• Conviction - F C - Headland, Alabama

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 4/22/2016 1:37 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 4/22/2016 1:37 PM PST

    F C Phone Number: I'm ready now 1:24 PM
    Me: Me 2 1:28 PM
    F C Phone Number: How u ready when u at school 1:29 PM
    Me: Lol idc 1:32 PM
    F C Phone Number: Yeah like I'm goin over n fuck in the school classroom 1:33 PM
    Me: Lol.. 1:38 PM
    F C Phone Number: Ahhhh. U play too much 1:38 PM
    Me: Nah u do 1:45 PM
    Me: If no one was here we could ^_^ 1:45 PM
    F C Phone Number: How. I'm just BEIN real with u boo 1:45 PM
    F C Phone Number: That's right. But that place is full 1:46 PM
    Me: Hehe can't here then I guess :p 1:56 PM
    F C Phone Number: Then where 1:57 PM
    Me: ?? 2:05 PM
    F C Phone Number: I got me confuse boo. 2:06 PM
    F C Phone Number: But the thing is that we can't fk in school. 2:06 PM

    Yeah, Einstein, the school probably isn't a great choice when looking for places to molest a child. Fernando Carrazco-Casillas tried to talk in circles, but it didn't save him in the end. He still ended up getting arrested for his chat with Starburst.

    Carrazco-Casillas pleaded guilty to a felony, electronic solicitation of a child. He was sentenced to six years in prison, suspended. He was given probation and must register as a sex offender. Now he can't even go to a school, much less have sex in one.

    This is our 605th conviction since June of 2004.