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    File originally posted on 11/19/2007 6:13 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 11/19/2007 6:13 PM PST

    manontherun45 (11:04:52 PM): you're sweet
    Bailey (11:04:58 PM): thanx
    manontherun45 (11:05:09 PM): the other pic you might not wanna see tho
    Bailey (11:05:16 PM): y not?
    manontherun45 (11:05:27 PM): well, kinda dirty one
    manontherun45 (11:05:40 PM): you'd prolly be embarassed
    Bailey (11:06:00 PM): lol i wuldnt b embaras
    manontherun45 (11:06:08 PM): haha, u might b
    manontherun45 (11:06:14 PM): depends
    manontherun45 (11:06:17 PM): I guess
    Bailey (11:06:38 PM): if u dont wanna show tahts kewl :)
    manontherun45 (11:07:06 PM): I'll let you see if you won't be freaked, but it's nude tho
    Bailey (11:07:16 PM): i wont b freak
    manontherun45 (11:07:21 PM): you ever see a guy nude
    Bailey (11:07:51 PM): no but i saw a magazin of my dads once n some girls were naked
    manontherun45 (11:08:08 PM): o really
    Bailey (11:08:12 PM): yea
    manontherun45 (11:08:18 PM): haha
    manontherun45 (11:08:38 PM): but you never seen dad nude, or like one of your guy friends?
    Bailey (11:08:43 PM): no
    manontherun45 (11:08:49 PM): really?
    Bailey (11:09:03 PM): no i havnt yet
    manontherun45 (11:09:14 PM): ah, I kinda figured you might have

    More like \"was hoping so.\" Literally, that was the only appropriate part of the chat to pull... the chat is probably one of the most disturbing ones we have on the site to date. Read with caution.

    Ronald Crow chose an appropriate screen-name. One of the most vile chats in our history, when Crow was arrested he knew there was no getting out of it. He fled from Alabama to New Mexico before the FBI caught up to him. Once hauled back in, he had little recourse other than pleading guilty.

    The court didn't just throw the book at him, they crushed him with it and if you read the chat, very rightfully so.

    Crow will spend the next fifteen years and one day in prison. Well, that is, if he lives that long. If he ends up making it through his whole sentence, he'll come out 72 years old. Don't worry though, if he does ever get out, he'll have a lifetime of supervised release. We have a feeling that it won't be much of an issue come 2022. He was also sentenced to register as a sex offender.

    Goodbye, Ronald Crow. The world didn't need to have you around anyways.

    Contributor notes from Summer Sangria
    My chat with manontherun45, Ronald Crow (age 56 at the time), was one that was full of surprises and unique situations. He fancied himself my teacher and sent me several photos and nearly 50 short video clips. All were pornographic in nature. Some contained questionable photos of children. Several of these hard porn videos were designed to teach my 12 yr old profile to masturbate. One included masturbation with a banana and he advised my profile on how to trim the end and lubricate so it wouldn't hurt. Another video showed masturbation with a cucumber and there was some discussion from him about whether a cucumber or zucchini (or a hot dog) would be better.

    In one of our chats, he mentioned making arrangements online for oral sex with a 12 yr old female. He made the arrangements through her father and she performed oral sex on them both in a hotel room.

    The chat is disgusting from beginning to end and shows just how much a predator will groom a young girl to exploit her.

    After Law Enforcement was involved, we learned that manontherun45 was also chatting with an investigator in one of our IF (Information First) areas. Due to the graphic content of the chats and concern that there might be children in danger, Law Enforcement elected to search Crow's home which led to his eventual arrest.

    After his arrest, I was sure that things were coming to a close with him, but I was wrong. Ronald Crow elected to go to trial so we prepared for trial. On the morning of the trial, Crow left his hotel and drove away. He was declared a fugitive that same day. The FBI was able to locate him about a month later in New Mexico. He was brought back and decided to go ahead and plead guilty, which brings us to today - the day that he was sentenced to 15 years in prison. He was convicted of attempted solicitation of a minor and attempted production of child pornography (due to his repeated requests for me to pose nude for him).

    There are a number of people that deserve my thanks. I did not use a phone verifier for this chat, but I did utilize heavily the Content Creators. Of them, I leaned quite heavily on Jabberwock and Prism. They both cheerfully provided what I needed with very short notice. Their work helped give me the boost to go into a very disturbing chat, confident that I was still believable as a 12 yr old girl.

    Shortly after helping me, Jabberwock passed away unexpectedly. The content she created for me was her last work in Content Creators and it has always been a source of sadness to me that she never knew what an impact she had with this arrest. It is for her and the other Content Creators that I dedicate this conviction. Thank you. The work you do is so very important.

    The other person that deserves heavy thanks from me is Maxwell House. I was in JC training at the time of this chat and had difficulty at times in continuing. Max was always there, through chat, phone and even in person for advice, guidance and especially support. You absolutely rock my world Max and I appreciate your support and encouragement more than you know. I know there were elements of this chat that you did not want to be around, but you stayed beside me anyway. Thank you.

    Thanks to the Law Enforcement that was involved with this chat: Sgt Steve Zales of the Vestavia Hills Police Department, Carl Carpenter of Jefferson Co Sheriff's Dept, Cynthia Carreiro FBI, John England Asst US Attorney and Tommie Green of the Gulf Shores Police Dept. Thank you for everything and especially for your work in taking this to trial. Though the trial did not take place, it was a fascinating experience to watch events unfold.

    This is our 237th conviction since June of 2004 and our 116th conviction for 2007 so far.