Special Ed met Dateline and PJ....bad combo
Bust by Jay Alternative @ 11/2/2005 7:12 PM PST


Perverted Justice mark: Steve, 54
AOL IM: Crazy4theNATS
Location: DC Is a teacher in MD, District of Columbia

Wannabe Pedo's Picture
This wannabe pedo tried to solicit SISSIBOISISSI13, a 13 year old boy
... or so they thought!

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The following man arrived at the Group Media Bust in Virginia that is airing on Dateline NBC, Friday, November 4th.


Crazy4theNATS [12:56 PM]: hello
SISSIBOISISSI13 [12:57 PM]: hi
Crazy4theNATS [12:57 PM]: what are you looking for?
SISSIBOISISSI13 [12:58 PM]: a daddy boyf
Crazy4theNATS [12:58 PM]: cool...I'm 48 tho, is that too old for you?
SISSIBOISISSI13 [12:58 PM]: no im 13 ru rich?
Crazy4theNATS [12:59 PM]: 23?
SISSIBOISISSI13 [12:59 PM]: 1 3
Crazy4theNATS [12:59 PM]: not rich, but not poor either
SISSIBOISISSI13 [12:59 PM]: will you buy me girl clothes
Crazy4theNATS [12:59 PM]: wasn't sure, cuz your profile says you're thirteen
Crazy4theNATS [1:00 PM]: ?? 13 or 23?
SISSIBOISISSI13 [1:00 PM]: thirteen like my profi sayz
Crazy4theNATS [1:00 PM]: Ok
Crazy4theNATS [1:00 PM]: where are you?
SISSIBOISISSI13 [1:01 PM]: herndon
Crazy4theNATS [1:01 PM]: what do you look like?
SISSIBOISISSI13 [1:01 PM]: i got a pic but i hate it i look like a boy in it
Crazy4theNATS [1:02 PM]:
Crazy4theNATS [1:02 PM]: can I see?
SISSIBOISISSI13 [1:02 PM]: trade?
Crazy4theNATS [1:02 PM]: sure...send to receive
SISSIBOISISSI13 [1:03 PM]: did it
SISSIBOISISSI13 [1:05 PM]: u wont like be cuz i cant throw
SISSIBOISISSI13 [1:05 PM]: i'm scared to catch the ball
SISSIBOISISSI13 [1:06 PM]: see i told you
Crazy4theNATS [1:07 PM]: huh?
Crazy4theNATS [1:07 PM]: Sent mine
Crazy4theNATS [1:07 PM]: liked your pic
Crazy4theNATS [1:08 PM]: you look like a cute you're an even cuter girl!
SISSIBOISISSI13 [1:09 PM]: i cant dress lots because i just live with my dad but my old boyf had clothes for me
SISSIBOISISSI13 [1:09 PM]: its ok that i dont like baseball or sports?
Crazy4theNATS [1:09 PM]: cool...just curious old was your old bf?
Crazy4theNATS [1:09 PM]: oh yeah, no problem
SISSIBOISISSI13 [1:10 PM]: he is 42
Crazy4theNATS [1:10 PM]: what do you like t do with your daddy bf?
SISSIBOISISSI13 [1:10 PM]: i like to put on nylons and dress and do what he tells me
SISSIBOISISSI13 [1:11 PM]: he got a real son now and dumped me
Crazy4theNATS [1:11 PM]: like what?
SISSIBOISISSI13 [1:11 PM]: i was crying lots when he did but am ok now
Crazy4theNATS [1:11 PM]: damn..that wasn't nice of him
SISSIBOISISSI13 [1:12 PM]: no but his son he dopted is 11 like i was when we met
SISSIBOISISSI13 [1:12 PM]: he said i was to old now
Crazy4theNATS [1:12 PM]: I think you typed 11 but it does look like 22 on my screen
SISSIBOISISSI13 [1:13 PM]: yeah elevin
Crazy4theNATS [1:13 PM]: so, what do you do with your daddy?
SISSIBOISISSI13 [1:14 PM]: i dress up and he fucked me or i suck him or what he tells me
Crazy4theNATS [1:14 PM]: you like getting fucked in the ass?
SISSIBOISISSI13 [1:14 PM]: if you love me I will
Crazy4theNATS [1:14 PM]: it doesn't hurt?
SISSIBOISISSI13 [1:14 PM]: and get me clothes
SISSIBOISISSI13 [1:15 PM]: it did when i was younger but not no more
Crazy4theNATS [1:15 PM]: are you a good cocksucker boy?
SISSIBOISISSI13 [1:15 PM]: i think so
Crazy4theNATS [1:15 PM]:
SISSIBOISISSI13 [1:15 PM]: did you really play baseball?
Crazy4theNATS [1:16 PM]: Sure did..for 2 years in the minor leagues...North Carolina
SISSIBOISISSI13 [1:16 PM]: i suck at that stuff
Crazy4theNATS [1:17 PM]: it's ok, as long as you're good at sucking other
SISSIBOISISSI13 [1:17 PM]: only if you are my boyf
Crazy4theNATS [1:18 PM]: I love to hug and cuddle with my you like that?
SISSIBOISISSI13 [1:19 PM]: yea
Crazy4theNATS [1:19 PM]: and would be happy to buy you some girl clothes to wear with me
SISSIBOISISSI13 [1:19 PM]: really?
Crazy4theNATS [1:19 PM]: but, I'm married, so we would have to be very discrete, if you know what I mean
SISSIBOISISSI13 [1:19 PM]: to a woman?
Crazy4theNATS [1:20 PM]: yep, but no kids
SISSIBOISISSI13 [1:20 PM]: so how we be boyfs?
Crazy4theNATS [1:20 PM]: she doesn't know I like guys
Crazy4theNATS [1:20 PM]: it would have to be while she's at work..or at your place
SISSIBOISISSI13 [1:21 PM]: my dad works in DC and is like always at work
SISSIBOISISSI13 [1:21 PM]: do u work?
Crazy4theNATS [1:21 PM]: I do, but I'm off work until August in DC, work in MD
SISSIBOISISSI13 [1:22 PM]: what you do?
Crazy4theNATS [1:22 PM]: can't you tell from the pic?
Crazy4theNATS [1:22 PM]:
Crazy4theNATS [1:22 PM]: lol..look closely
SISSIBOISISSI13 [1:23 PM]: ur a teacher?
Crazy4theNATS [1:23 PM]: good boy
Crazy4theNATS [1:23 PM]: !
SISSIBOISISSI13 [1:23 PM]: what u teach?
Crazy4theNATS [1:23 PM]: would rather not say
SISSIBOISISSI13 [1:24 PM]: its not gym is it?
Crazy4theNATS [1:24 PM]: but school starts again on Aug., it's not gym
SISSIBOISISSI13 [1:24 PM]: i hate gym
Crazy4theNATS [1:24 PM]: I'm Mark, by the way
SISSIBOISISSI13 [1:24 PM]: Im brandon
Crazy4theNATS [1:25 PM]: do you have to take showers in your gym class?
Crazy4theNATS [1:25 PM]: Hi Brandon
SISSIBOISISSI13 [1:25 PM]: i dont because i got beat up lots
Crazy4theNATS [1:25 PM]: shit
Crazy4theNATS [1:25 PM]: no wonder you hate gym
SISSIBOISISSI13 [1:26 PM]: now i just do study all and no gym
Crazy4theNATS [1:26 PM]: what, do the boys know you're gay, or do they see you looking at their hard cocks?
Crazy4theNATS [1:26 PM]: just wondering
SISSIBOISISSI13 [1:26 PM]: i was the only one who got hard all the time
Crazy4theNATS [1:27 PM]: Oh, I see..they're just jealous!
SISSIBOISISSI13 [1:28 PM]: i got to go can i call u later?
Crazy4theNATS [1:29 PM]: sure, Brandon
Crazy4theNATS [1:29 PM]: do you want to meet sometime?
SISSIBOISISSI13 [1:29 PM]: if u like me
Crazy4theNATS [1:29 PM]: I like you already
SISSIBOISISSI13 [1:29 PM]: really?
Crazy4theNATS [1:29 PM]: yep
SISSIBOISISSI13 [1:30 PM]: k i got to go can i call u after dinner when my dad goes back to work?
Crazy4theNATS [1:30 PM]: well, my wife will be home after 6
SISSIBOISISSI13 [1:31 PM]: i can call u in a few hours
Crazy4theNATS [1:31 PM]: but I'll be home alone all day tomorrow if you want to call me then
Crazy4theNATS [1:31 PM]: cool, as long as you call before 5:30
SISSIBOISISSI13 [1:31 PM]: k i promise
Crazy4theNATS [1:31 PM]: cool
Crazy4theNATS [1:31 PM]: 202-210-1932
SISSIBOISISSI13 [1:32 PM]: k i be back here in like hour or more
Crazy4theNATS [1:32 PM]: cool


Crazy4theNATS [3:34 PM]: hello
SISSIBOISISSI13 [3:34 PM]: i keep lukin 4 you and ur never here
Crazy4theNATS [3:35 PM]: lol..been out and about
Crazy4theNATS [3:35 PM]: what's up?
SISSIBOISISSI13 [3:35 PM]: bored
SISSIBOISISSI13 [3:35 PM]: srry i didnt call u
Crazy4theNATS [3:35 PM]: yeah, I was wondering about that
SISSIBOISISSI13 [3:36 PM]: i was scared ur wife mite answer and get you in trouble
Crazy4theNATS [3:36 PM]:'s my cellphone
Crazy4theNATS [3:37 PM]: but, she's at work anyway, until 6
SISSIBOISISSI13 [3:38 PM]: what ru doin?
Crazy4theNATS [3:38 PM]: on phone
SISSIBOISISSI13 [3:44 PM]: brb
SISSIBOISISSI13 [3:54 PM]: k back
Crazy4theNATS [3:59 PM]: hello again
SISSIBOISISSI13 [4:02 PM]: can i call now?
Crazy4theNATS [4:03 PM]: when do you go back to school?
SISSIBOISISSI13 [4:03 PM]: i leave here the 20 for home
SISSIBOISISSI13 [4:04 PM]: can i call?
Crazy4theNATS [4:05 PM]: you can call , sure?
Crazy4theNATS [4:07 PM]: home? where's that?


SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:01 P.M.]: u here
Auto response from Crazy4theNATS [8:01 P.M.]: Crazy4theNATS is online but may be away from AOL right now.
Crazy4theNATS [8:01 P.M.]: yes
Crazy4theNATS [8:02 P.M.]: hello
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:02 P.M.]: i miss u
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:02 P.M.]: u are never here
Crazy4theNATS [8:03 P.M.]: I was here all evening..where were you?
Crazy4theNATS [8:03 P.M.]:
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:04 P.M.]: i was crying lots
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:04 P.M.]: so did not want to be on
Crazy4theNATS [8:04 P.M.]: I was out of town all last week though
Crazy4theNATS [8:04 P.M.]: Why cryin?
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:06 P.M.]: just like i dream and like you and like how it would be but i no it won't so i get sad
Crazy4theNATS [8:07 P.M.]: One favor...could you change the color of your font? I can't see it on here.
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:07 P.M.]: k
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:07 P.M.]: that beter?
Crazy4theNATS [8:07 P.M.]: much better, thanks
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:08 P.M.]: u c what i say?
Crazy4theNATS [8:08 P.M.]: Yes..
Crazy4theNATS [8:08 P.M.]: did you say you are alone this week?
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:09 P.M.]: my dad goes gain on wenz to sat morn then we gotta go to the house in cape may
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:09 P.M.]: the maid is here like all day but then goes at like 4
Crazy4theNATS [8:09 P.M.]: Cool
Crazy4theNATS [8:10 P.M.]: so, do you want me to come over Wed. after 4?
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:10 P.M.]: totally
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:10 P.M.]: u stay so im not freaked?
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:10 P.M.]: i hate bein here just me
Crazy4theNATS [8:11 P.M.]: sure, I can stay
Crazy4theNATS [8:11 P.M.]: but, I have to go to work Thursday morning
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:11 P.M.]: millie gets here like 8
Crazy4theNATS [8:11 P.M.]: are you near a Metro?
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:11 P.M.]: no is far
Crazy4theNATS [8:11 P.M.]: ok
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:11 P.M.]: im like near the port
Crazy4theNATS [8:12 P.M.]: well, how about if I stay till about 10 or 11 Wed. night?
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:12 P.M.]: u wont spen the nite?
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:13 P.M.]: i swear i do what you say if you stay i hate it here the house is big and makes sounds
Crazy4theNATS [8:14 P.M.]:'s just that it's so far, and I have to go to work in MD and be there at 7 am
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:15 P.M.]: please i do anythin
Crazy4theNATS [8:16 P.M.]: like what?
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:16 P.M.]: i want more nylons with the panies in them im like size 4
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:17 P.M.]: that make them tite
Crazy4theNATS [8:18 P.M.]: nice
Crazy4theNATS [8:18 P.M.]: where do you buy them?
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:19 P.M.]: i dont like guys do
Crazy4theNATS [8:19 P.M.]: ?
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:19 P.M.]: guys i meat here
Crazy4theNATS [8:19 P.M.]: I see
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:19 P.M.]: i dont got no money
Crazy4theNATS [8:20 P.M.]: do you know where they buy them?
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:20 P.M.]: no
Crazy4theNATS [8:20 P.M.]: ok
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:20 P.M.]: so u promise?
Crazy4theNATS [8:20 P.M.]: promise what?
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:21 P.M.]: that u come over and we are bf
Crazy4theNATS [8:21 P.M.]: sure want to, on Wed. after work
Crazy4theNATS [8:21 P.M.]: just don't want to get in any trouble
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:22 P.M.]: i got swim til 4 tyhen millie pics me up and goes hom til morning
Crazy4theNATS [8:23 P.M.]: no chance that your dad will come home Wed. night and find me fucking you or you sucking me?
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:23 P.M.]: no he be bak on sat morn then we go to cape may
Crazy4theNATS [8:23 P.M.]: Ok
Crazy4theNATS [8:23 P.M.]: what would happen if he did
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:24 P.M.]: k like he goes and millie is in charge
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:25 P.M.]: he goes she smokes in the house
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:25 P.M.]: tells me if i tell she will say i did shit
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:25 P.M.]: shes a cunt
Crazy4theNATS [8:26 P.M.]: sounds like a cunt
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:26 P.M.]: he always stays layter then he says
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:27 P.M.]: then millie got to come on the weekend
Crazy4theNATS [8:27 P.M.]: where is he going
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:27 P.M.]: biz
Crazy4theNATS [8:27 P.M.]: no, I mean where?
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:28 P.M.]: disney
Crazy4theNATS [8:28 P.M.]: oh, you mean he'll be in Florida?
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:29 P.M.]: thats who he works 4
Crazy4theNATS [8:29 P.M.]: Brandon, I'm asking you WHERE he's going, not who he works for
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:30 P.M.]: u by me nylons with panties
Crazy4theNATS [8:31 P.M.]: Brandon, I'm asking you WHERE he's going, not who he works for
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:31 P.M.]: i told you
Crazy4theNATS [8:31 P.M.]: no, sorry, but you didn't
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:31 P.M.]: florida
Crazy4theNATS [8:31 P.M.]: THANKS
Crazy4theNATS [8:31 P.M.]: whew
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:32 P.M.]: y?>
Crazy4theNATS [8:32 P.M.]: LOL, I just needed to know how far away he's going to be
Crazy4theNATS [8:32 P.M.]: Florida is good
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:32 P.M.]: no then he call millie and say come for the saterday becaue i not be back
Crazy4theNATS [8:33 P.M.]: I can buy you nylons and panties, but need to know where to get them
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:34 P.M.]: i luk at them all the time at the 7-11s
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:34 P.M.]: want them but no coin
Crazy4theNATS [8:34 P.M.]: you're kidding..7-11 sells PANTIES?
Crazy4theNATS [8:35 P.M.]: really?
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:36 P.M.]: safeway gots lots
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:36 P.M.]: love it there
Crazy4theNATS [8:36 P.M.]: you know the brand name
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:37 P.M.]: just size 4 then you cut a hole out to fuck me
Crazy4theNATS [8:38 P.M.]: ok
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:39 P.M.]: so what time u com?
Crazy4theNATS [8:39 P.M.]: after 4
Crazy4theNATS [8:40 P.M.]: I need directions
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:40 P.M.]: like when?
Crazy4theNATS [8:40 P.M.]: now would be good
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:40 P.M.]: my dad is here
Crazy4theNATS [8:40 P.M.]: I can't be online at work during the day
Crazy4theNATS [8:40 P.M.]: so?
Crazy4theNATS [8:40 P.M.]: You can't write the directions?
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:40 P.M.]: no like wenz 4 sure?
Crazy4theNATS [8:41 P.M.]: WEDNESDAY, after 4, yes
Crazy4theNATS [8:41 P.M.]: it would depend on traffic and where you are...I don't really know Virginia that well
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:41 P.M.]: i want to be in bed no clothes
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:42 P.M.]: u walk in and make me put on panties
Crazy4theNATS [8:42 P.M.]: sounds hot
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:43 P.M.]: i be up in my room u taek ur stuff off and come up an make me put on the nylons
Crazy4theNATS [8:43 P.M.]: what position do you like to get fucked in
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:43 P.M.]: so i can c u
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:43 P.M.]: my back
Crazy4theNATS [8:43 P.M.]: cool, and I can see your face as I give you my cock
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:44 P.M.]: what time wenz do i am in bed nekid waitin
Crazy4theNATS [8:44 P.M.]: after I fuck your ass, will you suck me real good till I come?
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:44 P.M.]: i do what u say
Crazy4theNATS [8:45 P.M.]: you have condoms there?
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:45 P.M.]: i just want nylons
Crazy4theNATS [8:45 P.M.]: Sorry..what does this mean?_-----what time wenz do i am in bed nekid waitin
Crazy4theNATS [8:46 P.M.]: no, I don't fuck anyone without I'll bring them
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:47 P.M.]: k an d nylons
Crazy4theNATS [8:47 P.M.]: yep
Crazy4theNATS [8:47 P.M.]: so, what does that mean?
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:47 P.M.]: wht?
Crazy4theNATS [8:47 P.M.]: read above line
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:47 P.M.]: i dont get i
Crazy4theNATS [8:47 P.M.]: what time wenz do i am in bed nekid waitin
Crazy4theNATS [8:48 P.M.]: What does the ABOVE LINE mean?
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:48 P.M.]: k i got a dream
Crazy4theNATS [8:48 P.M.]: What?
Crazy4theNATS [8:48 P.M.]: ??
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:49 P.M.]: like the man that loves me comes in and just like comes to my room and tells me what 2 do then i no it is real
Crazy4theNATS [8:49 P.M.]: I do not understand what you are saying
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:49 P.M.]: like he was sent 4 me
Crazy4theNATS [8:49 P.M.]: oh, that I understand
Crazy4theNATS [8:50 P.M.]: I'm talking about what you wrote befoer
Crazy4theNATS [8:50 P.M.]: before
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:50 P.M.]: like i sit in bed and dream like a man i like love just comes in my room and like is like god
Crazy4theNATS [8:51 P.M.]: I'll try
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:51 P.M.]: u bring me flowers i love like pink roses we did lots for my gramdmas dead thing
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:54 P.M.]: k i go i no i always say 2 much sorry if i made u go away i do that lots
Crazy4theNATS [8:54 P.M.]: nylons, condoms, and now flowers
Crazy4theNATS [8:54 P.M.]: lol..what else?
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:54 P.M.]: im sorry
Crazy4theNATS [8:54 P.M.]: flowers make me sneeze
Crazy4theNATS [8:55 P.M.]: just kidding, it's ok
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:55 P.M.]: no i go
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:55 P.M.]: im sory
Crazy4theNATS [8:55 P.M.]: oh, don't go..this is fun
Crazy4theNATS [8:55 P.M.]: do you have to go?
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:55 P.M.]: i'm crying now
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:55 P.M.]: and i swear i nevetr call u if you dont say to
SISSIBOISISSI13 [8:56 P.M.]: im not like crazy
Crazy4theNATS [8:56 P.M.]: oh, don't cry
Crazy4theNATS [8:56 P.M.]: I was just joking about the flowers

Last report we obtained, Steve was placed on paid leave pending further investigation. Arrangements made for his arrival at the Dateline segment were made via verifier contact and AOL email. If you care to view his current status, I encourage you to join PJ forums. However, note that recent Maryland court rulings may allow him back in the classroom. I encourage you to take action.


Disclaimer: This information is made available for the purpose of informing the internet community, creating awareness for parents, and deterring individuals such as this. Our claims of "truth" with this file are limited to two areas, that the screen name in question had the conversation above, and that in files post-September 1st, 2003, that the phone number included in the file was used during the commission of this chatlog. The only person with the authority to remove this file is

Anyone who attempts to use this information to commit a criminal act against another person can be subject to criminal prosecution or civil action. condemns the attempt, use, or even thought of physical violence, extortion or harassment against the individual above. Such actions are not in the spirit of what is all about and would put your own personal safety at risk.

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