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    File originally posted on 5/9/2008 7:58 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 5/9/2008 7:58 PM PST

    Usually we write a formatted standard introduction here, but the contributor put together such a great blurb that you should read that. This is one of the more disturbing individuals we've ever run across.

    Contributor notes from Irish Rose
    The only way to describe KalonjiWoods is to let his own words illustrate:

    kalowoodsman (11:13:31 PM): but you will be my girl and my sex slave. you can never say no
    kalowoodsman (11:14:06 PM): I'll rape you if you do

    kalowoodsman (11:51:23 PM): your sis will probably scream and cry her eyes out
    kalowoodsman (11:57:34 PM): I just want to fuck the shit out of her

    kalowoodsman (11:26:10 PM): how do you feel knowing I'm gonna fuck your throat and ass so hard you cry?

    keri (10:43:51 PM): idk how young can u do that
    kalowoodsman (10:44:06 PM): young as I want really
    kalowoodsman (10:45:17 PM): when their still crawling if I'm nasty enough
    kalowoodsman (11:17:43 PM): cause they're too young to even know better, they trust me and I use them for my fun

    kalowoodsman (11:49:51 PM): it might be so bad you cry, just so you know
    keri (11:52:02 PM): if i really cry r u gonna stop?
    kalowoodsman (11:52:40 PM): well, it'll be better if I just slow down. if I take it out it's just gonna hurt a lot again when I have to start over

    kalowoodsman (1:51:55 AM): and litle girls who won't relax I will need you to hold
    keri (1:52:37 AM): how little?
    kalowoodsman (1:53:20 AM): I don't know Ker, I'm a nasty man, as youg as your sis I'm sure

    kalowoodsman (12:23:58 AM): do you think your sis will freak if I'm fucking you in front of her so hard you cry?
    keri (12:24:24 AM): am i gonna cry?
    kalowoodsman (12:24:41 AM): you might during anal
    keri (12:24:57 AM): ill try not to
    kalowoodsman (12:25:18 AM): even if it really hurts a lot?
    keri (12:26:07 AM): i gues i might will u think im a baby?
    kalowoodsman (12:26:35 AM): no, you're my girl always. would turn me on to see you cry a lil
    kalowoodsman (12:27:05 AM): you probably will, so will she

    kalowoodsman (11:25:12 PM): you know I get turned on seeing a girl cry on my cock

    kalowoodsman (10:14:17 PM): lol, it's hot to think of you both in tears sucking me together

    kalowoodsman (1:21:05 AM): I'd rape her if she didn't do it willingly

    kalowoodsman (2:07:47 AM): I'd kill anyone who tried to take you from me
    kalowoodsman (2:09:00 AM): even your family if I had to

    keri (2:59:01 AM): not sure how young ppl can
    kalowoodsman (2:59:23 AM): young as we want, even as babies, holes stretch

    kalowoodsman (2:30:45 AM): even hold your sis down for me to rape if I say

    Keri that he is talking to here is my 14-year-old profile that he hit up on Yahoo Instant Messenger. Her sister that he mentions, is my profile's fictional NINE year old sister. This was by far the most vile chat I have ever experienced. The quotes above are not even a fraction of the depravity you would read in this chat. Kalo Woods said that he wanted my 14-year-old profile, her 9-year-old sister, and any friends that Keri might have. He was also chatting with at least one person that appeared to be a real minor and discussed engaging in sex acts with her. He described all nature of sex acts he wanted to perform and that he wanted the minors to perform with each other. He linked who he thought was a 14-year-old and a 9-year-old to over 170 porn sites and videos. He showed dominance and frequently talked about rape and liking to see girls cry.

    As you see from the sample chat above, it seems no age was too young for him, even babies. I sincerely hope he never has his own daughters, as he several times discussed his intentions for them as well. In his own words, Kalo says \"women are born to be property\". When I asked him if other children do these things, his words were \"only when men like me make them\".

    When Kalo first hit up my 14 year old profile, he had already been chatting with another Perverted Justice Contributor, who was working with the United States Secret Service on the case. Because my profile's location was closer to Kalo, and they were very concerned about this individual, USSS contacted their office in my profile's jurisdiction and asked them to investigate.

    This developed into an interesting and educational experience for me personally. The USSS asked me to come into their office. I brought along my laptop and met with a Special Agent and one of their computer experts. They asked many questions and carefully reviewed all aspects of PJ procedures and the case itself. After reading the chat logs and observing PJ procedures they accepted the case and diligently engaged in a formal investigation. I learned a great deal working one-on-one with the Special Agent over a period of time. He and the computer specialist even traveled to my home to observe exactly what a Contributor does while working a case. This Agent then remotely accessed my computer during the chats to observe the case as it developed.

    This was a very educational experience as I learned a great deal about what law enforcement is looking for in case. I would like to note that the USSS did not have any complaints about PJ procedures as they were, and seemed impressed with some of our technology.

    During the course of the case, the chat logs were forwarded to the Virginia State Police in the jurisdiction where Kalo lived so that they could check him out. I was very impressed with the subsequent cooperation between the law enforcement agencies. The State Police launched an investigation as well, and kept the USSS updated with the results of their findings. The State Police set up a decoy profile to see what would happen if they chatted with him. We were not surprised that they had the same results we had found.

    You see, by this time, Kalo had contacted EIGHT Perverted Justice minor profiles in various areas, as well as a minor profile the USSS created. During my chat there was proof he was also chatting with at least one potential real minor. Perverted Justice, the USSS and the State Police did not engage in a turf war over this. The only concern was to see the case through and protect children from danger.

    A meeting was arranged by the USSS with Kalo and my minor profile, and the VA State Police kept a watch on Kalo to see if he was leaving town to make the meet. When it appeared Kalo was delaying the meet due to distance, it was decided to see if he would meet the State Police decoy, since that would be much closer for him. Kalo decided to make that meet and was arrested, much to the relief of law enforcement and PJ.

    It is no surprise that Kalonji Woods took a plea deal when faced with this evidence. When the Commonwealth's Attorney was summarizing the evidence he explained that the State Police became involved in the case after being notified of the man's chats with Perverted Justice and the USSS. I am extremely grateful to the VA State Police and the USSS for proactively working this case. The resulting sentence was a little disappointing, considering he initially was facing a total of 19 felonies, but I am satisfied that he will not be a danger for a long time and that justice was served. He pleaded guilty to 6 counts of computer solicitation and 1 count of attempted indecent liberties. He was sentenced to 10 years with 7 years suspended and he must register as a sex offender.

    Thanks also to Cheyenne for a great job as verifier on this case.

    This is our 274th conviction since June of 2004 and our 12th conviction for 2008 thus far.