:38:41 PM): right. i dont want anybody but me seeing my girlfriend naked
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:38:49 PM): oooooooooooo lol!
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:38:57 PM): ok cool :)
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:39:17 PM): im going to get you to do one thing for me too
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:39:21 PM): k
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:39:33 PM): do you wanna know what it is
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:39:45 PM): well how can i do it if i dont know lol
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:40:16 PM): i want you to suck my dick while we drive around
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:40:24 PM): !!!!!!!!!!!!
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:40:29 PM): wow
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:40:38 PM): how cn i do that?
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:41:23 PM): you sit up front with me, then lean over into my lap and pull my dick out and suck it
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:41:32 PM): wow
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:41:40 PM): you want to
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:41:48 PM): ppl will def see if were driving around
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:41:59 PM): nope, truck sits up to high
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:42:31 PM): if ur sure ppl wont see
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:42:48 PM): then ok
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:43:04 PM): nobody can see us
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:43:36 PM): ok :)
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:44:19 PM): i know that you will like sucking my dick baby
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:44:23 PM): so u think ull come soon?
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:44:32 PM): im trying to
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:44:45 PM): o wow thats soooooo cool!!!!!!!
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:45:16 PM): will you let me shave the little bit of hair from your pussy too
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:45:33 PM): o wow u wanna do it?
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:45:46 PM): unless you want to
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:46:11 PM): wow never thought about it lol
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:46:28 PM): would you want me to do it for you
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:46:58 PM): wow if u wanted to
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:47:11 PM): do u think thats cool or like gross?
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:47:14 PM): i think it would be cool to do it for you
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:47:28 PM): wow :\">
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:47:30 PM): ok
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:47:56 PM): im going to teach you one other thing too, when you are sucking my dick baby
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:48:08 PM): lol ok
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:48:23 PM): do you want me to tell you about it
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:48:31 PM): ya :)
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:49:32 PM): ok, im going to grab your hair on both sides of your head. hold your head still and push my dick in and out of your mouth. its called mouth fucking
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:50:10 PM): and then take it and push it as far down your thorat i can. to see if you gag, thats called deep throating
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:50:21 PM): o
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:50:32 PM): what if i gag?
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:50:50 PM): then i pull it back out
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:51:00 PM): does it hurt?
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:51:06 PM): i think its sexy when a woman gags on my dick
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:51:08 PM): nope
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:51:19 PM): o ok
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:51:57 PM): i also want you to stroke my dick with your sexy little feet
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:52:09 PM): do you pant your toe nails?
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:52:12 PM): o ya u said that would feel good
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:52:20 PM): ya i love paintingt hem
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:52:36 PM): good
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:53:11 PM): what color do u like?
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:53:22 PM): pink or red
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:53:29 PM): k i have that
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:53:34 PM): i have glitter pink is that ok?
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:53:40 PM): hell yea
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:54:02 PM): i want you to wear lipstick too for me
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:54:13 PM): lol ok
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:54:38 PM): htats fun i like that
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:55:09 PM): good, i want to taste your lipstick when we kiss
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:55:27 PM): and i want you to have your lipstick around my dipstick lol
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:55:29 PM): ooo ok
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:55:35 PM): lol
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:57:00 PM): whatcha doin gtoday?
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:57:16 PM): working again my little sexy lover
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:57:28 PM): awww cool
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:57:32 PM): what are you wearing baby
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:57:39 PM): u have to save anybody today?
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:57:50 PM): jeans and blue tank toop
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:57:57 PM): not yet
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:58:13 PM): o thats good
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:58:28 PM): i want you to wear a shirt skirt and tank top for me when i come to get you
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:58:58 PM): whats a shirt skirt?
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:59:01 PM): and no panties, will you do that for me. you can bring them with you to put on later,
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:59:10 PM): im sorry short
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:59:17 PM): o lol
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:59:28 PM): wow u mean like go outside without them?
georgia_emti (04/19/09 1:59:35 PM): yes,
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:59:51 PM): wow
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 1:59:55 PM): NEVER done that lol
georgia_emti (04/19/09 2:00:10 PM): will you do it for your sweet sexy b/f
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 2:00:35 PM): awwwww
georgia_emti (04/19/09 2:00:38 PM): then we can go buy you a pair of sexy thong panties of your choice
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 2:00:46 PM): ooo ok!
georgia_emti (04/19/09 2:01:05 PM): is that cool with you
georgia_emti (04/19/09 2:01:23 PM): you will go outside with no panties on for me?
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 2:01:37 PM): wow :\">
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 2:01:48 PM): :\">:\">
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 2:01:57 PM): i think so
georgia_emti (04/19/09 2:02:07 PM): thank you love
georgia_emti (04/19/09 2:02:22 PM): what would you like for me to wear for you baby
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 2:02:49 PM): wow idk
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 2:03:06 PM): what do u like?
georgia_emti (04/19/09 2:03:07 PM): well, what do you like
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 2:03:16 PM): lol i aksed first
georgia_emti (04/19/09 2:03:27 PM): i dont know
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 2:03:51 PM): maybe a blue shirt that matches ur eyes?
georgia_emti (04/19/09 2:03:59 PM): would you like me to come in unifrom for you
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 2:04:51 PM): omg could u rlly?
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 2:05:00 PM): that would be COOL
georgia_emti (04/19/09 2:05:05 PM): sure i could
georgia_emti (04/19/09 2:05:36 PM): megan my little love, i cant wait to make love to you
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 2:05:38 PM): wow thats way cool
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 2:05:47 PM): omg Tommy, i sooo cant wait to see u
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 2:05:56 PM): its like sooo hard waiting
georgia_emti (04/19/09 2:06:07 PM): i know, i hate it too
georgia_emti (04/19/09 2:06:19 PM): i think about you all the time
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 2:06:24 PM): awww rlly?
georgia_emti (04/19/09 2:06:29 PM): yes, really
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 2:06:39 PM): im lik e always thinking about u
georgia_emti (04/19/09 2:07:02 PM): really, what about baby
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 2:07:14 PM): what it will be like i guess
georgia_emti (04/19/09 2:07:31 PM): yea. me too
georgia_emti (04/19/09 2:07:53 PM): your pussy is going to be so tight, not like anything ive ever had
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 2:08:08 PM): omg
georgia_emti (04/19/09 2:08:27 PM): do i embaress you talking like that megan
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 2:08:53 PM): not rlly it s more like tingles and nervus
georgia_emti (04/19/09 2:09:03 PM): thats good
georgia_emti (04/19/09 2:09:12 PM): but it will be so tight
georgia_emti (04/19/09 2:09:16 PM): im going to love it
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 2:09:23 PM): o thats good
georgia_emti (04/19/09 2:09:34 PM): and your ass too. it will be so tight also
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 2:10:10 PM): thats good right
georgia_emti (04/19/09 2:10:14 PM): yes it is
georgia_emti (04/19/09 2:10:27 PM): the tighter the better
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 2:10:41 PM): o ok
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 2:10:52 PM): :\">
georgia_emti (04/19/09 2:11:03 PM): megan, can i please see your pics again. i love seeing you
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 2:11:23 PM): theyre on my myspace silly
georgia_emti (04/19/09 2:11:33 PM): and you are going to love my fat 7 1/2 inch dick stretching that tight pussy open
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 2:11:41 PM): omg wow
georgia_emti (04/19/09 2:11:44 PM): send them to me on here baby doll
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 2:12:08 PM): no go to the site the comp is rlly slow and it takes a loong time
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 2:12:19 PM): *Decoy MySpace Edited*
georgia_emti (04/19/09 2:12:19 PM): give it to me then
georgia_emti (04/19/09 2:12:46 PM): and i cant wait to do you doggie style too
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 2:12:56 PM): whats that?
georgia_emti (04/19/09 2:14:03 PM): you get on your hands and knees and i do you from behind
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 2:14:11 PM): o
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 2:14:19 PM): :\"> k
georgia_emti (04/19/09 2:14:48 PM): you think you will like that
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 2:15:06 PM): idk :)
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 2:15:14 PM): if u like it then thats good
georgia_emti (04/19/09 2:15:14 PM): because its the best way to get your dick in as deep as you can
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 2:15:39 PM): o ok
georgia_emti (04/19/09 2:16:13 PM): and you are absolutly sure you want to loose your virginity to me
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 2:16:36 PM): ya :)
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 2:16:41 PM): promise
georgia_emti (04/19/09 2:16:50 PM): ok, thats cool
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 2:17:00 PM): o good
georgia_emti (04/19/09 2:17:24 PM): im going to make you feel so special megan
georgia_emti (04/19/09 2:17:34 PM): like you are the only woman alive
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 2:17:40 PM): omg Tommy, thats so awesome
georgia_emti (04/19/09 2:19:01 PM): you know that you will be a real woman after we make love
georgia_emti (04/19/09 2:19:14 PM): not a little girl any more
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 2:19:22 PM): wow:\">
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 2:19:31 PM): cool cause i dont feel little
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 2:19:41 PM): i wanna be real
georgia_emti (04/19/09 2:19:49 PM): what do you feel like
georgia_emti (04/19/09 2:20:40 PM): i so wish i could come and take you away and move you up here with me
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 2:20:49 PM): idk but not like a dumb little kid. im smart and i know stuff and lots of times ppl just think im dumb or i dont know cause im a kid. they dont even listen to see if i DO k,now, they just decide i couldnt know
georgia_emti (04/19/09 2:20:53 PM): so i can see you and make love to you as often as i want
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 2:21:08 PM): omg that would be so so sooooo cool for real
georgia_emti (04/19/09 2:21:50 PM): yes it would. wish you lived closer and i could have you as my baby sitter. then when i take you home we could play
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 2:22:10 PM): o man id love to babysit
georgia_emti (04/19/09 2:22:25 PM): really, how would you want me to pay you
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 2:22:31 PM): and if i could see u all th etime thatd be awesome
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 2:22:39 PM): lol
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 2:22:42 PM): idk!
georgia_emti (04/19/09 2:23:03 PM): would you want money, or for me to pay you with sex
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 2:23:40 PM): wow
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 2:23:47 PM): honestly idk
georgia_emti (04/19/09 2:23:55 PM): yes you do
georgia_emti (04/19/09 2:24:04 PM): you would want the sex.
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 2:24:18 PM): ya :\">
georgia_emti (04/19/09 2:24:34 PM): because it would be me
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 2:24:51 PM): omg ya wuldnt want to with anybody else!!!
georgia_emti (04/19/09 2:25:10 PM): what would you do when you saw my wife. how would you react
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 2:25:31 PM): see her where?
georgia_emti (04/19/09 2:25:41 PM): when you were babysitting for me
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 2:25:57 PM): o
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 2:26:04 PM): id be nice
georgia_emti (04/19/09 2:26:24 PM): thats cool. hide that we are dating
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 2:26:41 PM): well ya u dont want anybody do know do u
georgia_emti (04/19/09 2:26:51 PM): nope
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 2:27:10 PM): k
georgia_emti (04/19/09 2:27:35 PM): baby i need to go for a little while. you going to be here for a while
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 2:27:42 PM): ya i think so
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 2:27:47 PM): not doing anything lol
georgia_emti (04/19/09 2:27:50 PM): ok, i will be back
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 2:28:01 PM): k
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 2:28:04 PM): bye :)
georgia_emti (04/19/09 2:28:07 PM): i love you megan edwards
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 2:28:15 PM): i LOVE YOU Tommy!!
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 3:16:06 PM): hi i gtg but ill look for u later :)
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 3:16:17 PM): love u :-*
wickedgiggle95 (04/19/09 6:50:52 PM): hey :)
wickedgiggle95 (04/20/09 7:28:13 PM): hi
georgia_emti (04/21/09 10:03:24 AM): hey there megan
wickedgiggle95 (04/21/09 6:16:59 PM): hey u there?
wickedgiggle95 (04/21/09 6:51:50 PM): gotta go eat dinner ill look for u later :)
wickedgiggle95 (04/22/09 7:21:58 PM): hey u there?
wickedgiggle95 (04/22/09 7:41:14 PM): k my aunts home ttyl
georgia_emti (04/25/09 11:41:48 AM): whats up my little sexy
wickedgiggle95 (04/25/09 11:42:00 AM): omg hi!!
wickedgiggle95 (04/25/09 11:42:13 AM): havent seen u in FOREVER
georgia_emti (04/25/09 11:42:34 AM): i know, been busy baby
wickedgiggle95 (04/25/09 11:42:41 AM): awww its ok]
georgia_emti (04/25/09 11:43:03 AM): what have you been up to
georgia_emti (04/25/09 11:44:03 AM): you been dreaming about us together baby
georgia_emti (04/25/09 11:44:51 AM): are you there

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