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    File originally posted on 4/23/2008 9:03 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 4/23/2008 9:03 AM PST

    stephen_tanner69 (01/03/07 11:23:07 PM): I know a guy that I think 30 and he is well was dating a girl that 14
    13 year old girl (01/03/07 11:23:17 PM): and he got in trouble?
    stephen_tanner69 (01/03/07 11:23:23 PM): nope
    13 year old girl (01/03/07 11:23:46 PM): well u kno wi dontthink it should be judged by numbers cauz sum girls that are my age feel much older
    13 year old girl (01/03/07 11:24:14 PM): maybe i will just quit dating til im 18 lol and then there will be no worries
    stephen_tanner69 (01/03/07 11:24:31 PM): if you have a decision....how old would you go with
    13 year old girl (01/03/07 11:24:44 PM): it would depend on the guy
    stephen_tanner69 (01/03/07 11:25:08 PM): so if a 50 yr old guy you feel comfortable with you will date him
    13 year old girl (01/03/07 11:25:19 PM): yah i think i would
    stephen_tanner69 (01/03/07 11:25:25 PM): ok
    13 year old girl (01/03/07 11:25:28 PM): i know thats bad
    stephen_tanner69 (01/03/07 11:25:35 PM): its your decision
    stephen_tanner69 (01/03/07 11:25:45 PM): I can't say its bad or not
    stephen_tanner69 (01/03/07 11:25:49 PM): we all have sin
    13 year old girl (01/03/07 11:25:53 PM): lol
    13 year old girl (01/03/07 11:26:12 PM): well i jsut dont wanna say i wont date sumone older but i dont know i would
    13 year old girl (01/03/07 11:26:14 PM): does that make sense?
    13 year old girl (01/03/07 11:26:33 PM): i know i like talking to older guys cauz most of them are kool to talk to
    stephen_tanner69 (01/03/07 11:26:58 PM): you like older guys but you don't know if you want to be with one
    13 year old girl (01/03/07 11:27:14 PM): yah i guess kinda
    stephen_tanner69 (01/03/07 11:27:57 PM): honestly...when I was 25 I was with a 13 yr old...but she did not look her age...heck she already had a 1 yr old son when we hook up

    What more needs to be said?

    Shannon Sanner bragged to our decoy about molesting real kids and thought that if he could get away with it once, he could do it again and again. Not this time. He hit up our decoy and showed to our Walters, Oklahoma sting operation. His chat is pure creepy and disturbing.

    Thankfully, the legal system saw it the same way. Tanner will spend at least the next five years in prison, with another six years hanging over his head. He will attend sexual offender counseling while in prison and once released, will have to continue attending said counseling on his own dime. He is also restricted from owning a computer or accessing the internet. In short, way to go Oklahoma!

    Contributor notes from Ripley
    Shannon Sanner was one of the most experienced groomers that I have had every chatted with. He took his time showering my persona with compliments, showing how understanding he was, trying hard to gain her trust, and making her feel \"special\".

    He first messaged me under the guise of his 13 year old \"niece\". This is not uncommon for a perv to try to strike up a chat with a child using someone they think the child will not feel threatened by, then switch to \"oh that was my niece, or little bro, cousin or something when we call them on it. He was just testing the waters, and thought that would be a way to approach her. When I rebuffed him, he left and came back several hours later as himself. He used his relationship with his \"niece\",as a way to grow close to my persona, making sure I knew how many things his niece told him about and how he would never judge her, or betray her trust. I am sure he felt it would be \"common ground\" and that I would also feel safe with him. I truly hope that a lot of the things he told me about were not true, or maybe even he really doesn't have a niece, and just pretended. Although he wasn't as graphic as alot of the men I have chatted with, he was actually more frightening. He told me things about children that made me physically sick. It was hard sitting there listening and pretending that the things he told me were \"kool\" and didn't curl my hair, or send chills down my spine.

    Tanner decided to show up early to surprise my persona, but it was him that got the surprise when he was put on the floor by LE and had to eat a little carpet.I was very happy with the sentence he received. He so deserves to be behind bars, and although I do wish neither of his sentences had suspended time, it makes me happy to know he is behind bars for 5 years,that he will have to receive intense counseling and will have to register as a sex offender. Oklahoma has rocked with the offenders from the GLEB.

    Many thanks to Walters LE, you guys are the best. Many thanks to Max, Gloria, Big Mac, and Slim for helping us get these bad men off the streets and behind bars where they belong.

    This is our 270th conviction since June of 2004 and our 8th conviction for 2008 thus far.