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    File originally posted on 10/26/2013 12:16 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 10/26/2013 12:16 PM PST

    georgia_emti (03/26/09 5:19:31 PM): hello, do you or would you ever date a married man?
    wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 5:20:05 PM): lol, idk
    georgia_emti (03/26/09 5:20:31 PM): what would help you to know
    wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 5:20:42 PM): idk, asl?
    georgia_emti (03/26/09 5:21:06 PM): im 39/m/atlanta ga where do you live
    wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 5:21:11 PM): 13 f albany
    georgia_emti (03/26/09 5:21:33 PM): wow, young one huh. do you like older men?
    wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 5:21:43 PM): idk i like nice guys
    georgia_emti (03/26/09 5:21:59 PM): well, im an emt. cant get much nicer than that
    wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 5:22:10 PM): whats an emt?
    georgia_emti (03/26/09 5:22:14 PM): do you have any pics or a cam. i have a cam you can see
    wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 5:22:27 PM): i h ave pics on my myspace if u want
    wickedgiggle95 (03/26/09 5:22:30 PM): but no cam
    georgia_emti (03/26/09 5:22:35 PM): emergency medical technician. work on an ambulance

    wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:45:17 PM): what to wear on the date?
    georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:45:25 PM): maybe i can get the undies pics later
    georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:45:44 PM): do you have anything like a school girl outfit
    georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:46:21 PM): will you let me take pics of you on our date in the rooom
    georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:46:53 PM): you there
    wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:47:07 PM): srry stupid comp freezing
    georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:47:14 PM): its ok
    wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:47:25 PM): ya if u want to take pics on our date thats cool
    georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:47:38 PM): really
    wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:47:43 PM): idk about schoolgirl but i have skirts and stuff
    wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:47:53 PM): sure :)
    georgia_emti (04/06/09 6:47:57 PM): short skirts
    wickedgiggle95 (04/06/09 6:48:08 PM): sort of short

    georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:27:38 PM): can i ask you a seriuos question my little lover
    wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:27:43 PM): ok :)
    georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:28:51 PM): after we have sex and have been dating for a while i would like it if you would do one thing for me
    wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:29:08 PM): ok
    georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:30:02 PM): i would like it if you had one g/f that you really trusted to keep her mouth shut, that you would invite with us to the hotel to play also. would you do that for me
    wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:30:32 PM): lik eplay how?
    georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:31:01 PM): get naked with us and play. would youdo that

    georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:46:29 PM): when do you think you would like to have a baby
    georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:46:33 PM): what age
    wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:46:35 PM): ive always wanted to babysit i love kids and babies
    wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:46:41 PM): idk honestly
    wickedgiggle95 (04/09/09 4:46:48 PM): when do u think is good?
    georgia_emti (04/09/09 4:47:25 PM): well, what would you say if you were to get pregnant now. what would you tell your parents. and would you tell on me

    This guy is ALL kinds of sick and twisted. These are bits of log with a very dangerous predator. He used his position of trust (as an EMT) to groom a young girl and convince her that all his sick desires were perfectly normal.

    Thankfully, the state of Georgia really doesn't like predators. Tommy G. McDonald was arrested based on the contents of his log and the fact that he was exposing himself on webcam to what he thought was a child while he was at work at the firehouse. Of course, after he was arrested they also found child pornography on his computer.

    McDonald was charged with two counts each of Child Pornography, Enticing a Child, and Obscene Internet Contact with a Child.

    Tommy McDonald took a plea agreement that had him plead guilty to the two counts of Obscene Internet Contact with a Child. For that he received a sentence of 15 years in prison, with three to serve in confinement.

    We're thankful McDonald will never again work as an EMT.

    This is our 579th conviction since June of 2004.