• Conviction - ekoplaya20 - Lakewood, New Jersey

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    File originally posted on 10/23/2009 8:26 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 10/23/2009 8:26 PM PST

    ekoplaya20 (03/20/07 6:37:02 PM): soo we got 9 days
    13 year old girl (03/20/07 6:37:05 PM): yah
    13 year old girl (03/20/07 6:37:12 PM): i keep checkin the calenddar
    ekoplaya20 (03/20/07 6:37:39 PM): than i ge tto fuck u
    13 year old girl (03/20/07 6:37:58 PM): yah
    ekoplaya20 (03/20/07 6:38:14 PM): its gunan hurt u know that right
    13 year old girl (03/20/07 6:38:49 PM): yah thats y i asked u to be easy first time
    ekoplaya20 (03/20/07 6:39:09 PM): soo u never done it be4 right
    13 year old girl (03/20/07 6:39:15 PM): no i havent
    ekoplaya20 (03/20/07 6:39:32 PM): just sucked a dick right
    13 year old girl (03/20/07 6:39:35 PM): yep
    13 year old girl (03/20/07 6:39:38 PM): does htat b ug u?
    ekoplaya20 (03/20/07 6:39:44 PM): no
    ekoplaya20 (03/20/07 6:40:22 PM): soo where can i cum
    13 year old girl (03/20/07 6:40:41 PM): u got condoms?
    ekoplaya20 (03/20/07 6:40:59 PM): yah
    13 year old girl (03/20/07 6:41:21 PM): then u can do it whereve u want
    ekoplaya20 (03/20/07 6:42:01 PM): i would like to do it bare and pull out
    13 year old girl (03/20/07 6:42:40 PM): but cant i get pregnant that way?
    ekoplaya20 (03/20/07 6:42:58 PM): not if i dont cum in u
    13 year old girl (03/20/07 6:43:06 PM): u r totally sure?
    ekoplaya20 (03/20/07 6:43:14 PM): yh
    Good thing Robert Graber is now a registered sex offender. It would be a frightening thing if he ever taught a health class.

    Robert Graber is and was a disturbing obsessive who chatted with our decoy for weeks waiting for his opportunity to be able to molest and rape a child. Instead, he met the cameras of Dateline NBC and the handcuffs of the Ocean County, NJ police department. He now appears on the registered sex offender list, which will follow him wherever he goes, and it will hopefully keep him from being able to victimize a real child.

    Contributor notes from Ripley

    Robert Graber showed up to the NJ predator house expecting to meet a 13 year old for sex when in reality he met Chris Hansen. I can still see him sitting on the stool asking Chris, "Is anyone going to hurt me?". He never once gave a thought about the damage he was going to be doing. It didn't matter that he was there to have sex with a 13 year old virgin. He only wanted to satisfy his own sick desires.

    My chat with him lasted four weeks. He started out his chat telling me he was 16, but I checked his profile before continuing and it said 22. He finally owned up to being older, although he never did answer honestly, as he was actually 25. Every time I had to chat with him was almost painful. I got so sick of hearing the same things over and over. He wanted cybersex, phonesex, "sexy" pictures and to know when could come to take her virginity. He never wanted to get to know her; he only wanted to fuck her.

    After chatting with predators for a few years, all chats pretty much sound the same. Robert's chat was no exception. Although I would like to have seen him spend some time in jail, at least he will have to spend the rest of his life on parole, and register as a sex offender.

    Thanks to the LE of Ocean County, NJ for their pro-active stance on online predators.

    This is our 329th conviction since June of 2004, our 26th conviction for 2009, and our 6th conviction in New Jersey thus far.