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    File originally posted on 11/15/2006 1:34 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 11/15/2006 1:51 AM PST

    jteno72960 (11:18:36 AM): how do i know your not a cop?? lol
    katiedidsings (11:18:57 AM): umm im not a cop
    katiedidsings (11:19:01 AM): how do i prov it?
    jteno72960 (11:19:16 AM): call my cell and leave a sexy message
    katiedidsings (11:19:30 AM): i can do dat
    jteno72960 (11:19:37 AM): 614-425-8079
    katiedidsings (11:19:50 AM): wats ur nam agin
    jteno72960 (11:20:34 AM): jason
    katiedidsings (11:21:00 AM): wat do u want me 2 say?
    jteno72960 (11:21:23 AM): something to turn me on
    katiedidsings (11:21:31 AM): umm ok
    katiedidsings (11:21:36 AM): i duuno wat 2 say

    Yesterday the conviction we posted got five years in prison, this conviction is the opposite with the predator getting thirty days along with the litany of restrictions that come with being a sexual offender. Just shows you the differences between the various courts and even between the various cases. Other Ohio predators received much more jail-time in general.

    Just shows you that the courts still take these cases on case by case basis. And no matter the age, those phone call recordings are so very creepy.

    Notes from the Contributor, Samuel Adams
    Jason F. Schoeppner was certain he had found a little girl to paint her toenails for him, to satisfy his sexual fantasies. Within an hour and 9 minutes, he let me know exactly what his intensions were. In fact, he asked the verifier several times on the phone if she had painted her toenails yet. Jason had no concerns about being with a 13 year old, even though he was a figure in the community looked upon highly. He was working as a firefighter and a paramedic. How unfortunate that this man/coward chose this lifestyle.

    Jason was charged with Unlawful Sexual Misconduct With A Minor, which is a Felony of the 5th degree. The sentence he received was as follows: Community Control (Probation), 30 days in jail (Still has 27 days to serve according to jail capacity/parole officer, $500 fine, 40 hours community service, no unsupervised visits with minors, no pornography, 10 years reporting as a sex offender, report as ordered and no drugs or alcohol as part of the Community Control. Maybe he will think twice next time about trying to hook up with a child.

    Huge thanks are due to Detective Mike Burns and the entire Darke County Sheriff's Department. They were a pleasure to work with and they're a true asset to their community. Because of them, Darke County Ohio is a safer place for kids and a distinctly more dangerous place for those who prey on them.

    This is our 98th conviction since June of 2004 and our 58th conviction for the year 2006 thus far.