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    File originally posted on 11/4/2009 9:18 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 11/4/2009 9:18 PM PST

    majordude200 (01/27/07 1:07:14 AM): god ur voice was hot
    majordude200 (01/27/07 1:07:56 AM): so u there
    stfu_n00b_93 (01/27/07 1:08:04 AM): hehe thnk u
    stfu_n00b_93 (01/27/07 1:08:06 AM): im here
    stfu_n00b_93 (01/27/07 1:08:17 AM): u sound like such a sweetheart
    majordude200 (01/27/07 1:08:25 AM): really
    majordude200 (01/27/07 1:08:42 AM): so u have not found anyone u are intrested in uh
    stfu_n00b_93 (01/27/07 1:09:27 AM): nope
    majordude200 (01/27/07 1:09:54 AM): so I dont count anymore:(
    majordude200 (01/27/07 1:11:15 AM): hello
    stfu_n00b_93 (01/27/07 1:11:51 AM): nooo
    stfu_n00b_93 (01/27/07 1:11:57 AM): i was gonna say just u
    majordude200 (01/27/07 1:12:27 AM): so after hearing my voice do u like me even more
    stfu_n00b_93 (01/27/07 1:13:52 AM): yah!!
    majordude200 (01/27/07 1:14:18 AM): so u want me for ur boyfriend
    stfu_n00b_93 (01/27/07 1:14:29 AM): yah
    majordude200 (01/27/07 1:14:40 AM): really
    stfu_n00b_93 (01/27/07 1:15:21 AM): yah
    stfu_n00b_93 (01/27/07 1:15:27 AM): do u want me to be ur gf?
    majordude200 (01/27/07 1:15:34 AM): yes
    majordude200 (01/27/07 1:15:42 AM): pretty bad
    majordude200 (01/27/07 1:15:58 AM): u feel the chymastry over the phone
    Oh yeah, I bet the \"chymastry\" between you and person you believed was 14 years old (and who was in reality an adult who was beyond disgusted with you) was ever so strong.

    William Sill was arrested as part of the Walters, Oklahoma sting in February, 2007, one of the many stings we've done over the years without the significant mainstream press that comes with a Dateline-filmed sting. Sill received 20 years in prison with ten years of that sentence suspended, significant fines, and registration as a sex offender with the usual restrictions. We are always thankful when predators receive the strong sentences they deserve.

    The contributor for this chat was Snocap.

    This is our 384th conviction since June of 2004, our 80th conviction for 2009, and our 11th conviction in Oklahoma thus far.