Allen has to drop his mom off for an errand, then he'll be over for sex
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Perverted Justice mark: Rex Allen Riley, 21
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Location: Hartford, Alabama
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This wannabe pedo tried to solicit er1ca_leah_cx, a 14 year old girl
... or so they thought!

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Allen Riley - How old are you
Decoy - 14.. u?
Allen Riley - 21 damn lol u dont look it
Decoy - Lol well thanks
Allen Riley - I feel like a rapist
Decoy - Y??
Allen Riley - Bc I think ur hog
Allen Riley - Hot
Decoy- Hehe.. that's ok
Allen Riley - Dont tell on me :)
Decoy - Lol.. I won't dork
Allen Riley - I will spank u if u call me dork again youngin
Decoy - Lol!
Allen Riley - Let's go right now haha
Decoy - Hahahah ur funny
Allen Riley - Y not?
Allen Riley - Go somewhere
Decoy - Where?
Allen Riley - My house lol jkjk
Decoy - Hahaha
Decoy - Where do u live?
Allen Riley - In hartford
Decoy - Oh really??
Decoy Kool
Allen Riley - Yea thats why i said come over
Decoy - Haha.. Wut 4 real?
Allen Riley - If u want lol
Decoy - Do U want me 2?
Allen Riley - Yea sure dont get me in trouble tho
Decoy - Don't get ME in trouble either lol
Decoy - Wut do u wanna do
Allen Riley - How would you get in trouble? And whatever u want
Decoy - Uh my mom would kill me if she knew
Decoy - Like wut do u wanna do??
Allen Riley - Whatever u want watch a movie idk haha you got a kik or phone
Decoy - Yeah I can text.. *edit*

Text Messaging 3/25/14

Allen Riley: Hey 8:45 PM
Me: Hey 8:46 PM
Allen Riley: Its allen whats up 8:47 PM
Me: Nm.. U? 8:47 PM
Allen Riley: Nothin in bed wamt to cuddle 8:48 PM
Me: Hehe.. Me 2. Sure 8:49 PM
Allen Riley: Come on lol 8:50 PM
Allen Riley: Send a pic 8:50 PM
Me: Can't my mom blocked pix messaging on my phone.. I can only send thru yahoo 8:51 PM
Allen Riley: y she block them 8:52 PM
Me: Do u have the messenger? Mine is er1ca_leah_cx 8:53 PM
Me: So I won't send pix 2 boys I guess lol 8:53 PM
Allen Riley: No lol 8:57 PM
Allen Riley: Just email me one 8:58 PM
Me: Did u get it? 9:02 PM
Allen Riley: Yea omg 9:03 PM
Me: Lol.. Thx 9:04 PM
Allen Riley: Send more lol when u comin over 9:06 PM
Me: Lol idk.. I'm bout 2 go 2 sleep actually 9:06 PM
Allen Riley: On me lol jk its spring break come here 9:07 PM
Me: Can't my moms home :p 9:08 PM
Allen Riley: Well send another pic sexy haha 9:09 PM
Me: U send one 9:10 PM
Allen Riley: Of? 9:11 PM
Me: Of u? 9:11 PM
Me: Nice 9:14 PM
Allen Riley: Lol u send another one 9:15 PM
Me: Get yahoo messenger it's easier 4 me 2 send there 9:16 PM
Allen Riley: I got one allenriley2011 9:19 PM

Yahoo Instant Messenger 3/25/14

allenriley2011 (03/25/14 10:19:21 PM): This you
er1ca_leah_cx (03/25/14 10:19:55 PM): Heyy.. Yup lol
allenriley2011 (03/25/14 10:20:17 PM): U can send some now lol
er1ca_leah_cx (03/25/14 10:20:38 PM): Is that all u want is 4 me 2 send pix
allenriley2011 (03/25/14 10:20:57 PM): No :/
allenriley2011 (03/25/14 10:21:13 PM): I think your the prettiest girl ever
er1ca_leah_cx (03/25/14 10:21:24 PM): No way lol
allenriley2011 (03/25/14 10:21:35 PM): Yes
er1ca_leah_cx (03/25/14 10:22:41 PM): I dnt think so.. But thanks :p
allenriley2011 (03/25/14 10:22:59 PM): Y dint u think so
er1ca_leah_cx (03/25/14 10:27:08 PM): I dunno.. I think I'm just normal
allenriley2011 (03/25/14 10:27:39 PM): Beyond thar so what do u want from me
er1ca_leah_cx (03/25/14 10:28:17 PM): Wut do u mean
allenriley2011 (03/25/14 10:28:43 PM): Well u think all i want from u is pics what do u want from me
er1ca_leah_cx (03/25/14 10:29:19 PM): Well that
er1ca_leah_cx (03/25/14 10:29:35 PM): Thats all u were asking me 4
allenriley2011 (03/25/14 10:30:03 PM): Well because i got a have a few of a pretty girl:)
er1ca_leah_cx (03/25/14 10:30:27 PM): Oh ;p
allenriley2011 (03/25/14 10:31:04 PM): Quit winking lol ill spank u
er1ca_leah_cx (03/25/14 10:31:16 PM): Yea yea
er1ca_leah_cx (03/25/14 10:31:21 PM): Well I gotta go 2 sleep.. Txt me 2moro
er1ca_leah_cx (03/25/14 10:31:24 PM): ?
allenriley2011 (03/25/14 10:31:49 PM): Huh?
er1ca_leah_cx (03/25/14 10:32:01 PM): Txt me 2moro?
allenriley2011 (03/25/14 10:32:40 PM): Look u can stay up i have to be up at 430 and work till 5 tomorrow afternoon im still up
er1ca_leah_cx (03/25/14 10:33:15 PM): Lol.. U should go 2 sleep 2 then
allenriley2011 (03/25/14 10:33:56 PM): No gott ti see that booty first jkjk
er1ca_leah_cx (03/25/14 10:34:35 PM): Haha u wish
allenriley2011 (03/25/14 10:34:49 PM): Please lol
er1ca_leah_cx (03/25/14 10:35:13 PM): Nope.. Going 2 sleep! Hmu 2moro
allenriley2011 (03/25/14 10:35:31 PM): Wake up
allenriley2011 (03/25/14 10:35:45 PM): No sleep till 10
er1ca_leah_cx (03/25/14 10:36:07 PM): Haha nite!
allenriley2011 (03/25/14 10:36:32 PM): U win goodnight

Text Messaging 3/26/2014

Allen Riley: Good mornin 8:22 AM
Allen Riley: Are u up yet 1:23 PM
Me: Heyy 2:03 PM
Allen Riley: Wyd 3:02 PM
Me: Chillin at my friends 3:33 PM
Allen Riley: Awesome im at work lol fun what u doing tonight 3:39 PM

Text Messaging 3/27/2014

Me: Just slept at my friends house.. Lol I forgot my charger at home 11:07 AM
Allen Riley: Itd cool 11:11 AM
Me: :p Wruf 2day? 11:35 AM
Allen Riley: Norhing really 1:23 PM
Me: Do u work? 1:31 PM
Allen Riley: Yup at work right now 1:55 PM
Me: Kool.. Wut do u do 2:07 PM
Allen Riley: Welder 3:05 PM
Me: Ooh yea u told me that lol 3:48 PM
Allen Riley: Lol i didnt tell u i had a kid did i 4:35 PM
Me: No.. Do u? Is it the boy in ur pix? 4:42 PM
Allen Riley: Yes is that bad 4:42 PM
Me: No lol... I think he's super cute ^_^ 4:43 PM
Allen Riley: Thanks 4:44 PM
Me: Do u like bein a dad 4:57 PM
Allen Riley: Yes he is wirh me now 4:58 PM
Me: Kool.. How old is he 5:13 PM
Allen Riley: 3 5:16 PM
Me: That's kool 5:27 PM

Yahoo Instant Messenger 3/27/14

er1ca_leah_cx (03/27/14 9:24:27 PM): Heyy
allenriley2011 (03/27/14 9:40:29 PM): Hey whete that booty at
allenriley2011 (03/27/14 9:40:29 PM): Hey whete that booty at
er1ca_leah_cx (03/27/14 9:40:58 PM): Lol.. Wut?
allenriley2011 (03/27/14 10:15:12 PM): I w
allenriley2011 (03/27/14 10:15:13 PM): A
allenriley2011 (03/27/14 10:15:25 PM): I waNna see urs

Text Messaging 3/28/2014

Allen Riley: I fell asleep 1:46 AM
Me: :p 3:58 PM
Allen Riley: Wyd 4:00 PM
Me: Jus chillen.. U? 4:01 PM
Allen Riley: Just got home wanna ..... 4:02 PM
Allen Riley: Hang 4:02 PM
Me: Can't I'm w my mom 4:05 PM
Me: Y wut would u wanna do ^_^ 4:06 PM
Allen Riley: Idk what u into 4:06 PM
Me: I'm down 4 ne thing 4:08 PM
Allen Riley: I really like? 4:08 PM
Allen Riley: O? 4:09 PM
Allen Riley: If ur up for anythin do u really mean anything? 4:17 PM
Me: Yea Y? 4:19 PM
Allen Riley: Nvm ;) i would go to jail if we did that 4:20 PM
Me: Do what 4:21 PM
Allen Riley: Nothing lol we cqn watch a movie instead 4:22 PM
Me: No lol.. Wut r u talking about? 4:23 PM
Allen Riley: Nothing u aint a bad girl u dont need to have sex right now ahah 4:24 PM
Me: How do u kno lol.. I had sex b4.. 4:25 PM
Allen Riley: Well lets go 4:26 PM
Allen Riley: Haha 4:27 PM
Me: Lol u wanna 4 real? 4:27 PM
Allen Riley: If ur cereal 4:28 PM
Allen Riley: Forreal 4:28 PM
Me: I am.. R u? 4:28 PM
Me: ? 4:38 PM
Allen Riley: Yesss 5:01 PM
Me: Lol.. Hell yah 5:11 PM
Allen Riley: Send a pic ;) 5:25 PM
Allen Riley: And when sexy 5:26 PM
Me: Aye.. Lol. Sorry 6:20 PM
Allen Riley: What up bubble butt have u tried anal 6:22 PM
Me: Nope never tried it 6:25 PM
Allen Riley: Me either 6:25 PM
Me: LOL! 6:27 PM
Me: Ohh on a girl.. Lol I thought u meant.. Nvm :p 6:30 PM
Allen Riley: Lol maybe we should try it 6:41 PM
Me: U really want 2? I'm nervous it would hurt 6:47 PM
Allen Riley: If ur fine with it wont hurt bad lol i aint gigantic down there 6:48 PM
Me: Maybe.. I still think it would hurt tho 6:54 PM
Allen Riley: Lol im only 3 inches 6:55 PM
Allen Riley: Around 6:55 PM
Me: Ooh ok well maybe :p 6:58 PM
Allen Riley: Lmfao 6:59 PM
Allen Riley: How tight are u 7:03 PM
Me: Idk I only had sex once 7:07 PM
Allen Riley: Y? 7:08 PM
Me: Cause my bf broke up w me after 7:10 PM
Allen Riley: Why he do that 7:12 PM
Me: Cuz he's a fricken jerk 7:12 PM
Allen Riley: Im sorry sweetheart 7:13 PM
Me: I'm over it 7:15 PM
Allen Riley: Well i bet your tiny af down there 7:18 PM
Me: Lol I guess 7:29 PM
Allen Riley: I wanna see 7:32 PM
Me: U will 7:37 PM
Allen Riley: When 7:42 PM
Me: Idk I gotta figure it out 7:52 PM
Allen Riley: Pic message 7:53 PM
Allen Riley: Gues not 8:25 PM
Me: Sorry I was on the phone 8:39 PM
Allen Riley: Call me 8:40 PM
Me: I just got yelled at 2 get off the phone lol 8:42 PM
Me: When did u n ur sons mom break up? 8:43 PM
Allen Riley: So haga 8:45 PM
Allen Riley: Like 2 years agi 8:46 PM
Me: R u single now? 8:50 PM
Allen Riley: Yea lol y u ask 8:51 PM
Me: Just curious :p 9:01 PM
Allen Riley: Lol do u want to give me a bj 9:02 PM
Me: Lol do u want me 2? 9:04 PM
Allen Riley: Yes imma choke u 9:04 PM
Me: Wut?? 9:06 PM
Allen Riley: Imma gag u with my big cock 9:07 PM
Me: Lol..... Ok? 9:12 PM
Allen Riley: Call me 9:14 PM
Me: I will 2moro I gtg 2 bed 9:19 PM
Allen Riley: Im bored would u sit on my face 9:19 PM
Allen Riley: Damn'( 9:21 PM
Me: Hmu 2moro k? 9:23 PM
Allen Riley: Yes masm 9:24 PM

Yahoo Instant Messenger 3/28/14

allenriley2011 (03/28/14 6:37:19 PM): Yummy lol i wanna see ur body
allenriley2011 (03/28/14 6:38:42 PM): Where is that?
allenriley2011 (03/28/14 6:39:36 PM): What abput bikini
er1ca_leah_cx (03/28/14 6:40:04 PM): I dnt have ne bikini pix lol
allenriley2011 (03/28/14 6:40:26 PM): Y not
er1ca_leah_cx (03/28/14 6:41:03 PM): Is that u in ur yahoo pic w then gun??
allenriley2011 (03/28/14 6:41:20 PM): Yea
er1ca_leah_cx (03/28/14 6:41:41 PM): Oh
allenriley2011 (03/28/14 6:41:47 PM): Y
er1ca_leah_cx (03/28/14 6:41:55 PM): Idk jw lol
er1ca_leah_cx (03/28/14 6:42:13 PM): Do u work 2moro
allenriley2011 (03/28/14 6:42:46 PM): Nope take me some pics sweetie b4 we do it
er1ca_leah_cx (03/28/14 6:42:58 PM): Y?
allenriley2011 (03/28/14 6:43:48 PM): Bc i wanna see what it looks like ;)
er1ca_leah_cx (03/28/14 6:44:23 PM): Lol.. Idk I wanna meet u 1st so I kno ur not gonna go showing it 2 everyone
allenriley2011 (03/28/14 6:44:59 PM): I dont show pics to people thTs wrong
er1ca_leah_cx (03/28/14 6:45:38 PM): Well idk.. I gotta kno I can trust u 1st
er1ca_leah_cx (03/28/14 6:45:53 PM): My friends ex bf showed everyone in skool her pix
allenriley2011 (03/28/14 6:46:21 PM): Damn that suxks when u gonna be alone
er1ca_leah_cx (03/28/14 6:46:37 PM): Later tonight.. Y?
allenriley2011 (03/28/14 6:49:03 PM): I wanna hang
er1ca_leah_cx (03/28/14 6:51:27 PM): I can't 2nite
allenriley2011 (03/28/14 6:52:11 PM): Why not i want that booty
er1ca_leah_cx (03/28/14 6:53:35 PM): Haha I kno u do but I gotta make up some story 4 my mom that I'm sleeping at my friends house if I wanna get out of the house
allenriley2011 (03/28/14 6:54:02 PM): Lol well fuck
er1ca_leah_cx (03/28/14 6:54:42 PM): I kno.. my grammas already here. But I'll be able 2 get out another night 4 sure
er1ca_leah_cx (03/28/14 6:55:14 PM): I gotta go I'll bbl

Text Messaging 3/29/2014

Allen Riley: Wake up 7:48 AM
Me: Damn.. Y do u wakeup so early lol 9:24 AM
Allen Riley: Isk 9:25 AM
Allen Riley: U up now 11:12 AM
Me: Yup 11:22 AM
Allen Riley: Wyd 11:23 AM
Me: Going out 2 eat w my gramma 11:24 AM
Me: Wrud 11:24 AM
Allen Riley: Where 11:24 AM
Me: In Dothan 11:25 AM
Allen Riley: At subway in hartford 11:26 AM
Me: Kook 11:30 AM
Me: Kool* lol 11:30 AM
Allen Riley: Lol wyd tonight 11:31 AM
Me: Idk yet I'll let u kno 11:36 AM
Allen Riley: Ik its gonna be me 11:37 AM
Me: Lol! 11:42 AM
Allen Riley: If u can handle it 11:42 AM
Me: We'll c 12:16 PM
Allen Riley: Haha 12:24 PM
Allen Riley: Dont be scared 12:38 PM
Me: Haha I ain't 1:19 PM
Allen Riley: Where u at 1:19 PM
Allen Riley: U suppised to call me 1:21 PM
Me: At the mall 1:41 PM
Allen Riley: Go to victoria secret and buy something 1:42 PM
Me: Like wut 1:49 PM
Allen Riley: Lingerie 1:52 PM
Me: Lol 4 wutttt 1:56 PM
Me: They do have cute stuff tho.. 2:20 PM
Allen Riley: For mw lol i wanna see u in ur bra and panties 2:36 PM
Me: Lol I bet u do 2:53 PM
Allen Riley: Well show me 2:55 PM
Me: I'm at the mall! 2:57 PM
Allen Riley: Lol there is a bathroom hahahaha 2:59 PM
Me: Gross 3:04 PM
Allen Riley: Im jk boo 3:05 PM
Me: So wut do u wanna do tonight if I can get out of the house 3:05 PM
Allen Riley: Whatever u feel like 3:07 PM
Me: Mmk 3:19 PM
Allen Riley: Ur friend can cum to jkjk 3:21 PM
Me: She has a bf 3:24 PM
Allen Riley: So u sayin u wouldnt mind 3:25 PM
Me: If wut 3:26 PM
Allen Riley: If she joined haga 3:28 PM
Me: 2 do wut tho 3:33 PM
Allen Riley: U know the wild thing 3:34 PM
Me: LOL wut is the wild thing 3:36 PM
Allen Riley: Sex 3:37 PM
Me: Lol.. Idk she has a bf n I would rather it just be us 2.. 3:40 PM
Allen Riley: Ok thats fine i waa jw 3:41 PM
Me: Lol.. So wyd 4:09 PM
Allen Riley: Trying to get my son to nap 4:13 PM
Allen Riley: Wyd 6:41 PM
Me: Nm u? 7:01 PM
Allen Riley: At hime bout to drink lok 7:02 PM
Me: Lol kool 7:06 PM
Allen Riley: Captain morgan but if u at home ill get u instead 7:07 PM
Me: Wuts that? I'm workin on it.. 7:11 PM
Allen Riley: Lol idk 7:12 PM
Me: Captain Morgan? 7:15 PM
Allen Riley: O its rum ;) 7:16 PM
Me: Oooooh 7:17 PM
Allen Riley: Yummy lol 7:18 PM
Me: Yah.. Lucky 7:20 PM
Allen Riley: How am i lucky 7:20 PM
Allen Riley: I bought it last weekend and havent opened it yet 7:21 PM
Me: Is it good? I never tried that b4 7:28 PM
Allen Riley: Really good 7:29 PM
Me: Ughhhh my mom sux.. She's not letting me leave 8:33 PM
Me: R u having fun without me? 8:33 PM
Allen Riley: Going to club lol 8:36 PM

Text Messaging 3/30/2014

Me: How was the club 10:41 AM
Allen Riley: Well we didnt leave till 6 this mornin i had way to much to drink i wish i stayed hone and played with u 11:27 AM
Me: Holy crap.. 6! Lol u must b tired 12:04 PM
Allen Riley: Well naw lol im still alil tipsy i wanna fuck soooo badddd 12:05 PM
Me: Lol.. O rly 12:15 PM
Allen Riley: Yes please 12:16 PM
Allen Riley: Ill last forever 12:17 PM
Me: Haha good 2 kno! 12:23 PM
Allen Riley: Hahahahahahahaha 12:23 PM
Allen Riley: Wyd 1:27 PM
Me: Watching war of the worlds lol 1:37 PM
Allen Riley: Lol where in hartford u stay 1:39 PM
Me: By Hardee's 1:42 PM
Allen Riley: How there aint shit there 1:44 PM
Me: Uh.. Not AT hardees stupid.. Across frm there 1:45 PM
Me: On 167 1:45 PM
Allen Riley: Thats the inland 1:46 PM
Me: Where r u at? 1:47 PM
Allen Riley: What u mean im at home washing my dads truck 1:48 PM
Me: Ooh kool. Do u live w him? 1:51 PM
Allen Riley: Mom and dad right nlw 1:51 PM
Allen Riley: Goboutside 2:27 PM
Me: Wut? 2:35 PM
Me: Lol don't come by here my moms home ur gonna get me in trouble! 2:51 PM
Allen Riley: No i was gonna ride by lol im home how 3:06 PM
Allen Riley: I wasnt gonna stop i aint i dumbass 3:08 PM
Me: Lol sheesh! I got worried 3:18 PM
Allen Riley: Will u walk out around 430 so i can see ya lol i wave way or anythinh haga 3:21 PM
Me: Can't we're just about 2 leave 4 Dothan to go 2 my grammas 4 dinner 3:26 PM
Me: Lol I promise we're gonna hang out soon.. my mom goes back 2 work 2moro n I'll b able to get away from her :p 3:27 PM
Allen Riley: I work 630 to 3 3:29 PM
Allen Riley: Im starting to feel drunk again or just super tired 3:30 PM
Me: What kinda car do u have? 3:31 PM
Me: Lol yea I bet.. U should go take a nap lol 3:32 PM
Allen Riley: Get on yahoo illsend pic 3:32 PM
Me: Ok real quick cuz I'm about to leave w my mom.. 3:33 PM
Allen Riley: I gotta go to church 3:35 PM
Me: Dang that's ur car?? Super nice! 3:35 PM
Me: Oh ok.. Well I gtg 2 we're in the car now 3:36 PM
Allen Riley: Yup my baby lol play fair ill let you drive it 3:36 PM
Allen Riley: Nooooo 3:39 PM
Me: Shhh! Ur gonna get me busted 3:41 PM
Allen Riley: Yo 7:18 PM
Me: Hai 7:29 PM
Allen Riley: Wyd 7:31 PM
Me: Still at my grammas... Ughhhh so boring I wanna leave 7:32 PM
Allen Riley: Damn i wanna talk on phone 7:33 PM
Me: I kno I wanna talk 2 u 2 7:36 PM
Allen Riley: Call 7:37 PM
Me: I'll try when I get home ok 7:48 PM
Allen Riley: Wheb 7:49 PM
Me: Idk when we are gonna get home? Wat time u gonna b up til 7:57 PM
Allen Riley: With u up all night:-) 7:58 PM
Me: Lol I wish 7:58 PM
Allen Riley: I will 7:59 PM
Me: U will wuttt 8:00 PM
Allen Riley: Be up all nigh 8:01 PM
Me: Aren't u tired from last night? 8:06 PM
Me: Lol I'd b sleeping all day if I stayed up til 6 8:06 PM
Allen Riley: Naw im a big dog 8:07 PM
Allen Riley: Lol hurry up 8:08 PM
Me: Lol I'm not the one driving 8:17 PM
Me: So can we hang out one day after u get off work? 8:20 PM
Allen Riley: Yesss 8:23 PM
Me: Sweet.. I'm gonna have to come up w a plan 2 tell my mom. 8:24 PM
Allen Riley: Do u 8:24 PM
Me: Yah! 8:24 PM
Allen Riley: Lol 8:25 PM
Me: Oh n when we hang out don't make fun of me cuz I don't have an accent k 8:26 PM
Me: Lol.. We moved here from IL 2 years ago n ppl at skool think it's so funny that I don't have an accent 8:27 PM
Allen Riley: Lol i wont 8:27 PM
Allen Riley: Lol well i do and i dont like country music 8:37 PM
Me: Lol I don't either! Wut do u listen to 8:38 PM
Allen Riley: Rock rap im a drummer in a band 8:41 PM
Me: Really? Wut kinda band 8:42 PM
Me: We're leaving now I'll text u when we get home 8:42 PM
Allen Riley: Rock band 8:43 PM
Allen Riley: U sound so innocent 9:14 PM
Me: Lol no way 9:16 PM
Allen Riley: Yes hen u gonna send some sexier pics;) ill send u a few 9:19 PM
Me: Hahah oh yea? 9:25 PM
Allen Riley: Yes will u 9:26 PM
Me: Hahah after we chill maybe 9:27 PM
Allen Riley: Please just bra and panties ill send one in my boxers? Deal 9:28 PM
Me: Shit I gtg my mom is yelling at me cause I have skool 2moro.. Hmu in the morning k? 9:28 PM
Allen Riley: Yes maam 9:28 PM
Allen Riley: Delete these 9:29 PM
Me: I do don't worry 9:29 PM
Me: Lol nite ^_^ 9:29 PM
Allen Riley: Night night 9:30 PM

Yahoo Instant Messenger 3/30/14

allenriley2011 (03/30/14 4:35:09 PM): Send me a sexy pic boo
allenriley2011 (03/30/14 4:36:23 PM): Without those jeans
er1ca_leah_cx (03/30/14 4:36:34 PM): Lol!
allenriley2011 (03/30/14 4:37:12 PM): Im serious pleasw
allenriley2011 (03/30/14 4:38:45 PM): Thats what i was t
allenriley2011 (03/30/14 4:38:46 PM): Driving earlier

Text Messaging 3/31/2014

Allen Riley: Sup 8:10 AM
Me: Hi 8:32 AM
Me: Wyd 10:25 AM
Allen Riley: Working lol on lunch break 11:02 AM
Allen Riley: Wyd today 11:07 AM
Me: In skool 11:08 AM
Allen Riley: What time ur mom wotk 11:10 AM
Me: Wut if I told her I'm sleeping over at my friends house 11:31 AM
Allen Riley: Lol but u wpuld really have to stay there 12:40 PM
Me: Oh ok 1:06 PM
Allen Riley: What u wanna do 1:22 PM
Me: Wutever u wanna do ^_^ 1:25 PM
Allen Riley: O really ;) 1:26 PM
Allen Riley: U dont know what ur getting into 1:30 PM
Me: Yuuup 1:30 PM
Me: Lol I aint scurred 1:35 PM
Me: My grandma is gonna be at my house 2day n 2morrow after school.. But not on Wednesday 2:19 PM
Allen Riley: Ull see the loch ness monster 2:19 PM
Me: Lol! Ur crazy 2:19 PM
Allen Riley: Awesome lol so u gonna call me after school 2:25 PM
Me: I'll try I got a lot of homework already 2:37 PM
Allen Riley: Ill do it for u 3:02 PM
Me: Uhh... I don't wanna fail! 3:17 PM
Me: Lol jk 3:17 PM
Allen Riley: Im smart af ive graduated college 3:18 PM
Allen Riley: Wyd 3:21 PM
Me: My gramma just picked me up 3:22 PM
Allen Riley: Awesome im on my way home 3:23 PM
Me: Kool 3:24 PM
Allen Riley: Yup be home in like 20 3:24 PM
Me: I can't c u 2day tho? My gramma is here 3:38 PM
Me: Wednesday 3:39 PM
Me: 4 sure 3:39 PM
Allen Riley: O ok lol so u wanna a do are deal 3:42 PM
Me: Wat 3:52 PM
Allen Riley: Send me bra and panty pic i send u boxer pic 3:54 PM
Me: Lol 3:58 PM
Allen Riley: Lol yes or no 3:59 PM
Me: No way I gotta meet u first 2 kno I can trust u lol 3:59 PM
Me: My friends x bf showed everyone all her pix n her mom found out n she can't even have a fone ne more lol 4:00 PM
Allen Riley: Look dont put ur face in it 4:06 PM
Allen Riley: Get on messanger 4:09 PM
Me: K 4:11 PM
Allen Riley: ;) 4:14 PM
Me: It's not working? 4:16 PM
Allen Riley: Whag aint workin 4:17 PM
Me: The pic.. Send it again 4:17 PM
Me: U sent me that pic already :p 4:22 PM
Allen Riley: I didnt know u got it lol send me a bra and panty pic ill show u my dic 4:24 PM
Me: Nope 4:25 PM
Me: N u sent that last week dork lol 4:25 PM
Allen Riley: Y not 4:26 PM
Allen Riley: U scared lol just show me the booty then 4:26 PM
Me: I did already! 4:28 PM
Allen Riley: Bo u didnt:* 4:28 PM
Me: K I gotta do my homework my gramma is yelling at me 4:28 PM
Allen Riley: No* 4:28 PM
Allen Riley: U was laying down i wanna see it standing up 4:29 PM
Me: I sent u one of me standing up quiet ur gonna get me in trouble 4:31 PM
Allen Riley: Wyd 5:52 PM
Me: Eating dinner wbu 6:00 PM
Allen Riley: At the inland 6:06 PM
Me: Y? 6:15 PM
Allen Riley: Getting gas 6:17 PM
Allen Riley: u domewprk 6:59 PM
Allen Riley: U done with homewor 7:00 PM
Me: Yea almost 7:02 PM
Allen Riley: Hurry up 7:07 PM
Me: Y wuts going on? 7:09 PM
Allen Riley: Nothin wanna talk 7:14 PM
Me: I am talking 2 u lol 7:17 PM
Allen Riley: On phone with ya innocent voice 7:19 PM
Me: I don't think I can talk on the phone tonight my gramma is super strict 7:23 PM
Allen Riley: Talk real low 7:23 PM
Me: Just text me? 7:27 PM
Allen Riley: Ok bubble butt wear booty shorts in the pic 7:28 PM
Me: What pic 7:29 PM
Allen Riley: The one your supposed to send 7:30 PM
Allen Riley: Pic of u standing up so i can see ur butt 7:31 PM
Me: Shutttt uppppp alreadyyy 7:31 PM
Allen Riley: Yes maam im sorry 7:32 PM
Me: Lol god 7:36 PM
Me: I'm not fattt I promise 7:38 PM
Allen Riley: I dont think your fat im a booty guy im sorry 7:39 PM
Me: Well I do have a booty ^_^ 7:40 PM
Me: You'll see it soon 7:40 PM
Allen Riley: I wanna see it now tho 7:47 PM
Allen Riley: Lol :) ur teasing 7:47 PM
Allen Riley: How was ur day 7:53 PM
Me: Kinda crappy... We got tons of homework cause last week was spring break 7:58 PM
Allen Riley: Lol im glad im not in school anymore 8:00 PM
Me: I know it sux so much 8:01 PM
Me: Is ur son there 2nite? 8:01 PM
Allen Riley: Yup but so does the real world and no i toom him home 8:02 PM
Me: Y does the real world suck? At least u get money.. 8:04 PM
Allen Riley: Yea but you bust your ass to have half ur money goes to taxes bills pile up yup suxks 8:05 PM
Me: Ugh 8:07 PM
Allen Riley: What? 8:07 PM
Allen Riley: Im so sleepy 8:21 PM
Me: Me 2 8:24 PM
Allen Riley: Go to sleep 8:37 PM
Me: U going 2 sleep? 8:47 PM
Allen Riley: Idk yet wbu? 8:47 PM
Me: Ya I think so 8:48 PM
Allen Riley: Damn boring lol 8:50 PM
Me: I kno.. Lol 8:50 PM
Allen Riley: U really going to bed 8:53 PM

Yahoo Instant Messenger 3/31/14

er1ca_leah_cx (03/31/14 5:20:56 PM): ??

Text Messaging 4/1/2014

Me: I fell asleepppp 8:03 AM
Allen Riley: I figured that lol 8:22 AM
Allen Riley: Hows school 8:25 AM
Me: Laaame 8:47 AM
Allen Riley: So is work lol i gitta stay till 4 8:49 AM
Me: That sux 9:30 AM
Allen Riley: Yup for the rest of the week except fri 11:01 AM
Me: Oh wow.. R we still gonna meet up 2moro? 11:07 AM
Allen Riley: Yea what time your mom get home we just gonna hangout i dont wanna go to jail haha 11:08 AM
Me: She works til 11.. Hullo I'm not gonna tell her lol she would kill me 11:12 AM
Allen Riley: Lol she would have me arrested lol 11:20 AM
Me: I'm not stupid! 11:24 AM
Allen Riley: I do wanna grab ur butt doe 11:26 AM
Allen Riley: Didnt say you was 11:29 AM
Me: Lol n wut else 11:30 AM
Allen Riley: A bunch more ull see 11:31 AM
Me: Lol tellll meee 11:33 AM
Me: I dont like secrets ^_^ 11:42 AM
Allen Riley: Y its for me to know and u find out 11:53 AM
Me: K 11:58 AM
Allen Riley: U will like it i promise lol 12:00 PM
Me: Haha ok 1:09 PM
Allen Riley: Lol im bored 1:22 PM
Me: Me 2.. Entertain me ;) 1:29 PM
Allen Riley: How 1:30 PM
Me: Idk! Lol 1:33 PM
Me: :/ 2:12 PM
Allen Riley: Im am not talking dirty to u while ypur at school 2:14 PM
Me: Lol I didn't say that! 2:16 PM
Allen Riley: Wyd 3:07 PM
Me: Leaving skool 3:09 PM
Allen Riley: Nicw i got off at 3 3:10 PM
Me: Kool 3:11 PM
Allen Riley: U got homework 3:12 PM
Me: Y? 3:13 PM
Allen Riley: Jw 3:13 PM
Me: K 3:14 PM
Allen Riley: So we can sext lol 3:16 PM
Me: Sexting is lame.. I think ur all talk 3:17 PM
Allen Riley: What u mean all taln? 3:18 PM
Allen Riley: Talk* 3:22 PM
Me: U said u just wanna hang out now so w/e 3:30 PM
Allen Riley: What u wanna do 3:31 PM
Allen Riley: Ill do whatever u want 3:32 PM
Me: I told u I'm down 4 wutever 3:32 PM
Me: But I think ur all talk 3:33 PM
Allen Riley: Do u wNt to have sex u gotta tell me what u want 3:35 PM
Allen Riley: When ur wAlking funny u wont think im all talk;) 3:36 PM
Me: I thought that's wut u wanted 3:37 PM
Me: Yeaaa ok 3:38 PM
Allen Riley: Is thar what u want 3:39 PM
Me: Yah if u do 3:40 PM
Allen Riley: Hell yea i do but yoy wont tell me how tight you are lol i got prepare lmfao 3:44 PM
Me: Lol! 3:47 PM
Allen Riley: So tell me how tight u are ik u play with yourself 3:49 PM
Me: Idk what do I compare it 2? 3:50 PM
Allen Riley: Ur fingers 3:51 PM
Me: How do u prepare 4 it?? Lol 3:53 PM
Allen Riley: I get my mind focused lmfao that way i can make myself not cum for awhile 3:54 PM
Me: Ooh.. Lol.. Well I dnt wanna get preg.. 3:57 PM
Allen Riley: I wont cum in you lol are you gonna tell me how tight you are 3:58 PM
Me: Well I told u I only had sex once so u can figure it out :p 4:02 PM
Allen Riley: Ik you finger yourself so tell me haha 4:05 PM
Allen Riley: You wanna know how big i am 4:09 PM
Me: Ya 4:11 PM
Allen Riley: What if i send a pic will ypu tell me how tight you ar 4:15 PM
Me: Ok 4:17 PM
Allen Riley: Get on messanger 4:18 PM
Me: Lol wow ^_^ 4:23 PM
Allen Riley: What? 4:24 PM
Me: Looks good hehe 4:25 PM
Allen Riley: What about ypu i wanna see 4:27 PM
Me: That wasn't the deal lol 4:31 PM
Allen Riley: Fml 4:32 PM
Allen Riley: Well play with yourself for me tell me how many you can put in 4:32 PM
Me: I'm not even at home rite now I'm at my grammas 4:33 PM
Allen Riley: Barhroom hahA 4:34 PM
Me: 4 4:44 PM
Me: Is that bad? 4:46 PM
Allen Riley: Damn babe ur fingers small 4:47 PM
Allen Riley: No boo 4:48 PM
Me: Lol April fools 4:48 PM
Me: I wanted to get someone 2day 4:48 PM
Me: My friend went n told everyone she was preg 4 April fools... So stupid! 4:49 PM
Allen Riley: Ur mean 4:49 PM
Me: Hahah ur not the only 1 w jokes u kno 4:49 PM
Allen Riley: WELL tell me trutg now 4:51 PM
Me: Like 2 4:52 PM
Me: I didn't do it but I did b4 4:52 PM
Me: Wyd 4:57 PM
Allen Riley: WELL tell me trutg now 4:58 PM
Allen Riley: And nothing just wet af lpl 4:58 PM
Allen Riley: Wyd 5:03 PM
Me: Homework againnn :( 5:14 PM
Allen Riley: U at home 5:15 PM
Me: Grammas 5:18 PM
Allen Riley: If we fuck please dont tell on me tho i love my son amd i dont wanna lose him 5:19 PM
Allen Riley: And ok 5:19 PM
Me: Omg I'm not gonna tell ne1! I would get in trouble 2 hullo 5:23 PM
Allen Riley: Ok just making sure bc imma make you cum so much 5:24 PM
Me: Lol I hope so 5:26 PM
Allen Riley: O i will trust me 5:28 PM
Me: Hehe good 5:32 PM
Allen Riley: Is your clit very sensitive 5:34 PM
Me: Yea 5:34 PM
Allen Riley: Imma suck on it 5:34 PM
Me: Can't wait ;) 5:37 PM
Allen Riley: Lol u better deep throat this d 5:37 PM
Me: Lol I'll try! 5:39 PM
Allen Riley: Imma make you lol and imma bend you over and pound it hard till your cum is gushing out 5:42 PM
Me: Omg... Shhh! I don't want my gramma walking by n reading! Lol 5:48 PM
Allen Riley: Yes maam 5:49 PM
Allen Riley: Uk u liked it 5:53 PM
Me: Lol ur funny w ur yes ma'am 5:58 PM
Me: Ya but I also don't wanna get busted 5:59 PM
Allen Riley: How 5:59 PM
Allen Riley: Wait till u get home haha 6:00 PM
Allen Riley: Call me 6:04 PM
Me: Ok I'll try when I get home 6:07 PM
Allen Riley: Better lol ill talk dirty lol mske you soak your thong 6:08 PM
Me: Lol oh god 6:50 PM
Allen Riley: What? 6:51 PM
Me: Soak my thong? Lol 6:51 PM
Allen Riley: U will lol no u dont know what thinga are lmfai 6:52 PM
Me: I kno wut it means u dork 6:58 PM
Allen Riley: U dont know what thongs are 6:58 PM
Me: I wear them dummy 7:06 PM
Allen Riley: Yea sure whatever 7:07 PM
Me: Ya ok 7:10 PM
Allen Riley: Prove it 7:10 PM
Me: I will. 7:10 PM
Allen Riley: How? 7:11 PM
Me: I'll wear 1 tomorrow 7:11 PM
Allen Riley: I wont se it lol 7:12 PM
Me: Uh, yah u will! 7:13 PM
Allen Riley: How 7:13 PM
Me: I'm gonna c u right? 7:15 PM
Allen Riley: Yea 7:16 PM
Me: K then.. Ill prove it 2 u 7:17 PM
Allen Riley: How tho 7:17 PM
Me: I'll show it 2 u stupid! 7:22 PM
Allen Riley: Imma put it on my head like a mask so i can be a mexican wrestler lmfao 7:23 PM
Me: Lololol 7:30 PM
Allen Riley: Lol u like that lol 7:31 PM
Me: Ur so goofy! 7:32 PM
Allen Riley: Ik lol show me your thong now 7:32 PM
Me: Lol nope 7:36 PM
Allen Riley: Please 7:36 PM
Allen Riley: Call me 7:36 PM
Me: I will when I get home! Lol sheesh 7:37 PM
Allen Riley: Imma whoop ur ass ll 7:38 PM
Me: B nice or I'm not gonna call u ^_^ 7:44 PM
Allen Riley: Yes maam 7:45 PM
Allen Riley: Wyd 8:09 PM
Me: Eating.. Gonna b going home soon 8:12 PM
Me: U? 8:12 PM
Allen Riley: Driving arpund town blasting old school rap 8:13 PM
Me: Lol 8:17 PM
Allen Riley: 2pac shit 8:19 PM
Me: Kool 8:22 PM
Allen Riley: Yup old stuff wyd 8:23 PM
Me: U just asked me that 8:23 PM
Allen Riley: My b haha hurry up 8:25 PM
Allen Riley: Grr 8:46 PM
Me: Just got home hold on 8:49 PM
Allen Riley: Yuppers 8:50 PM
Allen Riley: Loser lol 9:05 PM
Allen Riley: Lolololololololololololololol 9:14 PM
Me: Wut! 9:19 PM
Me: Ur so crazy 9:26 PM
Me: Well I'm going 2 sleep.. Hmu 2moro 9:32 PM
Allen Riley: O shit my phone sometimes doesnt say i have text before you your part of the deal only fair 9:37 PM
Allen Riley: O shit my phone sometimes doesnt say i have text before you your part of the deal only fair 9:37 PM
Me: I can't sleep lol 10:03 PM
Me: Wut time r u gonna be over here 2moro... I'm excited now lol 10:04 PM
Me: ?? 10:07 PM
Me: I just wanna make sure I have time 2 do my hair n stuff 10:07 PM
Me: Hullooooo r u sleeping already 10:22 PM

Yahoo Instant Messenger 4/1/14

er1ca_leah_cx (04/01/14 11:24:01 PM):

Text Messaging 4/2/2014

Allen Riley: Wake up 5:46 AM
Me: Lol u wake up 6:24 AM
Allen Riley: Im at work 6:25 AM
Allen Riley: Lol so that text meant u still owe me bc i sent a pic haha u didnt answer my question 6:25 AM
Me: I did answer ur questsion dummy I said 2 6:26 AM
Allen Riley: When 6:27 AM
Me: Yesterday! 6:27 AM
Allen Riley: No u didnt so wat time tiday? 6:28 AM
Me: Yes I did go look at ur texts again lol 6:29 AM
Me: Idk u tell me? 5? 6:29 AM
Allen Riley: Around rmthat i wanna shower first;) 6:30 AM
Me: Ok 5:30? 6:31 AM
Allen Riley: What time your mom get back 7:12 AM
Me: Not til late 7:16 AM
Me: Did u find the text lol 7:18 AM
Allen Riley: Were we dpimg it at? 7:19 AM
Allen Riley: and nope i didnt maam 7:20 AM
Allen Riley: ? 8:28 AM
Me: At my house 8:44 AM
Me: Sorry I'm in class 8:44 AM
Me: I wish it was spring break again lol 8:59 AM
Allen Riley: Omg at your house i dont wanna get xaught doe 9:24 AM
Me: Nobodys gonna b home? Where u wanna go then 9:29 AM
Allen Riley: What about your grandma 11:12 AM
Me: Nope she don't watch me on Wednesdays 11:16 AM
Allen Riley: Omg are ypu sure lol imma be spazzing out haha 11:22 AM
Me: Lol yah I'm sure she never does 11:24 AM
Me: She has a painting class 11:25 AM
Allen Riley: Lol its gonna have to be a quicky lmfao imma pussy lol 11:27 AM
Me: Lol oh god stop worryin 11:44 AM
Me: U were crackin me up on the phone last night doing those voices lol 12:04 PM
Allen Riley: Really lol 12:32 PM
Me: Lol yah ur so goofy 1:02 PM
Allen Riley: Lol ur gonna be saying im amazing when i pound it 1:24 PM
Me: OMG lol 1:31 PM
Allen Riley: What 2:05 PM
Me: Ur so cocky lol 2:07 PM
Allen Riley: Lol im so nervous 2:07 PM
Me: Me 2 lol 2:10 PM
Me: R u really gonna do the Mexican wrestler? Lol 2:54 PM
Allen Riley: Y 3:07 PM
Allen Riley: Naw lil 3:08 PM
Me: Lol aww that would been funny as hell 3:11 PM
Allen Riley: I might 3:12 PM
Allen Riley: Please say u got some hair down there 3:12 PM
Me: I do but I shave most of it.. That ok? 3:16 PM
Allen Riley: I like a lil bit of hair lol 3:17 PM
Me: Haha good 3:18 PM
Allen Riley: Wgat how much u got 3:19 PM
Me: Not a lot? Just a little up top 3:23 PM
Allen Riley: Yummy 3:24 PM
Allen Riley: Call me 3:25 PM
Me: Y? I thought ur at work 3:26 PM
Allen Riley: On way home 3:27 PM
Allen Riley: If ur alone i wanna talk lol 3:28 PM
Me: Just come here lol 3:32 PM
Allen Riley: Call me ill explain 3:32 PM
Me: Explain what?? 3:33 PM
Allen Riley: Just call 3:34 PM
Me: Y ur not coming now? 3:36 PM
Allen Riley: Im cominh just call me 3:36 PM
Me: I'm just getting in the shower I'll call u when I get out 3:37 PM
Allen Riley: Wont take long 3:38 PM
Allen Riley: Stretch that thing out alil bit i dont wanna hurt you 3:45 PM
Allen Riley: Im so scared lol i dont wanna get arrested lol 4:14 PM
Me: Lol shut uppp 4:16 PM
Allen Riley: What lol im old af 4:17 PM
Me: Whatever lol u better not get ME in trouble lol 4:18 PM
Allen Riley: Where you at 4:18 PM
Me: Just got 2 Hardee's gonna order somethin 4:19 PM
Allen Riley: Hiw am i gonna get you in trouble 4:19 PM
Me: I'd b grounded for the rest of my life lol 4:20 PM
Allen Riley: U better not get ME in trouble 4:20 PM
Me: Where r u 4:20 PM
Allen Riley: I bet my dad wants hardees lol 4:20 PM
Allen Riley: Home lol 4:21 PM
Allen Riley: Lol 4:21 PM
Me: Come pick me up so I don't have to walk home 4:21 PM
Allen Riley: Yes maam 4:22 PM
Allen Riley: Eat there lol ill pick u up from there i gotta go to pig and subway 4:23 PM
Me: Kk 4:24 PM
Allen Riley: What u wearing 4:25 PM
Me: Pink shirt n shorts 4:26 PM
Allen Riley: Lol imma get u to shower me that v in the car lok 4:27 PM
Allen Riley: Show* lol 4:30 PM
Allen Riley: Almosr out thw pig 4:31 PM
Me: Lol ok 4:33 PM
Allen Riley: Lol wtd 4:35 PM
Me: Eating n waiting 4 4:36 PM
Me: U 4:36 PM
Allen Riley: Im almost done 4:37 PM
Me: K kool 4:38 PM
Allen Riley: Lol imma be done soon lol what u eat 4:41 PM
Me: Lol hurry up 4:42 PM
Me: Chicken burger n fries 4:43 PM
Me: The curly ones 4:43 PM
Allen Riley: I am about to drop mom oxff and come there 4:44 PM
Me: Ok 4:46 PM
Allen Riley: U ready 4:46 PM
Me: Yup 4:47 PM
Allen Riley: Comin be rrady 4:48 PM
Allen Riley: Here 4:50 PM

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